Hello everybody ginger shadow here and welcome welcome today today we're going to be taking a look at the jiu jitsu kaizen mod but not just it on its own we're also going to take a look at the demon slayer mod because it's been a while both the mods have had a lot of work done to them some have even been reworked entirely and now i'm wondering .

What happens we take one power from one place and try fighting against enemies in the lower place aka once if i take the powers of a jutsu kaizen sorcerer and try facing off against the most powerful demons from demon slayer so yeah for this we're going to be playing the special rank sorcerer we're going to have just all the powers okay so get .

Access to like just all the tokes got all the filters let's get this wheel we'll keep it we'll keep darn hand for now we don't need that right this second because technically as it's a sorcerer armor means nothing we're already at like 30 armor technically and if we put more on it doesn't increase our armor thing at all because when you're special .

Anxiously just you get given all the armor all right so before we jump into the most powerful the most powerful demons and whatnot because today i'm going to be doing this to kaizen sorcery versus demon slur mobs i made dinner another one of doing demon slayer stuff versus jutsu kaizen almost piled for chris spirits and maybe like gojo and .

Stuff but uh because i'm kind of curious how that can understand battles wouldn't drop uh so to that end to that into that chain let's start with something a bit easier we've got a egg for re here he's lower rank five i'm a special rank sorcerer i could just battle that actually hold .

On how how do we do against battering this thing we did 21 a hit but hitting it's also tricky yeah using just melee attacks doesn't really work too well does it and we are we are taking damage from this thing okay so let's say we go dela right and we just ship fire at it and it's dead okay .

Yeah i was wondering how it's gonna go our car stabilities versus their breathing arts demon arts and stuff that normally can block attacks anyway right let's summon brewery let's give him a try so there time set two six zero zero there we go right now we summon three again but this time we remember unlike curse .

But i've been playing the surcising sort of uh let me remember that yeah demons could not stay in the sun like cursed spirits can time does matter right we try this again really there we go now okay one distinct difference one is the difference even though we don't currently have armor uh but we do have an armored ring we do not .

Have armor toughness which is something that demon slayer if it does actually provide which means bigger hits are still going to hurt more than what they necessarily would have if we were a demon slayer so that is something to bear in mind also you know our techniques are different from there so not it's not the same as before also .

Ember and sacks i said though we are still special rank which means we are you know we're capable of living very fascinating very hard max to meet here that seems a bit over the top do it also oh my god where he's still taking tons of health off me i hit really yeah that hit really get .

Someone so crap grab a few of these cursed technique changes because you know i don't just use i don't want to use just your girl's abilities i do want to kind of rattle between a few of them all right we beat ray that was snowball i mean you ever get damaged a bit being already still parked a bunch i guess right okay let's just switch our .

Abilities we've now got okay we've got rika and stuff all right let's let's rock and roll with rika that seems like a good idea so i'll take you back her speech imitation just for the sake of having it sure and then we'll get rika ready right now for this i actually wanted to fight dobby next .

No dabby ducky next because like i felt that would be you know i've ever been appropriate jump up you know that there were rank six and all that i figured that'd be an alright idea that lower rank two no wait no upper rank six never mind also right you know [ __ ] it come out rika rika kill murder it .

Is freaking really kill this thing all right i thought so i actually think quite a lot damage slow which is kinda concerning oh there we go no wait no that just rika just killed the crow never mind yeah i'm not really sure how to control rika that's still the thing i'm still trying .

To figure out people were saying there is a way to do it why am i still gigging ranks another thing i did i mean i don't think it's gonna matter really i said it so that i wouldn't gain ranks there's a slash game rule for this things have changed i don't know game though game roll .

Slash game no you can do player growth i set it to fogs but i guess under this new set it's just ignoring that and just doing anyway okay let's every let's take a week and let's have a go against docky and see how that goes [ __ ] so i currently have no armor on so did you kill it rico did you kill the .

Did you kill the demon like a [ __ ] hell oh i should have saved that for [ __ ] ow great okay wait i have an attack as well where defended maker go rika why are you gone back hello reca come out oh there's rika there we go right and there we go there we go there we are we need to do our slashes .

