You might have heard the term called dogs and majority of us relate this term poisonous chemicals but today in this video we will discuss and clear the concepts regarding toxins so let's get started first of all toxins or the substances producible living organisms noted and most of the talking's are produced by pathogenic microorganisms .

And most probably these microalgae are bacteria most of the time and as I said these are the poisonous substance which means they can disrupt the normal functioning of the host organism like they can make you ill or even kill you when thousand is deadly to to listening and make sure to make a difference between toxin and venom because both are .

Poisonous substance produced by living organisms so what makes the difference here it is the method of delivery as venom is injected while as toxins are secreted when bacteria shall invade the host and anything is here when M is exclusive to any vertebrate or invertebrate as well as this thousand is mostly produced by microorganisms second .

Point we see here toxin is made up of proteins or lipids or any other tissue that can prove poisonous to the host and last thing we see here although toxins are produced by living organ but these toxins are not biological agents what I mean to say here is that thousands are in animate that toxin is not a living substance but they are produced by .

Living organism so we classify toxin into two categories exotoxins and endotoxins and here we are going to see about exotoxins first as you already know these are produced inside bacteria either ground pulse 2 vector or gram-negative Belcher but exotoxins or produce mostly by Gram possibility and .

These are mostly the protein here and on the other side we see endotoxin does not produce it but endotoxins are itself a part of cell wall of gram-negative bacteria they are exclusively present in gram-negative bacteria these molecules endo the molecules they are also called LPS molecules or lipopolysaccharide .

Molecules is present in the outer layer of cell wall endotoxins are lipids and polysaccharides as already told you here in this diagram you can see how the bacteria produces exotoxin inside and then this bacteria sexual disease as the toxin in its earnings to infect the other cells and it must be noted here that the bacteria which secretes this .

Exotoxin is at log phase and finally these exotoxins alters the function of nearby cells thereby causing immune response so this is all the mechanism that lies spandy eggs or toxins and on the other hand we see a gram-negative bacteria which has got a LPS molecule or endotoxin embedded in its outer layer off cell wall because these endotoxin or .

A part of cell wall of these gram-negative bacteria and these endotoxins comes into action only when the cell lysis when the cell dies on the reason behind it is that the inner part of endotoxin the LPS molecule which is actually the lipid a which we are going to see in the next part of the video or this lipid is this lipid a is toxic in .

Nature which is present inside of this cell wall which only comes in contact to other cells when the back yourself dies off that's why it causes talks which event bacterial cell dies off let's see the nature of absorbent endotoxins now first we see also toxins they are not prior genic most of the time that means they .

Do not cause fever but some species episode organs can cause fever like scarlet fever it has been seen majority of times that these molecules these endotoxins they do not prove to induce our thermo regulatory center to include our internal body temperature so no fever in that case while as in case of endotoxins .

They are always prior genic and they stimulate the production of interleukin from metal falling which then stimulate the hypothalamus to increase temperatures so its mechanism will be discussed in the different part of video now let's see what these exotoxin Bank and the thousands as though toxin is called tetanus pitch .

Is caused by a coalesced radium tetany they cause also bottle reason which is caused by a bacterium called kala stadium bottle enum and on the other hand we see endotoxins they cause sepsis which is caused by a bacterium called Pseudomonas aeruginosa and it also causes many Inga coccinea which is caused by a bacterium called .

Necessarium many theories this was all about health or toxins endotoxins their differences and how they act upon the other cells when they cost off City I hope you liked this video if you liked it give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe this channel thanks