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Dad was his mom was her dad's princess and gatu was his mom's favorite both of them also used to love their parents very much but in the hour of judgment would take her dad's side and gathu would stand by his mom's side one day both of them were having conversation in the hall .

Powerful mom or dad my mom my mom is powerful that dad that's when mom came to them and started calling dad who was standing in the gallery hey the cylinder is over go and get the cylinder from the storeroom hearing this jinky started laughing loudly what happened important you go dad will bring the .

Cylinder right ghetto started laughing again and gutu got angry then lifting the heavy cylinder like baahubali dad walked towards the kitchen dad is as powerful and mom can't even dad can pick up move cylinder but can he stand for hours in the kitchen to make .

Breakfast for us in the morning lunch in the afternoon snacks in the evening and then dinner for night mom takes the broom and mop and cleans the house in the jiffy when dad goes down his back hurts mom finishes so many tasks in no time yet her back doesn't hurt so mom is more powerful than dad hearing this got angry no that is .

Powerful no mom no dad hearing both of them arguing mom and dad came to the hall why are you arguing see mom is more powerful than you oh so what is wrong with that is absolutely right i am more powerful .

Hearing this mom smiled and said if so then i challenge you will you do what i can yes come on dad accept the challenge yes yes why not tell me what to do it's simple today both of us will cook together you will make it for yourself and chinese and i will cook for got to and me this is cheating isn't it mom dad .

Will cook food but will you be able to go to office like dad will you be able to drive a car like that when both of you weren't born then i also used to go to the office drop your father in the office and then go to my office alone with the car but after both of you were born i had to .

Now leave will be a great fight in the kitchen mom versus dad the competition started mom and dad started cutting vegetables mom's hands were running faster than dad yes because cooking was not his thing but chinti had complete faith on dad both of them put their vegetables on the gas and both started kneading the dough .

Now dad was moving faster than mom kneading the dough with strength yes dad dad dad dad come on dad both of them started kneading the dough by rolling out chapati's dad was rolling out the chapaties and they were also becoming round just like the chapatis made by mom which also plated like balloons on the stove .

Wow dad i didn't even know this talent of yours where did you learn to make chapatis during college when all my friends lived in flats in bangalore i used to make chapatis every day mom dad cooked all the food together and the competition was over competition is over and amazing thing is that both the players were successful in this test now .

It's time for the result then what gatu sat down at the dining table dad served food to and mom served gattu both took a bite each and started eating wow mom you have made a very tasty food today it is really good but poor jinky as soon as she took the first bite she started talking heavily tears started .

Flowing from her eyes and nose she made a weird face and started drinking water what happened the food isn't good or what chapatis are fine but the vegetables salt and pepper are too much my mouth is burning on hearing this dad disappointedly looked that warm mom understood and quickly picked up the vegetables prepared by dad and ran .

Towards the kitchen after a while mom came back with the vegetables she served that vegetable to took a bite and she was shocked and cooked the vegetable again hearing this dad smiled and said see how talented your mom is i was just .

Joking not me but your mother is the real powerful one yes yay now we have to accept mom is very powerful it's not like that both of us are joking with you .

Both of us are powerful both male and female are powerful but when they work together if one of them leaves then the power of the other automatically decreases so there is no comparison between the two i cannot do what your dad can do and i cannot do what your mom can do but you can do a lot of things together .

Right exactly so what did we learn today that is we should never be proud different talents are hidden in every person we should respect each other and live together so come on let us finish all this food together .

The food is getting cold and i am really hungry what do you say yes yes let's go and then along with gatuchinki their parents also sat down to eat and started enjoying the food videos