hello how is it going hope you're having a good week I'm kind of happy especially this week because the chest clip is officially open limited to the limited number of people but still being open is better than just being close right so let's see what other news do I have .

So today I wanted to show you a little bit about one of my favorite books the Giants of strategy this is pretty old book I think that's 2009 by Neil McDonald and I really like this book because it has so many interesting features to offer okay and one of the things that I really really liked about it was I did a video about how to beat .

Kasparov in ten steps that was actually from this book I believe I did say that back then – and yeah so they have a specific chapter that they called it some planning on a grand scale and I really like that one because it has so much mix of strategy and tactics and it's just everything so I kind of wanted to show you guys a little bit of that .

And yeah let's see how is my favorite book doing and feel free to send me your favorite book recommendations and we can go check those out too so let's look at this board that we have is just from beginning this is a game between named Zoe she and Rubenstein in 1926 almost a hundred years ago getting there so new is just white and I did also read the .

Book nimzowitsch wrote one of them the my system one and I really really liked that one too I feel like one when I look at it right now just feel the little like some stuff could them could be a little bit updated or improved but that's really helped my chess understanding this was like a big stepping stone for me so if you feel .

Like you have a lot of time and you want to read some book that's a interesting book to read doesn't have to accept everything he says but it was a very nice point of view hello from India nice okay so I'm not really going to focus on the opening match because it's just a typical opening and it's just a symmetrical English it's not that much .

To it and the lines have been updated in the past hundred years so we're not going to worry about opening too much but what I really like is the pawn structure that they get out of it so just looking at the pawn structure just right here right now you can see that okay so this Bishop is groups I've gotten to I've gotten used to which .

Assigned them just that to come that I can just click and it's highlights it haha alright so this Bishop is pretty okay well placed this Knight is definitely going to get kicked away at some point you don't know exactly when there's going to be a for coming up later just looking at the pawn structure these are the little things that you .

Could pick up what else what else one thing that you don't Basilian as what are you going to do to it this Bishop I mean ideally if you get a four a five then all right this Bishop is good place here could come out to a four like you can just eyeball it as you're going but the one thing that you do know is that you are you do want f4 so that's .

Something that you can work on well and again not right now cuz your knight is under attack but just looking at what the position has to offer okay so we do this mighty to our idea we're still supporting this a4 idea now b5 is coming up right so um I wouldn't really recommend something like a four because you just give this outpost .

Tonight I mean you would stop some b5 but it's it's a very drastic pun change a key change position it's a very drastic contrivance that changes your position forever and this nights always going to be welcomed here I don't know if you like I would be ready to make that commitment so I wouldn't play a four that's just my reasoning and also .

Your game is much more concentrated in the center and in the kingside and that's what you would want to go for right so let's say if you play you're 93 as nimzowitsch did get your f for finally all right now my first question for you white to move what do you want to do hello from Nepal extremely explosive opening yeah actually that is .

True it's pretty explosive right so you have a lot of options are you ready to start pushing these pawns do you feel like kicking this night away do you want to bring out some clean some rook some bishop I'm just trying ideas with you and I'm going to wait to see some replies and just get a good vibe of what you guys are thinking about so yeah just .

Let me know what are you feeling what do you want to do and we will go from there all right so I have a five line nice hello say hi to my daughter Genesis nice hello 1400 is not a bad rating don't worry we all start somewhere and to continue to Dilip reply many coach is going to be .

Good but it's more important for you to have the time to actually sit down and learn on your own too so if you have the time why not let's see so we have Queen f3 Queen g3 that's a little eagle I assume you wanted Queen g4 Excel Queen f3 hello from Kenya hello Bishop d2 of 5-5 okay so basically these are the three .

Moves that you guys want and you want this Queen to you well somewhere depending on where you there is um it's being nicely to support a fortress and d4 uh hello Brian Clark I remember you : I'm thinking so nice to you just actually brought the knight from c3 to you from c3 to e 2 and then you'd rent this to g3 even though nighty to might .

