Monday, May 23, 2022

Sex vs Gender – Anthropology 10

Okay so I'm going to be talking about something that has always been very complicated to understand it's been to other people which is the difference between sex and gender growing up I had this idea that gender was only the two symbols that I would see on the bathroom door to the male and the female and of course this was something that was .

Changed as it came to the University where I realized that gender in sex were actually not interchangeable so as I got exposed to more and more people I began to ask myself is there even really a difference between gender and sex however the question becomes even more complicated when I started searching for answers over the Internet as there is .

Too much content but too little proper explanation so as I continue to talk to people and I continued on my research I encounter terms to just gender identity sexual identity biological sex and in order to be able to understand this even more I was able to conduct a survey asking for these specific terms and I was able to interview 90 respondents 45 .

Biological males and 45 biological females and of course it's very important to note that there is a third sex which is the intersex however we do not have that specific sample we were able to get the gender identity and sexual identity of different biological females and biological males and these were the results that came up there is .

Actually a huge discrepancy between the gender identity and sexual identity meaning is that these are not the same and that these do not necessarily coincide with one another and from what we were able to deduce from all of this information there is still very little understanding from society about the difference between gender identity and .

Sexual identity but this is also because gender roles are created by societies and they are not created by individuals and we cannot keep thinking about gender as a bathroom door because this constitutes to a false dichotomy there are so many different combinations of biological sex gender either during sexual identity that we cannot .

Simply categorize them into different sectors as it would be more appropriate to explain it as a spectrum rather than a category for example there are people who are biologically male their gender identities male however they are a sexual or even people who are biologically female their gender identity is female but they are .

Homosexual so when discussing gender and sex it is easy to distinguish them between the inner sense or perception which is the gender or the biological characteristics which is the biological sex of the person there is also that third category which is the sexual identity of a person which is the physical emotional and mental attraction .

To another sex or gender in relation to your own so gender is a continuum as you can see here a the gender bred person from its it's pronounced metrosexual we have so many different gender identities so many different gender expressions and these have their very specific definitions but all of them are constituted into a spectrum I was able .

To ask also the same respondents if they believe that they were born with a gender identity and the sexuality that they have surprise surprise not all of them know exactly how to answer that so they actually aren't sure although 25% of them said no which is also a big chunk but 13% of them believes that they were born with a very gender idea sexual .

Identity so the sexuality is conducted on local stages national stages and international stages and it is important to remember also that our views on sexuality would also highly depend on the culture that we associate ourselves with so it's always very important that in order to understand sexuality to be able to give .

Mutual respect to everyone we have to remember that the world is bigger and that we also have to start educating ourselves about these issues rather than simply going by society standards so the next time someone and you're not entirely sure what to call them remember the sex does not determine bow now that one should .

Use on a person but rather your gender does so this is an extremely simple explanation for something that doesn't have to be extremely complicated thank you so much for listening and have a good day


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