Hey everyone john here from testprepinsight.com and today i'm going to be covering some of the top-rated online bachelor's and psychology degree programs out there let's face it if you're considering getting your degree online you've probably realized by now there's about a thousand online universities i mean you've probably seen .

The commercials or online ads for schools like snhu purdue global and university phoenix before frankly the amount of choices out there is almost overwhelming but luckily today i'm going to cut out the noise and compare and contrast some of the most popular online national universities that offer psychology degree programs this will .

Help make your decision a little bit easier so if you're ready let's get to it all right welcome back so if at any point during this video today you feel like you need some more information regarding the degree programs that i'll be covering make sure to check out the description below i'll .

Drop a bunch of links down there over to each university's website where you can get a bunch more detail and learn a lot about each program you're going to definitely want to check that out as you continue your research or you can always find out more information on our website by just googling test prep insight best online psychology degree programs that's .

A great way to get there too alright so first up let's start with purdue global which is easily one of the most popular national online universities and let's start with their tuition for credit as i'll do with all the schools that we'll be discussing today and keep in mind that tuition rates do change slightly from year to .

Year but for purdue global you're going to be looking generally at 370 per credit which actually compares quite favorably to the other online universities in this video except for snhu which i'll get to here in a minute but the main thing to keep in mind here is that from a per unit cost perspective purdue global is pretty affordable and .

They do offer tuition discounts for military members international students and indiana residents so keep that in your back pocket if you fall into one of these three categories and while we're on the topic of cost i should mention that purdue global offers a no financial obligation three-week trial period so essentially you can enroll take classes .

For three weeks see if you like it and then decide whether to continue or opt out with no tuition cost which i think is a pretty cool option for students that maybe you're on the fence now typically at this point i would move on to the percentage of students receiving institutional aid so you can get an idea of your chances of nabbing a .

Grant or scholarship from the university to help pay for your degree but unfortunately that data isn't available for purdue global through the national center for education statistics for some reason so let's go ahead and move on to the next subject admissions and the key thing to know here is that purdue global is an open enrollment .

School meaning there's no application fee sat or act requirement or minimum gpa and as part of that open enrollment they offer staggered start dates throughout the year basically every month so there's no need to wait until the next semester or quarter to end you can pretty much get going right away if you want each term is 10 weeks long and .

Each course requires an average time commitment of 15 to 18 hours per week so you're likely gonna need around two to four years to graduate depending on how many courses you want to take per term i'll drop a link down below in the description where you can find out more information on the timeline of this degree program .

Now as far as the x factors go for purdue global's bachelor and psychology degree program there's two things i want to highlight first is that there are three different degree tracks you can choose from there's the applied behavior analysis track addictions program and the industrial organizational psychology .

Degree track two of which will get you ready to sit for certification exams including the ncac and certified assistant behavior analyst exams and the second item i want to highlight related to purdue global is the fact that they offer accelerated master's degree options as well so if you've ever thought about getting your masters in .

Psychology or a related field in addition to your bachelor's purdue global makes it pretty easy essentially you can work towards your masters at the same time that you're completing your bachelor's degree and as a result you can complete both degree programs in less time and at a lower cost than completing both programs .

Separately so that's a pretty cool option for all you overachievers out there alright next up on the list is snhu a university that i'm guessing you've probably seen commercials or digital ads for in the past so starting with the tuition per credit snhu is the cheapest or most affordable university i'll cover today at 320 per credit and .

On top of that around 35 percent of beginning full-time students receive an institutional grant or scholarship the average amount of which is around 13 000 so all in all snhu is pretty affordable and there's a fairly decent chance you'll also receive some sort of aid to help you pay for your degree okay moving on snhu is also an open .

Enrollment school meaning they accept pretty much everyone and admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis and then in terms of format the university offers six eight week terms throughout the year so not quite as many start dates as purdue global which means you might have to wait a month or two to start your program depending on when you .

Apply and when you're admitted but the program does move a little faster and to get more specific around the ex factors of the snhu psychology program in particular the university offers six different concentration options including addictions applied psychology child and adolescent development forensic psychology mental health and .

Social psychology the other nice thing is that the snhu program includes an embedded 12 credit data literacy and psychology certificate so regardless of which concentration you choose you can at least walk away with that certification on your resume lastly like purdue global snhu does offer an accelerated master's program .

For those of you who want to continue your higher education journey essentially several courses from the bachelor's program count as credit towards the master's degree so you can save both time and money alright so the next school up on the list is grand canyon university and once again let's start with what you're likely most .

Interested in affordability and in grand canyon's case you're looking at around per credit so quite a bit more expensive than snhu and purdue global with that said though over 90 of beginning full-time students receive some sort of institutional grants or scholarship the average amount of which is around nine thousand dollars so yes .

Higher tuition costs but also a much better chance of getting a grant or scholarship at grand canyon i'll go ahead and drop a link down below in the description with more information regarding scholarship requirements and eligibility so make sure to check that out okay moving on to admissions .

Applications are free and reviewed on a rolling basis but grand canyon unlike the other schools i've discussed so far is not an open enrollment university however they do
have a fairly high acceptance rate at around 80 so still a very good chance you'll get in as long as you meet their high school gpa requirements and even if you don't .

