Hello hello how is it going everybody hope you're having a good day well for those of you who are not in the u.s today is election day so the nerves are a little touched and people are just anxious and just yeah some real fun stuff and .

I also have my neuroscience exam tomorrow which i am not ready for and peachy has been very playful so i just wanted to get the updates out there um but yeah well hopefully by end of the week we'll have some um more i want to say good news but i .

Feel like there's yeah i'm just gonna say we're gonna have some stable news hopefully by end of the week or so about the election but i don't know enough about politics to speak very comfortably all i all i know is well i'm a chess player i'm an .

Immigrant so yeah so i just want to show you some good chess let's enjoy some chess let's look at some really dynamic stuff and hopefully this will train our minds as well um yeah so you are most likely going to hear a lot .

On the cat he has been extremely just vocal so the thing is here in san luis it had some really horrible weather recently but today it got really good so he wanted to go out but i couldn't take him out because i had to study because of the neuroscience exam tomorrow .

And yeah so it hasn't really been his day so to speak all right so um i'm sure he'll forgive me with some liquid tuna but okay let's get to some chests so um the first wait where is my breath there's there's my browser and i also have some cheetos right before .

Yeah um so the first game i wanted to show you is a game that's van der and brunchtan i'm probably i'm not pronouncing them as if they should be but that's how i learned them and uh yeah this game was very familiar i don't know if you guys can see this part .

But uh because this happened in the candidate tournament so zurich 1953 so if you have not read that book yet you should like get it now get it today that's one of the books that i always recommend to people reading i would definitely recommend reading it with the commentary because there are .

Some versions that they just have the games so make sure you find the one with the commentary i do not know for sure where you can find it but i'm sure these books these books are very popular it wasn't that hard for me to find it when i was back in iran .

Years ago so this is a very famous um game and a very famous tournament so just be sure to um put it on your to-do list all right um so this game the opening was pretty normal they didn't really have much novelties to it i just have a usual i don't say usual kings indian yeah .

Thank you peter we should be able to find it on amazon and so i wanted to ask who here has encountered uh this position or at least place kingzone in with this setup whoa you've never read anything on chess huh .

Well to be fair write these days with youtube and twitch and all the other platforms people use a lot of the classic games and teach it by what i'm doing so you don't necessarily have to have the book but i would always recommend having that um that self-thinking and just deciding for .

Yourself and those stuff so all right great so um nobody really plays this wow i am a little shocked i thought there would be at least i want to say five or six people okay so okay i see some nice comments are coming in all right great okay so yeah i mean this .

Isn't there's not something super specific about this um like i feel like and like anybody can should be able to play any opening but in the lower levels people generally have um um like a preference so i consider .

Myself lower level compared to the super grandmasters obviously so for me like i have a like i prefer to play really active so if you give me a very dry position um that's very strategic very dry that it doesn't i can't really come up with much uh most likely they're not either i'm gonna mess .

It up or even if i don't mess it up i'm just not going to be able to win it all i can do is hold it so that's why um in lower levels it's a very good idea to actually know what you want to play and just look around with games just see what what .

Type of opening what type of chess feels right to you and yeah i think that's something that would help you your specific uh chats a lot all right so i'm glad i mentioned that okay so um oh i see some uh ah steve north i remember you from twitch channel .

If i'm not mistaken um all right cool what what exactly do i recommend why well i'm not exactly recommending the well actually i thought the analysis were by naidor for the zurich 1953 tournament um but well i recommend it because it was one .

Of the great tournaments that i feel like it's one of those classics the same way i feel like you should know the history of your country it's a good idea to know the history of chess and a lot of the great players just played in it so i think you should have an at least a .

Basic foundation on it and but that's not the only reason it i think that was there goes the cat with his explanation i think that was one of the first tournaments that it's kind of like had that foundation of analysis to it but um yeah uh it's it's really hard for me to explain i .

Just i really liked reading it hello grandmaster fishy uh all right so yeah i think so too peter i've i've heard different things about it as well okay so um i i actually put i don't play this king's indian too often i played it occasionally when i was still hunting .