Baker give us a hand would you like to point out though yeah just start using our buy slash attack we actually do well okay you need to die you noisy fecker black flash excellent right you're now dead kill this thing go on ricky get it i don't know how rika works i'm still trying to figure that one out like rick .

Is weird because we could just attacks independently but i can't really tell her to attack she sort of does it is that the water hashema no that's just i'll add demon slayer okay okay thingy's brothers now so that's the thing i'm nearly dead .

Instantly oh joy rica get them oh god i'm dead okay this is a lot harder when there's like other stuff interfering midfield there's two different ones for this the fake okay okay okay now i've changed the other game mob spawning row let's see if that kicks in now what i'd like is a nice fight with [ __ ] without .

All the interference noise and things other things hitting me trying to kill me yes right so to this end vika out you come i don't know where you went the last time i'm assuming after you use your love beam thing it just you just sort of go away which is not ideal right donkey right there we go now we just .

Do let rica do her thing and help out go on riker have at her okay rika keeps trying to help her back to you which is ideal because that means i have to be close to docking the fight i don't do well against docky when i'm close she hurts her brother even more so i think i just .

Black flash there or we could black flash or she black flash we all can black flashing this okay i'm the brothers now there we go right so now we just have to take care of both of them if rika could take care of one of them preferably the brother oh thanks oh oh they're arranged okay you may have .

You missed you're [ __ ] miss docky rika see come okay apparently yeah okay click clicking because command thing makes me committed okay hide behind me can now let make a rica seek them okay yeah let me contact let me keep attack that's rika's
entire job is to tank let her handle things .

All i can hope for is let me do this okay i mean yeah rika's okay now i'm getting weak working okay so yeah just click greek is commanding anybody you want to hit and you can attack in that area okay that makes more sense i wasn't trying to recover before oh here we go .

Please tell me that hit yes it did oh good job ricky yeah okay when you get your act together you're actually pretty good okay we're gonna be saying goodbye to ricanno i think okay i said that but then but then i switched powers and i forgot to put record way ups oh yeah before i use this one to quickly just .

Tame all the creatures i want to use the lines will just attack me the [ __ ] [ __ ] hell i forgot which trouble the general is to tame i forgot he's like a [ __ ] boss themselves and i'm really using my juicer casing so many covers for it oh come on but okay as soon as i finish taping this factory we'll try to use the .

Disappear we'll try using this jujitsu something a bit higher ranked we'll see how that goes hey there we go nice and teams [ __ ] help out that took a fair while because the general always does right here's a good opponent to face up against the general uh i mean i grabbed a couple of hashtag i could try anything of one of them just .

Messed with a couple of them just for practicing all right let's give this a try and urges back to foo so we've got this we're just quickly sewing up against the divine dogs again let them give us a hand first ow okay we're just going for it then all right okay so this actually slaughtered the .

Dogs then all right let's go for someone a little bit stronger than oh [ __ ] out max elephant go on war versus fire you've got this elephant elsa being attacked okay luckily ringo could unlike the other things we're fighting do not does not heal so i don't have to like rush to attack him which is good because i'm .

Struggling a bit here he hurts it hurts quite a bit a lot of armor toughness you take a lot of damage in one hit it's black's elephant just blasting it over and over again are you a bit stuck in the water mate you don't get to the max elephant oh dear dear you may be really strong oh thank you got free i don't know where .

He went oh there he is garfield his moves are alright guys so like no health but getting effective down the last bit it's always the challenge of angle because this is the part where he starts using his ultimate move there we go there you go off the bar right okay that was far more challenging than i expected yeah maybe .

You're not going for me now are you you three respecter get out here okay yeah i think this time i'm just going to summon the general i now get regeneration why why do i why do i suddenly just have regeneration i don't get the you by success .

Some in the jail oh [ __ ] i can't move today help me general [ __ ] because i nearly died straight away that was fun they said they're avoiding this big flashy birds why try and hit him with bane how good how strong is the general compared to this guys he's 160 health the general is barely hitting him he's .

Following me the fact where are you going for me oh this is this is dead i thought i had obtained but i guess i i guess me hitting him with my attack just makes him run well again yeah okay i'm just gonna put a little pin in using the summoning abilities i can't really spell that time team in .

