Go Fabi! Caruana vs. MVL at the Candidates | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

Hello and welcome to another night of chess on psychology hopefully you're having a great time and another point of view go favi yeah it's very important for me that's fabi wins you know i live in san luis he's in saint louis he's the .

Um pride of well saint sandler's chess club um so it's very important for us to you know see him win and i still have a his shirt from go favi 2000 so i hope that i get to bear a new goal bobby one i need to get one for you too rick fish pc is joined uh as well and .

I don't think he's exactly would fit in the shirt but he's definitely looking into jumping up here all right so uh from what i see everything is set sound good board looks decent i got my youtube going so um how's the viewers doing anybody has any favorite games .

There has been so it looks like it's a door so yeah it is and there's a pc right down here too he might grace us with his presence and also i did something very weird today i was trying to pick some games from candidates and then i um somehow misread the results but anyways uh this this was a great game .

I really enjoyed it it was the first one of this live so i'm sure most of you are aware of how the candidates kind of turned to be you know the whole tournament was going on last year and then coveted and then they had to cancel it they decided to actually cancel it i believe .

The players also um asked it too and yeah nepo is another great one yeah if poppy wasn't playing nepal would be or or mpl yeah one of those two actually would be mine yeah the game with the alexian ghost game was also .

Kind of a i was like yes super grassmasters also play weirdly sometimes that was kind of a good one for me to watch and yeah there are so many great games i had i had a lot of trouble choosing but the one thing i knew i definitely wanted to do .

Was talk about the candidates so here we are um this game was very very great but before we start jumping into it i do want to make a tiny announcement that after we're done with our youtube session we are going to switch to twitter and analyze your games .

So if you are playing a cool game or if you already have a cool game already make sure to be ready to join us in about an hour a little over an hour on twitch and share your game so that being said hopefully you can um start selecting games and time it a little better too and yeah that's what i wanted to talk .

About as well alright hopefully the cat won't try to um break free his last week i don't know if you guys remember last week he was um very active just like grabbing the door and meowing and jumping up and down right now he's being a good boy but there's always the chance that he would .

Want to go out and get some air for those of you who are not in this area yesterday was crazy nuts it was snowing out here the day before that the weather was so good like i was sunbathing basically and yesterday it was snowing today it's kind of a .

Weird one too i didn't really leave my room willingly so alright you got the weather update cat update let's go so uh this was actually a very great game from what i remember after i was booking the commentary and watched the interviews and everything uh i believe .

This was his and um this was fabi's preparation but then it was quite deep so i really liked it i'm a huge fan of preparation it's if it's an advantage you should take you should do it if you know who you're playing you definitely should prepare you should prepare so much that .

You don't have to play with one single move and i've done that bunch of times myself yeah um not potentially not you know with a super grandmaster but i've definitely i'm a huge huge fan of um huge fan of preparation all right so we got a cool night off .

Going on and so i want to guess for those of you who haven't watched this game i want to get tiny votes in what do you think bobby chose after bishop g5 what line do you think he goes for um alright that's not no i it's a it's just people talk .

People talk it's not even worth considering it's just yeah no um is sicilian defense good for a low rated player um yeah honestly i think it's it's a good choice to have i wish i learned sicilian much earlier in my life because by the time .

I wanted to play it i was already like 2300 and i was hunting my norms and there was so much pressure on it so i think it is a good idea to kind of have that introduction to different openings from both white and black early on and so you're not really like .

You have this wide variety of choices and i think that could be beneficial in the wrong long run all right so thank you for expressing your opinion about what you think bobby did here he went for f4 that's another that's a good one uh generally with bishop g5s you kind of .

Want to do long castle you know uh in my earth but there is no rule that says you can't and you definitely have to do this long castle immediately as we'll see in this game that's not what happened so he followed by f4 queen b6 okay um this isn't i it's been a while since .

I played this line so it's um i want to get more opinions i don't want to be the only one who kind of talks about what white should do what what shouldn't do but one thing is for sure you got to move this queen where should you go also also this queen .

B2 is something that is worth considering for black because um you know what it's not really going to do something like this it's possible but it you don't really know where this knight wants to go it's not it's not the best idea to um put it .

Put it move it immediately i can definitely make the sound quality better there is a little tangled wire here as long as i move my laptop the sound quality should be a tiny bit better okay how is it now a little better all right um .

