Biomedical Science is really interesting to research and it's interesting when you get your assignments because you can delve deeper into more areas and write some good papers and learn about specific areas that you are interested in. Anyone who is interested in the Health Sciences would really enjoy studying Biomedical Science or Laboratory Medicine so you can learn about how the body works .

And the cells, and pathology, and immunology things like that. Today what we are doing is we are looking at a potential future technology which is bio-scaffolding so we're given set culture cells and we are growing them to see if we can grow organs in the future One of the biggest killers at the moment .

Is obviously heart disease so lots of people would need replacement hearts or replacement valves and by doing stuff like this and testing growth and cell growth and whatnot we can then see if there is a possibility that we can actually find ways to regrow .

These organs. Having hands on experience in real world topics is really important, especially if you want to be marketable in the workplace and so having this experience to perform these labs and learn these skills .

Is really important for future career opportunities