Look a little bit attempting to attack this you're actually never going to take it because of Bishop c5 and you would get pinned and well attacked so I don't think that's a very accurate move so well that's the note 2 nice e 2 e 3 is interesting Adrienne is definitely something that I would also consider .

Okay so I'm glad with the responses I got I also do kind of like queen g4 but my problem is that Queen g4 this is something to just be cautious about I mean II 5 it's not like a real horrible threat 5 now this Bishop is also open Bishop f6 could be coming it's like not the end of the world but and also I don't really necessarily think that he .

Would play 85 and also another thing to keep in mind this f5 doesn't really work because this is pen so queen g4 looks interesting to me as well how about h4 h4 is something that potentially could happen later on but your position is not ready for it Jason and you know anytime they live okay so I .

Am a big fan of all the moves that you guys said but Queen f3 is kind of one of those silent killers because another thing to actually keep in mind is that black has to somehow gets like developed kinks and the Queen side right so one way that black could potentially do it is with b5 and right now something like b5 there could be this explosive 'if .

Ives as well moves Bishop back now what you want to do with your bishop now again f5 could be coming up and just it kind of keeps an eye on the King Queen side as well I keep calling this King side I don't know why actually I know why I've been playing way too much for player chess ah guilty pleasure yeah I keep on mixing .

My sides right now but besides that back to some real chess yeah clean f3 is another that just keeps an eye on this as well and kind of weakens the Queen side too so in the King Rubinstein played King f8 and so the idea is yeah okay so I don't know if you meant Bishop t2 before king educate or right now but yes Bishop t2 right now Bishop d2 is .

Very strong because true you like d2 is not going to be the final diagonal for your Bishop because it's not doing its best but ooh Sydney you do have a g
ood memory I do think this is that one – Wow yeah it is that one all right certainly very very nice memory okay so the idea with which this is one of this classic so it is possible that you guys have .

Seen at least some positions of these not necessarily the whole game but yeah I'm impressed nice okay so this 52 it's kind of like one of those moves that you're waiting you're still trying to see what's going on you are trying to provoke opponents to potentially remove the night that's another thing is you don't you still are .

Not sure if you want a five you want f5 you want to remove the rook you still are not sure what you want to do so preferably don't just make a commitment like a five and then be like oops that's not exactly what I want it so it's okay no spoilers yeah okay well don't worry I didn't say which move will run so just maybe an iTouch five could be coming up .

But my first one Knights are not managed well Marty so I could come up to who knows but my point being that didn't give real spoilers still still pretty interesting okay so after Bishop t2 what do you think black should do that's a good question right do you want to push some pawns do you want to develop Queen side also why do .

You think black played this King whoops nope that's not the move why do you think black plays King is raised right now is this Oh could I at some point in the future play tournaments without having a chess go up like real Freitas tournaments I mean I'm Annie technically yes I don't think really you need to have a chess club to forfeit it great at .

Tournaments but also the rules are a little bit different in us then where I give it up so I'm sure it's easy to find feeder tournaments to play well after there are tournaments to be played all right let's go back oh yeah I remember you génesis rodríguez and time glad to have you Quincy 727 is um interesting but how does King h8 flows .

With Queen c7 and yes to play f5 yep you are correct oh boy then okay I have problem with pronunciations as you guys all know who have washed me once every single time I struggle with pronunciation so I apologize from mispronouncing from right now and future apologies to be made too but yes I five years to play a five that .

Is correct a few people mention this and all right so f5 is the idea that's is supported by this King h8 because it's kind of kind of simple kind of interesting because so even though white still hasn't mm shown his hand with f5 or e5 black is kind of growing impatient and just wants this this pressure to be off because so I got .

I've been getting some questions well so where is the psychology behind chess on psychology that's we call this class and sometimes I do forget to completely walk you through my thought process and it's like okay so in this position right now it's not just about which move is the best because I find a secret move if I was a good move and they both are going .

