Hello everybody mmm jokes aside on behalf of my friends I will introduce you to risk and sis instruction set architecture is also known as CPU architecture is a allows communication between software and hardware it is also a group of commands for CPU and machine language basically I say tells you how your .

Processor is going to process your programs instruction instruction is also aka opcode or operation code the examples of opcode are add jump load and store there are two types of is a the first one is Sisk Sisk stands for complex instruction set computing it is an architecture with .

Large number of instruction sets for instance the microprocessor of Sisk is Intel 64 which is the 64 bit version of 86 instruction set they are mostly found in desktop and laptops on the other hand risk with a C is another type of ISA which stands for reduced instruction set computing it has less a set of instructions for example n processors .

Are extensively used in consumer electronic devices such as tablets smartphone and even gaming consoles to understand these two components let us take an example of multiplying two variables a times B for this disk they have a specific instruction called mult also known as complex instruction thus the entire task of multiplying two .

Numbers can be completed with one instruction well for the risk the mark command is divided into tree separated commands now we will move on to the differences the major difference that most people never notice is that Sisk stats ricci and risk obviously starts with an R just kidding tgd all right now let's watch a .

Battle between risk and Sisk sorry for that we will continue the barring away the first difference is Sisk has more instruction sets than risk the instruction psychosis is more complex than risk whereas risk must combine simple operations from their reduced instruction set Sisk is mostly emphasized on hardware while risk is .

Mainly in software the execution time for Sisk has multiple number of cycle per instruction because the instruction sizes are smaller for risk it is one cycle per instruction because the instruction size is larger take from the previous example mult itself is a command in Sisk while risk has tree separated commands to do .

Multiplication the other difference is that Sisk cpus are much larger than risk this is because they have a larger instruction libraries and a fan and start to cool it down otherwise it will blow up in your face literally due to the reduced instruction set risk CPU can be put onto a single chip this makes them very light and allow it to make .

Profitable devices since sis CPUs in size are bigger they will of course use more electricity risk has lower energy requirements and can go into sleep mode when not in active use finally the last differences is the speed Sisk CPUs takes a little while to process the instruction whereas RISC CPUs will just do it but wait does more more risk can .

Only perform simple tasks quick girl dances but Sisk are more capable in handling intensive tasks which makes it better for larger variety of tasks and his name is Joss why that's because both are suitable and it's specific applications in today's evolution we use both risk and sisk technology which we call epic this will be covered in .

Another episode thanks for watching