There is one god and he is the maker of heaven and earth and he made us in his image and likeness male and female with dignity value worth and purpose he made us to worship and we chose to sin against him to rebel against him to disobey him as a result we are separated from god and we live under the foolish myth that to some .

Degree we are each our own god declaring right and wrong and living our own life by our own standards and that god lovingly came into human history as the man jesus christ fully god fully man that he was born of a virgin and he lived a life without sin though he was tempted in every way as we are .

And he went to the cross and there he substituted himself our first parents in the garden substituted themselves for god and at the cross jesus reversed that substitution and substituted himself for sinners and when jesus went to the cross he took willingly upon him the sin of those who would come to trust in him that means me .

As a sinner jesus went to the cross and took upon himself all my sin past present and future and jesus christ god who was a man died in my place for my sins paying my debt to god and purchasing my salvation jesus dead body was then laid in a tomb and for three days he was buried on the .

Third day a sunday which is why we worship on that day jesus rose in victory over satan sin death demons and hell and he commissioned us with the holy spirit to be missionaries telling this amazingly good news that there's a god who passionately lovingly continually relentlessly pursues us .

And he ascended into heaven and today jesus is alive and well and he's seated on a throne and he is ruling and reigning over all nations and all cultures and all philosophies and all races and all periods of time and he is king of kings and he is lord of lords and he is ruling and reigning over all people commanding everyone everywhere to .

Repent of everything and he is coming again to judge the living and the dead and those who trust in him will enjoy eternity in his kingdom of heaven forever and those who do not will suffer apart from him in the conscious eternal torments of hell that is what we believe we believe in jesus .

if your definition of true christian is someone who is actually saved and redeemed by a risen christ then i fully admit that i was not a true christian to read your bible and do what it says .

Hello everybody and welcome to the sewing and reaping youtube channel and today we're going to be talking about the age of the earth the reason why this is so important as a topic is because of the contrasting worldviews between uh .

briefly this is really not a video about evolution as much as we're going to be disproving the claims that come from people who actually believe the earth .

Is the age that they believe it is again everyone welcome to the sewing and reaping youtube channel so let me ask you a personal question here how old do you believe the earth is how do you know the earth is that old from a scale to 1 to 100 how confident are you that the that the earth is that particular age .

That you're thinking do you believe that people who disagree with you should be laughed at and mocked because they have a differing opinion than you about the age of the earth and that's what we're going to kind of talk about today we're going to talk about uh what i believe the age of the earth is .

And where i'm also going to take some jabs at people who believe that the earth is a little bit older than what i believe all right so let's get started here uh what you're looking at right now is a gentleman by the name of charlie darwin charles darwin ladies and gents um .

Charles darwin is the one who actually made evolution popular he is not the only person to believe it he's not the one who invented it uh and goes as far back as the ancient egyptians who believed that all life came from the nile river including the gods at least that's what .

Some of them believe anyway but charles darwin is the one who made this stuff popular and formulated he please reverse the first word of the book of genesis in the beginning god created the heavens .

We go on so let me just do this here okay i don't know what's going on but it's frozen so can't really do nothing about that try to cut my camera on here real quick nope that ain't working either so for some reason i can't uh get that off the screen so i'm sorry if you guys could still see this i tried to take it .

Off but try to put myself on here but can't remove it for some reason so let's get into this now i personally now here's the thing there are two world views out there all right a world view is basically how you see the world so there are some people out there who don't understand that simple .

Definition and will claim that they don't have a worldview okay the world view is how you see the world how you see politics how you see the environment how you see science how you see god how you see history everybody on this planet has a worldview because everybody on this planet has an opinion .

Okay if you have an opinion chances are pretty confident you have a world view so don't get offended when people say that to you if you say that you don't got a worldview what you're really telling everybody is that you don't have an opinion about nothing and if you don't have an opinion then you shouldn't get offended by anything .

That's going to be said in this video nor should you find it comical or not comical matter of fact you probably shouldn't even be watching this if you claim your own got a worldview and if you think i'm making up that definition simply do some real .