Down dorms um but yeah so this might see five ideas actually pretty interesting you're trying to just going after this poor pond i've actually never played this a5 myself there has been other lines that were tried but a5 makes sense because well .

At some point this b4 is coming and when you think about it a little bit different from a different perspective uh this is kind of the moroccan pawn structure well with the mark c like there is usually the pawn of c5 that has been exchanged and then like the c pawn is usually like on e7 or and .

So that's a little bit that little slight difference um but like you still have those ideas this bishop is still holding this giant diagonal this bishop should still figure out where it exactly wants to go um so there's still similarities so it .

Doesn't hurt you from understanding the moroxy type of structures okay um oh i think he's still north that's very nice to see um what's who's the highest rated oh that's a hard question i i mean well this wasn't rated well it was rated but it wasn't a classic .

Game it was a rapid rate game i played fabiano i helped i held it for good um i got it opening correctly i think i didn't feel too miserable after the opening and then time travel in the middle game i just collapsed but yeah i think i don't think i've played anyone higher than him .

Well okay um let's just think a little bit about this position so one of the things to know is this idea of a group b1 so as i mentioned in the maroxy type of structures white generally wants to gain as much as .

A space that's that's not a secret and this bishop over here is looking towards the stroke which kind of and the pawn on a5 is kind of like paralyzing white's queen side so in order for whites to be able to somehow break through white needs to .

Deal with this issue right so i think one of the ways is to consider exchanging these bishops but at least right now that's
either i wouldn't really recommend that because even in the real marroquin type of pawn structures you don't really want to do that .

You know i usually take this knight if taken and you go back for those of you who are a little bit more theoretical um so you don't exactly want to change it the other reason is because this bishop would just look really weird if your other bishop is not on the board anymore .

Your bishop is just um looking towards these two central ponds that are the same color and um they don't really want to have bad bishops right so group b1 is kind of another idea that white could have gone with .

And the idea is just simple you want to get this b b pawn moving even though you will give up the a file you are still kind of like getting that space and just trolling around some um some uh i was gonna say some ponds but i don't think that's exactly right you shouldn't throw our own pawns .

Anyways that's something that's uh it's worth considering just depending on how much you want this space ah i see the green screen now huh i usually don't watch myself on youtube i just read the chat so i'm just i'm looking at it on here and i see huh this green screen is actually .

Not very pleasant sorry about that uh no actually my cat doesn't i don't think he wants to play chess he wants to go outside and hunt stuff he actually killed a bird not by actually catching it by scaring it to death so that was a very um weird thing that i have seen i tried to like give the bird .

A little like mini cpr with just like finger on the heart and all and yeah that that poor guy was gone i never thought my cat could scare anything like that so when yeah yeah i don't know the the cat is uh just yeah he he does interrupt a lot and he's also very cute and it kind of .

Balances out but yeah during exams especially and during the tournaments yeah anyways um enough about the cat stories so queen c2 so my question for you is black to move what do you think black should do you you know the ideas from both white .

And black side well we both want space we're both gonna fight for space we are both trying our best to well because the center is still pretty mobile mobile uh you can still do a lot to um fight for it and poke around in it so that's something to keep in mind oh .

Thank you yeah those are very great our ideas thank you aaron and um let's see why did it stop hold on ah there should be six interesting i agree the nikon d4 is unprotected but you can't you don't really have like .

A tricky way to attack it because if you take it well um you take this can't i just simply sorry take back and i don't think that's going to be very pleasant the f6 square is going to be kind of painful um yeah your brook is also undefended i don't really like this guys .

Yeah this uh yeah no no there are way better ways to go about it so i don't think we should move this knight right now i either would like to develop so i either wanna like um do something with this bishop or i kind of want to continue fighting for um space .

So those are kind of my two choices hello kitty what do you want to see let's see what else i'm not sure about that um maybe hold on but i still don't see the right move honestly let's give it another try guys um i so yes c6 is a pretty cool move .

But what is your idea i think c6 is a great idea another move that i was thinking that you guys could potentially offer was a4 i thought these two moves would be um bishop d7 i feel like bishop d7 is just too chill bishop comes to e3 or comes with d1 .

