Why the heck would I choose Civil Engineering vs Computer Science | Step focus

College degree and he has multiple thousands to choose from is choosing right chart what if you want to choose a civil engineering as your another engineering branches in your graduation level you should have a passion towards the engineering degree and you know after the bachelors degree in civil engineering you have various .

Opportunities like you can become a structural engineer can become a geotechnical engineer you can become a hydrology and the irrigation engineer you can also choose public health and environmental engineering and even also choose a good career in transportation engineering after the post realization course you can have a doctoral program .

In any of these branches and today in India we have post graduate diploma courses also available in India there is one college called Nick Mar nationalists of construction management which is available in Hyderabad Goa Delhi Indore and Pune in this diploma engineering courses per share diploma they are for quantity surveying planning and .

Construction management you can choose one of these careers and today the construction fields are mainly looking for this type of engineers who has got knowledge in these fields especially construction fields they recruit these people and if you choose a structural engineering field in your post graduation you can enjoy your life like .

A computer engineer who enjoys a city life and if you choose your custom management is filled and a lot of opportunities are there in construction management today you can but you are to prepare to go out from your cities and the construction work normally especially dams construction and radiation road construction you have to .

Go out from your rooms and do your job you have to face the Sun cold and rain all these things in your life when you you have to be very disciplined life and then you can choose this you can have a lot of carriers today the main construction equipments are going on in the construction field basically if you choose a structure leading as your .

Structural engineering as your field there are a lot of tools have been developed to sit in front of a computer and make the designs and other engines also like that only it all depends on how you develop a passion in your graduation program in civil engineering and then you can choose the can develop yourself into different different well .

Subsea engineering you