Thursday, May 26, 2022

Soap vs Sanitizer Science

Greetings this is filmer quartic from science max and i wanted to make this special video about the science of cleaning your hands is soap or hand sanitizer better and how does it all work well let's find out – science max headquarters right which is which is in my house currently ok so all day everyday we touch stuff little .

Bacteria and viruses stick to our hands see see there's millions of them can you see you can't see you know why cuz they're too small to see you can only see them with a microscope that's why they're called microbes but it's gonna be pretty hard to do a science demonstration unless they're figures so let's max them out I give you maxed out .

Microbes max max robes okay so these are maxed out microbes there would be bacteria which would be larger and viruses which would be smaller microbes are everywhere most are harmless but some are good for you and of course some can make you sick and the thing is when you touch anything they can stick to your hands so here I .

Am out in public and I'm touching doorknobs and untouched Andals and let's see playground equipment and look my hand is covered in microbes yeah so now it's time to come home and wash my hands but you can't just use water let's pretend that these marbles are water molecules you see microbes are basically just little .

Bubbles of fat and the thing is water and fat don't really mix now if you don't believe me here's a science experiment take a little bit of butter and smear it all over your hands and try to get it off by just using water you won't be able to you need soap so why is soap so amazing well let's .

Take a look at a max note soap molecule it looks a bit like this there's a big end that attracts water like that and there's a small and that basically repels water what it does is gets attracted to all of the microbes and when that happens it gets it off your skin and allows you to wash it away so you need a lot of soap molecules to .

Attach to all of the microbes on your skin which is one of the reasons why you want to give it 20 seconds to allow enough of these little guys to attach to stick on there enough of these little guys to attach to all the molecules on your skin and eventually you can wash it off I know this is just an analogy that's why it doesn't work as well as .

This does so now picture a really awesome animation showing soap molecules attaching to and surrounding every microbe on my skin you genius and after about 20 seconds and making sure that you've got it all over your hands and you've got soap molecules attached to all the microbes on your skin you add some more water and .

it all washes off hopefully you're using softer water than I am and that's basically how soap gets rid of the microbes on your skin but there's a bonus say this is a virus of Kovan 19 it looks a lot like this a spiky ball but what it is really is a bubble of fat you see there's a skin on the outside called .

A lipid which is basically of fat and now I couldn't find a spiky water balloon you'll have to picture that now here's the thing soap and fat interact like this and it destroys the skin of the virus which basically destroys the entire virus soap destroys kovat 19:00 so what's the difference between soap and hand sanitizer well so has the soap .

Molecules we talked about and hand sanitizer uses alcohol molecules so remember those little bubbles of fat well the alcohol in hand sanitizer is like a bubble of fat destroying machine and when it makes a hole and they get completely destroyed the problem is when you use hand sanitizer that stuff is still on your hand the alcohol .

Evaporates leaving behind all the virus guts and dead bacteria and if you have dirt on your hand they might be able to hide between the layers of dirt and stay away from the alcohol so use hand sanitizer when you're out but the moment you get home make sure to wash it all off with soap so there you go that's how soap and the alcohol in hand sanitizer .

Work to keep you safe now when you're using hand sanitizer about 70% alcohol is optimum and when you're using soap what's the optimum they're expensive soap cheap soap shaped soap or those little soaps your grandmother puts out what about liquid soap or or dish soap does it matter no it doesn't matter it doesn't matter at all .

Soap is soap should you use antibacterial so well here's the thing the regular called the regular flu and kovat 19 are viruses not bacteria so they are not affected by antibacterial stuff soap will work just as fine but remember you need to wash your hands for 20 seconds 20 seconds is about the length of time .

Is the science max theme sung hey how about that I hope you liked this video check out the link below to see more videos of science max experiments at large and if you want to see more videos like this here on my own personal channel let me know on social media and until then take care


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