Let's see what else we got so knight b3 possible but not really necessary i think when d2 is the better choice to go and let's see what else we got after queen bb queen d2 what do you guys think about queen taking on v2 oh sorry i keep forgetting you have .

Earbuds sorry ben and tracy and whoever else has your butts in well that was explosive recently i keep waking up with um sneeze to because peachy has been sleeping in my bed for about a month now every night and apparently when i'm .

Asleep he likes to make a neck beard and sleep on my face and yeah i've been having to take more allergy pills yeah okay um so thank you thank you yeah taking is definitely possible but to be fair in a serious game nobody has nobody has actually done this .

With me but this queen b6 queen b2 yeah i mean it's there's nothing wrong with it but it's at the same time you always think like ah why would i go eat that pun such a hassle rook b1 queen a3 and it's so um so much preparation right and that's what actually happened .

In the game so now i'm gonna ask you to tell me what do you think black should do should black take this or do you think black can try and um find another way to get some pieces out and find some activity and yes peachy does mean cat .

I literally named my cat cat he seems to like it because it's just really fluffy well i mean i have my ipad very close by because i'm reading the chat here so that might be italia my dad's name is elliot alright um okay so right now you kind of want your knights under attack so you either .

Have to take or you have to attack or you don't really want to move this knight that's naturally no no no no no we don't want to do that so we don't want to have to move this line that's just no f5 is here taking is nothing no um so .

Either you're gonna take this or you could do a little um like improv not the silly improvise little like counter attack i probably is the best way to stay with h6 hey kitty don't do that and so h6 yeah with h6 you're not going to take .

This because your king is still in the middle of the board and then this is just gonna be pleasant for black now black is the one with advantage open files open bishops yeah so after a6 you gotta move the bishop now in this game nbl decided to .

Take good choice take good choice and knight d7 so what do we think about this position to be honest g5 is also a possibility but knight d7 is the hot stuff in theory these these days now what do you think white should do .

We still got a bunch of pieces to get out to be fair uh from it's my knowledge that this was already all preparation from fabulous side but nothing wrong with it having a strong crap kudos to him ah um phil me too i do want to show the kitty but right now he's preoccupied .

Staring at a squirrel behind the window he will join us sooner or later he's not gonna stay too um he's gonna give me these kind of stairs that will open the door i want to go out i think i've accidentally conditioned him into whenever i'm sitting behind this desk because it's so close to the .

Door he wants to go outside all right great i actually like this bishop c4 idea but not at the moment i do think that we need to get our pieces out but bishop c4 is not the right way the problem with bishop c4 is um well he's also going to develop .

Or what if i take clear take here knight e6 exists and it could raise some complications cool complications but i don't think this works our pieces are just not ready enough and unfortunately black is somehow surviving this and we don't really it's .

Not not the exact way we want to go about it bishop c4 would be good um if we if like for example my bishop was just improving its position not necessarily just um not necessarily just because your bishop on c4 is not exactly attacking anything .

So hi php so what about knight e4 how do we like knights going to e4 do all right let's see what else we got queen of four um i like knight i like this knight e4 so the thing with knight e4 is that i have serious threats my first .

Threat being you can't get your pieces out so my first idea being that i am first of all for example if you take knight takes e5 now what do you think our knight can do remember um we think that taking good this d8 is a potential .

Interest i'll um also robber levy um i appreciate your opinion but i don't accept it i don't believe in it and um it's kind of hurtful everybody has different opinion on this matter but it's it's just i don't think i .

I it's not true if it is true then my whole belief system in chess is not it's kind of crooked but i don't believe it's true it's i've known alexian cool he's such a great kid i interviewed him like what was it five years ago maybe six years ago oh my god i'm getting so old but no .

And i feel like the sneeze is coming up yeah knight b5 uh knight e6 is also interesting knight b5 i think is the best one though you want to give checkmate over here and checkmate over here no way to stop both of it good job um so after knight e4 what do you think is black's best move .

Thank you thank you everybody who are uh who found knight b5 yeah so no more knight e5 what do you think is black's best move what do you think kitty never play f6 i kind of that's maybe like 99 percent of time don't play f6 but yeah basically it's a yasser's move .

