Maths vs Science

What's the difference between maths and science so I'm just going to share one big difference with you so let me share my screen with you maths versus science what's the difference well let's take science first off in science the credibility of ideas are confirmed through experiments now in science if a new idea doesn't work in .

The lab then we must reject the concept and if a new idea does work in the lab then we can accept it perhaps tentatively now maths is a little bit different what happens in maths in maths an idea can only be accepted when a formal proof has been constructed up until then it's just a conjecture .

So proofs are – maths as experiments are – science now of course in numerical and computational maths there's always some experimentation so I'm sort of talking about classical science and perhaps classical maths here but this sort of opens up a even more interesting question is maths part of science now it doesn't have to be maths could be part .

Of philosophy or it could be part of computer science or it could be part of engineering what do you think is maths part of science and what other differences are you aware of between maths and science thanks for watching everybody see you later