Crackers have holes in them to stop them cracking and breaking during baking if the holes weren't there steam would build up inside the cracker and make it collapse take a look at a soda bottle and you'll notice a disc inside the bottle cap this helps seal in the liquid and the drinks fizz stopping it from going flat .

The long neck on your soda bottle is designed like that to encourage you to hold it there that way the heat from your hand will only warm that top bit of the bottle instead of heating up your whole drink it's always hard to see your food in the microwave because of that pesky black grate on the window but it's there to .

Stop harmful microwaves from escaping called the faraday shield it protects you as well as ensures that your food cooks properly food items like chips come with about 43 percent nitrogen inside their package it might seem like they sell you half a bag of air but it's exactly the opposite oxygen the gas we breathe would react .

With the chips inside the bag and make them go rancid quickly it's called oxidizing for a reason nitrogen on the other hand is an inert gas that helps keep the foodstuffs fresh and also protects them from breaking during transportation a bag of chips that has this gas cushion lets you enjoy your crunchies without .

Them turning to potato crumbs donuts have holes in them so that the inside and outside cook evenly before the holes were added the inside would often be greasy and doughy while the outside was crisp margins on paper aren't for writing in dates and numbering lists they were originally added to serve a protective .

Function back in the day rats used to be a pesky problem in people's homes and paper was one of their favorite snacks margins were added as a safeguard so that the rats would nibble on blank paper rather than taking a bite out of your important work that hole in your hollow lollipop stick .

Isn't to prevent choking should it ever be swallowed it's actually there to keep the candy in place excess candy flows into the hollow tube and the hole which when it hardens keeps the pop in place if it was a smooth stick the candy would slide off easily vacuums come with so many attachments .

But do any of us really know what that one with long bristles is for it's for dusting and is perfect for cleaning framed art blinds and lamp shades what's the difference between a wooden hanger and a plastic one aside from helping keep your clothes in shape cedar wood hangers also repel moths and bugs .

Salt isn't just used for cooking it can get rid of tough smells rubbing salt on your fingertips after chopping garlic should remove the smell it also works on shoes toasters have a secret slide in the bottom that can be removed so you can clean out all those annoying breadcrumbs if you ever had problems with popping .

Chocolates from the box look at those little holes around them they're there to help you if you push a hole right next to the candy it'll jump out easily when you take a sip from a coffee cup with a lid it decreases air pressure inside the cup so air tries to get in the tiny hole on the lid allows air to .

Enter that way so liquid can smoothly pour out the main hole more on beverage lids the small button on them let restaurant workers and customers too understand what's in a cup near each button there's a name just look at which one is pushed down the numbers on the fruit stickers tell you how exactly they were grown if there .

Are four digits and the first is four or three the fruit has been sprayed with pesticides if there are five digits and the first is nine the fruit has been grown organically if there are five digits and the first is eight .

The fruit has been genetically modified when you're on your way back to the car after bagging up everything you bought use loops on a shopping cart to hang the bags now softer items like bread eggs fruit and veggies won't get squashed by the heavier goods if you don't have anyone to hold the other end of your tape measure when you .

Try to measure something tap a nail on it now simply hook your tape on it using the tiny hole all tape measures have the square shaped spoon that goes with a mcflurry helps to mix the ice cream toppings through the dessert the spoon hooks directly to a machine and spins around .

Padlocks that are used outside quickly get out of order because of rain see this little hole in the bottom it's made for pouring engine oil inside do this and the key will again turn in the lock without any difficulty you keep banging the bottom of a glass ketchup jar but nothing's coming out here's a little tip turn your ketchup .

Bottle at an angle and tap on the middle of the neck in many fast food restaurants customers fill tiny folded paper cups to get a portion of ketchup or mustard here's the news the cups are supposed to unfold and turn into small paper platters to hold a great deal more sauce that little hole on the handle of a pot .

Or a frying pan isn't just for hanging them on the wall during cooking put the end of your utensil in the hole and it'll be propped over the pot to save your kitchen from extra mess the blue or any other dark color bristles on your toothbrush are meant to remind you when it's time to get a new .

One if you see that bristles have become pale change the toothbrush or its head an extra hole at the upper part of the sink has multiple hidden functions first in case someone forgets to close the tap the water won't overflow and the bathroom won't get flooded second thanks to that hole the water .

Drains faster as it gives an escape for the air helping the water flow down most metallic zippers have a hidden lock inside them to save you from awkward situations such as an undone fly don't leave the zipper handle in an upward position when you pull it downwards it automatically locks it's all thanks to those tiny grooves .

Hidden underneath the handle spoiled milk emits gases like most foods when they go off a classic plastic milk jug has a concave shape on one side so when the gases expand inside the jug it expands too and the concave shape curves out also if you want to save some milk for later and freeze it the jug will expand .

When the milk gets solid as well occupying more space in a jug bath foam isn't only for fun or a nice smell it also helps regulate the temperature the bubbles keep the water hot so you can enjoy a bath a bit longer anyway it works for acrylic bathtubs only those made of metal lose heat really fast either way .

Many cups and mugs have little grooves on the bottom on purpose they're designed for washing machines the grooves let the water flow and not spill over your feet when you take the cup out also those grooves let the air flow so the cup doesn't crack even if the tee is scalding a point on an ointment cap is there for .

A reason too most tubes are usually sealed with foil and it's better to avoid opening it with fingers unless you're ready to say goodbye to your nails a point easily opens even the most safely sealed tube escalator brushes aren't for keeping your shoes clean and polished it might .

Be tough to apply wax right on that brush while the escalator is on the move it's for your safety brushes won't let you come close to the edge so a long coat or boot cut jeans won't end up in between the steps all tic tac containers are designed to dispense one tic tac every time you open it the lid has the same shape as the .

Candy turn the container upside down gently shake it and slowly open it you'll notice only one candy stuck between tho
se lid grooves so if you just open the container and shake it until five or even more candies fall into your mouth it means you've been eating tic tacs wrong all this time the pom pom on top of your beanie wasn't .

Put there as a fashion accessory the pom-pom was originally added to the hat to prevent sailors from banging their heads on the ceilings of the ships that were too low