Technically could be gaster would like this one no bishop before it's just a free bishop wouldn't really help black's position so two moves are worth considering one of them is g5 because you kind of kick this bishop and you sever this connection to the d8 square but g5 also has its .

Problems because now my knight on e4 is gonna be bomb so uh g5 is not the way black would want to go mbl simply took queen takes a2 and this position is equal which is so weird because black has two extra pawns white has so much activity .

But the position is equal so after queen takes a2 simple moves rook d1 my goal is to come poke you on the d8 square now black plays queen d5 poking you back going after some of your weak pawns as well and now finally what do you think wise should do this is another .

Critical move when i was watching this game i had a little trouble finding this not trouble more like it wasn't exactly my first choice so what do you think this move should be it's not a hard move it's a very logical move i'll give you guys maybe about 30 .

Seconds try to think about what opponent wants how can you activate some of your pieces that are not necessarily as well activated uh no right now careful because your pawn and your knight are under attack so you don't you can't just play something like you can't just like develop your bishop or your pawn .

So interesting okay i'm annie yeah you're correct we need three first yeah queenie you are defending this night you're opening up your rook and you are create you're also kind of like it's not exactly that but you're kind of like keeping like a half eye open on the king i like that yeah so now if .

Knight takes b and knight takes e5 what do you think white's gonna do white has a very strong move which kind of um leads to a super cool win right now what do you think white's gonna do you got the knight correct but not knight e6 knight b3 yeah knight b3 is the best one .

The problem with knight taking on e6 is simply check and you still have your threads but it kind of slows it down you can't exactly play stuff like this because then bishop takes it and point is defending the eight no knight b5 is possible but then he can .

Take and just pick up the knight and we do we don't want to really give up extra slaps on my p3 no point a5 checks no way for queen to defend the eight square and the queen is going to drop all right um so now what about queen takes e5 what do you think white should do now .

For those of you who have seen this game you might have an easier time choosing between these moves but um knight c6 for who oh i set up knight b3 um nice c6 i think the easiest way to look at it is kling could take the rook you take back and then he would just eat .

Your knight in this complex i agree uh we don't necessarily i think bishop g3 is interesting but your bishop is still very useful where it is so we don't really need to move it however uh one other thing that we could consider is okay so we had a bunch of problem .

With this check right with this diagonal so whoa so let's just close it up let's just close up this diagonal oh hello kitty and your main instructor has arrived we move the microphone around so he can sit somewhere ah don't type on the laptop but here .

Okay all righty we got the we got the cat in the house he's with he was attention deprived i didn't look at him for like two seconds all right let's go ahead um so right now c3 is a very nice move because you simply block this check .

Possibilities and now it's kind of clear why it is eventually gonna do a short castle right so the question is how are we going to um where should we put this bishop now black plays bishop c5 it's not a serious threat it's kind of it's not like you're gonna take it because you drop the queen um .

It's just like just pressure black is trying to develop white is trying to do the same and also keep in mind this f5 is something that could pop up so it's time we're not going to be able to do anything on d8 so let's kick this queen away and now what do you think we should do .

This was a very very cool move what do you think white should do here what do you think she is gmp she isn't he certainly acts like one joins us in all these hard positions and leaves as soon as the position gets a little complex good job .

So i have a suggestion for bishop c4 why how would bishop c4 work what if he takes it and again if you by any chance have missed the live commentary you can watch it again you don't need to just watch this game for from my side so you are more than welcome to watch .

The official commentary that um yasser maurice and alejandra they're doing and if you need more languages i'm sure you can find more of them on twitch and anywhere basically because this is the hot stuff that's happening in the chess world basically for the year so .

All right so bishop c4 what if clean takes it serious question what would you do now oh exactly bishop d6 good one and to be fair before bishop c4 you could have also considered bishop d6 if take now knight b5 and go for this guy .

However yeah yeah chest 24 with magnus's commenter is also amazing however this bishop c4 was a novelty and so good for bobby and after take that in the game after take bishop d6 happened yes you can't really take it because it's bye bye queen careful with that .

You can't really move it let's say if you move it that's not going to work for you you can just move this bishop and simply start enjoying your checks so you're a little busted now in the game black found the best move what do you think is the best move for black .

