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Monocot Vs Dicot|Biology|Botany|Cell_Biology|

About the difference between monocots and dicots angiosperms are the types of plants that have flowers and most of them have seeds encased in fruit there are two major types of angiosperms a monocot which has one cotyledon which is the .

Seed leaf and provides food for the embryo and dicot which have two cotyledon let's take a look at some of the major traits of monocots and dicots the flowers of monocots usually have three petals .

Or a multiple of three petals they have long slender leaves with veins that run parallel if you look at the vascular tissue in monocots you will see that they are spread out randomly throughout the stem in dicots the flowers come often in four or five petals or multiples .

Of these numbers the leaves are usually wide and the veins branch off from one another if you look at the vascular tissue you will see that it is arranged in a circle or ring so in summary let's take a look at how they are different monocots have .

A single cotyledon dicot have two the leaves of a monocot are long and narrow with parallel veins a dicot have broad leaves and a network the vascular bundles of a monocot are scattered and in a dicot they are in a ring and finally monocots are usually the petals .

Of the flowers are in multiples of threes and in dicots they are usually in multiples of four or five so there we go the two major types of angiosperms monocots and dicots thanks for watching


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