General just for the faker to turn on me after he does attack thingy as well though he does he does do it he just goes through me if i hit him backs and so it's uh the summoning one it's like you've got it you can some of your things but if you fight alongside them there's a .

Chance of turning you yeah let's just switch over yeah okay let's try that again this time we'll try using like say cursed voice see how that goes i've got what 3200 energy let's give it a go bob explode no wait i was getting crushed out .

Hold on hold on don't move okay is it really effect stay explodes oh my god it does so much get crushed oh wait no oh it's crumble away that makes the ground explode in which okay i'm not sure there's a good idea because i'm the key sponge though which means i have a weird feeling i know what will .

Happen if i do this oh thick i found the whole wisdom get crushed he's not stuck he can definitely get out of that hole right you can jump pretty high right oh dear oh dear oh crisp speech is just so freaking .

Powerful which i mean i kind of guessed it would be okay we got it we got our voice nice and warmed up now now let's try something a bit you know tougher okay cursed voice versus akaza yeah seems like a good option don't move bring it go away how much damage is that dude avoidance .

Explodes yeah still that's a fair whack to him ow ow ow ow ow dying [ __ ] make him crumble ow he crumbled he just jumps i forgot he's a jumpy person okay i just told him not to move i think he's stuck in a hole for that .

Yeah okay he's stuck in a whole flow crumble i've got no energy left back he's kind of stuck in that hole though oh god um he really can't get at home he's really just he's jumping and launching his attacks but he can't get out he's just stuck in there they'll be used for generating which is .

A bit problematic okay car sports is really powerful but i have no energy maybe i should have like lay on my energy regen before i tried to fight this guy because i did use a bunch of it against that's not good yeah it's like i can really get close to the [ __ ] or they hit him .

He's doing all this stuff oh just another thing also i can only use car's voice i don't have any of those extra moves i can use to like you know actually hurt him so yeah it's gonna have to go with what i've got here get crushed 22 damage not bad then i have to wait .

The time to let it be jan back ah dear i really okay i'm gonna use blast away i think cause i wanted to like get out of that hole because kind of sad i'm just sitting there like it makes like so much easier for me i can just avoid them until my energy comes back but you know oh [ __ ] he got on his own i'll blast .

Away then uh there he is hello ow hello hello hell i'm back deal with no damage avoidance can't really physically fight him though he's the guy that if you get close to trying to hit on me it kind of batters .

You silly wait well if i just don't move and i get up close to start hitting him i don't know if that'll work against him he does have a lot of techniques for when you get close the auto heat shoot well let's give it a try don't move oh no it works oh wow okay that's effective i mean it .

Hurts me afterwards okay yeah well maybe these compass market's on currently okay he doesn't seem to be able to use his moves as easily so hold on we do that stay no no yeah okay if it's all hit things on he can still hit back fake stay .

I missed back getting bad heads something no armor top this thing is it's it's it's yeah it's probably way higher defense than what the uh the car spirits do that's what i'm noticing okay and stay yes i got one hit no run okay there he is well how's he on 150 stay .

Hit hits okay yeah he's counting my attacks i think nothing did nothing okay we're going back to crushing him ow i'll [ __ ] fell on the ground oh no where is he get crushed he'll see on 134 stay yeah it does nothing it does not okay it .

Can do damage but only if i get proper hits in he doesn't block something if he blocks them it does like twos and ones which is not good to me whatsoever um the next closest moves get crushed that takes an
extra hundred energy oh my god but i give def all my energy right now get crushed this is quite the challenge you don't .

Have any car spirits to fight like he does anyway like know general stuff he just he runs and slams at you he has to get close where's this guy completely different ball game fake knackers at least he doesn't all kill me like that's akina does that's at least [ __ ] i mean i don't think it's a .

Double kill we know that i've got special rank still hurts quite a bit oh so crush 104 we are dwindling him down that does make me wonder would we just blast away oh fake i've got my chris energy back now the house here uh yeah that'll be it .