To have consequences because like if you play e5 well the bishop is going to move and this could potentially become like f5 could come up so breathe thank you but so my point being that it is actually a very interesting thing that's white isn't necessarily playing this f5 or a5 because in the game like just imagine yourself sitting there .

You're playing as black your opponent has all these opportunities with f5 and ef5 you are going to go a little impatient and either make a mistake or if not making a mistake you're just you can't I mean it's really hard to handle the pressure of just sitting there and waiting it feels like Lee I'm sitting duck so that's the way I would feel just .

Sitting there I can't develop my queenside can't bring up my work what is about my night doing up here so yeah so just that the psychological pressure is also something that would kind of be a little hard to deal with so there's your psychology of the day and so yes that is actually just thinking about how I would feel and .

Trying to explain that that's the way I would definitely feel definitely under pressure just like oh boy so that's another thing so f5 now a question for you guys do you think whites should take it white should push it or why should ignore it well those are basically your three choices and so yeah just let me know what do you .

Want to do and to tell you to be completely honest mmm I know I wouldn't take on a five so now choosing between a five or completely ignoring it I I don't know which one I would choose just first look I would check to see if there is anything more to e5 if not just so right now again this is another way to like implement a little bit more pressure on .

Your opponent at least psychologically because so if you are not taking it and if you're not pushing it this tension is always going to be there and it's like one of those constants moves that so you know for yourself I'm not gonna take it I'm not gonna push it but the opponent's every single move he has to calculate okay so do I want to .

Push now do I want to take now it's just one of those do one of those things yes I'm an eb-5 would make he seeks a little bit more week but it would also give this diagonal to black because now black could easily play something like this and your Bishop won't be able to make the best of itself and now this a 8 H 1 diagonal would .

Actually belong to black so be careful with that rook to d1 take take pressure yeah I rook e1 I kind of reckon one is the best one because so I understand your idea with rook d1 you're looking one makes sense if he takes it because now you actually that you are correct you do have this pressure on d4 but yeah your key one is .

The best one because I it so yes you are not going to necessarily take on f5 right away but you you do have that option so having your rook on e 1 whenever you choose to take on f1 f v then this rook is also opened up so yeah that's something to keep it keep an eye out if he takes on e4 i mm I like to just take back with the pawn and push .

For f5 the next few moves now Queen s5 is also possible you can even just try to go for some cool nights if possible I've been doing some cheap tactics recently just trying to find a mate all right yeah taking with Mike is also very interesting I was a little worried if I take with the knight what happens with E 5 because I was kind of a little .

Skeptical by I guess just taking over here makes sense you don't really need to worry about it that much all right no this is good don't worry about that white is good in there yeah exactly taking what the knight is also very interesting I think both taking with pawn or Knight are interesting especially a knight on e4 .

Another plus that it has oops is this 95 and going after h7 potentially and also e6 is pretty weak this night could actually attack that so yeah nicely done I take right now I'm more leaning towards taking and not taking with night because like what are you gonna do this should be 7 that's okay what about Queen .

S5 now I could consider f5 even more seriously okay there are five opening up this bishop things are good the one thing that taking with night makes worries me a little is to put the possibility of 95 so those are some things to look out for all right let's go back to the game so we're gonna shine did not take the pawn on e4 and he just .

Went to knight c6 so 96 is a cool move nothing wrong with it I'm just trying to regroup some pieces reorganize material it's perfectly fine so in the game names always tried to well he played really – I think Rokita is another one of those little psychological moves because turkey 2 is not actually having anyone move threats but turkey – it does have .

Potential for doubling the rooks up wherever necessary potential of try
ing to somewhat if necessary again bring Bishop to the King side just it has a lot of potential it's not necessarily like like if you look at this position you're not gonna be yeah rook eater is the first move I want to play yeah exactly caveman style yeah but .

Your key too is pretty nice and Ricky – does serve a lot of purposes and I can only hope that I would be able to find it in my games ah ok so black tries to develop a little bit put more pressure now why to move do you think are you ready to do anything with epon do you want to push do you want to take do you wanna do some cruel .

