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NZIHL 2021 | Phoenix Thunder vs. Botany Swarm | 28th May 2021

Hello folks welcome to another round of the new zealand ice hockey league here in dunedin we've got home team the phoenix thunder hosting from up north the botany swarm warm-ups have just finished and we will have a ceremonial buck job tonight .

To recognize the new partnership the thunder are proud to announce a partnership with phoenix organics part of the better drinks company this partnership brings together a proud kiwi company and an up-and-coming kiwi ice hockey team with a shared vision of growth .

We are excited to be renamed the phoenix thunder and we look forward to a long successful partnership so on the ice we'll have captain of the phoenix thunder paris hyde captain of the botany swamp andrew haye joining them on the ice will be general .

Manager of the phoenix thunder rick ordas and phoenix organics representative mikhail waters and they'll have a ceremonial puck drop here and a camera shot opportunity there we have it chalk up the face off win for parasite there and we are moments away from puck drop .

Here first of two games here in dunedin finance warm coming off two last weekend last weekend against west auckland admirals and the thunder having shared a victory with the red devils last weekend one one and then an overtime loss starting goaltenders tonight we've got matt canaday .

Back down here in dunedin against his former team starting to net with a bunny swarm and we have jonas barakulskos and net for the thunder looks like we're going to start with the devlin line here for the phoenix thunder and they're going to win the first face-off .

Get it underway fun to get it deep into the zone and chase after it turn over by the swarm joe boy as it looks to center it's charged but taking off him by it looks like the swan princely there may be along the boards harry looks like he that's tristan darling can't give it in harry is his defensive .

Boner played ahead by dylan and thunder will get the first change swarm with a chance to come out in right helps turn it over it's there for gregory in right sorry he's circling around looking to the point sit back down low for hyde can't give a .

Shot away though so behind the net into the corner now and swarm's gonna flip this ahead get it out looking up ice but kozak can't get to the puck before the defense man nice nice play takes the player off the park here comes the thunder off the legs that shot .

It's half of it now hartford puts it down low for hide he lost it and pass up the middle for the swarm up ahead for ollie haye can he get his shot away he does it's off the side of the net and behind under working out to the corner looking up the boards trying to break out and .

They do so parts of the middle hit that by hyde he gets taken off the puck nicely good defensive in the neutral zone by the swarm pole looks back to his defensive player this one's up high into the neutral zone johnson johnson trying to chip it through the .

Legs of the defenseman it's in the middle but we're just able to clear it out and sami orders ten shots last week in game one for sammy ortiz golf has a shot low on the pads it's kicked out sam mortis he's down low through the legs of his brother ian and the swarm will start out from behind the .

Net get in by the thunder chasing after it just the one thunder play misses the check burgess loves put a big head in someone able to get this one out over the blue line and it's going to be enough side as tristan darling plays the .

Puck and first stoppage of the play two and a half minutes into this game and finally now wurzl goes face-off number one went to the phoenix thunder will see hooked up by the thunder and darling looks ahead for harry can't get it out though kipped in by the .

swarm darling avoids the check plays it up to hurry harry looks across to orr he'll step into the blue line leaves him behind for devlin giblin plays a little shot there padded away nicely by candidate or again taking a shot .

And that's deflected back into the corner devlin hurry his shot this player in front i couldn't get anything on it and he gets taken down it's hurrying darling safe move back to max haring who looks up nice just missed by his brother jacob and they'll hit for .

A change swarm coming out of the zone jose oh it's his own player and the swarm will i sit on a panic play there a couple of really nice milestones this game for the phoenix thunder a couple of long standing veterans reaching game 100 for jacob harrington .

Game 150 for paris hyde so they'll be hoping to get some points on the board tonight to really celebrate hammer and went home tied to the face off tries to kick through but picked up and behind by the swarm under still have it down low high looks to the middle there's a shot kicked away .

By candidate nice save looking to the front again was harford picked up by hyde hyde trying to center it again and behind look into the center again off the pads of candidate and safely out by the swarm kozak he's in behind but he's left behind out of the front good play by the .

Defensive and that's half of there got a stick in the middle of the players in front and there was no shot there here comes gregory gets taken off the park but gets it up to the defenseman still with it keeping it down low it's .

Gregory trying to take to the net and behind and looking out for the point now for reagan wilson rick and wilson takes a low shot it's deflected just off to the side there swam trying to get this out wilson does a good job of keeping it in taken down was gregory sorry that's in .

Right swamp looking for a chip up ice it's going to go all the way down to a barracudas he will even for the man to pick up orders sam will chip it ahead mawson will play it around the boards chipped out just out of the zone rolfel .

A bound down low and his line will go for a change mawson cole but just stopped at the blue line there into the zone now here comes johnson johnson trying to american move round one he can't do so but still there for the swarm it's ollie haye .

fighting for the puck ollie hey using his feet trying to kick it through and behind the net eventually comes out front jack lewis on the ice here making his debut for the thunder i believe for the little jack lewis not so little anymore from when he first .

Started playing with me a couple years ago sandoy steps into the zone tries to slip around old teammate don devon he takes someone down and there's a penalty on the play it's delayed and there'll be a call now is there yes .

Just as the swarm get a touch on apparently with his hands up thinking he might have had a chance but whistle blows and it's going to be the first power play to the phoenix thunder for tonight done to bring out the big guns for this line they've got paris hyde out there with gregory and in right harford .

We had a four point game last week in the first game against canterbury two goals to assist on the back with adam steinle who had a nice ride up in the paper earlier this week he's gonna get the puck now he scored a goal last week steinle looks to gregory hello it's up top .

To harford shot nine behind the net picked up by gregory looks back to half it again to hide on the side looking across to style but it could stick by the swarm and they'll get it out back down to the goalkeeper harford picks it up mr hyde looks across to start it .

In right steps in looks across to gregory that's his time back to harford now at the point alfred takes the shots high and candidate with a glove easy save there for candidate you i like those ones coming at him change in the power play unit for the thunder outcome the dylan devon line .

They've got jacob hurry and joe orr with harian and darling at the back swarm when the face off swinging around it's gonna go all the way down or we'll skate into the neutral zone look up to wilson there's some delays his pass .