Destroyed probably okay we're going to try this again but this time we've got all our cursed energy for starting we didn't have that last time which is problematic get crushed i just missed that there i cannot afford to be missing these moves there he is get crushed 24. yeah that's .

Just way more efficient you missed lol come at me crash oh first sheep crash you just stand still for after i do that interesting uh yeah backing out a nice plane area over here to fight if .

You fancy it all right where's the front door we're going in come on mind you yes there we go and we come in we come get crushed a nice open garden to fight in lovely ow not allowing for me to dodge though i'm on one heart oh my god .

Okay get crumble away starting to look real good about it ah crash voice is still powerful i said i mean it is it is but i have to completely rely on just range attack and dodging and i could say it's really hard now cause i'm not trying to billy or .

Anything but i'm gonna leave you in that hole now then you're gonna you know jump and try and hit me and stuff that's fame have a go it won't matter because you will just get crushed and and you'll be stuck in that hole ow back oh there we go the hole god the guy is .

Getting better aiming for me everybody's really just dodged this [ __ ] it wasn't too big a deal all in his big well it wouldn't move to show all over the place that one's a bit harder but like the rest of even's where you are and then you just start to move out of the way somebody kept jumping and moving around the circle .

He had a real hard time hitting me that was what i did like demon slayer with nyan written but yeah i don't think since then now the [ __ ] you know aiming quite well where i'm going to be well some of the time anyway we're not this game where i get very very very low energy but this place has also got very .

Low health like his health is at what 70 odds ow oh so badly while i get close to trying to hit him but i don't like the the attack the sword attack that i could use this guy is just all about his cursed voice which i mean it makes sense he's absolutely .

Powerful with it but you're facing a fall like akazak turns out uh yeah it's very strange i'm doing i'm physically hitting him it was a terrible idea run ah this will be avoiding things so tricky for me crash i think like one or two more he should be dead oh he's on six health .

He's so close maybe one more maybe one more i don't think he's healing factors are keeping up with uh the get crushed thing so pretty sure this next one should be him there we go crush yeah there we go that's him he's lost his head i crushed it but yeah there we go .

Oh my god okay so to know in demon slayer if you just be an upper rank super super early you're just getting like half your rank straight away so he was definitely running on a point system all right anyway cursed voice over moving on not that one uh .

Which which was supposed to know and this one's nothing okay yeah not that one uh dismantle cleave open malevolent shrine okay it's debatable here we've all we've got left we've got zakira and we've got gojo but there are two abilities left now i'm going to use .

One defect upper rank one and one the fake museum but i don't know which to use which one because they're both freaking awesome so it's like which which one really deserves which they look like goldie oh stronger isn't he so i guess i should use him against .

Business i guess i'll use yes okay against operand one sure let's do that all right so um sakura's powers are not ones i'm very familiar with although i'm very familiar with this domain expansion having been hit by it a bunch but okay yeah it's good dismantle cleave open and melville strain .

And access to their tanks as well i suppose so technically i can still hit this guy even if you know i don't want to use the bigger techniques but yeah okay uh save my level and straight for later because i have no idea how effective it was going to be but it drains a lot of power okay let's .

Let's get this going sir she bow go leave that did nothing all right dismantle okay i did like 10 10 for 100 oh cleve i don't really know that one does let's go for this one oh .

That is 30. i'm still on fire okay slight thing about this man oh i have to aim it which em it's not my strongest of suits be enough i get some distance on this guy and hit him with it does it feel oh no [ __ ] okay oh god this smells so cool okay so he doesn't really do any effects around .

That but it's effectively just a straight line anything it gets really hard and it doesn't seem to temporarily stop him in his tracks if i hit him such as low kill don't know my god i got a little bit distance from this guy because he's not really you know .

He's not gonna get much just tipping his step yet he's not really rushing really back as i did his attacks aren't as long ranger zaka's i mean they get worse later on yeah until he reaches higher forms i don't think this guy's much of a challenge i say that right well i've got my energy still .

The second i run out of energy it's gonna be a very different story yeah actually i think decided i'm gonna let my energy rejuvenate a little bit i'm gonna try going in with regular attacks a bit oh dear god yeah okay that makes it a little more complex if you try and go in he has been .