I don't really know what like what do you want to do with this bishop yeah um so i'm not super familiar with these type of positions either i kind of play this as white so i have a general idea of what white wants to do um but not necessarily what black should do honestly but one thing that i learned .

Playing oh he wants headrooms uh playing like different openings is just no please don't sleep on the mouse uh it's just the ideas with c6 and b5 those kind of really shine in a lot of the games let me let me remove this a furry horrible .

Yeah he's getting a big boy okay um interesting but i i still might taste and then you'll take it back with the palm and yeah your pawn structure gets weird but good good idea with the tricky uh pin i think that was interesting all .

Right so c6 is actually the best move um the thing with c6 is that now if you continue with bishop e3 now i'm gonna bring the knights back so the idea of the c6 is not just to um well attack for d5 or b5 it's more controlling these squares and you kind of are considering them well not right now obviously .

But you kind of just want to give yourself that option to have it like up your sleeve and you can just whip it out whenever you want um but i really like this idea with my d7 97 is a very great idea you are opening your bishop you might want to relocate the knight and go poke around there .

So i think this is a very cool idea um so white plays rook d1 simple moves uh i was thinking maybe e3 would be a little more prophylactic but d1 and a4 because well the knight is on c5 depending um the pawn you're just gaining space and you guys are going to see how important it is to .

Continue pushing this pawn so that's something to keep in mind yeah i see the cat is gaining a lot of popularity among you guys yeah it's great actually um maybe we could do that that's i mean a possibility depending on what the position requires .

But i feel like my e5 is more realistic just going around for that but again we're going see it really depends on what the opponent does for example best move right now anybody wants to take a shot at it and tell me what's about what would be the best move for white .

I agree c6 does look a little um just weird like not the first one you could think about so ah what is f4 um so the thing about f4 is f4 is actually doable but when you play f4 you're very committed to just playing in the king side and center and you're kind of giving up on .

Your clean side so either thank you thank you um i see a the right move in the chat b4 is the right move so uh either you are going to fight for um both king and coincide which is what you ideally want to do with a move like b4 and after b4 will take .

Take queen a5 you know taking over space and now black has to figure out how to get this guy out um the best suggestion was to stop b4 and get the other knight down and then you're gonna slowly try and figure out what to do with this bishop you know it's not that easy for black to be able .

To do that and um apparently if i'm not mistaken this game was played um in olympia 1982 so the correct move of b4 was played about 30-ish years almost 30 years after this kid the game between uh roshewski and brunch name so however rachelski did .

Not play this b4 in the game and he simply played knight e2 so now you saw how white can um get well how white should have gone about it and how white should have fought for the queen side but now with knight e2 what do you think black can do .

How do you think black can use this this um this mistake huh why am i wearing a tiara i got that question reported this is not a tiara this is just a headband a plastic one as well it's like yeah so i don't know why you guys want to see me in the tiara .

But yeah i'm good i'm good thank you your slob yeah it's been going kind of weird i procrastinated on doing the studying for an exam that i have tomorrow so i am pretty roasted toasted all of the just yeah i have to watch about five hours of .

Lecture and read the study guide that if i'm not mistaken is about 45 pages um all right i don't really see the right move honestly in the chat just yet
and oh this is actually kind of cute tracy is asking if chichat is behaving .

Yeah chad is behaving i probably shouldn't be reading this out loud but tracey's saying good stuff right yeah the chat is usually behaving sometimes towards the end some somebody shows up from somewhere and it gets funny but let's see no .

Nothing so oh thank you arianne i think you were the first one who set the current field with queen 85 so queen a5 is very interesting because i i get it when a5 looks weird because you're technically dropping your d6 pawn but the thing is with queen a5 .

Remember in the other line even when white played the best moves we still did this queen a5 that is another idea with c6 to free the queen right we wanted to free this queen and for those of you who play this line with white or have more experience in this pawn structure in maroxy or uh .

The sorry marxy pawn structure you kind of know that this idea with queen a5 is pretty famous the only thing is that in sicilian there is no pawn on c7 anymore so this pawn is already moved yes mr pishi and um so white goes there we go up there now what do you guys think about rook .