Finds ore eventually dylan devlin with it there's puck on the side goes down low to hurry back up the boards darling shot they shanked that one did wilson listen again his shot great save by canada cleared out from the middle of the ice by the swarm .

Candidate with a brilliant save there 15 seconds left on the power play here comes halfway leaves it behind for a high high skates into the zone trying to go around one and behind the net looks his way to the side looks to .

Harford half of back to height he steps in to the turtle tries to go around one it's loose in front hide with it again look him down low and a pass throughout the front got jammed up and some legs and thunder play at the back there's getting taken off the puck .

High expected harford hard shot slow but wide into the corner it's going to come all the way out hopkinson will just chip this ahead picked up by steinle is going to make a long pass up to gregory he gets it into the zone he's .

Got hyde going to the net takes a shot gregory great blocker saved by canada again all right with it behind the net strong defense by the swarm they get it up polish off to hopkins takes a shot on jonas sparrowkowskis who gloves it .

Easily didn't mind that one coming at him that was nice and soft that's off when for the thunder they'll get this one out of edge the ice johnson he gets taken off the puck just as he looked into the zone it's ian orders he chips us up to the .

Boards it's going to be picked up by the pan of edge he turns and fires it up to voltano who's looking for the scenery pass but mrs players and burgess will backhand this one doesn't go very far or down off looking to the center good use of the hands stop that bouncing puck from getting further down ice .

By this swarm comes with turn off looking to the point there's a soft shot it's a bit of a flipper and saved by barrancous gets off a little bit of a rebound in front but no problems there bit of a scramble a bit of a face-off puck some medals .

Kind of loose but here comes jack lewis step to the middle takes his shot it's high and into the netting a little bit too high golly had to watch that one sail over his head so coach avery happy to use the full fine here at the moment he's got jack lewis out there with mason bradley and conor knowles .

Lewis of the face-off he loses face off to the swarm and they'll look up the front hopkinson from control it is always bouncing at his feet kept in another thunder looking across bradley turns it back to hurry takes a shot and it's gone wide nicely kept in just under will dump it down they'll .

Chase after if they can getting the stick to it as bradley here comes devlin he's all alone though he's got five sworn players all around him and no surprises can't get through there pass up the middle to hurry harry's going to skate he's got joe wall with him .

Trying to go around one but he can't do so it's out of the zone it's up to johnson johnson's got a man on his head makes a pass oh he puts it wide but good defense well the man coming back for the thunder there just got enough of him good chance here for the swamp this .

Chance so far we've got a penalty no we just got enough side there called by the lionsman nice clean face-off went for the hyde it's styling he passes to harin dump this one ahead no ice in as it was tipped on the way through .

Swarm looking to break out that do so stepping into the middle but good stick there by steinle took the puck away from the man trying to move to the middle swarm in the corner looking for a big .

Pass up the middle is there for the man to take a shot he does it goes high over the top back into the middle there's a chance for the shot and he gets it through and he scores number 24. eric chung i think it was a man in front there who's all alone .

No maybe there was kozak there 28 28. wow phoenix thunder going down one nil here seven and a half minutes remaining in this first period swan will be stoked to get that first goal on away ice bit of a mix up by the thunder but his chance here to put one .

Back with the parts in front that goes through a couple of passes from the swarm looking for those stretch ones right up the middle and it paid off first shot attempt from the swarm went high and then .

Getting the puck back into the middle was the way to do it that was indeed andre kozak with an assist from richie hopkinson so then over here against wilson it's going to head to the bench and it could be coincidental we've got player on the bench for the swarm as well .

So if you're uh like me and you struggle to see some of the things happening on the ice you can always head to new zealand or jump on the stats page there you can find that through the menus go to the new zealand ice hockey league and search for year 2021 .

You can open up the live scoring for these games and find out what's been happening with penalties called we've got uh henry sandery sitting in the box for a extended period he got a misconduct so he's one of them in in the box there referee's having a discussion with the captains .

Just to make sense of the situation so uh yeah well i mentioned before we've got um some players making hitting some milestones we've got jacob honey started playing for the back when he was 16 years old in 2013 played uh played for new zealand at .

Under 18 and under 20 levels and he scored 13 goals and 31 assists for a total of 44 points for jacob hurry so probably wanting to add to the uh the total there tonight to help his team to a victory looks like it's going to be a power play for the .

Swarm here it's hopkins another dot swarm win it but uh getting in the way there's harry and devlin now chipping at the head fighting for another thunder here trying to kill the penalty by way of fortune you can .

Pull it off it's it's great tactic swarm wall regrouping look across ice kozak will take it in you know look to pull up and try and set this up to hay cross ice shot it's going up and high and it's hit the knee inside we'll have a whistle last week the swarm had themselves a milestone worth michael atwell .

Playing his 150th game he's not here this weekend he scored on the 2-1 loss to the west auckland admirals power play gold front i'm sure they'll be missing his experience here tonight mid-front presence .

Swarm half the puck ollie haye makes a nice move to step in takes a shot it's in behind the net chipped ahead by the thunder nice pass in front or just behind his feet unfortunately for joe orr pass was at his feet and looked to have controlled it off the toe but ollie hagen .

Trying to step through steadily can't do so he looks behind into the corner looking out front trying to get the pass across to the shot just wide off the toes of maracas harford can you get this one out he's fighting for it still in the corner there for the thunder .

Swarm backhand pass god mess here comes ore he's got a bit of speed up now he's going to have one to beat can't beat moores in there good use of the stack and walton fighting for it with ore nice play chipped into the corner paraside stepping through one .

Still with it parasite looks to the center off the foot and into the corner lots of turning back and tight turns here mawson advice what's on off this pass is picked up by darling for tonight again who shoots it wide chance for hyde he's got one person to .

Beat his badass barakowski he leaves it behind backhand pass there's a shot goes through the middle no one gets anything on it swung around the boards of the swarm and the centering pass by turn off missile chunk kozak looks up the middle fakes the shot leaves her behind .

Darling chips it into the corner man falling over gives darling the chance to move his feet steps into the zone shoots it it's going up high off the deflection really high no one really knew where it was for a second it was way up in the rafters that puck is chipped up ahead olly haye .

