Hello everyone welcome to big data knowledge hunt in the today's video we will be seeing the difference between the data analytics and the data science so these are the two different fields in machine learning or big data and there are different two positions or we can say job profiles .

In these two fields the person who is working in data analytics is known as the data analyst whereas the person who is working in data science is known as a data scientist so we'll see in a brief what is the basic difference among these two fields so if you are new to my channel make sure you subscribe it so that you could get the updates .

Of the videos and press the bell icon to more videos on machine learning and big data so let us start so the data so in data analytics it examines the raw data to find out or to conclude what is the data about so that we can find out the conclusion from that information whereas the data science incorporate .

Every process related to the data such as extracting the data or cleaning the data or preparation of the data or analysis of the data so this data science is the combination of the all process related to the data next is data analytics is used to find the actionable data actionable data means what is the important data among the large amount of .

Data set we can find out by using the data analytics techniques whereas we use the data science techniques to find or to analyze the right question means we can analyze which is the right question among all the questions and so that we can work accordingly so the data science generates the questions for the data .

Scientists whereas the data analytics is used to find out the answer of the specific questions so data analytics is used in machine learning field whereas in artificial intelligence also in some of the search engine engineering means youtube is a search engine google is a search engine so to find out the results from the search engine the data .

Analytics process is used whereas it is also used for corporate analysis corporate means analyzing the corporate events or operations related to the corporate things the data science is mainly used in the healthcare industry to gain the specific knowledge also nowadays it is used in .

Gaming as well as travel industries uh with the immediate data needs because there is a large amount of data generation in such a more in search of the fields nowadays so we are using different data science techniques in this data analytics include mining data or data warehouse or data modeling they are .

Mainly works on r or sas languages also sql is used in data analytics first statistical analysis or database management and reporting or data analysis we use the data analytics technique whereas uh that in data science these includes uh the machine learning or software development process and the .

Languages that are used in data science are hadoop java python or object oriented programming these are the some of the languages that we can use whenever we are working in the data science field so what the data analysts do so the person who is working in the data analytics field is known as a data .

Analysis analyst or data analysis so what he does he or she will design and maintain the database system and the databases and also they will use different statistical tools to gain or to interpret the data or to interpret the data set also they prepare reports to analyze or to visualize the data so .

These are the some of the things which is performed by the data analyst analyst who is working in the field of data analytics so the data science uh scientist works on these are the specific tasks on which the data scientists work such as designing the data modeling data modeling means it is a process of creating a data model .

To visualize or to analyze the data the data scientists create different machine learning algorithms or ai based algorithms so that the data could be analyzed and the specific results could be generated so the algorithms are created by the data scientist also it is used to build the predictive models which will extract the information for .

Different organization to solve different complex problems or queries so these are the things so the data scientists are the generators of the algorithm or the model whereas the data anal analyst works on the model to gain the specific knowledge so this is the basic difference between the data analytics field and the data science .

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