There's no real worries you'll just have to meet the university's minimum sat or act score requirements or their minimum ged cumulative score threshold and then in terms of timing and format the university offers start dates throughout the year and the standard course length their term is eight weeks so pretty swift courses .

And to wrap this up with the x factors surrounding the grand canyon psychology program there are two key highlights in my opinion the first of which is that all of the university's core psychology courses are aligned with the degree objectives established by the american psychological association and the other is that grand canyon .

Offers a really cool emphasis track in performance and sports psychology for those of you interested in pursuing a career in this field okay so next up let's talk about the university of arizona global campus and again starting with affordability you're looking at around 510 per credit the most expensive of the schools i'm .

Covering today with that said though uhcc does offer a welcome grant to new students periodically which essentially drops the tuition for credit down to 459 dollars as long as you remain continuously enrolled and active in your program and then on top of that around 40 percent of beginning full-time students .

Receive institutional grants or scholarships the average amount of which is around 4 000 and moving on to admissions uagc is another open enrollment university admission decisions are made on a rolling basis and there are no gpa or sats act requirements and then in terms of degree timing and format this is .

Actually my x factor for uagc it's a little different than the rest of the universities i've covered thus far so the short story is that you take one course at a time for five weeks that's right i know it's a little unusual but i also think this is perfect for some people for example if you're already working .

Full time or you're a busy parent this format may be just right for you rather than trying to juggle multiple courses at a time and staying up to date with various assignments you instead just focus on one course i think it really helps students stay focused and organized so if this type of degree format sounds like it might be right for .

You i just definitely recommend checking out uhc further again that link will be down below in the description okay last up here let's quickly talk about capella university but before i do i should mention that every single month here at test prep insight we give away a 500 scholarship to one lucky subscriber just as a way of saying thank you and to help .

Ease the financial burden of higher education it's super simple to enter there's just three simple steps that i'll throw up here on the screen and i'll also have all the details down below in the description like i said it's really easy it takes less than 10 seconds and hey you could win 500 bucks to help pay for your psychology degree .

Anyway back to capella and you know the drill by now let's start with affordability so at cappella you're looking at around 357 dollars to 411 in tuition per credit depending on whether you're taking an upper level degree course or a lower level gen ed course and speaking of lower level gen ed courses this is one of my x factors with .

Capella they allow students to complete a portion of their general education requirements through their affiliate sofia learning for an ultra low cost essentially for only 79 dollars per month sophia learning offers access to a ton of self-paced gen ed courses which can then be transferred to your bachelor's program at capella so overall .

It's a great way to save money while knocking out a good chunk of your gen ed requirements and in terms of institutional grants and scholarships capella does offer a progress reward scholarship which ranges from eight thousand dollars up to fifteen thousand dollars to keep new students motivated and on track to earn their degree that .

Is if you meet the scholarship requirements essentially you'll need to successfully pass your first course on your first attempt stay in good academic and financial standing with the university and take seven or more credits per quarter in order to be eligible but if you do that you're golden .

Okay moving on to admissions capella is an open enrollment university now they do charge a 50 application fee but in some cases you can get that wave with a promo code so check the links down below in the description for that but the key here is that there is no gpa or sat act requirements and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis .

All right next up let's talk degree timing and format capella is on the core system meaning most students take one to three courses per 10-week quarter this is capela's standard degree format and it's what they call their guided path option but the interesting thing about capella and this is my other x factor for the university is that they also .

Offer a flexpath format this is a self-paced learning format that puts you in the driver's seat you can take courses at your own speed and move on to the next course whenever you're ready so if you want to pile on the courses and fly through the degree program as quickly as possible you can in as little as 60 months .

Or if you have other obligations like work or kids and you can only spare a few hours per week you can slow it down and study at your own pace with that said the flexpath format follows a slightly different pricing structure instead of per credit it's a flat tuition fee per term and unfortunately flexpath students are not .

Eligible for that progress reward scholarship that i mentioned earlier still the flexpath option could be a game changer for those of you who either want to move super fast or super slow through your degree program all right that about does it for this video i know making a decision about something as massive as your education .

Is extremely important so i hope i was able to provide some clarity around all these online universities although they all seem similar on the surface there are distinct differences between them and each university has their own pros and cons depending on what your personal priorities are and your objectives for example if you're .

Looking for the lowest tuition period i think snhu is your best bet if you're looking to get started right away and you first want to test the waters with the trial period before going all in i think purdue global is an excellent choice or if you're banking on a grant or scholarship to help pay for your degree .

Grand canyon may be your best bet or lastly if you're simply looking for a flexible degree program to work around your already busy life then i think the university of arizona global campus or capella are excellent options you get it it just depends on your personal situation again if you want to learn more about .

Any of these programs be sure to check out the description below the video screen i'll have links down there over to each university's website as well as other guides and resources related to scholarships and financial aid for you to check out also if you're interested in another area maybe outside of psychology be sure .

To check out the rest of our youtube channel we have a ton of helpful videos related to higher education anyways as always thanks for watching best of luck and we'll see in the next you