Trying to beat rolf he gets to the front and he doesn't get a shot away as he was hit hard as he went to the net ian ortiz steps in trying to look to the middle of lapanovic able to get his feet in the way .

Swarm look back nice play settle it down changes for the thunder pass up ice missed by burgess shot off the backhand goes wide hooked up in the corner by the swarm chance for bradley get some speed up trying to go around one he gets taken down .

Solid defense down behind the near the chance in front but uh matt canada with a good stick pops it ahead activated from defense getting in low looking up the boards to morrison who plays it across his defensive partner they're past missing everyone it's going .

To be an icing unless the swamp can hustle and they can't whistle beats everyone and that'll be nice and we're going to go all the way back down so not long to go in this first period bonnie swarm leading one nil here at the moment .

Thunder hit the puck briefly and behind the net but couldn't get a pass to the center harry looks up to steinle steps around one can't step around two swarms start ahead fighting into the side of the rank can't get the puck free though two players from thunder there's a .

Chance for the shots and it goes over the top looking across ice pass up the middle by the phoenix thunder missing chasing her down as harry met candidate comes out to play it and again the forecheck going here and it's in the corner though for the swarm to .

Bring it out passing off the back of their own player lucky enough to get away with it there trying to dump it in the thunder but it's just getting jammed up a little bit too many bodies in the way hide steps around can't control the puck though as he enters his own just players all over him anytime he .

Gets the puck darling to hide makes a move almost got it to in right so close it's in the corner gregory lost the handles it's a swarm with it working the way here died looking to put in the big hit was haring .

And he said the man he looks like an uncomfortable four he doesn't look good as he skates off there's a solid head over there on the far side we'll turn off turns back around and the swarm through the neutral zone now .

Turned over and parasite chips at the head and offside is the call cole playing at the puck gonna be going all the way back down into the body swarm zone and we've got 13 seconds here so it could be a chance for the it's time to get something going here .

With 13 seconds left they can win this face off let's roll for the dot sam chases it into the corner can't get it free in order centers there but picked up by the swarm time running out for a chance to shoot it and that's it for period one .

solid start for the visiting team one nil botany swarm here in dunedin matt canaday for the swarm making some fantastic saves thunder put some good shots on but couldn't break through that time we've got ourselves some intermission .

Entertainment here we're coming back with the recliner ice racing so not much going there for the phoenix thunder apart from a few shots that got saved but couldn't really get anything going on that first power play dangerous shots were .

Not really handy for them and then they swarm also had a power play opportunity but they didn't get much going either so i think both teams looking to probably go back into the sheds talk about what went right and what went wrong in that first period .

Thunder will want to get back to playing a quick game here in the stadium that they call home all right looks like we've got reigning champion rachel stedman on the ice with ronnie nikola and i can see local musician andy p parsons on the ice .

He's going to be pushing nelly padgett on the recliner so far side rachel stedman reigning champion and the near side we have nelly padgett what they're going to do folks is going to be pushing all the way down to the .

Kegs in the far end and then like they swap over and then the press is sitting there to push key here is to get nice grippy shoes oh looks like an early start for parsons but he's gotten away with it and he's got a good hit of cena up seam up already .

Nelly pedro's got her arms out that's no good for wind resistance look at the speed got to slow down though i don't want to be hitting those inboards turns it turns it turns it got to get that turn going all right the swap over looks like the parsons and padgett have got the hit .

Lead here but oh no nellie's feet she can't get any traction now she's going steadman the reigning champion she gets some help from fast feet there from running and cora but steven's in the lead she's got a couple meters the hitch is over halfway she's coming in for the win i don't think she can be beaten look at .

Her go she's pumping those legs nelly can't keep up the traction on her shoes let her down and there we have it recliner ice racing reigning champion rachel maria stemmon takes it out again can she be beat i don't know form looks pretty good should be happy with that .

Don't go away folks we're going to come right back buried to action from here underneath nice and phoenix thunder versus bunny swan we're giving a shout out to 15 to 30 year olds in the southern region our passion is ice hockey and it's all about teamwork when it comes to protecting our southern .

Community from measles we need everyone to be a team player if you're aged between 15 and 30 and have not yet been immunized for measles you can get a vaccination for free please see your gp if you have one or participating pharmacies be a guardian of the future .

staying in peak is called form out here on the ice means we got to put the time at the gym too anytime .

welcome back folks thank you for joining us tonight to watch the phoenix thunder at home hosting the botany swarm if you missed period one action it's one nil to the away team swarm up by one courtesy of andre kozak .

Scored right in front of john barakowskis a stretch pass up the middle resulted in the puck behind the net and then a hobkinson pass to the middle from behind the net found kozak all along we've got hopkinson at the dot out there with kozak and puts it off the .

Top line and laparovich and hey so yeah really strong line out there for the swarm to start off period too face-off went the way of the swarm and they can't get into the zone puck popped out of play over the glass from joe all face off will be the neutral zone .

Here's my pen in that pocket that's off to the swarm but therefore darling comes across to hurry playing catch with the thunder defense and i seen tipped by devlin just in the middle of the ice but not over the red line and only just missing goalkeeper candidate .

He watched it go past swarm will make a change i think they've got to stay out there they were pretty fresh shot from 25 gets deflected away by now he's in behind the net skates all the way down by himself .

Three centering pass off the pads of canada still there for devlin looks across ice picked up by sandoy center chips at the head no that's slightly aren't going to change but darling's still out there there's a puck loose in front bounces in behind the net .

even the swarm trying to center it can't get her past gregory he looks up eyes to hide in right tips it ahead chases it down can't beat sandoy there he rings it around the boards swarm nice place then do he avoids the man .

Chips it up gets it as far as the half boards and it's out but picked up now here come the thunder long cross ice pass mawson intercepted doesn't get over the blue line gregory trying to get a shot but it's deflected behind the net .

Picked up by in right steps in the middle oh he can't pull it back in to give the shot away gregory behind the net turns it around but unfortunately for him right wasn't following him an outcome the swarm sandoi up ahead tips it past harford .