Dictionary or something or perhaps go online and you will get the definition for the world where the worldview is but we all got our worldview and there are two of them concerning this especially concerning the age of the earth you either believe that the earth is young or you believe the earth is old i have a friend named true empiricism .

Who really rarely rarely really does anything on his main channel he has other youtube channels that i'm aware of and he's i'll be uploading a lot on those channels but as far as his true empiricism channel he's not uploading anything on here uh he believes that the earth is 10 000 years old i believe that the earth is .

Six thousand plus years old although i don't have a problem with ten thousand but i believe that the earth is six thousand years old and i'm not the only person who believes this there are a lot of christians out there that believes the earth is six thousand years old because we trust .

What is written in god's have a reason besides just reading the bible for believing that the earth is young uh the other side is is that there are people out there who have a worldview that the earth is old they believe that those are end of europe but this ain't about what they believe right now what i .

Want to do is go into my argument i will be taking a look at the chat if we can get at least 20 watching and looking i just want to get into this real quick now first and foremost i believe that this earth that we're living in the grass .

And the animals the sky the the the what we call the heavenly bodies the planets and stars you know i believe all these things were created by a an intelligent designer by a creator okay .

I have good reason to believe this okay one of the reasons why i have a good reason to believe this and i just want to go through nature here real quick and again i'm not going to take jabs at old earth theology yet i'm going to look at new i'm going to look at the younger side i'm going to look at god .

Creating things first and then we'll talk about all earth and we'll look at this we'll look at whether or not they have a point where they're saying um an intelligent designer or whether or .

Not they're the result of random chance or random changes over a very long period of time which they refer to as evolution see one of the things that i've noticed and i'm gonna make sure i say it like that for the rest of the video one of the things that i have noticed is that when these animals this is really .

Simple so if we start laughing at me and everything but remember i'm going to be looking at the other side too and the way darwin went about doing it all right when a cow gives birth to her cat it doesn't take very long for her calf to learn how to walk why is that .

When a human being has a child takes that child sometimes a whole year before they can learn how to walk most times most times less than a year but it takes about a year before um a child learns how to walk now why is this cow can almost walk .

10 15 20 minutes after after it is born maybe even faster than that whereas it takes a human it takes a human being so much so much time to learn how to walk yeah we'll look at the older stuff right away because that animal's life that animals um uh .

The survival of its kind uh different predators looking for it to make a meal out of it takes too long to walk mother abandon it leave without it or whatever predator is trying to get it .

Hyena food or whatever point of the matter is is very dependent i believe that god when he created this we created this animal understood this and gave these animals the ability to walk very very fast now some people like well that's a dumb argument because who's and if you look at uh hold on a minute all of these babies .

Understand that they need to stay with their parents the fish fishes are there there are frogs there are things like that that that that don't know how to walk in but they know how to swim though they know how to survive in the .

Environment they know what to look for to eat in their bag pose and they're in and they're born in the uh eggs or whatever and they get in a little stream or their little river or whatever they know what to look for as .

Far as food goes they're not sucking on their mama's nipple they know what kind of food they need to be able to survive it's like when a worm has is young that god has created they are programmed to know what to learn for his food this has to be i'm very tempted to go into evolution but i just want to stick with my .

Uh my belief that it is so these animals had to be created to be able to survive in their environment it's for some reason humans have to learn from their parents we can get into that a little bit more .

Specifically in some other video or whatever you if you guys want to request it if you got a specific animal species you want me to look at i can talk about it and i can prove to you that the animal is designed and that animal is not evolution anyway .

Not that nonsense that they're teaching in schools another thing that i notice is this for those of you out there who believe that there are multiple planets and that these multiple planets have multiples have multiple moons i brought this argument up before in one of my hangouts one time .

And i don't believe i got a very good um satisfactory answer regarding this but i think it's a good point how did evolution choose in order like jupiter or or saturn for those of you who believe these kind .