Manoeuvre somewhere just let me know what you want to do hmm also another way to think about it is so you'd like you can you can look and see that you have this positional advantage and you can also see that white has definitely special advantage and this pawn this d4 phone is somewhat cut off from the rest of the black pieces and it could .

Potentially become a cool targets what else what else is good for white bishop on c4 is pretty good for whites right it's kind of has a very nice style you know well not necessarily right now but if you decide to take what else what else you could potentially start forming a attack on the kingside because of your strong bishop over here because the King .

Can't just scape that's just like king would become like that's just not going to be really possible now you want to look on c1 right yeah you're correct with me Queen c7 is kind of the sad point but also Queen c7 is a very very natural and very like everyday move because like you kind of do need to develop but how and I don't really see .

Any other way like something like Bishop d7 I mean it's possible but like what are you doing with this Bishop the other things that quit but could we could think about is if this Queen was already in the Queen in the Kings side it could kind of cover up the king of it no but Queen e8 can't really happen because of this pen .

Same with queenie seven and just to just show you Queenie f6 is also a blunder so don't blunder and so yes that's I think Rubinstein kind of broke under the pressure and plays Queen c7 alright so you guys want diagonal you want to prevent Knight a5 so you guys want to start pushing an h4 goal that's a lot of different ideas alright so I already .

Spoke a little bit about the potential advantages that's white could have right so thinking about just trying to do an assessment is like it might not be enough because like I spoke about this week pawn I spoke about this strong Bishop and potentially having some open files or disguise for districts but like it's it's let's look at this take take .

So just looking at it do you feel this position favors white or black I mean I like white I hope you guys also like white right now just because of the positional and spacial advantage and this open rook and this open bishop am i convincing enough somehow okay so the other way to think about it is if black has just two moves black is going to .

Play like Bishop d7 turkey 8 and why it's advantage is kind of just not as visible anymore becomes one of those imaginary advantages okay that was kind of cool and and yeah so okay so that's kind of what I wanted to talk about like doing a little bit of assessments of the position and all right what else can we .

Think about well as whites you kind of have to can start considering to actually for a real attack to Black's King right so my question is how can you start attacking blacks King why I love Bishop d7 volatile it's white to move so you don't like I mean you can't come up with other rules if you want to but true but taking .

On f5 is actually a good move because I can understand why you guys would prefer a five but at the same time if you were to play e5 this efile is always going to give up this diagonal to black also another routes to take is this Knight d5 square is completely gonzo so that's why I'm not the biggest fan of a five ooh I see some stuff in Chad's some spoiler .

Alerts okay um so also if with Queen c7 you were just going to keep on waiting with light again this could happen again this Bishop e7 Turkey eight and you still don't have any any clear attack as white so that's why I would try to be a little bit more a little bit more energetic and take on f5 and okay I see your idea in the chat be sure you are .

Considering something with Bishop d5 to just have this as well yes you are correct Bishop d5 is an interesting idea but there is another interesting move Thank You excel yeah so right now all of your pieces are doing something well to be honest this Bishop could be this d2 Bishop I mean ideally it could be in a .

Better position but you don't really see any clear path for it's right and it does actually doing something it's maybe protecting this guy taking this squares away so it's not completely useless the one piece that is completely useless right now is this night isn't it so that is why we do this cool move over night .

H1 and blue 931 right so it's a very awesome and cool move and yeah exactly the night wasn't doing anything on g3 so you want to relocate it simply you want to go up to g5 an attack h7 remember how earlier we were talking about if in a different position same game if black were to play F you foul Fe for you want to take with night .

And still have that 95 yeah these are some like stuff that that night belongs on g5 especially especially with this weakness on h7 and f7 you just you need this night on g5 like like you need that night on g5 you mind you got a better find anyway right okay so I hope I emphasize this night on g5 enough so let's say Bishop goes to d7 you follow .

Up with your plan Rubenstein follows up with his plan you can't completely ignore this plan because you still want to keep your pieces ideally and you also want to be able to keep your your file right so that's why you would just play your Rick and rook e1 take take and now so question for each for you guys do you think e8 is a good move if not can you .

