Good uh morning it is still morning um as you can see it's sunny out we had a cold front pass through yesterday and um left us was cooler temperatures than yesterday still above average and still very hot um but it's about 80 i'm gonna make it to the .

Lower 80s today again we had a lot of storms come through yesterday you know we didn't get hit really hard but some places south of us got um a lot of the storms wow this is sunny i might you know i wanted to have this kind of light come as a good like background but might be too much light um .

So i'm just gonna try to like work around it because i don't have any other places to do this video with the small room but um so in this video i wanted as the title says um i wanted to talk about biblical topic which is what is the difference between the kingdom of god and the kingdom of heaven .

And um you know there's a lot of theology on this because there are two different terms in the scriptures they're both used but they're both used in different places and whatnot um but to my knowledge and my own personal knowledge and experience i think the kingdom of heaven is more of .

A place um for example let's take let's take the new heaven described in when everything is complete jesus christ has established his perfect kingdom at the end after the end of time so let's just picture that picture that's here right now .

Just hypothetically picture that even though it's not but just picture that for a second um so the kingdom of heaven and this in this thought would be um the place of heaven you know what's outside of you essentially you know like you can see where i'm at right now .

I'm in a room that's the place i'm not the room but i'm in i'm i'm the place is the room so the kingdom of heaven is everything i say material in the new heaven what is the kingdom of god well jesus said the kingdom of god is within you god is a spirit he's a person in the .

Spirit spirits dwell in you you well obviously if the good spirit which is christ or the bad spirit satan possessing you and if you've called in the name of the lord jesus you're safe and you have jesus possessing you which is good so again the kingdom of heaven is more of a .

Place it's what you move in you know you're moving in this space but in you so here the kingdom of heaven is outside of you the kingdom of god is inside of you but they're both heaven um or yeah i'd say they're both heaven because in .

New jer in revelation chapter 21 and 22 when everything is complete and the end of time is common jesus has perfected his kingdom and judged everyone in the kingdom of righteousness and judged everyone it's called the new heaven and the new earth the new jerusalem which contains both the kingdom of .

Heaven and the kingdom of god so they're both separate but they're both supporting one thing which is um the new jerusalem i should say um so that's just what i wanted to do i hope you learned something hope i learned something um from my preaching .

And um i hope you all stay blessed um hope the weather is nice where you are um this uh sun is kind of irritating but i just wanted to get a space where um you know you can kind of see me but also not as dark as it usually is and um what is some sunlight in here so that's it guys stay blessed um peace .

Enjoy the rest of your day bye bye