Of things why are you so against an intelligent knowing exactly how many moons these planets would need as opposed to this this is being some random accident that happened you know from an explosion or an expansion if you want to get technical for what they believe about big bang .

I believe that intelligent designer knew exactly why we needed the moon the night it would be the the light that would rule the night the sun would be the light that would rule the day and it has a specific purpose for being in the spot that it's in .

I ain't gonna go into evolutionists believe it yet because i'm what they believe yet because this is not about what they believe right now and i'm tempted to immediately go into the contract you have to have an intelligent designer to determine how what planets needs moons and how many moons they need .

But i'll take it a step further what about the oceans the rivers the streams and the various animals and the ecosystems that depend on these bodies of water i believe that an intelligent designer understood that .

There were going to be animals that needed fresh water in order to survive you take away the fresh water the majority of the animal planet there are some animals that can thrive and survive in sea water obviously there are mammals that can thrive according to scientists .

They would be what is it wells orcas because they got to come up for air in order to or especially when we're talking about or when they're eating seals and they're you know eating things like that that depend on fresh water in order to survive there are ecosystems that would .

Disappear immediately if you get rid of the streams and rivers and replace it with salt water i believe that the earth was created with the intent to have some places on the earth to have freshwater streams and freshwater rivers they're needed .

In order for these ecosystems to exist because if you destroy your ecosystem it's going to impact us human beings and a lot but we'll get to that in another video because people are going to laugh with me saying stuff like that but i can prove that one in my sleep if i get specific about what i'm talking about .

Well the air quality that we have how do we get our fresh air this is one of my this is one of my personal favorites because one of the reasons i believe as a matter of fact you know before we get to the fresh air let me make this claim right now .

I believe that human beings live longer in the past and we're actually living shorter lives today let me say this again i believe that human beings lived longer animals lived longer in the past than they do today for a plethora of reasons but i'll give you one and i just mentioned it the air .

Quality how do we get oxygen what's one of the ways that we get oxygen on the earth right these trees take in carbon dioxide and then they put out oxygen if we were to lose our plant life it would be impossible for us to survive on this planet .

Okay i believe 6 000 years ago our air quality was better you want to know why there were no such thing as there were no such things as planes there was no such thing as nuclear power plants no such things as um all of these chemicals that um .

That are becoming vapors or giving off byproducts into vapors and poisoning our air which is causing us many of us to not live as long as well a lot of us got can't i'm not cancer well cancer a lot of us are asthma because of it and barry is over cleaner .

and have um these these industries putting all of this plastic and all this garbage in our oceans and for those of you who believe i'm making this stuff up if you live in the jersey city area please go take a look at the hudson river and that'll make my case for me and if and if you live in new york city .

And you're watching this go to coney island you can look at all the you can look at all the syringes dirty diapers and all the chemicals floating floating right there in the water where people are fishing uh looking for porgies because i know this because i've been there before and i've done it but people are trying to get porgies to you know .

Defeat their family or whatever we would live longer if our food and our water and our air quality was better but people did live longer adam was a direct creation of god according to the scripture he was a direct creation of god eve was the direct that was .

Created directly by god by the bone that came from adam they both live longer all these preservatives that actually are taking time off for your life and not actually giving you a longer life that's why people go organ but again that's a totally different another day .

But you get the point i believe that when god created um this planet and he had his canopy here and god had that mist here before he even reigned and he was able and he was able to sustain plant life that way i believe when he had it that way that the earth was a healthier place to .

Live and people live longer there are people actually actually leak we had this uh i'm sorry that that is if this environment actually gets worse we'll live longer before our technology that is nonsense don't even get me started about what's going on in the world today and how and how it got that way don't .

Even go there with me with that i believe that because the environment was much cleaner there is evidence to suggest that human beings live a lot evolutionist does not believe that evolutionists believes that people live shorter lives maybe to 20 to 30 years but you know thanks to our technology .

We've been able to live longer anybody with a brain that understands industry that understands the pollution that goes on in our environment will understand a bunch of nonsense okay and it's very easy to refute an evolutionist on this particular issue but the artifice young the earth is not old what happened was human beings .