Tell me why not also Bashar yes nice going to g5 does cost a lot of moves that's why it's such a brilliant move it's like it's costing you up like four moves yes but also it's the it's a move that the position needs and if you don't play this move this is a maneuver of Knight to g5 you don't really see any other way to .

Improve the night right so I understand how it's hard to see it would definitely be hard for me to actually make that decision too but I'm hoping that's you guys would at least consider it after seeing some positions like this you could consider okay so my night is pretty horrible on g3 how can I make it go a little bit better right so you .

Would consider something like night each one and you would try to evaluate its benefits or its its cons pros and cons yeah I do a pros and cons list right in the game no please don't do that in your mind but do that in your mind alright so yes rook e8 is not the best move because of take take and Queen d5 so Edward thing you mentioned Queen d5 earlier you .

Do have the right idea just maybe a little bit like Philip those moves okay Queen d5 is the best idea and it's pretty simple I want mate I mean you can't get any more simple than that if something like Knight e5 now I just eat pawns nothing wrong with eating some nice palms right and now this is a very advantageous and I'm not .

Entering but some pieces are kind of exchange off kinga's dupes King is is still pretty weak this g7 is pretty weak Bishop c3 coming next now your bishops are monstrous and yep everything good right okay so yeah exactly to be continued with Bishop c3 so that's why your interests I'm played 98th 19th I think it's a very .

Interesting move yeah late middle
game middle game slash soon to come end game for mate so 19th is interesting because it could be like 96 all right seven and taking by controlling this tree five square so when we are trying to do that so I think that's why in IT it is a very interesting move and trying to just keep away is nine three five and .

Also potentially looking for Bishop c6 that's another thing so you consider and yeah so now the other thing to consider is well now with night on th this is also a very weak pawn so keep that in mind as we move forward so let's say we do our night is three Bishop c6 you get your cleanup Queen is five is pretty essential because takes this eh away so .

Be careful with that I have a question after night shipping finally appears why not h6 oh that's a good question I actually I'm doing some some of the camps before the club and we actually looked at a position very similar to this mates idea so that the problem is aren't so I'm going to just do a weird move that did not happen in the game .

Just because I want to show what is wrong with h6 so if h6 white has a very cool idea of mating pretty much mating – can anyone tell me you guys got this just need someone to type it they won't feel like typing oh boy oh I'm waiting I'm waiting yes thank you Sydney yeah so the the problem is still Queen g6 and if you were to take on g5 .

Again Queen Azshara now that's another type of meat if you don't take now its Queen whoops not queen r7 is made right thank you thank you everyone for participating in my questions and yes Queen g6 is the best one the one thing that sometimes we tend to forget is so you are attacking the square nothing to sell this pawn so even with h6 the pawn .

Move but the square still is there so you are still able to go after that okay so I just wanted to show you this idea with mates but obviously Rubinstein sighs and he were not going to allow 95 h6 to happen so that is why black tries to play something like g6 something like h6 still not g5 and now the again Queen g6 is coming up what black could .

Potentially do is take on a four right and now if Queen g6 you could just take on g5 right so my question to you right now it is white to move what do you want to do black just took your pawn on f4 do you see any cool checks any cool takes or any cruel attacks doesn't have to be cool just any kind of glance over that checks takes and moves with threats .

So night of seven is interesting night a six is interesting but there's something way more interesting rook e8 Sam be careful the bishop is still on c6 kooky seven rookie Saunders queen e7 so still a lot of things to be careful what else what else so the one thing that I think we all agree on is that we don't really wants .

To do this Bishop f4 right because official before Queen afore and now the queen is the one who is participating in the attack and we don't want that oh I'm Anna you're good so take yeah tactile talking about taking on f4 he can just take back and now my question is what do you want to do with your nights cuz queen g6 doesn't work anymore .

