In Da Fed (Friedman vs Keynes vs Hayek) – Economics Rap

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo cane is [ __ ] theories we gonna pretend that we like your theories we're gonna spend a bunch just like your theories and you know we don't give a [ __ ] about your theory the demon is my name monetarist man I believe a function represents money demand I think money supply comes without release and long run it will .

Lead to price level increase at first I thought you had the right idea Keynes I agreed with your beliefs is the policy he'll drain but then I understood that idea should be bent the Fed is in control not the government when we look at a mess you know controlled by the bed we see a vertical line just the guide in the red when the Fed can do whatever it .

Gets out of control so this should be given rules so they don't abuse the role because the function of the mass is most important of all and then all of this defending should camp real small money velocity in short run kept so stable and fake so when the long money supply will cause inflation of things to be in at the same rate as the beds increased so .

With no business been hungry we'll all be at peace and yeah inherent that markets work well without health gloves so why disruptors lazy fair with help from the Gulf gov God focused man's a money on the minds because it's really disability that keeps mine now we all know that I'm the equals P Y in the short this is the quantity theory of .

Money do you need more you know that money control that's the best advice X is funny only leads to growth spurts in the price we don't really want inflation we want growth to be high so Keith governmental control money supply yeah cartooning is the key stability keep inflation in control that's the greatest policy .

Make the sense rotation velocity so why is king salir forget about AG one day supply should keep control so that stuff in day the cheese my God my G my my a book came my idea is changing the world and you should love it way more than you hate it my man you mad I thought that you'd be happy I made I'm the guy with the Nobel Prize for econ you that you .

Ain't even won nothing come on we all know that supply of money must be tight but you would have us all think fiscal spending is right if inflation buckets bet you'd ask for more control we should focus on money homie that's our main goal I'm gonna tell you one last time for spending money will not help us to not .

Let politicians spend and just focus on so we can have the ability it's an all time low me see what you gotta say guys let's go yo yo yo yo hi it's your theories we can pretend like we like to do he's gonna do done we just like get to you reason and you know we don't bro talk about your theories Haymitch I'm in turkey my name .

Lines arranged okay I got a plan if you wanna stay betaine trying to policy easy easy to set it free so you gotta trust the Gov you wanna get to love you can find the solution and evolution jewelry all my books if you wanna get rid of the gun I'm into the ad I ain't into setting free so you gotta spend the cash if you wanna save the crap oh hi there's no .

Invisible hand you snippet lies by using arrogant step and the CSU goes real Judy P and B it's flat you know we don't wanna quit e-track fiscal policies be increased ad loan an aggregate supply say bye-bye all you show is the natural unemployment rate in the short run really show us our plate we do should stick to friendly .

Stop arguing with me the general you have employed interest money in order to save the nation was gonna stop this fluctuation different lives and economy with sensible policy cut taxes increase spending it has a possessory expand money to with discretion we gotta do all of this to stop the recession yo Kaiser stop your .

Aggressions my name is Jeff intervenes no one knows your name look at what you're doing you're the one to blame people argue all your different theories the man the road and Obama eat into setting free to spend the cash you wanna save the crowd should be controlled that means you spend to face the gaps get the Manchus keep them high we've .

Been and we see growth see the MBC is what over em yes is fix this mess summer spent a great small job so more initial purchases creates a larger Kingdom this budget deficit to economy needs help everything controls for people yelp always one of theirs experiment patients raise taxes pending all over the nation in the real world .

Prices aren't flexible as they were core theory would be somewhat careful yo was high and if all series a man where are you are you laugh yo yo yo yo yo yo yo feed me it city we we gonna pretend that we like city reason we gonna raise our money just by Series and you know we don't give a [ __ ] about you D we put the fact is my name .

Popsicles they wrists I enjoy judgment it doesn't really fit naturai foot is right so nothing needs to change if he wants to grow just keep everything the same logical employments does crucial factors in the law not short one is what econ takes after some say there are some false but they're of no deep concerns because in the very end .

Natural GDP return once a state's a law everything makes sense supply makes the man nothing rated expense as from producer output they get respective income once they receive their money thereby go to make a system production causes consumption it's a cycle so a natural GDP it's always attainable all the haters might say people don't always .

Spend what they make they bring up one Savior and the function it creates but homie angry savings ain't a big deal it helps fund investment and real GDP it appeals if people don't borrow that still isn't a bad issue to interest will go down an investment will ensue its owner will Marcus man the determines of rates if there's a gap on the graph that .

Econ will still do great even with the recession it doesn't even matter if you all go back to normal I'm a theory won't shout no regulation meeting just release free expanding money Friedman is unnecessary you took us on long broaden off on the near quarters come on sis give it time your home will be stronger all your news mechanisms no control .

Required they can ensure constant growth just abilities I wired try due to as much big house do any real good so don't exert yourself see the markets like you should Price's wages are flexible similar to the interest rates the growth the swells da are stirred down all turned by the invisible hands and you should love it .

Way more than you hate as for wages don't just before falling in a pit its workers sub pi squared us and it's done man wages decreasing for point less than wit stands when the recession happens we'll still be all right earnings will start to drop as for shifts to the right money supply right then let it persist grown spine cherry neutrons you homie .

Keeps on going doubling money supply Rises prices not real close to Friedman your ideas flawed number microscope so leave economy alone and watch it really thrive it gives my baby is stride