What do you think uh no well technically i manny yes but um 1900 played this line up until instead of bishop c4 bishop d6 in 2013 so technically it wasn't a novelty until bishop c4 but in high level yes and i have cat hair in my coffee no taking here wouldn't also help but i .

Think it's interesting to mention now you can move the queen and simply queen g3 or even cast the link should be interesting enough because you can never actually castle because i have that diagonal so i guess potentially yes but does knight c6 work .

No because if right now knight c6 i'm just going to take it over here take back check now same thing e5 i'm just going to take it over here white has a simple thread knight f6 yes again if you have seen this game nothing wrong with that you are more .

Than welcome to help me as my like ta and just throw in hints in the chat not necessarily say the best move just like throw hints and like white ones this black wants this so what should do this to stop black wanting that stuff like that all right all right so pj had a little snack he's joining us again .

For this after short break after knight of six what do you think we should do we can definitely eat this right it's kind of free but with what what should we eat that poor guy with thank you i am peaches ta at this point start this is mama hey .

Okay good good we have a decision thank you taking with the knight is the best one yes the taking with bishop doesn't exactly work and there's no other move here after knight f6 that actually worth thinking about because you've given up a piece so you need to actually um start receiving .

You're either retrieving that piece or you have like a killer attack on unfortunately you don't have a killer attack going so the best you could do is get that piece back control that's diagonal and enjoy your time nothing wrong with that all right so .

After uh take on c5 knight d5 where should we place our clean i think there are two they're like two two places that are definitely worth considering but one of them can be eliminated quite fast so where do you think we should go with .

The queen so that's the thing going um queen to g3 or d2 point the problem is that i can simply just get the will get this knight out anywhere and that's not gonna be very pleasant that's not exactly what we want as white we don't want my phone to happily develop .

The problem with queen g3 is that it looks good but queen takes c3 don't forget to think about what your opponent wants and it's a much better ending game for black he has extra pawns and white doesn't have enough stuff to um to you know attack in that endgame so where .

Else can the coin go we're kind of running out of squares so point e5 what the idea with 25 is still i'm attacking on g7 i'm still trying to hold my own and enjoy the position but at the same time i don't want to exchange queens so we got that going as well .

So after queen e5 mbl is realizing that okay i gotta you know stop eating ponds because if i eat right here king f2 and white scan starts to do like those fake castles and that's not really going to be helpful for black's lack of development and also g7 is falling right peach peach .

So after um knight d5 queen e5 black made simple moves you want to eat my pawn i don't want you to eat my pawn fair enough now this is another masterpiece here so let's take a quick look at it what do you think white should do this is such a cool move .

What this fish night sacrifice you guys got it yeah i meant if you remember and if you want to share you're more than welcome to do so just do it subtly like hey guys what do you think about those knights like working together something like that .

Taking on e6 is the best one because honestly if we could castle i think we should try that but at the moment that's impossible and the other problem is that if i give black two three moves because this is right now white has dynamic advantage black is just gonna attack to clean .

Now my queen gotta move then black would try to exchange queens and black is not completely hopeless it's just that um white wish i mean i wish i had another like my pieces were a little bit more active or like had a pawn here trying to attack but because we don't we .

Only have three more pawns left we have to be very careful with them so knight takes e6 this is dynamic advantage we need to go attack attack attack attack take back okay we're gonna take that anyways now there's a question does it matter which night uh a little bit .

Yes because now there's this check and let's say if you play king f2 take you can't really take that anymore the queen is um your queen is a little occupied unfortunately does that make sense yeah so we don't want to do that let's take with the chorus tonight my queen .

Defending over here take i take if you try to be all cute and take it over here which is what happened in the game because if you don't do that your position is a little in the pickle you can you cannot take that that's just checkmate waiting yeah no no no this is this is too .

Hopeless for black if you want any type of fighting chances kitty you should exchange these queens and this is what happened in the game now you got to be careful because rook under attack ninth under attack i already have given that 90s extra .

And another two pawns so what do you think it did what do you think about floppy's preparation we do know that fabi won this game but what do we think about this position is this at the position we were hoping for to be a fair i have had preparations myself where .

You prepare this like crazy line and if like opponent finds every single best move okay they might end up with a tiny bit of advantage or um like a pawn extra but it's like still very equal it's not that i prepared for equalization or i guess i prepared for an equal .