Just Queen g5 rookie six ah I'm not sure which position you are referring to rookie six well it won't work right now again because of Queen g5 but yeah so Rick that's like take I the one thing I wouldn't do is take I mean among other if they're brothers but I wouldn't play official before just because it brings the Queen back in even if something like .

Nine f7 is looks interesting it's still going to be pretty painful your this queen is very like way more active than I ever want any Queen to me just Queen g5 and I mean it's it's it's kind of hard to it gives your opponent chances to sleep away and we don't want slippery opponents right so I did have this recommendation of Bishop before from I .

Manny before so yeah Bishop before is interesting because Bishop before if you move your roof no I just have a simple rookie aides and if you don't move your work if you put something like Bishop d6 to block this now I have my queen g6 right take just queen is five bye-bye alright so I wanted to kind of show you what would happen if h6 and now .

Let's look at G 6 so this position white to move g6 you have very limited options you only have basically Queen h4 and queen is six so my question for you is what do you want do you and Queen h4 or d1 Queen h6 Bosh are not entirely sure when you were talking about Rick f2 but if it was after Bishop takes Bishop Queen take on .

F4 rook if til you have to be very careful cuz Queen g5 still exists all right yeah I have preferred cleaners for – um Queen h6 is again my problem with finish six is this Queen g7 that just the Queen just just stumbles in the king silence start saving the day so I don't want that that's why I would want the Queen – four but if you feel like .

Winners for doesn't really go with your understanding is perfectly fine – you can think more about it if queen is six Queens you seven makes more sense to you why not alright so another little bit of piece of trap a little bit of piece of trap that's a lesson you think that we're laying for opponents now I feel like I'm .

Laying a red carpet of traps for my opponents which I would hope I would like to is that if black was to play something like rook e8 now you get to take take and do this cool queen of six if Queen goes to g7 you just pick this guy up or even I mean d8 up I feel I feel like T it is doing better I mean they're both equally good they're both .

Pieces we love pieces right you think pieces is always fun so that's another little trip little trick that you can hope you can Lancer your opponent and alright so right now let's say black points pretty nice and plays the screen g7 so King g7 Black is just defending this potential Queen of six of Queen of h6 and still .

Your knight is just a problem so but right now your knight is better than a h3 then on g3 because if you're not using g3 first of all your Queen was kind of blocked on h4 second of all this night on g3 you know it does have potential for sacrifices but knight on h3 is also protecting your f4 pawn and it gives .

Your queen chance to regroup how to remove d4 yeah I like that idea let's go remove d4 why not so yeah you are coming up to attack this d4 also as soon as you're you you were able to open the center up a little bit this bishop seater is going to be very deadly so that is another thing to consider all right so let's see another thing that I .

Wanted to talk about was ooh here black has basically two two chances well two moves to try and defend d4 pawn that's the better phrase one of them is with Queen b6 and Klinger six is just kind of just defending but it's not doing any kind of real threat I I feel like Queen b6 is a very similar idea to just Bishop c5 you just have to defend that pawn no .

Matter what because if you lose the pawn on d4 then the game is pretty much over just bishops victory and you might as well start scoring more pieces and pawns and yeah alright so right now it's white to move you are attacking this pawn on d4 now the question is how can you bring in more pieces to attack it's whoa that was my bad I'm not entirely sure .

Why my mouse is slipped all right everything's back to normal everything good whew okay and I'm sorry for the blinking chessboard all right so now yep you are correct and eb4 is the best one I want to remove light Bishop to but I think d4 would be easier well yes but also you are bishop on c4 is pretty strong and yeah yeah you are also .

Corrects Queen b6 it does bring up the question with Bishop c3 I think still Bishop c5 could potentially like be the only move again I think we have before because it takes just take that and this isn't it I mean it looks kind of scary pawn but I don't think there&#3
9;s much to it's because Queen d4 is coming and you can just pick this guy up also yes also .

Yes Turkey 7 is another strong idea so Queen b6 there are a lot of things to be careful if Queen b6 but bishop p c5 b4 Bishop e6 now this bishop feels like it's kind of just completely just put out of the position and just like the only thing it's doing is just look defending this pawn where it should this bishop was way more active and way more .

