Friday, May 27, 2022

The Difference Between Russian and American Spacesuits

We're back in building seven again in the spacesuit lab with mark chupichu again and he's gonna tell us we talked a little bit last time about the orolon suit he's gonna tell us a little bit now about how it differs from the uh emu the extravehicular mobility unit that we use on u.s spacewalks so we've got the emu here next to us maybe .

You can point out a few of the features sure um i mentioned that on the orlan how you ingress through it through a door in the back of the suit so that's one of the main differences between the two suits how you how you put the suit on how you don it the emu is made more like uh clothing basically you have all these components that you have to put on .

The heart of the torso is attached in the station so the crew can ingress it but for each crew member you have to add their own arms their own lower torso so the crew ingress is through the heart of the torso and then .

They have to pull the pants if you will the lower torso assembly on and then lock that into place they have to put the helmet on as well because that's not attached like on the oil on and then lastly they put on the gloves okay so and you were showing us on the orlan suit how they have to kind of cinch to the different sizes we have .

Different size arms and legs and and hard upper body torsos like that right each crew member that the emu's is is tailored to them specifically so we launched specific uh components for them to to to match their sizing so you can have really long arms but really short legs if you want that's right okay .

Um and then we've seen people get into the suits um and on the station microgravity i'm sure it's probably even a little easier than it is here but you have to kind of crawl up into it and correct the uh the back the backpack the bliss is is locked in place in this in the station the crew .

Will have already done the lower torso and then they have to sort of wheel their way inside the heart of the torso through the through the arms and it's not an easy procedure and once they're in there they lock the lower torso in place and then the helmet okay and how long does it take us to get ready for a six .

Walk um we're about around four hours around the same time okay um the other other difference to point out is as you see the display and control module here basically has all the components um put together that you see on the on the orlan is split up and four you have the this control electrical control panels on the gauge the pneuma hydraulic and .

The uh interface for the umbilical it's four separate areas whereas on the emu it's all together on the display and control module and i think it's interesting how the the letters and numbers are backwards on this seat correct the crew member because can only see using wrist mirrors that they put on the the gloves so they have to put .

Everything they're like right they've been installed on the yeah and then they can hold it in front of their chest to see that's the only way they can see basically on their chest and another another main difference to point out is the uh the pressure inside this each suit uh the emu operates at four point three psi mm-hmm the ordinary .

Up is a little higher 5.8 psi so the emu is a little less strenuous for the crew members to work and more flexible all right and i know i mean um our suit was designed when we were starting the shuttle program right and i'm sure i don't know how long that we're lying the .

First version back in the uh the voskod and and when they had the salute their space station so it's been uh and from the late 60s so yeah we're doing really pretty amazing things with some old technology that's correct we we worked on trying to achieve the same goal uh .

Independently continents apart but we came to the same goal just different avenues but and in the end they're all doing the same thing and i know here at nasa we're working on on building some new designs for spacesuits and we should get some some cool stuff um to see pretty soon and hopefully we can collaborate with .

Our international partners we'll come up with a with a good final product so absolutely well thank you again mark we really appreciate you talking about it thank you very much


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