Salvador Sanchez vs Juan Laporte (Highlights)

lost one that was a bad decision he has had eight knockouts he is a good puncher but his opponent is one of the best fighters around inspiration pound-for-pound Sal says for round one let's pick up with the action they must remember this about .

Sanchez in the blue trunks he is a superb counter puncher and has the quickness of hands to have a very effective right lead which he often uses right there he came with a leg while the 40 that miss what's the edge we are really about a hundred yards from the Mexican border .

If that Sanchez excellent upper-body strength ah strongly built in Africa quick Sanchez's hands are but look 40 this is second-round action a tremendous fighter from Guyana party using you .

Good combination that's why he's able arrest the right lead and use it so effective Carrie so Jessica to the ropes report a scoring there .

Forte getting the jab it again the chair so far the youngster on the right one Laporte a is doing surprisingly well but we've grown accustomed to Sanchez's face he always thought slowly good right got then thereby LaPorta in his corner Barlow's Espada Maui Alberto my Burnie .

Talked about and as cut man Jackie McCoy one of the best showing weakness and Sanchez it would seem to be his growing disdain for defense being down and round for now and Laporte a is putting on a good show was the right lead for the first time by .

Sanchez in this round Sanchez appears Oh a good right by lapaki Sanchez is working more methodical boxing better than he has sunjai's viola Forte Naughton evidence in the last two rounds sanchez using the head better in this round slipping good right by Sanchez .

place on chairs dominated in Maddox such as is now beginning to hurdle it is happening quickly but you can see Sanchez dominating this fight now yes we are live from El Paso Texas oh there's that right lead that hurt .

Laporte a the poor tase left I appears to be swollen swine shutting quickly this is where Sanchez can kill you when he starts to go to the belly you saw that right he will take that I play Google business but it's the way it is .

Sun chest working the jab following by the good right Eddie worked now with that such as left a fight in a fat right that's so punishing problem will be now the ability to execute lunches is looking forward to his showdown fight against Wilfredo Gomez and what a battle lap would be three judges Mexicans .

that's what you call counterpunching is all apart a mess and quickly Sanchez was in there that brights bought well buy some chips four day trying to get a write in quickly and you saw us on chairs now making his fight the chordae trying an .

Uppercut which Howie Albert told him that Sanchez was Homer such as land effectively what a half slipped there but he was hurt it was not staggered but he was hurt Forte connected and Hertz on Chet .

You at state WBC version quick left baila forte was his best combination in fact so far it's a much-improved round full of party Espada .

Bought a scone imploring him to get off those ropes now he's trying to fight his way off them sanchez a beauty Sanchez's like granite it's the ropes with 30 seconds left in the round and Sanchez doing it his way .

trying to go to that uppercut body we're going to stay between rounds and look at that up right there good right baila 40 but quickly back Sanchez in the end of the round interesting round now watch for the uppercut now there it was and you saw that head of Sanchez's .

Go up right fine reporter sanchez against the ropes penny quickly spun off right to the final 30 seconds as you can say that is a hurt fighter as we come to the .

below the eyebrow right on a good left by la faute this flip the left uppercut missed with the right before nemesis oh that right lead that chart lapacho the last round ended I thought he might be ready to go Sanchez just keeps .

Working him over now the right gets through with increasing frequency sunjai's is right let's set it up that in the blood from the corner of that right eye now Laporte ASI Jezz just in total charge now Jackie McCoy go to work .

It is that's a it had to end Davi peril did the right thing wait a minute meanwhile apart a weather quick right looking for the opportunity right there right then we'll around 13 and Lopaka throwing punches .

get back into the ropes the effectiveness of sun jezza's blows fog greater at this point than love partes working down to the belly again bully do it so gutsy kid not once as he said No Mas no mas .

The way keeps attempting to fight back the kind of beating he's been getting could hurt his entire future he's only 21 and he's proved himself to be a much better fighter than most people thought he was inner resources to manifest movement but he got caught there and Ring Sena still fighting back as you see .

as that right hold flow of this fight the way Sanchez wanted to fight the fight began in the tawbah those eyes now so terribly vulnerable look at the courage of one .

Lopata his had only 16 fights now I hope that he has not been too damaged by this bath today because he should be a contender of years to come the new nose but some .

Luck maybe even a champion be a lesson for man much full of takeout still throwing punches still trying to fight back and so it comes to an end turn 80 .

Barrientos corset 147 140 Vince Kalpataru season 146 139 and judge she said 148 142 to the winner unanimous decision and still watch this fight you couldn't offence it was an easy decision by one of the classiest fighters inch for inch and pound per pound in the world today he fought a gallant kid a kid who deserves .

A lot of credit one Laporte a but the kid was simply outclassed