Defensive when the bishop was on d6 right now alright and also I like the idea of Bishop c1 yes but you have something a little bit more interesting so what's the difference in the blacks position what sweetness is created comparing Bishop being on d6 or being on b6 hmm I see I see you I'm Annie .

Queenie one interesting Queenie one you're going after a 587 square I assume you have another way of attacking it as well so rookie fun is another interesting move but nuts right now right now you have the chance to activate your queen again yep Queen ash for you guys are correct so this was also a very very interesting idea to try .

And reactivate the Queen it's I I find it's very very interesting it's just it's extremely great that's how he did it's just very simple moves he didn't do anything crazy or sacrifice bunch of stuff everything very very very calculator is very interesting very just simple the moves that you could see it's not something that would require a lot .

Of calculation and Queenie one is also interesting but Queen Ashford is having a more direct impact on the Kings side so let's say something like Rocky eight what would you do after Ricky eight yeah ideally we want to have the rook on seventh rank but after rook e8 you have also another interesting move be careful with ninety five ninety five is .

Interesting I just realized I keep saying interesting but it's yes you are attacking age seven but what would you do with age six ninety six I just kind of takes it so what else do you see any interesting outposts you might want to use oh yeah yeah actually you are correct working five is the best move that is .

Pretty simple if you take with if you take my rib take tank now I just have basically made in to well I mean technically it could be a little bit longer and actually it's not too – that's about it just qui near six if you try with something funny with king of six I can just do Bishop g5 if you try King is eight queen of eight and that's .

A wrap for this game right okay so that's why rookie five is a very interesting move because black cannot take on e5 because of how weak the king is and just remember this Bishop used to be on d6 protecting e7 protecting you five now Bishop is on b6 doing absolutely nothing so that was a very interesting idea to bring the Queen back .

Up to attack d4 and force the bishop to just go to b6 so let's say whack try something with Knight f7 to try to kick your rook away what do you want to do so quiets everyone's thinking about how beautiful this position is naturally I was interesting but so will 95 I'm going to just take on e5 would you take on it .

Seven and then what take on e5 I mean it's definitely interesting but yeah it gives a lot of chances to slip away so yes you are correct best move is Bishop of seven you gotta take it with the Queen because if you take it with the King the pawn is falling and so after taking it with the Queen now you guys get this Knight g5 that's we've been .

Waiting for since what like 12 hours ago was that yeah move 18 we played at 91 and this is move 30 who finally got 95 so yay and yeah so 95 attacking Queen and the h7 bishop so when g8 is pretty much forced now question for the chat what do you want to do with your other pieces so do you feel like is your attack very strong and you don't need to .

Regroup anything whoa or if you think you can't improve pieces how could you potentially maybe bring some Queen back somewhere maybe exchange the rooks maybe yeah Danny you're right it's the best idea to exchange this rooks whoa exchange these tricks and then bring the Queen back to e1 so now Knights a six is yeah I kind of hit the .

Table knight c6 is coming up 27 is coming up let's see what else is coming up the one thing that's still bugging me is this bishop and we he needs to do something about that so let's see what would black soo let's say black just plays Bishop c6 you get your queen e7 you get this King is a now you can't see that this King is just kind of .

Asking for this Bishop to come into this diagonal and say hello and mate so how can you get that how can you activate your d2 Bishop almost there just need one more Bishop to wrap up this game so nice epsilon is interesting but let's say just King goes to g7 you give a check King goes back you take this I mean it's possible you can just .

Pick this piece up nothing wrong with that but it's not I mean ideally if you don't see a way to activate your bishop this is a very safe way to play it you pick up a bishop you're going to win this game so it's a kind of a risk-free way to win it so nothing wrong with that Oh Thank You Dennis hello from Zimbabwe well I I was .

