I'm a babe I switch my major to psychology yeah and I teach sociology so psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes by behavior underneath the things that you do that we can observe and by mental processes honey everything from training to sociology is .

The study of systems in society how things work you can look at poverty or look at food deserts or look at unemployment so we study broader macro issues and the structures that that help perpetuate these things and there's sometimes we come together okay maybe we can shop and then when I was 5 years old .

They took my piece of candy and I was devastated and how did that make you feel I felt lost you know psychologists do do clinical psychology and lots of psychotherapy and there's so many different types like marriage and family relationships at neuropsychology child and adolescent but that's not all we do ok psychology does .

All kinds of research sometimes we do it in a lab and we have true experiments but then sometimes we do natural observation or take buddies or even correlational studies where we try to get this information and be able to put it back out as it represents the public sociology research can be utilized in a lot of ways towards creating better .

Policy that's more equitable for everybody in society and it's not to be used to inform people in the communities about what they are dealing with explaining their situations and then encouraging them to create fuller action in change now you get it yeah so basically psychology is more of an individual aspect while sociology is .

More macro yeah ok what's really going on