Chases it down to the corner uses his big frame to shield but harford takes it away harford looking up nice big pass in right gets a stick on it and turns to change rather than chase it down nice pickup my rolf there stealing the puck from barakuskas brother versus brother tonight mattis .

And jonas also looks to burgess we'll play it ahead golf keeps it in but only temporarily swarm get it down as far as burgess it just gets taken off packed by commons .

Becomes barracast this is gonna get this in and they'll chase after it the swarm golf's pass is intercepted to swarm down low moving it looking across ice just missing it was hopkinson at the top centering low .

And behind the net orders gets this one out and walton off will just look back to barakaskas kozak tips it in gets it to the center the man in front takes a shot good save in and out of the glove of barrow castle so another chance here for the swarm the .

Shot loads loose devlin able to give this one free good chances there from the swarm and the thunders breakup play intercepted here comes hopkinson again taken off the puck by devlin man goes down but there's no call or .

Looks up to devon he just missed it and it's going to go down as far as the red line but no icing here from hurry leaves it for darling takes a shot it's off the feet of ollie hey he'll play it in behind the net next hiring will pinch down .

Or stitch around one moves towards the middle god i'm trying to get into dillon devon on the weak side but he couldn't get a stick on it shots low and candidate will just uh pick this one up off the ice he doesn't want to take any chances there flurries of activity down at both ends there the swarm with some really nice .

Chances in front a man was left all alone is shot up high trying to beat barakuskas on the glove side but unable to do so and then dear across the face of the goal pass just missing devlin a nice pass in front and height from .

About two meters out doesn't miss those ones very often he gets the home team on the board one all five and a half minutes gone a period two that's got the crowd excited another healthy crowd here tonight for the phoenix thunder .

Stands are looking pretty full we've got fans on the far side and the bleachers face off wind there for the phoenix thunder and then we've got fans standing in the aisles here with some very close-up views nice play by steadily there stopping their play from getting going as the .

Swarm and a nice little quick pass through the neutral zone hyde floating this one up to gregory catches it and smits gets taken down heavily by mawson but he's back up now he's got a chance to grab the puck he just loses it hyde .

has to wait for his teammates to get back on side he just gets it down low isaac reed's on the ice for the thunder rolfe will chase this one into the corner .

But mawson swinging around safely pass off the feet still there for the swarm here comes sam mortis takes a shot out to the corner wilson chasing this one down he's going to go back up the boards .

comes rolf snaps it off it gets deflected up high bradley has a chance he's gonna skate down low and i'll try and get around the defender but he can't do so young line out here for the thunder as a .

Shot that goes across the face of the goal safely no problems there for the swarm it's fine to get this one out but thunder doing a good job of keeping it in lewis trying to get it down low to knolls swarm gum it up here they come now the .

Swarm oh they're going to be offside if they carry that one in and they wisely decide to take a change while they've got time haring looks up nice it's going to be an icing call by lux of it oh no maybe not yeah i think we might .

Have a uh no lion's nigel dobson just making sure all the players who are on ice stay on the ice looked like he might have been going over to call a delay of game too many men with the puck going dangerously close the players coming on the ice .

nice pass quick pass up to hurry he delays trying to get it to or nice stand-up play by the swarm of the defense there they get it to cos that kozak's got one man to beat he's got slightly in front of him try still spinner armor lost it has he done the turn .

And i think that one's going to be offside if it carries on a nice stretch pass but hurrying didn't see it coming and i don't think he reacted in time he's looking steps to the middle looks across ice but his pass was intercepted that's we're ton off .

Skates it around to the top still skating with it trying to go all the way around full circle and behind the net getting sun to pick it up harford gets this one up four where's the park it's heading to stick it's there for haring hurry he's going towards the net he chips it .

On the backhand candidate and it's into the pads and canada will just hold on to that one that loose stick on the ice there causing some trouble for the swarmers three thunder players could have thrown a blanket over them in the middle there is it coming through the middle zone .

Somehow the puck bounced favorably for the thunder and hurry eyes lit up trying to get a goal in 100th game not to be picked up by cole safely uses the blocker to send that one into the crowd .

Johnson not the draw fighter will play this one down and in right with a bit of speed to win the race canceling the icing but his centering pass to no one but a swarm player still here for the thunder though it's gregory swinging it down low for heidi's .

Little tip play didn't find anyone here come the swarm man going towards it hard the pass can't get through the defense oh and taken down heavily there's a chance in front of the shot by coal i think ends up getting the loose puck after a big hit down low by the swarm four .

Chicken hard puck bounce from front and coal cleans up jeff says team the goal here goal it's 2-1 swarm now we've got just under 10 minutes left in the second period back underway and it's the swamp racing ahead .

Looking for a play cycling down low swarm looking back up to thula puts it down into the corner darling there for the thunder he wins the puck turns it back to hurry hurry looking for a big stretch past just missing in orders it's going to be icing as he can't win the battle .

Then ryan heads back down ice into the thunder zone number one line out there for the swarm now hopkins and the face-off can't win it ralph will get it back and thunder we'll try and get this one out this time without icing it it's different mortis chips it up the .

boards we'll turn off we'll turn it back to hey picked up by kozak steps in the middle looking across to lepanovich and to hopkins takes a shot he scores through the five-hole barracast nice play by the swarm of the panovich .

In the corner made a nice pass into the middle and hopkinson found himself with a bit of room and he just turns it back against the grain and barracuskis could stop that one it's 3-1 swarm couple of quick goals here for the swarming period too thunder really needs to up their game .

Here in front of their home crown if they're going to give themselves a win here on this milestone night still plenty of time they get a deep chase after it a little urgency on the forecheck here harford trying to play this one down low and come to small .

or looks up he's got a better room he's going to be sandoy he goes time to go to the forehand but just enough of a stick on it from sandoi and a little bit of help from canada as well hey having a good ding-dong battle down .

Low there with harford half it to or four steps through the middle picked up there here comes oh harford trying to tuck it in pucks in the net puckers on the net but i didn't see the referee signaling goal there so .

It's going to be no goal and thunder going to have to try again arthur picked up the loose puck in behind two players trying to tuck it in behind canada but canada doing a great job here tonight swarm work it out of their own zone and they're all chipping ahead into the corner reed will play it up .