Actually in South Africa 2014 so thank you it was a very nice country all right let's go back to the position this is the move I'm talking about and I saw some players mention it the nice one haruka-san excel anyone else who I forgot sorry about that but so b5 ISM yeah nice one matey so b5 the idea is if you take now .

I am just going to so Capitan fancy your idea of 96 could be played here now 96 if black should play something like h5 because what else to playing you get Bishop before and now you are going to go I got an error sign now you get to bring your bishop the other way that's something like Bishop DAA well you could .

Just prolong wait for a little bit but you can't completely put it away I think it's just taking that set I don't see any other reason not to eat a free bishop if you play something like Bishop d5 I can just give check and give another check and Bishop f8 rap that came up yeah why is nighty six necessary why not so .

The thing is if you were to put a bishop before what would you do after Bishop d89 f7 I mean I think that's pretty safe way to win I okay let me rephrase I don't think that knight c6 is extremely necessary like if you don't point 96 you're not going to win this game but 96 makes makes it way way way more pressured because now after 96 black .

Cannot touch this Queen because queen g7 is mates this Bishop doesn't really have anywhere to go if Bishop d5 then well that's just that's also another problem with the position I'm thinking about can I just move the knight back one another way can I just play 95 and try to go for for this yeah this King is very very just just under pressure so 96 just puts .

Away more pressure also yeah any time glad you guys are Mike eNOS because this is a very cool position alright so we were talking about age 5 to try and open some room for breathing we said that we talked about Bishop d5 here and Bishop d5 here you have Queen f6 and also oops sorry my bad I forgot to mention I don't .

Know why I said Knight c5 just queen up six and that's just way easier win my bad yes so 96 you are putting pressure and you're also threatening mate so I have forgot to mention about the mate part happens we have make left and right right okay but joking aside this is a very cool idea 96 just brings way way .

Too much advantage to the game and you can mate with Bishop on f8 right all right so let's go back and just a little bit more let's say black plays Queen g7 and that's what black did in the game Rubinstein plays Queen g7 one last try to try and just prolong it a little bit so what to move what do you want to do do
you think it's time to do some Queen .

Exchange and win a piece or do you just want to keep on trying to check and attack and what do you want to do the tag or eat a piece not entirely sure what's going on in the chat but thank you for wanting mate mmm this should be for an out of seven honestly it's there's nothing wrong with just taking on g7 and just taking a .

Piece I mean it's the safe way to go and that's what news I wish did – I think Queen g7 is just like a desperate try to prolong the game but I mean Rubenstein must have known that's where the piece down he doesn't really have much real chances so yeah I mean if you want to you cannot I mean you can just not take it and try to prolong it's a little .

Longer but this just gives a lot of chances for blunders and mistakes which could easily be avoided like I'm sure this is like looking at it's it just I mean this has to this just you can easily play something like Bishop a5 whoops no that just goes back there my idea was to try and get my Bishop to d4 eight dots and this is an interesting .

Game should be winning we'll see how it goes but it's why why wouldn't you just eat up a piece all right knight of seven king g8 bishop before this what do you do after Queen of seven careful careful I'm Annie yeah don't stone the tip on slip and you're almost there no sleeping so better just take it take .

The piece just relocates just wear it to put that night on c4 and just protect your pawns try to exchange a little bit go after more pawns and try to eat some more pawns just very chill and this is actually where Rubinstein resigned and it was like a this was one of the greatest strategy games that I've seen I mean there are a lot of them out there .

But this is definitely on my favorite list the other thing that I kinda wanted to mention was I thought it was kind of funny that white didn't really touch the king just made a cast on it was okay king is their king is safe let's attack now let's eat pieces let's go to n team and .

That was kind of interesting and I just wanted to mention that and yeah all right that's I actually had about like four games prepared to show you to the hey but this was a very interesting and it took all of our time but don't worry we'll do a poll for next week to see if you guys would like to see more stuff like this and if you do I have a lot of .

Material this is also a great book that you can also find and look for yourself as well but yeah I'm glad you guys enjoyed it have fun tuning for daro and endgame and see you next week you .