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Difference Between LTE POC Radio TH-282/TH-388/TH-682

Let's restart sorry just love some missed setting hello everyone welcome to texan hall online show i know someone today's host thank you very much for all your show up this is my second life show today i would like to i'd like to explain the difference between .

Thc between lot poc radio thu 282 at the beginning in order to warm up the activity we will offer some electronic components to you you can use it in your new order please send us the row 111 authorization ready go can you understand let me check okay are you .

Ready ready go please send us the one one one the first three person will get the the electronic components okay let's check the full full window conference a voice please send us the one one one and the love first three person will get .

Can you hear me okay congratulations peter peter you get the usd dollars you still can press the one one one the first three person can get congratulations peter and please leave your email also you can contend yourself directly and .

All send email to cindy now at some hall ceo and we created some course for you to make easier for you to communicate with us do you not sure yeah please show the ptt the click yeah the course now let's start today's topic the difference .

Between llte plc radio ph2l2 ph2 3aa thc2 the fourth part the size tha2 phe-2h2 is smaller ones it's smaller ones and the thu 3aa th 3a is mutual wines .

Thc 682 is a little larger ones which is size your peripheral too please type and let me know which size which size you prefer to please type engineer which is it clearly for you can you hear my voice which is size your privilege to the smaller tha2 .

2a2 or a medium tha 3aa all the larger ones tha26a2 please type and let me know which size you prefer to can you reply to me do we know peter preferred to thc2 this one yes this is this a2 .

Is the size actually myself myself preferred to phe2 a2 as you see is pocket size and light and easier for my career how do you think of these smaller ones i myself prefer to this item okay is there any other items you prefer to .

Can you let me know your idea oh but yeah also preferred to this 6×2 okay good and the the second part longer outlook outlook all these three items is display ones with hot keypads but you see phu 282 only have menu and up and down key .

Is it clearly for you menu and up and down key enter ph 3 a and the th 2 6 and 2 these two items have le p 1 2 p p1 through p4 and the p1 through pieces look p1 2 p4 and p1 2p two pieces lost the programming ball .

Quick essence buttons you can pre print select it for quicker quick call let's show you how to send it first you can enter the menu choose the group for example apply choose don't don't love group 1 into p1 so i just need to choose group 1 and the outer is .

Long press p1 you see it will show differential group after this sending utterly sending adjust the need to press p1 and you see it can go through the call to group one it seems not clearly by show you this .

Let's watch the video together p1 to p4 yeah how to sing he's in a clean tool okay for this part do you have a is there any more information not clear any parts look clear for you please leave your .

Mystery and let me know now let's check your mystery welcome machine make sure phd phd this h2 things have a brighter and clearer display actually not so much the difference for a lot display should be brighter later you see .

You see and therefore how to set the p1 to p4 is it clearly for you all shall we replace the the video for you since all sims is all clearly for you all if so we will go to the next part for a creator you see the different clutter .

The different collector of the radio will show you will lead to competing please show the pt ppt the creator yes the difference uh later release literal difference later or follow programming paper handy microphone l2b earphone and now we would like to show you more .

About t h x ed is there anyone who lost t h x a this item what is e used for please type and let me know is that do you know what is t the x a th x a used for please type and generally law .

Love love first person who can answer this question greatly we will offer the one piece of ph xa as a free gift yeah peter have one question does the radio use the lesson charger crater yes they're the same uh the same ones for ph2 282 and the th23a these two use the same one .

Charger and the ph 6a2 use the the different one peter easy clearly for you clearly ph is this h2 different one and the thu phu 2h2 and the th 3a useless n1 okay now let's back to the ph xh this part .

Is there anyone who lost t what is the th xa used for please type and genomino yes it's bluetooth ones but peter what bluetooth always easily used for do you know please type engineer is 81 full loads what follow th xa used for .

Okay this let's introduce it ph fsa is used for programming it is bluetooth let me show you bluetooth the flaming tool which which is used for programming and it is can be treated with pc and android 7. let's watch a video .

Together then you learn how to use it go for maybe this is re watch the video together so if okay the video finished if you like this item ph xa please send us three and leave your email also you can .

Send email to sales directory or contender sending our attention at the end of the show i will launch the special promotion price for this item is there anyone who interested in this item phxa please type and let me know .

Since there is some delay so is there anyone who interested in ph xa please send us three at the end of the show we will offer special price for this item please please send us messages if you are interested in thcx it seems something on the show .

Please react with us so like you can get the special shop price okay okay please send us please send me together if you are enchanted in th at x8 please leave your message and let .

Us know now let's go to the next part the battery go to the last part the battery first for ph2 282 layer heights there has two opportune battery one is five thousand and two hundred hour another is 3800 bdm per hour .

And for phu 3a it is 5 hundred million per hour sand ice this one this this battery for three th system please show up battery ptt the first pha 6h2 it is 5000 600 milliamp hours which battery .

