hi i'm mila and my magical can morph into anything i want oops morph into a monkey to get our ball coming daddy .

Also wanna play with martha like a meal at us let's play in the city okay yay .

and take these cookies to geraldo for his ice cream sandwiches and don't break them okay muffle moth uh-huh .

t-rex oh sorry ah a t-rex not in my city rocket .

Let's go but go muscle hey come back here ah .

Fresh baked cookies from your aunt perfect for my ice cream sandwiches mila and morthel what have you done mila there you are mila you're under arrest for causing trouble in my city you must be mistaken officer freeze mila's been with me the whole time .

Look mila mila i don't know which miele to arrest ah forget it orpol why did you pretend to be me i also want to be mila and play with the .

Morpho but being mean oh orville anyone for my new cookie crumble ice cream special augustine said she needs someone big and strong to carry all the ingredients for her cake .

Cake here's a list of what i'll need more for oh it's you awful daddy must have sent you instead it will be heavy so hello aunt augustine we've come to get your list for the cake .

I already gave it an offer uh oh orful has on augustine's list let's find out what he's up to more full good that's a flower hola milan morphle .

Boy am i glad to see you hi felipe what's wrong while i was feeding the pigs someone messed up the farm great detective work more full i think orf will messed up the farm and still on augustine's cake ingredients we'll help you .

More full morph into a crane to put this right morphle morph into a sheepdog more full morph into a road sweeper to clear away the flower .

good job thanks meal and morphle you're the best anything else you need flour but we swept it all away not all i have two bags at the barn but they are very heavy more full morph into a robot .

Two morphles well which one has my ingredients i can't keep the mayo waiting any longer for the cake i need to start baking it now my ingredients they're ruined it's not awful's fault on augustine he .

Was just trying to help that may be true but what shall i do about the mayor's cake oh mila dear that's enough for two cakes hey is so cute .

Felipe she's sure to win the fluffiest sheep contest i hope so meal and morphle can you finish brushing her while i feed the pigs sure she loves flying in mud but don't let her she needs to stay fluffy and clean ah come back .

Morph into a sheepdog welcome to the petty's birth fluffiest sheep contest oh no whoa elsa come back i'm sorry .

I know how we can bring all the sheep back more full morph into a superhero suit and awful morph into a superhero suit for felipe super hello let's go find the sheep how does this work .

There's one hey sheep we got to be quiet awful sheep don't like loud noises wow .

there she is waffle we have to save her the winner of the fluffiest sheep contest is the winner is .

Veloso wow that looks like fun it is but i've broken my super long paintbrush and now i can't reach the top we can help you morph more into a fire truck so you can lift her up .

oh no i've run out of paint i have to get some more paint can i do some painting please you can paint this area but this is my greatest painting ever so keep it neat and stay between the lines i will can you look after the mural for me of .

Course more full morph into a paintbrush uh oh we forgot to feed the magic pets back at the pet center more full morph into a race car awful paint oh .

why did you do this this was my masterpiece it wasn't us but we'll find out who did and fix it more full morph into a magnifying glass awful i should have known it was you huh .

We need to clean up that mural but first we need to clean up you how can we get ortho into the bath morph into a dolphin oh king but now we've got to go and clean the artist's wall .

We're sorry we left your painting but we found out who made that mess and we'll all help you paint it back well i've got one thing to say to you i absolutely love what you've done will you help me with my next mural not painting inside the lines is so much .

Fun i can't wait to use my new camera mila and morphle i'm going to take a photo of the whole family and hang it on the wall and we're going to make sure everyone is looking their best more full morph into an elephant now we can give everyone a shower .

Nice and clean good job morphle oh no i have a wobbly tooth a camera i want it uncle yawn anything for you winston let's steal it now .

Where's the button what is it hey they took daddy's new camera how am i going to take the special photo now we'll get it back daddy look more .

Full more and to work huh faster faster winston is amazing mom .

More full morph and full helicopter my tooth it fell out thanks morphle now let's get daddy's camera back more full morph into a cranny hey .

My new camera thank you both so much for bringing it back now we can take that photo but i lost the tooth i don't want to spoil the photo don't be silly your first lost tooth this is a special day and you know what pretty soon you'll grow a brand new one in its place really .

everyone say missing tooth wait is that a fly on my glasses daddy daddy we've just finished making healthbot for the science fair she's the best at helping well done milan morphle ah so that's where my old glasses went .

Oh there you are techie magic yes techie has the power to control anything electrical great at fixing too whoa hello melo morpho ready for the science fair hi enzo yes we made healthbot look .

I made a robot too a superhero robot he's called toefls ah enzo's robot is better than mine he's sure to win at the science fair okay tucky can he fix her she needs to be really helpful .

What have you kids done now uh-oh more full morph into a superhero i was just trying to walk barky you're welcome i was just trying to cross the street you're welcome sorry aunt augustine how .

About was just trying to be helpful you're welcome hey you're welcome you're welcome thanks let's grab the banner .

enzo i want to tell you something i used magic pet techie to fix helpbot and i shouldn't have it was cheating i want to fix her myself will you help me sure the trophy for the first place at the science fair goes to .

Enzo for his amazing transforming superhero robot thank you you're welcome hello there me little morocco good morning is this the magic pet with the power to .

Take you back in time yes it is you're such a clever boy maybe you mean brother time that's him this is telefox it does thanks for that info oh no it's the bandits send us back to the dinosaur era brother time .

now we can steal a dinosaur egg with a pet diner we can cause so much trouble in this oh city we need to get winston and yarn back here before they steal a dinosaur where did yorn and winston go .

Yes there they are i've got a dinosaur egg it's all mine they're in trouble quick morph into a robot so we can save them hmm .

be careful with that egg more full morph into a helicopter more full morph into a pterodactyl .

Morph into a t-rex and make it a big one well done morphle i'll take t
hat here you go hey that's mine right on time let's take the bandits .

Back to our time we're back winston clay i never want to see another dinosaur again i don't have time right now mila and morphle .

Please daddy later i promise yay on to augustine hello my dears look what i found in the attic who is it it's me and your daddy when we were children .

Huh i'll look at it later i'm too busy right now you may keep it the past is in the past see you later thank you i love it daddy yes daddy as a boy looks fun the past is in the past but we can use magic pep brother time to go there .

brother time please take us to the time when daddy was a boy look there's daddy as a boy and he needs our help more full morph into a digger to dig him out nana found you .

Hey i was just playing hide and seek it's my favorite sorry daddy huh i'm louie and i'm his big sister augustine what's your name i'm mila and this is my magic pet morphle he can morph into anything .

Wow that's awesome well i never watch this yeah can i have a go whoa .

so goodbye hello again daddy auntie louie and augustine um what are you doing here we want to .

Play some more huh goodbye now who wants to play how about hide and seek louie i mean daddy that used to be my favorite