Barracasta is going to put a big head a hit in and they're going to win the puck this one they have a shot in front it's just gone wide chipped ahead paris hyde is going to be the first man there he's got man in the middle trying to center it but it's in behind the net .

in right dancing with the putt loses his footing though and it's the swarm with the puck to get it out of their own zone they'll just dump it and it looks like they're going to change reed will pick it up for the heart for .

The thunder this is swinging it up the board it's not a great place picked up by hobkinson looks across ice is the chance for the swarm off the pipes a nice tic-tac-toe play almost worked there for the swarm isaac reed giving up the puck not in a smart way there .

Almost led to a swarm goal and going down three goals would not have been good for the thunder here tonight intercept just tips he beats one oh he fans on the shot just as he tried to release it marin chips it ahead devlin looks down low to harry harry is he got a chance to shoot it cannon just dives .

On it as haring couldn't get a stick on it the defenseman there all over him and candidate just dives all over the park he's having a great game out there canada up against his old team that was a few years back now but still got it candidates still .

Got the goats and goal touching those pipes ralph with a chance to shoot it he gets it through but it was cleaned up he gets charged chance rolf he shoots this one over the high corner and candidate will reach out and pick .

This one up this line of rolf and the orders brothers young and inexperienced but showing that they got the skills to compete at this level because they have definitely been able to create chances in the game so far this year .

that passed back up the boards are picked up by the swarm and the swarm with it again almost turnovers by the thunder could be costly here the way they're going mawson trying to step through it's there for the swarm it's at the feet .

The players in front they can't find a way to get a shot off though through behind the net turn it back around centering it picked up by rolf and he gets it out it's here for the swarm one man to beat 22 trying to go .

Between the legs of barracasta as he's seen as that gonna get picked up by steinle he looked across eyes to knolls centering pass can't get it through padley was there oh it's loose cap barrett cows just couldn't cover it it was loose in front a couple of small players .

Swarm playing in some big hits here backhand shot goes through the crease thunder just gonna send this one down nice it's gonna go icing player careens into the net definitely trying to save the ice in there but you're going to have to go all the way back down .

Tired players in the last year for the thunder got burgess and style on defense and a couple of players probably wanting to get this puck out of the zone as quickly as they can they'll be puffing there's a hard chef their shot goes behind the net nice little quick play off the face-off .

Kozak beats the defender he's got man with him he steps to the zone trying to center it goes in behind the net just couldn't handle the puck there centering pass again hyde he's on the ice sends it ahead and it's offside andrew hey not happy with the shot after .

The whistle there by in right chasing him down two top lines facing off here against each other got parasite and hopkinson at the dot he knows the way of parasite this time harvard's pass up in the middle gets intercepted it's kozak he's going to have a shot .

Into the glove of barakaskas pass intercepted or tipped away has been a theme tonight for the thunder they're just struggling to get those connections back to kozak gonna cross to sandor he'll get there and he'll just send it into the corner he's going to get almost centered to his .

Own boards by hyde centering pass is collected by barakuskas sandui not happy he's going to have a chat with hyde almost got a uh unintentional line change there from courtesy of paris hyde not happy about the head .

Changes by both teams so second lines out there for both teams they've got johnson line out there for the swarm andrew haye and lepanovich at the back face off picked up by .

Or let's tip by hay there's the pass across ice tinder fahren was broken up johnson steps in trying to beat darling giblin trying to work the puck free it's picked up by haring he's gonna try and beat the man around can't get past olly haye cleanly said .

Going into the corner to fight for it now here comes the panovich he gets past darling he takes a shot oh off the pipe and out what a nice shot there by lupanovich walked around darling trying to put him in the boards .

Darling up to or was got a man at the far post can't get the pass away it's chipped up the boards by the swarm they bring it out hurry cross ice tipped across the knolls knowles kicks .

It in i was trying to find lewis noah's looking to the front it's lewis can't get a stick on it chips it to the side picked up by bradley who puts it down low marrakowskis can't hear it past knowles .

Hyde's gonna jump on the ice he's gonna pick up the puck if he can he's pressed against the boards and he's gonna have to try and work this one free thula will take it ease the passage out of the zone by the swarm can't get it out of the corner of this thunder it's a cross size to hide high's .

Going to turn he's going to put the burners on and he's going to try and play this one oh a little bit of a chance there for the swarm as the puck was on the blue line kozak oh he's got a chance now he's gonna step two he's gonna make a pass and it's just gonna go wide the pass .

Across the face had bit jonas barakowskis but the shot just went wide kozak again fans on the shot hyde he's got anyway with him but the breakup of the pass by morrison was good gregory looking to no that's gregory taking the shot .

Saved by candidate slightly chases that ringing around the boards it's just going to chip it ahead morrison is waiting for it steps in the zone and puts it on net caskets will play behind him and it's going to call an end to this third second period .

I should say bluntly swarm come out of it with a two goal lead it's 3-1 after two periods paris science scored a goal for the thunder to get them on the board is assisted by gregory and in right then two quick goals .

By the swarm by reed cole assisted by oliver haye and then richie hopkinson sister by daylan lepanovich and andre kozak we're going to take a quick break that 15 minutes and then we'll be back for period three see you soon folks .

uh uh peace .

yes this is yeah is foreign .

oh staying in peak is called form out here on the ice means we got to put the time at the gym too .

So anytime fitness get to a healthier place so we're giving a shout out to 15 to 30 year olds in the southern region .

Our passion is ice hockey and it's all about teamwork when it comes to protecting our southern community from measles we need everyone to be a team player if you're aged between 15 and 30 and have not yet been immunized for measles you can get a vaccination for free .

Please see your gp if you have one or participating pharmacies be a guardian of the future all right folks we are back for period three here in the danita nice stadium 3-1 is the score in favor of the .

Visiting team the botany swarm gonna pull out the stats of prairie too of course paris hyde got the thunder after a start but then cole and hopkins then added two for the swamp swarm trying to get their first win on the board here in 2021 new zealand ice hockey league two losses .