Takes d6 do you think that's a good idea for white or should why shouldn't do that oh so while you guys are thinking about the best before black i'm gonna ramble and complain about this stray cat so this uh there's a stray cat .

That comes behind the door every single night pretty much as soon as the sun was going down and well of course i feed him creatures leftovers and my leftovers and all but the problem is that i put the food like a few meters away so he eats it he chills he goes but um unfortunately .

This guy really wants to play with my cat so he always comes behind the door and just gets fishy all um riled up and all and it's not as fun as it sounds it's cute for like few minutes and then and i actually had a baby fight yesterday i opened the door to see if .

The other cat wants to come and fishy sprinted out and they kind of hissed at each other for a little bit it was interesting fishing rarely hisses so that is my crazy cat story now let's see um ah well thank you for watching all the way from germany .

This game i mean i'm sure this game was very famous so either you've seen it before you're gonna see it later or you could simply just well watch the rest of it later so thank you for watching good to know there are a lot of cat fans here so yeah this is some romance going on actually i don't .

Know if that cat is a female of male but my cat is a male okay so the thing is i i i see that there are some confusions about uh this rook d6 well rft6 is definitely worth considering but the problem is knight e5 and now the c4 is pretty .

Um what's the right word i was gonna say poked i think that's that's yeah that's what i'm going to choose the c4 pawn is pretty poked and white can only play something like c3 sorry b3 to defend it and then we're going to take and then we're going to .

Simply do a little mini baby tactic of taking over there and the knight of three and the the rook on e1 falls and when that falls the queen on a5 just the king on e1 is just basically just gonna be like christmas so yeah this is not so very pleasant for .

White obviously all right oh from indonesia nice all right so that is why actually with d6 does not work because well white has way too many holes in his position for rookie d6 to actually work so white has to be very careful and that is another reason why this idea that b4 or b3 was a good .

Idea to just try and somewhat covers a lot of those holes all right so white find bishop of one knight e5 logically right you'll see this little one poke over there and so now white does sorry black to move what do you think uh branch name should .

Do oh i see some ha um well exquisite uh cats are not romantic i don't think they're they're having like a romantic thing going on it's more like just playful but yeah i don't really want to have another cat .

As long as um if she's around maybe my peaches old i'll get a baby cat for fishy to train how to be a cat i have a problem with fostering but i just i can't imagine actually liking another cat as much as i like peachy so that i think yeah i feel like it .

Won't be fair to the other cat yeah but also peachy might just you know squat tell the other cat so that's always something to consider ah so there is still a vote for bishop e6 all right so i still haven't seen ah well um cm the pawn on is already on a4 .

Do you mean a3 and keep in mind that because we have so much more space in the queen side it's not not necessarily a bad idea to just gain more space yes i kind of like this a3 idea and well so did brunch thing uh spoiler alert .

Yeah a3 was a pretty cool idea um this is kind of this is something that i've seen a lot of games happen like you don't necessarily you you might not necessarily be able to calculate why this is a good idea but just getting that space department like a3 or like h3 just like .

Those are kind of a um it's just one of those things that the more you play chess you kind of get a feeling for it i think is good um oh for example if any of you watched the games that i did the us championship or any videos that i did about the games .

That i played in the us championship um you guys would know that's the game the first game that i had against sabina that was pretty much it i i couldn't calculate why i mean what i mean how the g5 would pan out why where when how all of those fun stuff but i just knew that in that game that .

I'm talking about the first round of use championship i knew that g-pod was the only chance to gain some space get some creativity and stuff like that so i feel like it's the same with a3 you can't exactly calculate every single move um you have to just calculate that okay .

You're not wondering so i think that's the bare minimum that you should do what about knight e6 i think knight e6 um sorry knight e6 could be interesting but i kind of like my knight here i don't really feel any i mean 96 okay 96 if you don't play a3 then 96 should be the movie you do .

I like it yeah um because uh white's kind of stuck if you try to play another something like king g2 to stop the knight f3 then i could just take it and play bishop e6 i i could live with this yeah i think this is pretty cool this is pretty doable uh but a3 .

