My name is leilani Torres I'm the sales associate at tack the premier stage partner for construction software with offices located throughout Southern California whether you're coming from a generic program like QuickBooks or a less robust construction specific accounting system it may be challenging to decide which of the Sage construction .

Software products is right for you sage offers sage 100 contractor and Sage 300 construction real estate which both includes solutions for estimating project management and accounting many people have the perception that sage 100 contractor and Sage 300 construction real estate are simply various versions of the same platform something like the .

Comparison between a small Cadillac Sedan and a large Cadillac sports utility vehicle this perception is incorrect you can think of the relationship between programs like the comparison between a Chevy Camaro sports car and a large Cadillac sports utility vehicle two different makes but cars that offer much of the same .

Functionality one of my customers actually asked me the other day chevy and cadillac both use car parts made by General Motors so is this a case with the two sage products I would say the answer is yes sage 100 Contractor is the old master builder program and sage 300 C Ari is the old Timberline program both have been acquired by Sage and now have .

A lot of the same updates and enhancements available to them though in general these two are two different platforms altogether both of these platforms offer you features like accounts payable accounts receivable general ledger service and inventory management job cost purchasing and billing there is no simple easy way to .

Say exactly which one is right for you however there are indicators that help to guide you in the right direction for example company size often times small to midsize businesses utilize sage 100 contractor more commonly whereas the large enterprises are often the companies that choose Sage 300 construction real estate this isn't .

Always the case but many times this is a good place to start how much workflow customization does your company need companies that are more complex and detailed often require the robustness that Sage 300 CRE offers but if the process is within your company are fairly simple then I would recommend you look to see if CH 100 .

Contractor will accomplish what you need the next indicator is fairly straightforward if your company needs to track multiple companies within one entity and needs intercompany transactions Sage 300 CRE offers you that capability or a sage 100 contractor does not similarly you'll be able to obtain consolidated financial statements .

Using Sage 300 CRE while sage 100 contractor does not offer you this capability now let's take a look at the screenshots of each of these systems with sage 100 contractor you can see icons above the top to help you navigate through the system similarly you have another menu along the left side each user has the ability to utilize the main .

Menu to create their own user-defined workflow this is something that a lot of customers find a very easy and user-friendly now let's look at Sage 300 construction real estate as you can see here along the left side you have the same menu options where you can choose different tasks within each task each user also has the ability to select .

Their own workflow process however you don't see the same icons that are available within sage 100 contractor thanks so much for watching if you'd like to see a more in-depth demonstration of sage 100 contractor or sage 300 construction real estate please contact me be sure and also like subscribe and visit our website at WWE .

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