Position it's that if my opponent is qualified enough and smart enough and good good enough chess player then of course he he or she can find equalize to find a way to equalize the position but even with that it's gonna be such a mental strain and .

Psychological battle because it's like so much thinking about okay is my position surviving for my opponent so yes i think this was a good choice of preparation uh okay knight c7 king f7 and now let's please for the love of god let's move this trick .

Uh this is possible but the king just runs and when i start attacking it there's this checks and it's kind of it falls out of balance so that's why we just say okay rook d3 just do that now uh if something unlike rk7 to try to save the rook that's under .

Attack all right i will be castling first no sorry i guess i could actually castle this king moves and i can eat over here uh this is another cool end game black still has two extra pawn but these pieces are not active and i'm going to try and start poking your .

Brook here and there so it's going to be a long game in the game uh mbl just going for knight e4 i agree yeah it was quite in quite impressive that mvl found every move over the board and even though he was out prepped yeah he and bill is very good playing on his .

Feet all right um okay king g6 is kind of a given finally we gotta eat that bad boy and now what do we think what do you think white what do you think about this position does white have advantage this end game was so cool slash weird i wish i had like more words to .

Describe my feelings towards this end game but this was just one of those end games that was well in chess you in order to win the game you need a bunch of stuff first of all you need to uh you know play good second of all you .

Need a generous opponent third of all you need luck and gladly fabi had all the three elements in this position in this game so good for him and me since i'm team fabi so anyone likes black's position .

Right now feel free to speak up i manny i agree drake a7 just looked weird and very passive but it would have been the best fight yes but i guess mvl wanted to play find some some activity because all game he's been kind of just responding to fobby's threats .

So i i'm assuming it's i mean it's very mentally draining so you don't want to fight like that you don't want to just always be on your toes waiting to see what opponent wants to do and just kind of respond to that all right so right now what i see that's .

So let's see anyone suggestions it is right to move and i do agree that knight got a run let's get that nice rolling okay rt8 putting my pressure on this bad boy what about this bad boy should i try to play like a rook d one type of deal or should i just take on c8 .

Oh the cat sniffing what do we think actually why am i why are you whining it's a good position don't mind i'm in an attempt to make more room for my master cats uh iron milling i intend to do as much .

As i can for the end game but i don't want to go too much in depth because first of all the commentators did that second of all i am also here to analyze your games after this one and i don't want to take too much time away from that .

That is true uh brian i agree i thought these pawns would make something cool happen anyways tank you gotta take and so it's just one of those weird positions there's a rook versus a knight and two pawns the more you can uh as whites the more activity you can have the better the more you can um .

Try to eat those pawns the better but there's a high risk of draw so that's another thing that we should be cautious of hello hi pewdiepie alright so what do you think white should do now should do we care about this bishop should we move it should we make the cat sit down .

Okay kitty you are being a little weird you want to sit down i'll massage you okay let me put the ipad up so there's more room for his majesty your majesty please sit down thank you and let me move the microphone basically yes he's like okay mama i want to sit here .

Please make the room for me right and whatever his majesty wants his majesty gets and she's a big boy yeah he is trying he's kind of sitting on the mouse right now so i apologize for any shortcomings on the chessboard from my end .

Me too we definitely should keep this bishop thank you thank you for that comment yeah bishop e3 is the best one to be honest something like maybe um that's the thing like the bishop has to stay in this diagonal if you go try to go to f4 it's just out of balance .

Bishop a3 is the best one uh you could potentially try to move the stroke but it's too early oh no they're not there it's too early yeah bishop a3 and now in the game fabi did amazing job here and the game rook f4 is the best one you need to keep your pieces active and the knights are great in center so we .

Gotta kick him away right php yeah and now we need to have this knight kicked out of center there we go and this move also was quite um challenging for me for the first minute what do you think white should do now trading rooks um potentially but in black's not gonna go for that .

What about this bishop can i make this bishop be any better yeah bishop b2 thank you yes looks weird but it works i promise yeah so um now you are threatening and you know potentially eating over here so manville went 97 it's not yeah sydney you're correct bishop b2 is .

Trying to just weaken the pawn exactly good eye and uh the idea of a dirk d6 i guess that's possible but knight f5 kind of just stops that idea for that for the time being it's possible but i think uh the way i'm trying to maybe push on the .

