What is up ladder climbers this is antoine wade and in today's video i'm going to give you guys what you have been asking for many of you have been asking for me to do a management information systems video versus accounting and .

I am here to give this to you guys today it is a sunday and it's raining outside guys and i'm like okay well i need to find some way to fill my time and i thought about you all because i do like to give you guys a lot of information about management information systems .

In appropriate careers that you can go into to make sure that you have a successful life well anyway welcome back to the black heights channel where we talk about all things related to the skill development in the it sector before we get to the video .

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Today management information systems versus accounting i'm going to talk about what is i'm going to talk about who it's for i'm also going to talk about the salary the job outlook and then i will give a summary or a conclusion to these majors and .

To give my perspective on them so what is management information systems well management information systems is the study of information systems and their use in the business and other organizations and basically if you are mis major you're going to learn about the business you're also going to learn .

About technologies such as computer databases network computer security and a lot more other things things like coding in order for you to use technology to benefit the business and to create value for the business now what is accounting accounting is .

A major that allows students to learn how to maintain financial accounts and it really prepares students to be accountants by teaching them about the accounting principles things like auditing reporting budgeting and tax regulations that's very important guys because everybody at least if you're in the us .

You have to pay your taxes now who are these majors for well let's start off with management information systems management information systems are for those who have an interest in technology and for those who have a desire to use technology to improve people's lives and a degree .

In management information systems will be for you if you like to explain things to others if you like to be that essential link between technology and people who don't understand a lot of technology so let me just give you an example if your grandma or your mom calls you .

And thinks that you are the i.t person because you have uh an explanation that helps them with their technology issues then management information systems may be for you if you don't mind picking up the phone when people call to ask you about simple things about technology whether it's related to email .

Whether it's related to a cell phone whether it's related to you know going to a web page then management information systems is for you if you are that go-to person that doesn't mind helping people with technology challenges and can explain technology to others now who is accounting .

For guys well i would say accounting is for people who are good at math and for people who see trends in patterns in numbers so if you are one of those type of people that you can look at a whole bunch of numbers and can see unique patterns in between those numbers then .

Maybe accounting is for you and if you are a skilled communicator and someone who can relay complex data to others then a accounting major may be for you accounting majors are typically um very detail-oriented they like things to be uh a structure and they like for .

Rules to be set if you're a person that if you see a weed outside in your yard and you have to go and pull it and you like numbers and you like process then maybe accounting is for you now guys let's do something that's very important let's talk about the salaries guys but .

Salaries are very important salaries in these fields are going to determine how you live your life salaries in these fields are going to determine how you can pay back your school loans and your student debt sellers in these fields are going to determine .

How you can advance in the world that we live in today and sort of get some of the benefits uh in the world that we live in today and become high value get a certain wife get a live a certain kind of lifestyle salary is very important into going or into .

Making these major decisions so what is the salary look like for management information systems majors well the salary for management information systems majors are projected to be around 63 000 a year in 2020. let me say that again the salary for .

Management information systems in 2020 that was last year guys where it's projected to be 63 000 a year into projected salary for people who are in logistics and supply chain things like that top at about 59 000 so you can see that management information systems is a .

Very high paying entry level salary median level salary as well so let's talk about now the accountants what do accountants make and what are the typical salaries for those guys as an accountant or somebody with an accounting degree .

It really depends on the type of company that you actually work for but college students who graduate with an accounting degree typically make a median salary around 50 000 in 2020 so for those of you who are going to choose to continue your education and get a cpa and things like that .

Then your salary is going to be around 73 800 and you can climb to a salary of well over a hundred and twenty four thousand dollars but you can see you can certainly see guys the salary for management information systems .

Major out of college is certainly higher than one of an accountant and salaries are very important because it determines where you are seen in the world today you may not think money is much but money is a resource that allows for doors to open if you use it the correct way .

Money is a resource that allows you to have the certain kind of lifestyle that you want money is a resource that allows you to have the time that you want as well too let's talk about the job outlook the job outlook for management information systems majors is projected to grow 10 whopping .

From 2019 to 2029 and that is much faster than the average of all occupations so demand for management information systems majors will grow as con as firms or as companies continuously increase their budgets for digital platforms and for technology solutions what is the .

Job outlook for the accounting majors well the job outlook for accounting majors and auditors grew four percent from 2019 and is expected to grow four percent from 2019 to 2029 and that is just about par with the average for all occupations so .

If you think about it management information systems has the higher growth but accountants they are on average with all other occupations so the question that many of you may have is why should i major in these fields well if you want to major in .

Management information systems the reason why you should is because you have a high placement rate out of college the demand for smart people who understand both business and technology is continuously to grow and professionals who understand the strategy and the effectiveness of .

Information systems will be in high demand and second as i spoke about the salaries guys you can make a lot of money as a management information systems graduate as a management information systems major and having a management information systems degree .

And plus you have a lot of different options guys now why should you major in accounting well accounting offers you a good paying salary as well fifty thousand 000 is a good median paying seller that is certainly above the average for all .

Other occupations as well as you will have a great variety of career opportunities with accounting guys you can work in any different sector you can work in any vertical because accountants are need for all businesses and although the job outlook .

Is average with all other occupations guys you will almost be sure to have a job and or get a job in accounting whether you are a public accountant a cpa auditor a a person that deals with taxes and things like that guys so it is a good major that allows for you .

To continue to be employed over the lifetime of your career so what is my conclusion for management information systems and for accounting i'm going to jump right into it management information systems rules if i was going to grade this .

I would say management information systems is a 4.8 out of a 5 and accounting is a 4.5 out of a 5. and the reason why i give management information systems a little bit of a higher grade is because of the salary in the job outlook now i gotta say this .

Accounting is very important and it is an essential business need somebody who's majoring in accounting and has a information systems minor is at as equal as having somebody who has a management information systems with the accounting minor and if you are a person that is in .

Accounting and you want to get into accounting information systems then you are going to do very well in your career as well too but overall from the basics of a looking at the accounting major as well as the management information systems major i personally think that the management .

Information system majors win just because of the salary in the job outlook i would say that accounting is not that far back and the reason why i say that is because the job outlook is at par but you can certainly see where every business needs an accountant and .

You will definitely be gainfully employed but i would also say this as well too is that the median seller is around 50 000 above average and you can make a lot more money if you get into things like it or if you get a cpa and other certifications so guys .

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