The thing with a3 is that it's kind of just it's really destabilizes ah i said the word uh the queen side so when you go ahead and play something like b3 now there's even knight f3 you take that and then c3 is falling and this one is already too far .

And uh just just imagine we get this position now actually knight takes b3 is a serious threat so i don't think this is something it's just one of those moves that you're also kind of like throwing the ball in your opponent's chord because if you play .

Knight e6 king g2 is the only move so white will most likely find it it's the only move it's not that hard but when you play a3 now it has to decide do i want b3 or do i want to do something in the king side so i kind of like that that idea about just forcing the opponent to make the .

Decision between a little bit and like a little worse than that all right so we have a very meowing cat yeah the the stray cat is behind the window so peachy is very anxious because i did not have time to take him outside today .

Oh boy all right so um why plays this f4 now quite quick question this wouldn't be too hard but what do you think we should do as black oh boy no blue cat is not hungry he has been fat cuddled brushed loved treats i gave him treats drank .

Slapped everything he just wants to go out and play
yeah the cat agrees with active going out and stuff yeah if he continues meowing i'm gonna have to force love him and bring him over and just hold him right here yeah so what do you think black should .

Do do you see any um any like uh kinky stuff or you just want to bring this knife back i don't want to see any tactics honestly i mean you could consider no just taking here is also not very take take what would i do next okay i gotta take this with the bishop .

Then what am i doing we're making g3 yeah i mean it's possible but now i want a meal it's not necessary i could just simply bring the knife back the thing is white is like unnecessarily making his position more susceptible to poking and just getting more unstable so next you could just try to you know .

Do a cool maneuver there the other thing is um the other thing to consider is that black is actually playing way more in the queen side and a little bit in center so it's a good idea to bring more pieces to that side right compared to .

If you wanted to keep your pieces in the king side and form something like that because well let's face it when you're going to poke white in the queen side locks what's going to poke you back in the king's side well you do queen side he's going to do king side so you might as well just prepare it and don't give too much opportunities .

To your opponent um unless you are one of those people who loves calculating then in that case yeah you can do some crazy stuff and just calculate your calculator until your brain hurts i avoid too much calculation because i'm generally a tired sleep-deprived person .

As a student pre-med studying for mcat so so i don't want to spend too much time calculating um so if you have too much time on your hand and you want to calculate go ahead and go for it but if you feel a little more practical or slash lazy or .

Whatever you want to call it that yeah i wouldn't say i wouldn't give up this night it could it could turn into a beautiful sacrifice it's going to it could turn into a disaster so to me knight d7 is definitely the new all right um so knight comes back e3 and just knight .

A6 you see some poking material there we go this other knight is coming up there too all right let's go up there i don't guess you're p3 hello kitty um why what's the purpose of e3 i thought something like g4 should be the way to you like you push g4 .

And you're gonna try and just form some sort of attack otherwise you will white is kind of just busted um so yeah rook e3 now whoa well kitty i need you to sit down oh it is hard to be a cat parent not an actual parent i can't imagine so .

To all the parents out there you everybody you guys deserve like a real treat like a night off ice cream wine whatever this is yeah parenting is hard little upper little cat i mean just her little cat little one for a real baby human okay um so rook e3 .

Black to move what do you think you should do the first thing i really want to do is knight b4 ah thank you yeah so knight b4 let's just go for it the knight belongs on b4 it's not like i'm actually going to bring this line to c7 again so let's just go up now black to move this is actually a kind of an interesting .

Position just because it's not too complicated but you have to actually know how to um how to manage it so you've got to show some skills so black to move what do you want to do oh boy oh no no please don't drop stuff come on kitty .

Now he's in the rebellious stage he's dropping stuff from the table oh um exquisite yeah no thank you no um yeah if slash when i have a kid i want my mom here my mom is raising that kid i want to go to work man um yeah the kid .

Can give me a call when he's 18. not kidding i i like children but now raising children is just yeah and yeah it needs to help it takes a village i'm glad that in us the concepts of working mom and just like daycare and all is such a um acceptable thing because in iran it's not .

Like they would criticize you if you go to work and leave your kid behind at home as a woman they would criticize you if you don't so there's not really like the nannies are not a real thing i think it's kind of interesting how in us you can't really lift the kids alone before a certain age i think the .