Um kingside pawns is a little bit better of choice all right so we push the pawns what about g4 the problem is rook c6 and i don't really want to make my king too lonely there is a question regarding bishop f8 let me address it .

Bishop f8 origins king f7 uh maybe take and then check king goes back right here i guess this this is okay i guess king f7 not the first um the best choice what's your threat to just take and give check what if i just move my king away now if you take i can just do 9-5 .

Dry yeah i don't think this works unfortunately well actually fortunately yeah a bishop of faith is has a nice little trick but no also what if you're kept seven okay check king moves and then you take that that's okay .

I guess but no i mean mission of faith is a tricky but it's not the right move for the position it's tricky in the sense that you want to go after the g7 pawn but it's it wouldn't work i mean i guess if you're playing maybe lower um lower level maybe .

Okay bishop b2 let's get rid of that and h4 h5 and here uh white is kind of going strong but at the same time it's a little scary because there's like still two pawns two connected pass pawns so what do you think white should do here what do you think white should go for can i try and eat anything .

Delicious yeah let's go after this guy black is not completely hopeless black of course has this little tricks to still try to fork me here and there okay now i'm attacking the knight the knight's gotta move check up take so now we still have one pond left as white but it .

Can be very tricky um even if we eat a6 which we soon will it's still not as winning as uh we would hope for it to be there's still a lot of tricks that black can do so 95 check and now what do we think about this position is white better .

It's very tricky but is lights better what do you think bishop do you think white's better so white is better but it needs a lot of skill and luck for whites to be able to win this game so we know fabi has the skills .

And since he won we know that he also got has the luck so let's just see how it was done and stop touching my rush yeah king g3 you gotta activate your king you gotta try and still keep your opponents on his toes get the king activated lovely finally we can eat this pawn all right .

Now i have um i have made the mistake of uh drawing similar positions in my days but fab is not me so um it's very important to actually be able to understand the ideas behind these moves so for example when um oh trying to .

Ah so for example when my chat stops working ah there we go lovely so what do you think i kind of actually want to get a little uh opinion on what do you guys think is happening and yeah father is amazing that's why .

I'm rooting for him and also the title of this cool stream being go fabi which could have been gopishi but what do you think okay maybe bringing the rook maybe okay so you're kind of people are considering pushing this pawn i think yes with a little too early we .

Don't we don't we want to keep that we never knew so um nicolas yeah exactly that's kind of the idea if i could somehow trade this rook for the night the pawn is better for my pawn to you know be all the way in the back so king e4 okay that's the knight .

Getting cornered great for me now the idea is clear i want to keep my king in the center i don't want your knight in the center or your king and i'm eventually going to go rook g3 and push your king to uh corner as well okay no problem knight on f5 is not a problem .

But now trick question should i play g4 or not no i agree we shouldn't this knight came from d6 so it probably wants to go back and remember in end games the idea of rook staying uh exactly in this position from the night .

Is a golden we want that we want to push the knight away push the knight away push the knight away why not well ernesto we don't want to rush with g4 we want g4 to be very well timed because if i play g4 then even if i manage to somehow get exchange the rook and the knight and win .

Your pawn my pawn on g4 and your kingdom g6 on my king on f4 is a draw the end game would be the content game would be a draw yep rook d3 is better because now the knights gotta move you can't move the king the only piece you can do is the knight and we all made a mistake he should have .

Played knight to e7 followed it by trying to keep the knight somewhat active and would have been a better defense he played knight h6 which was wrong good for us chequito king move away now your knight can't really go anywhere which is perfect .

I'm just gonna play chill okay your night's going even more backwards oh great for me uh king of five has a slight inaccuracy what do you think is better move for white here what do you think is the best move for whites here since that night is so in a pickle .

Actually i kind of want to eat pickle cravings sour and salty stuff maybe because in the last few days i've been eating so much chocolate i really should stop eating chocolate not forever just tone it down uh rook h3 potentially but what about going the other way .

Or even c3 or b3 doesn't i mean like going going long so i could um kind of just do waiting moves that the goal the thing is that with these waiting moves eventually black is gonna get busted because let's say king g6 okay i'll just go over k5 .