Breathing at the moment we're going in hearts quite a bit that's said though the buy attack like that it does close to the same as what my uh dismantle does it like damage right there's so many differences i have to get close and actually risk my health doing it .

And this time this to take an faircrete back over 2000 because i do definitely want to use benevolence straight once you choose higher forms of course but you definitely want to use this at some point okay the silly fakers kind of felt in a hole there oh .

Still hurts make it closed up though oh please don't tell me you've fallen in a cave there you are it does scare me if you focus on a cave i didn't have to go after if i'm gonna keep with this guy i'm going to lose like he hurts so freaking watch where i'm close to him okay they're gonna energy back over two thousand ow you .

[ __ ] at the bottom once baby's over two thousand i'll fill up my company knocking him down into his lower state and i i don't know how far i want to push it before i use benevolent strain but you know while their attacks aren't really doing too too much the .

Cleveland's a lot of fun no cleave dismantle hold on which one is it yeah it's dismantled the smell is the one i quite like what it's took his top off oh no he's getting serious now oh yeah that's how you're always getting through he's now using .

The bigger better attacks oh dear gods yeah okay so this is right now gets really tricky because now you make just killers like i don't
know if you could kill us in one big hit of his blade but i know those big blue uh mid blades really really really .

Hurt when they hit you ow okay i see the survival long enough oh oh [ __ ] ah yeah okay you just use one of his big man breathing things i just have a sudden dilate filled bars in my health at the bar okay you know maybe this is the point where we just we put armor on .

Being armored every top this does make a big difference like let's put the armor on because realistically you could have just wore you know diamond armor and like you'd have armor toughness and that that's the only difference i mean in chattanooga makes a big massive difference as well oh wonder i wonder if .

I just used benevolent strain from the get-go how much that would do like would it be just be bad i think he's been leveling straight and just get over with i am tempted that yeah i think i'm gonna do it i'm gonna use my bloodstream let's see how much it does bubble shrine oh fake he's gonna kill me before i use it okay there we go there .

We go there you go how much is it going to do to him let's find out where is he there he is he's just constantly getting hurt for this it is actually shredding his health oh god okay he's doing his top off he's still he's still dying quite quickly and yet falling for hundreds oh it's kind of there is other phase and .

He's failing okay so using melbourne i literally got him down to his final face straight away oh dear god he's going to slaughter me 60 health left though oh hold on run quick now we can just kill with our techniques dismantle oh oh oh oh but i've got like a 30 second kill then .

Okay that wasted him though oh my god such a monstrous move plus about a more and a more fun environment i could have shredded at the same time which would be glorious but never mind right tyrone's gone time to cleave yes that'll do nicely let's go for a better one though let's go for open .

I missed back he doesn't do much of anything i just i'll just i'll just stick to dismantling him i think like that because there's like 14 damage i hit for hundreds meaning in theory this should be able to kill him yes bob i do want to use open on him though go .

On hit him yes didn't kill him though please yeah okay so if i just like even in that last fight uh if i just use my evelyn strain i would have won i was trying to hold off until he got .

His higher forms but without the armor like actually i didn't even need dora for this fight like i didn't get hit really much at all god sakura's so busted i mean zacchaeus busted but like like yeah we're gonna go to go jenna unlimited voids is that .

In is it yeah [ __ ] i'm taking the aura back off i didn't even did it last week i put it on thinking again i'm gonna need it if i get close to him and that and stuff no no like you know we take more damage yeah but our moves are pretty strong i just i .

Just need to use my domain expansion that was that's all the problems right hold on hold on i want to try this nah okay no i'm not i'm not going to use this straightaway now in fact oh oh wait oh wait i'll use my big move once he reaches his second form which doesn't normally take too too long .

So yeah let's do it but infinity on i don't think you could hurt me now yes yes let me correct you can you no longer hurt me cool right let's play oh i did quite a lot hold on that's what 370 odds no actually just using my blade does more and he's in his other form okay well i'm really curious how much how .

This will do so let's do this did i just miss that just missed okay that is really unfortunate i'm getting fuller back and i'm using it again this means i won't be able to use my domain expansion but i don't care i want to hit i only needed 100 audips okay that's problematic but no .