Learned how to how to make their own little and they got and they innovated and they innovated on it and if you don't know what innovation is and we grew and we grew and we grew and we grew we don't need billions of years to be .

Able to do that this happened in thousands of years and i'm not talking about thousands of years of of uh of uh growing carriages that was just an example of what innovation is but the fact of the matter is is that human beings is responsible um uh for all of the well human beings .

Because of what god has actually given us has used i'd rather put it this way that god has given us certain things like an imagination and a mind and he has allowed us to subdue the earth be fruitful and to multiply and to make because what i want to do right now i .

Want to stop talking about why i believe the earth is young for a moment i want to talk about this evolution theory so that people can understand that people will hear what i said prior to this and they'll laugh at me they'll say i'm dumb they'll say that ken hovind is dumb they'll say that ken .

Ham is dumb they'll say to anybody who believes the earth is young i don't even know if ken ham believes or if he's young by the way i'm just saying and just using him as an example i don't know what he he actually believes about the age of the earth but they'll call us dumb say we're uneducated and we don't know anything .

Well i want to actually show you what evolutionists actually believe evolutionists and i mentioned this earlier believe that this earth is literally what is it anywhere between four to six billion years old and the reason why they believe it um it was that old because we have to go all the way back to the big bang they .

Believe that this singularity and i'm not going to spend a lot of time on it you know made up of uh matter and energy and hydrogen apparently too depending on who you're talking to and i and i'm not exaggerating it really depends on who you're talking to regarding this topic because none of them can prove any of this this is just an idea that they have .

That they teach your children is actual as actual fact and what they do is is that they teach children that this little singularity one day this just it got really expanded we're not going to go into the jokes about how big the singularity was because that's not real .

It cooled down and all these molecules started to get together that's how we got our planets you know and we got stars and and how we all with the elements you cannot possible to prove that the being happened .

Nor can you prove that when earth were a oxygenous environment ammonias and and carbon dioxides and all these little complex chemicals that they imagined up in their head that they that that there was enough stuff there to create an amino you know enough amino acids and proteins to .

Create a cell and it wasn't just a cell it's a self-replicated cell and then years or whatever and then it finally you know got out the water and got onto the land and you all know the story about evolution and whatnot we don't .

Need to go into all of that because that's not what this is about there is absolutely no way anyone can prove that do you know how many um aspiring scientists has been able to prove um using science that abiogenesis actually happened i have i have um recorded conversations .

Of aspiring scientists real scientists so-called scientists on youtube who have failed to prove over it oh and r is one of them who has failed to prove over and over and over and over and over and over again that a biogenesis actually happened see there's biogenesis and then there's a biogenesis .

These people that believe in a biogenesis people that got the world view that you know evolution is true they believe and when i say evolution i mean bio revolution this is theistic evolutionists and they're in their views on similarities with the evolution of stuff right but they believe that life came for .

Non-life from non-living things non-living matter whereas biogenesis teach that life comes from life now there is nobody who's been able to but people are going to say oh you know look at the miller experiment that's what i'm talking about .

They did not even come up with enough of the amino acids to prove it happened but they didn't prove that it did happen the miller experiment that i forget the other guy name is avery miller uh i forget the other guy's name but but the miller experiment fell miserably but when we come out and we say that an intelligent designer .

Speech and in his likeness we get laughed at even though there's more evidence in the world to support that that human beings have their life has come from life they would rather dumb themselves down and actually uh teach other people that life came from non-life from non-living matter this is what they believe .

If you don't believe me question them before they start saying well i'm not a chemist i'm not a biologist at this point they might as well stop talking about science because they ain't none of these things that they claim that that they claim is true but this is what they believe they .

Believe that light came from a thing came out the water a little self-replicating animal or whatever came off the water all of a sudden it magically stopped breathing uh breathing in you know water or what now all of a sudden those gills magically disappear you know of all the little teeny little changes that .

