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Psychoanalysis Vs Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) | Behavioural Psychology | Freud | Aaron Beck

okay um psychoanalysis what versus other therapeutic strategies um the most famous one in europe right now is cognitive behavioral therapy which is actually a different school of thought from psychoanalysis so psychoanalysis is .

Actually depth psychology or imaginative psychology as we call it cognitive behavioral therapy is behavioral psychology so it focuses on targeted behavior so um bf skinner who was a very famous behavioral psychologist actually taught um many animals in his .

Lab to you know um perform certain behaviors by giving them a positive and negative reinforcement after every behavior so mild electric shocks or small pieces of food he used and he realized that any animal can be trained to do anything .

And he basically used that as a theory to start this school of behavioral psychology which was completely in contradiction with the psychoanalytic school of thought so he believed that um regardless of whatever traumas you have whatever issues you have you can be trained by a psychotherapist .

To change your maladaptive behaviors and it was a rage at that time because it was very different to what people were used to with psychoanalysis and um out of it was born cognitive behavioral therapy which is a very directed um time uh time effective way of changing .

Behavior so the differences are that psychoanalysis is more free it's more subjective meaning it more it depends more on the client each per each client's particular case and particular individual trauma and particular individual .

Repressed um you know um aid these are the sort of things that psychoanalysis deals with it it relies a lot on the patient's free association like i said you know you could have hours of therapy where a patient doesn't say a word and you actually just sit there and don't prompt them to speak .

So it's very sort of loose in that way there are no boundaries in how you can how you can conduct psychoanalysis uh whereas cognitive behavioral therapy is very targeted so when you go into a cognitive behavioral therapeutic session you are made to within the first .

Session you know kind of formulate in your mind what are the problems in your life and which problems you want to work with and the therapist kind of helps you to come to that realization um psychoanalysis is very time consuming sometimes it can take years eight nine years .

To actually fulfill and start work and for it to start showing some effect uh but the effect of psychoanalysis is long lasting so a lot of patients actually get completely cured from their neurosis cbt on the other hand uh is very short term it's very directed .

So you don't go into cbt with eight years of therapy you go into cbt with okay um the maximum that is uh cognitive behavioral therapist would see you is for 16 sessions after that you would have to renew sessions as a new package but it's 12 to 16 sessions that cbt does .

And the effects are very quick and very effective but they're very short term so you could relapse easily um eventually because you're not according to what a psychoanalyst would say cbt doesn't really tap into the core problem it's more like fixing the symptoms that you have the maladaptive behaviors .

That you've you've acquired over the years um psychoanalysis is more flexible when it comes to the analyst itself like if i'm a psychoanalyst i can decide what sort of therapies what diagnostic tools what sort of strategies i want to use case to case basis so if i have a .

Patient who is very verbal i can let the patient talk talk talk if a very non-verbal patient i can let the patient be completely silent or i can i can use some prompts you know in term in form of you know sort of tests psycho diagnostic tests like roshan .

So it's very fluid that way the therapist gets to decide how they want to treat each patient uh in cbt the treatment plan can be very limiting when it comes to the analyst so so to the therapist so what happens is that in cbt you kind of have these worksheets and you have proper models and maps that you .

Can use that the first session is going to be this second session is going to be this third session is going to be this fourth session is going to be this so it's kind of like you know session by session you almost have like a map that you can rely on so if you as a therapist are not comfortable with the .

Freestyle that is associated with psychoanalysis then cbt is more effective because you actually have session to session guidelines whereas with psychoanalysis it could take you five sessions to just just get the patient to talk and that's fine you don't have to rush .

Um when it comes to you know psychoanalysis you can go at your own pace whereas with cbt it's very very directed so it all depends on the therapist and the patient what they're comfortable with a lot of people i know uh say cbt was very effective for them a lot of people i know say cbd didn't help them at all and .

Then they eventually went to a psychoanalyst and then they could actually go to the core of their problems so what i would recommend is if people are going into therapy i always tell them you know try one or two therapists with two different three different .

Strategies and see which strategy works for you some therapists who are psychoanalysts are better fit for some patients and some therapists who are cbts they are better fit for for some patients so a patient has to feel or a client has to feel what they are more comfortable with and .

What they think is more effective in their case that is why before you actually uh see therapy working i i know a lot of people who for whom therapy has worked successfully and they've actually changed therapists three four times before they actually found the right therapist .

So the therapist client fit is also very important in this case so psychoanalysis works for some cbt works for others and finally you know all treatment strategies overlap so i use sometimes i use cbt sometimes i use psychoanalysis in europe if you are a cb .

You if you are a cognitive therapist you would only mostly do cognitive behavioral therapy or if you're a psychoanalyst you would only do psychoanalysis but in india it's kind of fluid it's like i've seen psychologists using both um overlapping even in europe i mean there's no .

Fixed um sort of many times therapists tend to use strategies from the other school of thought as well if they feel that this patient is not responding well to this they tend to change um gears a little bit so there's a huge gray area about you know what you can do as a therapist but training for being a psychoanalyst is .

Completely different and training for being a cbt specialist is completely different and yeah that's how it's the other therapeutic strategies and psychoanalysis is different to each other you .


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