No i think i just sit in him don't i like i don't you don't have to try too hard to go joe because you just you just don't get hurt so you just you just charge in hit the fecker as hard as you can over and over again which plays the best one used for this by the way that was 11 that's 12 okay that's slightly better .

Yeah even though since shock attack doesn't affect me and that affects moods in himself oh black flash i i don't know if that really benefits me oh is my flash made me hate any harder i don't think so yeah okay now with my current energy .

Though yeah i can yeah defeating business go joe's just easy like because go joe the gods because she's if you just use infinity this is what happens wait samus has got a third form though he never [ __ ] had this before yeah using that by attacking a bunch it's just making it cut this a bit closer .

Than i normally would good go go for it go for it we're gonna beat them now we'll run out of power what one is it going to be yeah is going to beat them now barely even a challenge because you know gojo yeah i guess about how i expected then would go uh because i figured either business has something that burst .

Through the power of uh infinity or just he wouldn't and he'd just die and yeah he just didn't he just died that is how that story goes oh yeah i can't even i can't even get myself wait hold on it's still on i still have any questions i can just keep on forever .

So this is a very interesting new question of how do they do against eurowitchy yeah okay to that end infinity turned on summon euro she fights he can't hurt his all right in that case in that case unlimited voids the main expansion okay he's now not doing much of anything right laps .

Blue i know he just took 34 damage and died yeah so you know she's like no bother when you're when you're coach [ __ ] okay so this domain expansion isn't then which i i didn't know if it was or not i generally wasn't sure it's in though okay um and i mean yeah i've got a minute .

Cooldown but i just sorry for touching into your richie just his guard completely dropped and just i i don't know we just did absolutely keep some damage that's what i'd expect from girl joe his top attack sticks outside his energy does like a hundred and something good damage it's the highest stealing damage .

Thing around there's no domain expansion history especially just makes everything freeze which is really really handy because it means you can just beat them down infinity apparently i can just have one forever even if i run out of energy at this point i can just keep on forever .

Like go joe can i just don't regain any curse energy so i've just got to use physical techniques and i mean black display is just really really good as well for sucking people in big crowds of things my god i look forward to trying to beat gojo .

With the demon slayer stuff because i reckon it's probably impossible well [ __ ] hell mansion spawned right on top of our mansion excellent right anyway though that'll do this for today this is fun i have fun doing little things list i would like to do person versus perks and i'd love to try demon slayer like people using specific swords .

And blood arts versus people using specific uh sorcery abilities subject to kaizen so i don't know maybe i'll build a fan person to go and help us and do stuff like that for you know one or two videos you know could be fun but yeah okay i'll probably .

I'll probably i'll try demon slayer versus jiu jitsu kaizen will opposite me right and we'll see how well we fear that was i mean energy balancing was a bit tricky on some of the people's arts you know the cursed voice is really powerful but you don't have energy as you saw with akaza .

Becomes a bit problematic and you
've got dodge they're not like you don't really need armor if we wear armor even if we just wear this armor it's just regular armor uh like that's just for that's just to cover my people by the way it's just like armor it doesn't have any armor toughness so you take more damage .

But then it's like with your stability you also can do tons of damage so it's a really weird balance compared to demon slayer where you know you have the armor toughness right off the get-go you have the armor and then you have the mark because that gives you generation all the time stuff it's it's it's so different okay .

It it's an interesting difference though that's why i like comparing these two mods i'm gonna fight each other plus it may be the same person so both awesome but yeah okay links will be down below if you want to check the mods out themselves they're fun fun to mix them together as well as it turns out anyway thank you very much for watching .

I'll see you soon next time for everything i go up to next or demonstrates the kaizen mobs whatever it is season for that thank you all for watching good bye everybody also just want to say a quick thank you to all of the channel members for the extra support and a special thank you .

And shout out to our late members the joining members austin at quinsenberry sebastian ramsey nilfinity alexander01 robert zeimeka and board repair and our andrew members gold dragon monster q nathaniel peru hollow the void some dude firebird phoenix thank you very much for the extra awesome support .