You think is special for you please sure yeah actually loss battery not so much the difference is set up ph 2a2 is set to this one tha2a2 opposition sync one it is 3800 milliampere hours and for love for lost items included .

All the all the basic fashion like group call let me show you include all the basic fashion click close to this video this yeah you see you have a group group called fashion all three lessons have group confession you see .

Choose group call angela price use circle also can send me street to the dispatcher enter i don't have learn it's always the fashion and can show the last call you see have ptd because it can replace but .

Ph 282 thj a2 sorry ph 6a2 have low um nfc and rfid fashion also have low bluetooth fashion only these items have bluetooth nfc function now let's let's show you one by one first for nfc version .

Let's watch the video together on fc so foreign uh please replay your game unless you see yeah now is the great little tabs cannon okay and the th system also have a bluetooth .

Fashion it can work with bluetooth handy microphone and the bluetooth earphone with bluetooth handy microphone and bluetooth earphone now let's show you the taste working with bluetooth handyman let's show you the taste why press you see .

One two three you see this one have connected with bluetooth handy microphone you can receive ah items can receive it one choose one also you can receive one two three sorry this one has been sent to other .

Group okay let me show you one slice is it clearly for you we taste again one two see this three this radio is sending i see created with bluetooth fashion one two three .

it can work with those bluetooth items bluetooth earphone and bluetooth handy microphone so outer mic is planning do you have any idea about the items you'd like to choose please let me know which items you would like to choose thu 282 ph3 .

Th6 682 this rain please replace and let me know your idea please please let me know which items you'd like to choose and now i would like to launch today's special prize if you're ordered .

Thc today thc682 that one with bluetooth fashion nfc you can get very special the price and at the same time you can get one piece of ph b1 it is bluetooth earphone as a gift make sure you learn promotion price the promotion price very special the .

Price it is a return let me check your mixture does not be one of the ptt on it low ptt bar just have all of the key take clear can you see clearly have of key on key .

Answer and enter this this is the press key clearly for you peter this ptt should be one have ptt but th b1 low has small let me check the mystery again is it clearly for your picture t h2 p1 have ptt have ptd button .

But th b1 only have on off and the waste change joyce what do you mean ptt on radio can you explain to us can you explain what what do you mean ptt on radio ptd .

And now today for phu phu 6 h2 has a special price please result price again you should keep on the price yes the price if your order ph is 682 this one you can get very special price you love the original price is usd 130 .

35 and now if you order it you can get usd 110 usd total per piece for one piece at the same time you can you can get one piece php a free gift is there any wine interesting you need let me check what joyce said ptd .

We use the ptd yeah when you here here i have this key will send all this clan but announcing this key called ptt key this key let me show you let me show you please hold on please let me show you .

How to use them yes flea yes joyce fleeing if you order the phd this edu today you can get one piece one piece of php one frame yes you are right let me show you what is that flat um cute two pieces a monkey is two pieces so that you can taste it .

still scanning which and then let me check you know yes just if your ordered ph 6 h2 this one with bluetooth fashion you can get one piece of thb1 freely i give this one a mercury two pieces replace the price the price is .

Usd 110 per pieces okay now this is okay so let's send this back one two three if your order is one is there any alkaline food in cheating in these two also today we have offered special price for .

Thu xa this one the uh look the original price is 25 but if you're out order today early eight usd price pressure price usd per piece for th xa please type enter let me know your idea please and at the same time we would like to .

Review please type and let let me know your idea at the same time we would like to review today's topic the important notes of the pppt please sure is today we have introduced ph 2×2 the difference between th 2h2 th 3aa and the thu .

6h2 and the size and outlook and we show you how to present present the p1 to p4 also the creators of lost items is different and we also show you the phe thc x edge bluetooth shoei bluetooth .

Bluetooth bluetooth yeah show this one bluetooth programming device and the also show you the phe 6a2 with nfc and bluetooth fashion and today we offered specialty price for three 682 with nfc and bluetooth fashion .

If you ordered ph system this version today you can get one piece of wood we have one piece for free yeah and uh if you are interested in it please leave your email or content ourselves directly so that you can .

You can get a special price is there any other parts you would like to learn more or we need to show you more please type engineer let's check your mystery for tu ph2 yes since all you like thc this h2 feature that prefer to ph 682 .

Bobby will be also preferred to phe-682 and the machine also the same preferred choose this entry peter for thu ph b1 don't have ptt on it but ph b1 have ptd on it and for enter choice yeah choice will place an order for 10 .

Piece pieces of th 682 with way with bluetooth fashion also joyce have a question what's the difference between e and u u is for usa monkeys u is for usa monkey and e is for europe is there .

Is there any other parts you would like to learn more if please type and let me know also if you have other questions please send me a message as you see we have finished today's past maybe we showed you the nfc fashion mfc .

Sleeping taboo if you have already allocations read thai angelamino things so things okay if you have a lot more questions we will finish the topic today and please have to research the .

Promotion price and we have very today stop it goodbye thank you again for all your attention joining us bye bye see you


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