Age is like 13. please correct me i don't know exactly but yeah i think that's that's also very interesting that you actually have to have it um another like the teenager watch over the kids i think that's a yeah i think that's .

Actually i really like that's one of the things i really do like about us okay so back to chess let's stop talking about babies and babysitting and yeah i ain't gonna have a baby for a foreseeable future um so blah blah counterpoint well okay so .

I i get your idea that i saw a lot of gorgeous ideas with f5 thank you for sharing i do think that f5 is definitely interesting my problem with f5 is that it's not tricky enough if you play f5 white has a lot of options including something like g4 including something like simply bishop .

To g2 and i don't exactly like that about it so that is why i would not play f5 in my real game i kind of i cannot kind of i want to play bishop d7 normal simple moves and i want to see you i want to see you as white make the good groups if you .

Make the good moves if you can hold your position and show off all of your skills not sure you deserve the points uh whatever you going to get well i mean like half a pointer the whole point but um more often than not opponents tend to not necessarily .

necessarily just find all those right rules unless it's like a very easy position like so um yeah we can definitely look at um bishop d4 line oh there should be four line i actually did not think about this .

And knight p3 huh i guess your idea was with a2 well i'm definitely gonna take that queen makes a2 this looks very interesting but my problem is rick takes d6 at the end and i don't really know what to do about that am i missing something because .

I feel like if the d6 pawn wasn't staying it would still be playable for one for black but i don't really like this honestly i don't wanna enter a worse end game i have so much more activity here compared to that end game all right i'm glad this clarified things up .

Oh the cat's gonna drop stuff all right um where were we what about your b8 ah i'm not really sure about your v8s at least not yet oh my god you guys can see this but i'm like holding a fight with peachy over here over my flash drive all right from from next time you kitty .

Are going to be locked in a cute little only one i have to teach all right ah cats um sorry for the cat's little commercials okay um i was talking about f5 and then i was mentioning bishop d7 and you had a question about bishop d4 i .

Hope those are solved all right again if you want to buy f5 f5 is perfectly fine you can't do it just my problem with it it's too simple and it's kind of forced his opponent's hand into going for g4 next well dorset takes care no he's way too cute to be taken i could force hug him .

Um so i i kind of like bishop d7 because bishop d7 is a simple move i might want to do b5 i might just want to wait and see what you do do you want to do e5 do you want to do f5 do you want to do g4 honestly as white i think i would go for either bishop c2 or g4 .

Because i don't think that this this center is ready to be pushed just yet but even even a very strong player such as roshevsky made the mistake of playing e5 so you can understand why i've learned my lesson on not rushing into things so rushing into f5 f5 feels like a very .

Big commitment like you meet someone on a monday and you do a vegas wedding
by thursday f5 feels like that i don't know why i use that expression um but at the same time like bishop d7 is just a little bit more chill just slow you're .

Gonna let the opponent make the mistakes you're gonna show them all of those fun stuff i have not graduated from college it is my last ish year but there's a lot of there are a lot of classes i want to take and it yeah we'll see okay so everything goes yeah exactly thank you .

So that sounds actually pretty correct everything other than bishop d7 does seem like an over push uh yeah so now white plays e5 so at black we don't really have much electrodes we're gonna take that right and you can see that white's attack is already kind of .

Not as promising anymore compared to something with g4 and potentially something like that i want to bring the bishop out there so e5 take take um i think the main thing that you should worry about right now is your bishop on d7 not the fact that this rook is .

In front of us so just thinking logically about it most of your pieces are in a very reasonable position honestly i wish my bishop was a little this bishop was a little bit more activated but right now well we can't really do much about it we could just bring rook .

D8 and i do like that idea rook the eighth you're simply uh defending it and the rook is not really doing it that much on a8 anymore so that's kind of why we bring it back well we don't have to bring it back we never moved it we finally developed it .

Uh you could consider other options such as queen c7 nothing wrong with that computer actually suggests h5 which i didn't really think about before i saw that so i don't think that's it exo i think that it was more like he couldn't it's not .