Last week to the west auckland admirals the 2-1 loss in the first game and then a 6-2 loss kozak scored a gone one of those games scored here tonight as well play is underway looking across nice shot saved by bow caskets back on there .

And veracaskis covers up bonnie swan playing spoilers tonight a little bit for the milestone games for aaron and hyde what can the thunder do about it can they get them back and can they get back into this game quick shot on covered by barracudas .

But it's loose still there for the swarmer backhand shot saved and then chipped ahead this one tapped in front oh i couldn't get a stick on it with half now the thunder can they get that still there kept in by the swarm and behind darling .

Pays it to harry can you get it to or to play it out no skipped in by the swarm nice stick by darling left behind by haring swarm still with the puck looking to center it he's going straight to or paul's going to look up he's going to have .

No one worth him his team go for a change circles back down left to behind gets it to hide kicks it to escape harford puts it down low pass up the middle johnson cross for hay hey pulls up look into center it .

It's in the near corner and cole back up to sandor sander puts it on played out to the side by steinle half it looks up ice and almost intercepted by mawson sandoy goes back custer mawson goes up the boards .

Slightly looking for hyde steps in trying to get across he takes a big hit playing around the boards rick and wilson slightly looking out for a big pass picked up they always shot by orders another shot .

So the panzers across the goal line it just snuck through canada and i think that's going to be the first goal for ian ortiz and his nhl sorry nhl is it ihl career look at him he's absolutely pumped .

oh great stuff great stuff his line along with conor rolfe and inaudible have created chances lots of shots on goal from this line sam waters had 10 and game last week against the red devils but it's his younger brother ian autis getting .

This line on the board for 2021 it's just snuck over the line too 3-2 swarm thunder back within one now burgess trying to pinch this puck along the boards it's in orders played a bit of d as well in this time .

It's there for the swan they're looking to center it and getting across was barracowskis getting a good bit of wood on it with a swarm in front but barakowski's making himself big in front .

Up considering devon go head-to-head let's play it out into the neutral zone by the thunder swarm back up the boards jump it ahead chase after it kozak looking to center it it's in behind for his scenery pass up to the middle the shot it's low and played into the side .

By barakowskis here comes harin got all going to the net and he lifted behind us he got taken off the puck stepping to the middle though it's there for hor for or his shot goes high and wide harry behind the net .

Trying to center it devlin works sweater front time to put it through the legs that's all sorry trying to put through the legs of canada today but you shut the door well and truly that time around this game a much cleaner game than the game i saw last week the red devils .

And the thunder last week just racking up the penalties this one here tonight has been relatively quiet it doesn't mean it's generally physical with the hits still coming it's just the uh after the whistle stop stuff that has been missing from tonight's game .

Something like 116 penalty minutes in total by the end of last week's game in the first game last week against the red devils for the thunder they had lots of power play time this game not so much having to do it all with equal strength paris hyde as i mentioned a few times .

Playing his 150th game so congratulations to him he joined the thunderback in 2010 and he's uh well and truly decorated he's played for new zealand under 18s under 20s in the ice blacks and he's played over 189 .

Ins at ihl games 150 for the thunder and a few for the red devils a shot on goal by half of their swallowed up and uh prolific scorer is parasite total of 161 goals 176 assists for 337 points in total over his career so far .

But 131 of those goals for the thunder says well over a point again unbelievable harford it's a power play now for the thunder harford to hide .

Hyde's pass got picked off he's still got it trying to step to the middle it's sandoy who's going to try and confuse the forechecker it's at his feet he's a big man it's going to be hard to move still there fighting for the thunder they want to get this puck free it's for harford to hide .

Puts into the middles chipped wide of the crease steinle keeps it in oh but he's turned it over unfortunately and thunder will chase it back down they've got 50 seconds left and power player unit number two comes onto the isis basically just lines one and two .

Comes hurrying leaves it behind or or steps in around behind the net looks to the point darling back to ore oh pudding across ice but out of the zone and haring's gonna have to skate it back and he passes around the boards to darling he fans on a pass he's giving it away .

Small player has it he's looking to the front of the net but he can't get it there devlin across to hurry three on two he lifted behind oh he can't drag it to his forehand though unfortunately devlin down low for harin getting to the .

Front devlin couldn't get anything on it is that his feet hurry up to hurry this shot is wide open off looking to the man up the middle can't find him it's in for hari haring steps to the middle gets it to devlin devlin steps in takes a shot candidate he has that one and devlin gets taken .

Down by barracudas after the players now we've got some after the whistle tumbling there's a helmet being just thrown across the ice it's the helmet of mattis barakaskas is that devlin got up unhappy with the .

Check after the whistle power plays over for the thunder they couldn't convert 13 minutes 49 seconds if they got one goal to make up wow look at that i'm just checking the stats page and what a sight for general manager of the .

Phoenix center rick ortis goal scored by ian orders assisted by sam ortiz two of them together the audacity of it all to combine for ian's first goal absolutely love it i play with ian he scores a lot of goals in the night soccer league .

He scores so many they don't mean anything anymore i don't think but that first one in the internet playing for the thunder you could tell that meant something he was really jazzed up oh this is uh not looking good for harford he's played it up and over the boards cleanly and it's going to be a delay of .

Game and he looks skyward didn't get anything on the glass there no tip so he's going to go into the box and he's going to join dylan devlin so i didn't notice that but it's the power play for the swarmer now it's a five on three they've got the hopkinson out there with .

A fortune off and kozak with sandoy and lapanovic so good strong lineup here for the swarm height of the dot for the thunder key victory to win this one you can't control it and sandoy has it delepanovic steps in looking across ice on it just dribbles over .

A little bit of a tip in front and it's gone into the back of the net past barracaskas and the swarm scored on the power play the five on three and they did it early so it's gonna mean they've got uh another power play to go a minute 47 a five on four .

Thunder hanging on here if they can for dear life in this game two two goals behind now 4-2 swarm for the swarm picked off by hyde and gregory back to hyde turns around is it going to try and skate all the way back down the ice he is .

He's going to turn he's going to try and go up ice now got to go back to go forward he steps in goes around one takes it in behind the net he's got three players on him and he's going to get uh he's going to draw a penalty so it's gonna negate the power play .

