This is so cringy so cringy in some images i see the evolution but in some i think they're just bad bad hey guys what is up my name is steven i'm the creator of showa better and today i want to show you guys the evolution of my architecture images renders collages whatever .

And i want to show you guys the cringe worthy images that i made in university to the less cringy but still very improvable images that i make today for you guys so let's hop on in and let me show you guys alright so for those of you that don't know i am an architect i graduated about .

Five years ago from university i graduated in 2015. i started university at 2010. when i started university you know we didn't have these or we did have you know real-time rendering engines but they weren't that easy to use they didn't have the best results as possible .

Like lumion does today the majority of people just didn't render that much or they used a v-ray or they used photoshop so thanks to the intranet thanks to youtube i started to use photoshop when i was in school when i was in about second year that i discovered aditographer and that .

Was a game-changing thing for me and i want to show you guys the images from since my third year until now so there are a lot of images and i want to show you them to you guys very quickly because i don't want to take uh one hour here so first of all let's start with our uh this is within fourth semester .

And it was my first time using photoshop and i was using sketchup as well and i was just happy i was just happy because you know i could make these type of images in my unit when i was studying this was like a really really good image for my level so i was like i was very very happy .

Then the next semester i started creating much more images and seen much more tutorials online and these were the type of images that i was creating which i was really really proud of because i think they were really interesting they had a very nice color palette .

And well i really like them you know there are many things that i would improve but the majority of these images were done just like i've always done my images which is a very a very normal base render in photoshop a very normal base render from v-ray in .

Sketchup and then the majority of the work was done in photoshop then i was invited by some teachers to participate in a competition and these were the images that i made for that competition i was super happy because i was you know my only task was to create renders .

And was to create these type of renders and you know i created uh i was also i was also creating these type of floor plans which i really liked as well as i was doing them i was discovering new things which i hadn't done before and i really liked them i did a year in argentina where i .

Studied in the university of argentina and this is more or less what we did for that year with a mexican friend at the time and it was a really really cool project i tested out creating some very nice diagrams i didn't think we i didn't make the best images possible .

But i really like the results as well of the project okay so my thesis project like is really really uh funny because again you know this is like pieces you have to create the best images possible and this was like 2014 and i thought i was gonna create the best images .

And uh you know some were good and some were like really really shitty um the best one i liked was this aerial night image of the project which i think you guys also see to this day and i really like this image i thought it was really really cool this was the majority of it was done in .

Photoshop but then we have images like this which you know they have some things that i don't like but in in general i really like the images that i did for my thesis i want to show you guys my whole thesis in a future video so i'm going to show you .

Everything right now after i graduated i worked in some architectural offices where you know i also had the role of creating these representations or some people paid me as a freelancer to create some renders and you know i i created some renders that were really really cringy which i'm not proud .

Of at all but some images were very nice so this was a competition i put one of the first competitions that i participated in back in 2012 and i really really liked those the results uh i was so excited that i sent it to art daily at the time to see if they would publish it and .

They published it so it was really it was really cool to get published by arc daily at that time but i really liked it then i also had this competition that i worked in as well which i really liked uh you know so this was so this was the the main image and this .

Was the presentation board i you know created i think all this was done in photoshop as well at the time i really didn't know anything about indesign you start learning step by step and some things some images are not going to be the best and some you know if you test out a lot .

They are going to be very good and i think images are not all you know that you have to create right so you know you have to design well you have to you know have a clear understanding of what your building is going to do you know the image is not everything but .

If the image is well represented and it communicates well the idea of the project then it can help everything right it can help you can help your peers it can help everyone i started creating many more images for fun honestly because i wanted to improve my visualization skills and i .

Thought that this was the best way of doing it so i was just grabbing any random project that i would find in the scheduled warehouse and i would try to visualize it in a different way or you know with different kinds of tools with different kinds of representations .

Which was something that i really liked so that's one of the things that also led me to create the channel show it better because with all the things that i was learning with all the things that were available online i thought that you know you could condense it in a more .

For for a very specific public which you know is our is like us architecture students and you know we could learn it in an easier way so these are some of the other images that i created at that time which i you know some of them i really liked uh honestly right here i'm like putting .

The best of the best some images didn't even make it to this but here you guys can see like how evolved everything is so the last image i did was i think about a week ago or you know for a tutorial that i am preparing right now i made it all in lumion and honestly i .

Don't have any problems with that i don't think i'm only like a photoshop or i need to only use v-ray or if not it's not a real image i think we need to be as practical as practical as possible and if there are some tools that make our lives easier and we can use them in the best way .

Possible then why not use them so i really like doing the majority of things in photoshop because that's where i feel the most comfortable but you know you can also do all this in v-ray or in i don't know whatever program in illustrator .

Or maybe even lumion you know there are some people that use lumion better than the rest of us right we have the same access to that tool but for some sort of reason we don't like the majority of us use it like in the most normal way possible but there are some people that we lumion they create better .

Results than anyone could create with any other engines any other pr
ograms so i think the important thing here is not the engine not like how did you do it what program did you use i don't think that's as important as understanding color as understanding composition as .

Understanding what how your building is represented better like what point of view your building needs so that is what i think i have learned most throughout the years right that i don't really that it doesn't really matter like the software doesn't really matter the style doesn't really matter .

We're now seeing that you know digital collages and renders can compete side by side because some of them represent better the building and some of them don't right or some hand drawings also represent buildings better so there's no real need to stick to a .

Program or anything like that you just need to understand the fundamentals of a presentation and i wanted to show you guys this today here today because i just wanted to show you that everything is an evolution and if you work if you you know and if you like practice every day or practice .

Every year or with every project with intent then eventually you can improve you can improve and you know we will we will always have room for improvement and that's what i am looking forward to to you know creating each day better images creating each day .

Better things and i hope you guys liked seeing this evolution of this in these images and i would love to see what was your first versus your most recent image and i don't know send me an email send me through instagram tag me on instagram and it would be cool to see .

How you have evolved as well so yeah that was the video thank you guys for watching it and i will see you guys in a next video alright bye so you