Happened through the billions of years or whatever the millions of years or whatever baron it survived the environment even though none of them ever proved this whatsoever but what about wells that that you know that you know we got this fossil one as well has feeding and it came out to what .

That animal was designed to do that how do you know the animal wasn't designed to do that intelligent design ladies and gents is one of the most powerful arguments against evolution to show people that they shouldn't be laughing at you they should be laughing at themselves .

But some of them still they truly believe that you are related to the fruits and vegetables that grow out that that grow out that grow on trees and they grow out of the ground they believe that they should become an ancestor monkeys cats and dogs and roaches they believe that one of their great .

Ancestors was a rat they believe that they evolved from rats if you don't study the theory you'll see what i'm talking about they believe that they share a common ancestor with a dirty filthy sewer rat they are the kind of people .

That will see a rat in the sewer eating all kinds of filth and say they go my distant cousin that's what they do this is what they believe because they believe the earth is old and they believe that through so many changes throughout time you can't approve do you guys realize that they can't even prove that these .

Changes actually happened that it is scientifically impossible it is scientifically impossible to prove you share a common ancestor with a rat however it is scientifically possible to prove that you have similarities to certain animals you can observe a monkey you can observe .

An orangutan you can observe a gorilla and you can see with your own two eyes the similarities between humans and apes and then what they'll say to you is okay because we have all these similarities then we must all be apes .

But and they all look the same doesn't mean they're all boats dissimilar but they're different they teach you this in i think in first grade i think that's the first time i've ever heard that in first grade they teach you in first grade that there are things that are similar in life but .

They are very different uh one of the things that i strongly recommend you kids watch as well as uh the teenagers and the and the adults and the aspiring adults that are watching right now uh have you ever get enough to go on the animal um .

but the more you look at that and the more you understand intelligent design the more you understand that these animals are designed to be able to survive it's more powerful .

Than believing with charles darwin evolutionists have a lot of strange beliefs what about the moons and the planets that i brought up earlier you remember that evolutionists cannot explain why a .

Planet like jupiter or has the amount of moons that they have and earth only has one has more than one move or about some respect when they actually bring out the theory .

Which is just as valid as yours that there are no other planets it's just earth now y'all think about that one for a moment if you cannot scientifically explain it or find someone who can be reasonable doubt that goes for me and you as well you see i'm not using just science .

At my own you know what else i'm using i'm using faith just like you you believe the claim that your teacher told you and that is why you say that you're not a scientist you're not a chemist you're not a biologist you take your belief system on faith except your faith and my faith is .

Different my faith is based on evidence and your faith is based on blind faith especially if you say i believe it even though i can't prove it scientifically or have any or don't have any evidence to back it up but to be honest i didn't even need that last part if you can't use science to back get up and you can't say that it's .

Science you have to his faith people would respect you more if you said it was faith but when you say it's a science and you can't break down the science to a person to explain these things how can you say that this is science the earth is 6 000 years old my .

This earth was created by an intelligent designer everything that you see in this world this young earth that we live in has a purpose for being there you don't have to know all of the different purposes all you need to know is that it's there with a purpose because we take a faith-based claim on it as .

Well as we back up a lot of what we believe with science i can prove to you that plants take in carbon dioxide to survive i can prove to you that scientifically the question is is can a .

Scientist scientifically prove that you are a common ancestor with a rat and some people to try to sound smart will use taxonomic classifications if you don't know what that is just imagine like three or four columns of animals right each .

They'll do it you know this took millions and millions of years to the tiger to be able to get things like that or to get canines as as they would call them them things that they have okay to tigers a long time because of their .

Environment for them to be able to survive in their environment because it was in this part of the world and they had to move into this environment and you know the meat was too rough so their teeth had to grow longer now those animals are designed to have .

Teeth like that because they was going to live in a part of the world that was going to require them to be able to to to be able to do their part in that particular environment as a predator predators and um non-predators we give you an example a cow is not considered a predator a cow is a .

Herbivore right cow eats grass or whatever right and hay and things like that or whatnot right a horse does that too right um a predator would be like a lion or a tiger or whatever right they seek out those animals and they eat those animals right so they're going to play a different .