Knight c6 all right i'm just gonna go backwards to backrank two or or i could even just play like rook d5 you can't really do knights e5s oh well taking heroes is still a little too early this would still because king gets to go to g5 at the end but that's kind of the idea we want to .

Have that like right now if you were to be cute and move your king you'll definitely take that so yeah yeah exactly anyways uh in the game fabi didn't do that he kind of rushed it with king f5 got checked got another check but it's not the end of the world .

He can still go ahead and kick that light 97 was a mistake knight c7 would have been better to try and keep it a little more um challenging but with the knight on e7 now uh rook c3 would be the best one to avoid knight c6 .

How about fabi chose a different trial than he went kanga for and did a little repeating and now he chose another approach instead of going for something like rookie tree to go to the um more freer side he chose rookie stream but he still oh he still has a better .

Position you got gotta sit down man and now what do you think black afternoon king g6 what do you think we should you do see you can see peach's ears it kind of looks weird but here's a lovely heating shoe what do you think .

If you need to stop black from entering yeah uh but not gaming can get four is definitely possible however by key uh playing something like rocketry is much better and that is what fabi did now in this game mvl made a mistake with .

King f7 knight e7 would have been better but you see the problem is you never know where exactly to get that knight i i'm guessing the knights being on g5 is kind of more the most comforting one but then eventually this king is gonna move away and we would have king f5 so .

i don't think that's going to be as pleasant anyways so king f7 this game most of it i mean for the end game portion was just trying to um find the best way to kind of poke the opponent nothing wrong with that that's actually .

Great you're trying to break his spirit his position get your pieces in all right so um now what do you think white should do we're almost done with this game five more moves or so change d5 not exactly king f4 yes so the .

King of five is also a little too immature because simply check and it's not it's kind of like this doing the same dance so king f4 i'm gonna wait for you see what you do i might be able to do king f5 so um here mbo played knight h6 now this knight can only go back to g8 .

So let's do rook g3 when you play knight g8 now i have a cool killer move what do you think is this cool killer move it's a very cool move uh might let me see no taking is not no no no no no if your king was on f5 yes but it's not there and you can't do king five now .

But you have the right idea how can i get my king closer to opponent sixth rank king five you just get checked so you can't do that what else you guys we tried bringing the king from the f-file failed to try to bring the king from the .

Other side failed what about king bringing to the other side and rook h3 this knight goes to e7 if you check just the king goes up exactly let's bring the king closer king g4 amazing move for by fabi and the thing is if now you play like .

Knight g8 then it's ganzo because i take take and then i'll just come eat this guy right so you can't do that as black so black tries to keep the knight active but that's also a lost position now knight f4 might be coming up so we gotta stop that and now what do we do .

The king moved away my king is in prime position what do you think we should do now two more moves and black resigned it is super winning now just have to figure out how to get to that f6 pawn push yes let's push first uh king g6 king g6 and not exactly is i guess it's .

Possible but you can't really do that because the knight gets too close so let's just play g4 no need to worry about any of these king e5 king g6 there you go you can't move the ninth because i'll take that you can't really do that because i'll just play king g7 and i'll rook f5 you and then i can just .

Actually eat here honestly and push that yeah that was such a beautiful game and you guys kind of knew this strategy as soon as we got to one rook versus one group one pawn versus one night one pawn you kind of knew that okay we should get this to pawn and game .

But it was kind of the matter of how that might have been challenging to some of us and finding the most accurate moves are never easy even fabi didn't find the super accurate moves in this game nobody can always play accurate moves so that's why that's that's why this game was actually one of my favorite .

Ones because it shows that you can make second best moves or not best moves here and there and still win the game it's not it's chess is not just about finding the best levels all the time you need some luck too all right uh we are gonna take a short break probably a .

Little less than 10 minutes and we will see you on twitch have your games ready we're going to look at them on leachat on our segment of switch to twitch i'll see you guys in about 10 minutes make sure to show up to our twitch channel have your games ready uh preferably on .

Leeches to share with me and for those of you who haven't really been in the chess world in the last few days candidates is going on and the chess club is doing official commentary so uh tuning to watch those every morning well actually kind of really early .

Morning in the u.s but um so yeah make sure to follow the events and i'll see you on twitch shortly if you have any questions habits ready for our