For the swarm unfortunately for them parasite cortano is going to get to the box parasite just skating with a park and then turning the jets on to try and into the zone through a penalty and it's gonna be four on four which .

In this big rank here in dunedin the international ice stadium it's a lot of room to move it's at the feet of the two players of the dog picked up by thule for the swarm up to olly steps into the zone takes a shot oh and he scores with a nice wrister .

Top of the far circle he puts it past barakowskis and he gives this team a three goal lead as easy as you like just glides into the zone too much space given to him by the thunder defense there and he just ripped it past barracowskis back to thawla who looks .

Up to cole let's see if uh olly hay he's going to shoot it again this time barracowski is able to corral it into his gear face off to the left of barack owskis it's hopkinson on the draw still four on four here get out of the zone by in right paren is going to chase it down candidate comes .

Out to play it around the boards finds in right really quick stick movements here picked up by sandoy got kozak on the far side he gets it to kozak kozak looking to center it .

And it's deflected to haring he skates up through the neutral zone gets it knocked off the stick just as he was trying to enter and he dips it down and he'll go for a change johnson turns looking to get it to kozak he shoots it's high and over the .

Top of barracaster's height he's got him in with him trying to skate through the middle puck's behind the net height has it steps to the middle looks up to half it up it shoots and scores harford snaps it past canaday from the feed from paris hyde he did a .

Lot of hard work down below the goal line got it out found harford and it's 5-3 scoring is coming thick and fast now that's three goals in the last few minutes back and forth time out for the thunder here .

So we recap the scoring there robin vitanov scored the fourth goal for the swarm assisted by dale and lapanovitch and remy sandoi and then only high assisted by stefan thulo just walked in there early hey and fired one past barakowskis but .

Thunder coming back with a vengeance paris hyde the captain taking it upon himself to drive the play forward got the puck to harford and harford's taking a lot of shots getting a lot of points for this thunder team lately he manages to nab a goal back he's got 11 minutes 10 seconds left in .

This period so plenty of time left the devon line is out there against johnson's line darling fanned on it and it's the winner back though as pass lead pass and well in front of devlin it's going to be icing take a moment to mention a few of the .

Sponsors for the thunder this year we've got the naming sponsor phoenix organics danita nice stadium giving us the roof over here new new corporation supplying the beverages here in the stadium anytime fitness giving the players a place to train colton stewart legoland anderson's bay colder .

Construction ice hockey otago battery town the goldman group and kia photos thunder with some position in the zone but it's been hacked away by the swarm and it's going to go all the way down harford we'll pick it up .

We're gonna have ice to demon but it's gonna get picked off by sandoy or builds up some speed trying to go around sandor he does he goes to the backhand it's loose check hacking away with a thunder picked up by harford oh he fan on a shot and it's going to be a turnover here come .

The swarm man going to the net he gets it and good defense from harford coming all the way back it's still in there the crease as the scenery pass is picked up by barakaska lucky for the thunder there turnover deepen swarm here territory and uh swarm came back the two all one .

Man in front was able to get the puck but i think it was just a little bit too in close to his feet couldn't get a shot away cleanly swarm will keep it down low take him to the net passing across couldn't get a shot away he comes in right and right trying to turn it back for gregory .

Gregory almost got it to in right he looks up burgess hard shot nice block in front by winston lee mawson all ringing around the boards instantly takes it in takes the shot in and out of the glove burgess fighting with prince winston lee .

There he comes i'll consent lost the park on the handle is it out of the zone hyde turns around he's gonna try and skate it out there for sam mortis sam waters gets through a couple just lost the puck though and barracudas turns it around swamp .

Getting out chipped in here though from max haring though up to vortana off looks across to kozak kozak spends gets taken down off spins and puts it back into the corner .

Darling lost the park turned it over lucky for him rolf was there to clean it up sam gets it to ian order sam waters in orders can we do it again he noticed trying to turn it back around to rolf rolfe just couldn't grab the puck nice little play almost came off they dump it in and take a change .

Now come diblin and his line mates joe heads the puck trying to move it to hurry hurry's gonna change to the corner he's got two men in front trying to center it but it's off the feet of the defender and into the corner haring's going to pick it up in the corner he's going to try and step to the .

Middle looking to go to the front of the net it's missing behind me it's cleared out around the boards by the swarm and picked out by steightly haring gets it over the blue line it's there for steinle no he's left to behind and swarm with a chance to clear it .

Patience and chipped ahead hartford uses his body to try and keep the packets passed in front by the swarm it's there behind the net and front good block by style hurrying to oh oh it goes around one all with a chance to shoot it gold tried to get it to hurry .

And it was behind the play or turns it around for devlin giblin he's going to get through he's going to have a chance he goes the backhand gets taken down saved by kennedy on the backhand shot looking to the front there's a big fight in front sandui and devlin .

And the whistle guys we've got now some tempers flaring crowd was going wild referees and lions been struggling to separate the two players it's ore and sandoy huge booth across the stadium sandui is not the man he's getting ejected he doesn't want to go .

And i wonder if joe was going to get dejected as well yeah he's going to go probably surely i don't think he'll get the same reaction as sandoy we're going to see what happens here surely the referees will have to have a discussion about the aftermath of that .

well we're gonna have a little bit of a small break here so take a chance to mention the other games happening this weekend the west auckland admirals are playing host to the red devils up in auckland games on saturday and sunday at 4 30. so .

Uh yeah have a chance to catch those live on youtube tomorrow's game here in dunedin is going to be at six o'clock not seven so sit here alarms an hour early six pm puck drive for game two thunder versus .

Botany swarm if you uh follow this one six points each phoenix thunderer next on the left on four points they've had a a win in an overtime loss against the red devils red devils coming in fourth they've played four .

They've lost three and they've got an overtime win win a season we've also got a uh new new legend lager player of the game which will be decided by you the fans for the dunedin phoenix thunder head to the instagram page at phoenix .

Thunder underscore nzl to vote for your new new new legend lager player of the game of course if you aren't already following your favorite teams on instagram and facebook make sure you do so catch updates on game day about lineups milestones .