That he couldn't calculate um it was more like black has a better stable position so white has to use something dynamic to um get it done otherwise white is not gonna have a very pleasant game so i think that was a mistake that he rushed it and a lot of player rush .

Moves you can see today's top-level hill i don't think there was anything top point today but these days top chess and see how people rush into moves anyways am i from russia now that is actually funny i have my gran my great grandma .

Had some mixed blood and stuff but no um okay so if i take take with d8 and y plus g4 now in the spirit of rearranging pieces what is the next piece you want to rearrange well axel it's not that the attack stops white still does have some potential with these .

Squares right if the knights could get over here or over there this bishop could get activated that could still be pretty um pretty promising for white um dominic my name would go uh somewhat like dorset or actually and yeah i am i am from iran uh abdullah .

Well garlic thank you for the wish but can you modify it a little instead of gm wish me like an md if you're praying for me i want the md first you know working towards that is really hard right now well not as hard as i should be but still all right oh thank you yeah i agree 96 .

Gorgeous yeah 96 you're blocking the pawns you're attacking this night and a lot of the chess is about understanding when to back off so right now you gotta back off this night's job is somewhat um kind of done so you gotta back off this knight's done over here .

Bishop which four and we're finally gonna take over there well keep in mind that bishop bishop takes d8 knight takes e2 and that's a check um takes d4 and so now black to move how can we play tricky this game is continuing for a while .

So i'm gonna probably rush into some of the moves but this one i really would like it if you guys could um tell me what you think black should do shouldn't be that part of a move since black does not have that much luxury to you know move around too much what is md md is uh the title that doctors get or do do is also another .

Title that doctors in the us get md is a little bit towards why more towards what i want because i want to um become a surgeon so do you all the surgery gets a little even more competitive do i hold the chats regularly huh i hope so all right yeah good to know oh the cat .

Is still holding the show well i guess i gotta talk to the club for a deployment for pc as well yeah tracy can you get right on it please pc i'll be his manager i'll take 10 percent uh all right so um yeah all right yeah you gotta play .

Queens that's it that's the trickiest you can be at least in this position especially because well i mean you don't really have much of an option your roof is under attack you move the stroke your bishop drops so you mean you gotta just go for queen c5 um rookie four and now another tricky .

Move bishop h6 you're simply poking around and making the most of your position so i um this was actually a hard route for me to find but i'm gonna give you guys about 30 seconds to see to get some ideas so feel free to let me know what you think .

You should do but keep in mind i'm only giving 30 seconds whoa we should be five more for six no well hold on actually there's blacks bishop f6 ah thank you watching from poland i i played in poland uh once and i had so many polish friends so .

Glad to know no this is oh wow aryan you're strong yeah this one was hard for me to find when i looked at it first so it took me a good couple of minutes before i gracefully gave up um yeah this one v6 is actually the best move to go the thing is if you were to take the .

Rook i'll take back and rick d2 is coming so that's why this move is so strong not because of well sacrificing is because you're opening up your um you're opening up your um pieces to a lot of activity and dynamic chests and that's kind of the thing here we're .

Looking at a lot of dynamic chests and the games um rashford played g5 and honestly from now on black position is just very great well the knight is supposed to be here but the knight is there being pretty useless you open the room for night .

We have bishop of five ah we got rid of that useless bishop that we had and now again regrouping you could come over to e-citings you could just move the queen and go to c5 so you're just simply um real regrouping and reorganizing your presets which is actually pretty great .

So in the game why play e6 because honestly if this knife got to e6 this is a very uh unpleasant position for white white is played pretty paralyzed what is wrong with pawn f4 then after capturing you take a bishop um dominic .

I don't know which position you're referring to because they're con f4 i haven't been able to make f4 movement last few minutes so if you actually if you could tell me in which position i would definitely go back and take a look at it ah z is saying knight before well .

The knight wasn't before we just came back and we're kind of facing with e6 right now we're trying to regroup the pieces you got to take that i know i think one of the last questions that i will ask you for tonight is are you going to take this or are you going to play rook f8 .