Part in the environment they're going to pull down the populations of animals do you understand how many rabbits this world would have if there were no animals out there hunting them down and trying to eat them i give god thanks that there's animals out there that eat rabbits .

Because if they was allowed to freely reproduce you think some of you got roaches well you have a bunch of rabbits running around your house millions of them because there'll be no animals that will eat them so they play all they all play a .

Different role in here in certain environments and yes i'm even thinking that the rabbit was made for food for some of these forests that the rabbits are there to be food and to to be able to put their droppings into the world so .

That can be fertilized so that the grass can grow and whatever else the rabbit is there for some of you know about and you and you know how the rabbit benefits our society and this can be proven scientifically because you can observe these things in your lifetime in one year you can observe these things .

You can see their droppings becoming fertilizer fertilized in the ground and putting certain nutrients and gases and and certain chemicals in the grass so that the grass can grow so that the next animal can come and eat it and we as human beings were created with a purpose the animals were created with a purpose the oceans were created with a .

Purpose the streams were created with a purpose the rivers were created with a purpose the sky was made for a purpose the first and foremost of the purpose is the ultimate glorify god that's to sum it all up but environmentally they also they all serve a purpose because an intelligence is .

Determined that these things need to exist how does evolution um explain any of this because all of it is what they think happened what they might have happened what they think has happened what might have happened what they think happened because they wasn't there to see any of .

It they don't know what happened the europe is 6 000 years old the earth is not billions and billions and billions and billions of years old i haven't even gotten into the dating methods that they use to determine how .

Old rocks are to determine how old um um uh how long oceans have been around their dating methods have been flawed and even scientists are calling them out and saying that you can't really use these machines or these devices to determine how old the earth is it is by faith you believe .

Believe it's 8 000 years old just like it is by faith faith in god faith in his word faith in what he has shown me that the earth is six thousand years old let's see what you guys got to say in the comment section and i'll take your questions right now before i end this oh you guys are asking a lot of .

Questions that i already answered on gtv me with let's answer that question that's the question oh sutton burgers now what's funny about it is is that a lot .

Of these uh a lot of these uh people on the internet um to come up with argument to show you how silly that statement was but this is the argument that they were making during during the great debate years with with those who believe in intelligent design because we can we can .

Point out why these animals have been designed to do the things that these animals do one of the things is it gets even weirder .

That rabbits actually bury their babies underground why that method instead of other methods why did god design rabbits to do that of course i know that baby rabbits literally has no scent i understand it i watched a video on that um and stuff .

Really interested in this stuff this is what i'm doing with my free time instead of saying about me but um the bottom line rabbit you can't just tell me well because their evolutionary genes told .

Them that the best way to survive is to bury their young under the ground there are logs there are caves there are things like that there are better ways to protect your young why bury them underground or maybe that is the best way to do it and they're hard wired to do that in order for them .

To survive rabbits can hardly ever defend themselves against most predators i read a video i saw said that the rabbits are the hot dogs of the environment of the animal world .

It's good stuff good stuff get these comments here right there okay i don't know if you guys can see that or not for some reason this phone's acting stupid alerts the dust saying g-man you are borderline re-re stop explaining anything a lyrics a dust you haven't refuted nothing that .

I said so no i don't have to stop explaining anything and when you stop you know one of them including the inspiring ones let me see um no this is not my main account and that's questions irrelevant to um what .

We're talking about right now robotic again if it turns out that this is bad and nobody can hear me uh i am off of here i am not interested in debating anybody .

I'm not debating anybody on this topic unfortunately the flash i've been called the joke nobody takes me seriously if i'm a joke and nobody takes me seriously then don't ask me for a debate because i want you to be cons what's your claims the guy from the geek room invited me to his channel you know .

I didn't just magically forget that these people who said that i'm a joke i'll come in for about 30 or 40 seconds i don't got a problem when you turn away from your sins and you need to confess his name and you need to .

Believe in your heart that god roses from dead if you do he will change your life forever