All sorts of things on those instagram pages and facebook and you learn a lot you can interact don't forget to look out for pacquiao podcast as well logan swinkles giving us quality content each and every week including highlights and interviews .

Quick shifts coming out during the middle of the week can't get enough that ends in iho action all right about to get back underway here we go face off to hide it's a power play for the thunder shot goes wide stiley puts it back down low .

Apparent sign on the far side will just play it back up the boards to half it back to hyde looking to the center shot was weak but it was directed on goal but it's cleared out by the swarm hopkinson will take a shot played into the corner by barrett kaskas this thunder will come out from behind .

Their own net hyde up to steinle who steps into the zone goes around one puts it through the legs and behind the net looks out to the side for hyde to harford bouncing puck just goes wider than here and cleared out and around the boards by barrow caskets it's all the way down .

Thunder get a couple of changes they've got a minute left on the power play if you're going to score now's the time on the power play you've got to get this thing going here comes steel devlin through the middle poke away from him darling finds harry missed harry on the pass .

Aaron gets it to darling harley darling steps in and behind the net do they want to sit up here they do max across the devlin shot off the feet of a sworn player and out to the side dipped down low by haring stolen away by mawson who manages to tip it clear .

Nice penalty kill working so far for the swarm keeping the thunder out to the sides there hasn't been too many dangerous chances for them so far and they've stolen it kozak has just got ahead of the play there and hopkinson brings the puck in and it's going to be offside so .

Another unsuccessful power play by the phoenix thunder stepping through as parasite he takes a shot candidate drops it picked up by high behind the net looks up top to harford it fires just bounce off the swarm player and down and they clear it out nicely .

Kozak is chasing hard can he beat harper to it he wins the puck centers it he's a shot kozak goes back to the net but uh couldn't get anything on it on the far side wide chips at the head of itch swings it around the boards to borton .

Off he looks up ice kozak fights his way to the middle goes across and scores johnson with an easy goal open net kozak strong on the puck went hard and then got a butte pass across the ice to johnson .

And that could be it for the thunder with three turning tree left in the turd it is sixth tree to the swarm johnson again gets taken down and bodied off the puck by haring his passes missed sam orders johnson turns he has it holly hate goes in there goes the .

Forehand saved by barret casters it still lose just goes through the blue paint picked up by orders in this time he flips it ahead sam morris takes a shot padded away by canada shot trying to find sam orders on the far side .

safely picked up by kennedy he's had a sharp gain candidate lois at the dock it's a pass to prince lou advice swarm look out front and it's just missed the man barrack also will chase this back down .

Puts it up the boards looks like we're going to have a penalty on half it here not happy but he's hit into the box he's slamming the door as he enters it's gonna i mean the remaining two minutes 20 for the .

Thunder gonna be spent majority of it short-handed making it even tougher come back from three goals down gonna be had to be some short-handed magic here nothing short of a miracle to get back into this one laparovich at the top looks across .

There's a shot that goes wide and thunder can't clear it out this will be cleared down ice by haring swarm just waiting for it hopkinson shooting just walking right in and hand pass here's the call there i think standing a little bit slowly towards the end of the .

Game here hopkinson just walking in there and no real pressure on him from the defenseman thunder probably getting a little bit dejected here with three oh it's a penalty yeah it's uh five on three .

Across there's a shot it's blocked in front by the thunder players thuller gets it down into the half boards cole steps in he shoots maracas shoulders this one away thuller again steps to the middle looks across ollie hey ollie hey shoots it and goes wide .

Down low for the swarm and behind the net looking at the front there's a shot goes through the blue paint it's gonna be a chance for hiring to clear this one and he gets it out 30 seconds remaining in the game crowd's gone silent here as the team was down by three here comes cole .

Cole puts it behind him i think swarm just happy to run this one out mawson looks across the top shot there ricocheted away out to the far side one man wreck on the ice for the thunder in right comes back he's got 11 seconds can he get all the way up and down the ice he finds olly haye .

wilson and he's just going to let time run out and that is going to do it here for game one and dunedin for this weekend folks unfortunate result for all the fans here in the crowd and an unfortunate result for the two .

Boys notching out milestones but if you're a small fan you'll be very happy with the way your team played tonight coming out on top six three don't forget this is only game one of the the weekend make sure you're back here tomorrow it's six o'clock to watch game two .

So we'll just go for a briefly recap the scoring andre kozak scored in the first period to make it one nil paris height equalized early in the second period to make a one-all but then cole and hopkinson gave the swarm a 3-1 lead after two .

Periods in orders scored his first goal of his international career assisted by his brother sam making a 3-2 to the swarm giving the thunder a better life but then bhutan off and hey scored within a minute to make a 5-2 and really .

Put a dampening on things for the thunder harford gave the thunder brief glimmer of height of an assist from hyde to make it 5-3 but then kyle johnson off a nice pass from kozak put one in the net to round off the scoring 6-3 swarm winner here in game one .

There will be a presentation to jacob haring for his 100th game and uh to parasite for his 150th game after handshakes completed so join us and congratulations congratulating those two players on their career so far not the result .

They wanted tonight but i'm sure they'll be hungry to come out tomorrow and to make things right for the home fans have turned out here tonight and who will turn out tomorrow some confusion here from even the thunder players as few of them have left the ice before their teammates have received .

Their certificates a few things the thunder will probably want to improve on one of them is definitely going to be the power play tonight they were unsuccessful they had a couple opportunities but weren't able to really create any .

Dangerous chances and i think another one is they're going to be wanting to uh sharpen up on the defensive end especially with the cross-sized passes from the swarm fewer few of them resulted in the goals and .

Coach avery will be unhappy with that i'm sure they'll dissect it there goes jacob haring getting his certificate for 100 games congratulations to him started playing 2013 there's a 16 year old and then paris hyde 150 games the whole organization is .

Proud of their captain uh superstar in the internet hell as good as he is he couldn't pull his team out of a hole tonight but i've seen him do it many a time here in the stadium fantastic player all right that'll do it for tonight .

Folks 4 30 tomorrow you've got the we're talking about this ridge this is the red devils they'll warm up for the thunder versus botany swarm we'll see you tomorrow you


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