Ah is that a bishop e6 well in this position rook f8 is actually best i'm going to take a second to just see what about this well i guess you're tall you're mentioning f5 dominic i don't try um yeah i mean f5 could be but the problem .

Is if i was just the pawn takes if you take over there there's f7 the i don't like giving too much activity but yes if you can't find the bishop e6 doing something like f5 or bishop e3 in this position is the best choice but all right let's just get to the position .

That we were at brooke f8 yeah so rook f8 is actually the best move and the thing with dr kf8 is that this bishop is a monster you're coming up with bishop d4 you're gonna b
ring the knight hello and so white tries to drop e7 but even then we have this bishop d4 rook's gotta move and now again just .

Queen of five attack simple moves now you can actually see so according to engine this move is actually like right now the position is still pretty zero zero but you can feel how much it is better to be black black is the one with pretty much all of the threads .

And with the better pieces so yeah i think that's another thing to keep in mind when it comes to dynamic chess and activity all right so queen of five in the game rushovsky went rogue e8 and um following what we've been doing with bishop d4 .

Queen of five are lovely one move threats we're gonna continue that one more threats are awesome honestly as long as you're improving your position and getting your dynamic chest on why not one move transfer perfect all right so again in this position this is another thing to really just .

Try and get the cat out of the camera is um how much this position is so um weak for white like the pawn on g5 is falling uh this pawn on a3 is completely dominating the queen side so so you can simply take it over there if queen is here queen g3 and now my most favorite move of all time maiden .

Ones it's the easiest to calculate right so in the game white tried to throw in some chests and defend the mates and well you can easily see how uh this just comparing those two bishops together makes me laugh a little haha uh but the fact that black is also .

Pawn up in the king side and the spawn is on a3 on the queen side yeah those are some real fun stuff um i don't really get in g2 it's just simple check and ah this is such a lovely end game okay so um ah i should have timed my class a little bit better .

I really wanted to get deeper into anything i don't know why a simple 65 move game takes so much time but yeah i kind of like to read the chat and answer all right i'll try to uh power true before daryl has to start is end game but okay so um we can all agree that .

Exactly black is better thank you yeah i think that's what i was just gonna say we can only agree that black is better it's just a matter of how you're gonna win this well first of all don't blunder second of all i will blend the cat nope no question there .

Third of all uh you have to keep your activity so you mean obviously you shouldn't exchange your squeeze right away um but you could simply poke around with the queen a little get the king back there bring your own so imagine if your king is already somewhere there when you .

Exchange the queen right yeah you can simply eat that so that's kind of the idea yeah exactly so um let's go for that get space kick the king get more space and finally bring the king this is what we've been waiting for again you could potentially start trying .

To exchange queens and get the king to beat you but um ideally you will ideally um we kind of want to keep the activity we want to see if we could get anything out of the game when the queens are still here so i don't get this idea but .

I like the threat of making one this one if king goes to g2 queen h2 mate anyways um all right so the idea is simple the black is kind of prolonging the inevitable that you as black want to exchange these queens while you get the king up there and white made this .

Weird mistake before i i don't get it and this is just actually wrong so yeah um the design thing is actually very interesting so there's there's not just a one way to win it there are a lot of different ways to win it one of it was this to just kind of um zooms along your .

Opponent uh one of it the easiest way that i could think of was simply getting the king to a5 on the right time and um exchanging the queens and getting the king to beat you and eating the pond uh well i'll do i like to see where why misplay the two but i think white kind of started to get .

Weird all the way back when the whites chose to play e5 around here white rushed into it and prematurely played this e5 instead of g4 and black has shown very great technique into winning this game so yeah i'm sorry that's we had to rush .

Into some of the last moves but feel free to just check that out game on your own this is a very lovely end game or well if darwin has time you could talk him about it and ask him to show you more about it um and well if not i will see you guys on friday on twitch for some end game .

I will talk more about this endgame the first position that we will do on twitch on friday from five to seven so be sure to show up and we will have some fun with the cat and yeah all right well this is actually very great thank you everybody from all around the world that you stayed and you watched me .

I'm going to go study for my tomorrow exam and also kind of want to watch how the election is going but all right so uh have a great rest of your day slash night and i will see you all on friday