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Salary of a Chemical Engineer vs. Chemist (E09)

So let's talk about these salary differences between the chemists and chemical engineer and before I actually go further I just want to tell you that these are generalizations this is about the average and then consider myself the average so I typically ignore all this type of data but it's good to have a reference point because once you get the .

Reference point you at least know if you're earning too little or too much if that's pretty important for you and of course mentally money is money so you cannot just ignore it you will want to earn up more to have happy family and so on so guys once again don't worry about this and this is very general especially I'm going to talk about the USA which is .

The one that has let's say the best standard because USA has more technical and it's easier to compare between them because they have very nice statistics for this but of course it's not the same as Germany it's not the same as seen South Africa not sending us in India Thailand Mexico everything is different every economic society is different so .

Guys this is just an example so I don't want to be mean with you guys but in general life science is not well-paid because if it has no applications to real life and you cannot make money well then this is just knowledge it's like a random fact you are like our cool good to know but you can live without it now the production and manufacture of new .

Products or services is well pay so if let's say you are willing me to pay for a sandwich happily because you're hungry for a drink because you're thirsty or for the movies because you want to have fun so that's easier to get rather than the knowledge knowledge is a little bit more tract and people is not willing to pay .

That so that's really sad because typically science is more into the chemist side production and manufacture is more into the engineering side but once again you can be working as a chemical engineer and work in the science department and you can be working as a chemist and work in the production manufacturing so here it goes .

Engineers versus chemists so this all what do we have different sections by employer by age by degree well in general as you can see this is one hundred fourteen thousand dollars per year so that's about let me calculate it is about eight thousand now it's almost ten thousand US dollars per month the chemist is not that behind that will be .

About a little bit less than nine also you may be eight thousand used per month and of course this includes very early ages and very old ages actually this is it sounds very cool and you say wow it's cool but once you get to here let's say very H very young age 65 million that's roughly half so instead of ten thousand you will be earning five thousand and .

Instead of eight thousand you will be earning four thousand right here now as you can see I think the the more you grow the faster you go the more money you get so look this the typical well I you know Americans have these the tree the six figures or the money once you get the hundred thousand per year well you you will get these probably at four .

Years if you're a chemical engineer and you will get this until 50 years of your chemist so that's a good thing to note even though these are very good salaries compared to the minimum wage and so on but you still need to consider places you're going to work maybe it's very easy to say that you learn this but if you're in California or pursues I don't .

Know any other state chip states Kentucky cancels and so on well that's cheaper to live on so you're going to probably spend less and so on so this is very abstract or not that once again we're talking about averages so it's just general scope now of course the more you prepare to a bachelor mature PhD the more you learn .

So as you can see if I were a chemical engineer I will definitely go for a master degree because that makes you earn the most and if I were a chemist I will go for the PhD because that's where you eventually will are not the most now always work for the industry because there's more money the bad thing is that it's easier to get fire and so on the .

Good thing about the government is that there are plenty of say extra staff social service more I don't even more privileges and so on and the good thing about academia is that you get the respect you get your office and you're actually doing a very nice job for Humanity but the bad thing is that you don't get that much money so that's in .

America let's compare these in median salaries in the eurozone so okay you know you well this the number of responders you can ignore Switzerland idat because these are not that much but the salary is also pretty similar to that if you say in Euros well this was long time ago is not that fresh I think it's about 10 years old but you .

Can see the place that paste in most is between Belgium and Germany because they have good jobs and so on Jukka also pays good you will try to avoid maybe Portugal Italy and this is for master or in general I mean in general for engineering there's no chemical engineering this only general for PhD well of course you get a little bit .

Better Germany and valium actually you can see the jump right here and I also got this right here but instead of showing it to you I'm going to give you the link later same so right this is the semi matches this one right here you want to check it by yourself slowly right here and you can see this is four years old so it's .

Not at all now let's see let's compare chemist versus chemical engineers so as you can see this cube right here is the chemist and you will see this curve right here is the chemical engineer and as you can see well we've got a little bit more the average is right here and here is pretty similar to the average but the thing here is that the day earn .

Difference the average earns about thirty to forty K if you are a chemist if you are chemically new the average earns up 60 to 70 so that's once again it's about percent of graduates it's once again a very that's a big generalization now what do we have here well we're going to talk about experience I told you already guys the .

More experience you have the more you can actually charge so once you are out of university and you have an experience you will earn up between fifty and sixty six thousand dollars per year now you go eventually let's say you start being a junior one to four years fifty-six to seventy not that huge amount but it's still better now you .

Start being a senior you may earn up to sixty four to eighty four which I will say this is all right awesome the bad thing is that you are probably between thirty to four years and D right here it is between 40 and 60 years so this is the sweet spot but well you are already too old at least not all but you will not get you will not travel that much .

When you were 20 and eventually more than 60 of course more money because you got my experience is the highest amount actually up to 126 and once again these averages are is based it on sorry these numbers are basing the average good now for a chemist as you can see it's way lower forty four forty fifty forty five and so .

On with less experience so you can compare directly these purchases right here let's take for instance this example you are five to nine years old in experiments and the chemical engineer will earn up to 64 and 84 for the same guy you will have between 44 and 61 so that sucks it's actually almost 20,000 the 20,000 less in average which is not .

Fair I know but that's how it works and we're talking about USA guys but I will say this is the general rule of thumb in the world Engineering pays more in general and we're done guys I just wanted to show you this very very quickly if you want to check out more information you got the links right here I'm going to paste them in the comment .

Section and yeah please let me know if you have any doubts or comments how much do you earn how much does a chemical engineer and a chemist earns in your country if you're let's say a graduate student if your master student of your you have doctor and so on


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