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Top Jobs for Kinesiology Majors (5 HIGH PAYING JOBS)

So you're a kinesiology major trying to get a job after you graduate and you have a couple more years before you have to decide what is the career path for me now kinesiology major exercise science major they're like the same thing so just don't get so caught up in kinesiology .

Versus exercise science but we just know that overall the major kinesiology major focuses on the study of human movement and its relationship to physical health so what job opportunities are out there for kinesiology majors top five careers in my opinion on what a kinesiology major .

Can get into especially considering education and salary so watch this video all the way to the end so you can learn all five of those careers and so that maybe you can get inspired to say hey i was actually looking into this job or maybe i didn't even know that this job was a part of what kinesiology could get .

Into and maybe you can just get that jump start as to which career fear do you should get into in the future alright let's get into this video let go hey what's up you guys my name is dr live for change physical therapist or you can call me justin lee here on .

This channel you'll find videos on fitness physical therapy and lifestyle that helps inspire self change change people change people that's why we live for change people if any of this resonates with you feel free to subscribe and hit those notifications so you don't .

Miss a video when it drops okay so let's get into this we're going to talk about the top five careers that you can potentially get into with the kinesiology or an exercise science major so in this video i'm going to be talking a little bit about each of those talking about the education requirements .

And the salary so as you guys know i love having things organized so that's kind of the format of how we're gonna go about this video by the way if you guys like for if you guys like the organization and formats of my videos please don't forget to give this video a like all right number one on the list .

This is my number one favorite for this major and it's going to be a certified personal trainer or a fitness coach or a group fitness coach now for this job you do not need a bachelor's in anything to start working you actually only need a certification .

And i believe a high school graduation degree or whatnot so technically if you're an exercise science or kinesiology major right now maybe you should drop out if you want to be a personal trainer full-time nah don't drop out you guys are already on this road so you might as well finish up .

But having that kinesiology major is going to help you significantly and help you stand out amongst the people who just got a certification versus you who got that bachelor's degree in human movement or kinesiology now for personal trainers the salary now this can be a wide range right because you have .

Personal training group fitness all that kind of stuff in the corporate or you're working for someone else for eh subpar pay or you can always always always especially in this career you can go private and get some really good pay and this is what i recommend here we're going to .

Talk a little bit about both now i love being a personal trainer or a group fitness instructor because you have so much freedom and flexibility literally to do anything you want in life and still make some substantial income especially if you're a student or you're trying to hustle with something .

Else and have maybe this as a source of income or side hustle this is the way to go i'm telling you and if you have any questions throughout when i'm talking about this particular career let me know because i'm super passionate about being a personal trainer or a .

Group fitness coach and all that um just just for some background i've been a personal trainer for over eight years i've been into group fitness instructing for several years now i started at orange theory fitness i did my own private classes and all that stuff and i love every moment of it so i have .

A lot of things that i wish i could share but if you guys are interested just let me know okay so when you're working in the corporate world or for a private company and you are working for someone else uh you're gonna make an average of forty thousand dollars .

For this okay now forty thousand dollars that equates to about maybe like i don't know eighteen to twenty dollars an hour and you're working full time right now if you're in the private world you can charge easily easily fifty 50 an hour so you literally can work half the amount of time and .

Make still make the same amount of money if you go private okay next on the list we're gonna go to number two which is a sports strength and conditioning coach now the labor of brew labor statistics says that a coach a coach a sports coach makes .

Only about thirty four thousand dollars a year and you need a bachelor's degree for that now this is just a general average kind of salary for maybe someone in high school you're a high school coach for like a football team and whatnot that's not that much money right we can .

Both agree on that but you can definitely work your way up to the pros and to the the highest level because i did some research you know you know how much money these high elite strength and conditioning coaches make you will be surprised oh my goodness okay so i did some research and i found .

That the top most top paid strength and conditioning coach in 2020 as of march 2020 is mickey mar o t mar odie i think that's how you say his name anyway he's the head strength and conditioning coach for the uh for ohio state's football .

Team and you know he makes he makes listen up eight hundred and one thousand dollars a year bruh eight hundred and one thousand dollars a year are you kidding me to be a strength and conditioning coach yeah that's a lot of money so if you .

Guys are ambitious and you're trying to strive for that elite level that pro level and be a strength and conditioning coach you got to have at least at least the bachelors but i guarantee you in order to be even qualified you gotta have at least a master's or a doctorate or a phd or something like .

That okay moving on to career number three as an exercise physiologist now an exercise physiologist for those of you don't know is someone who is interested or studying physiology and the effects of exercise and how that affects our physiology or our body's response right .

So for example like those of you who know when we run our heart rate goes up right so that's that's what we study we know the physiology of exercise and how our heart rate our blood pressure goes up how things kind of try to level out .

And balance they can maintain homeostasis you know things kind of like in that nature now exercise physiologists can work in universities they can work in private clinics they can work in different locations where they're helping prevent diseases or helping people .

Move on to that next level right type of thing so when you see those videos of those people wearing those masks and running on the treadmill like a lab rat those are like what exercise physiologists would do or maybe some people into research now exercise physiologists .

Only need a bachelor's degree and you can always move higher up with a higher education like a master's or a phd or a doctorate degree in this but when they start out they make close to about 49 000 a year so it's it's decent but you get to do what you love to do .

And it's pretty cool because you get to literally literally put people on machines and test them out and get all this information and use science to say this is the best way to get you to your goals this is what we need to do to prevent your prevent any types of diseases or .

Anything like that so exercise physiology i think is super dope that was something that i was really considering besides physical therapy to get into and i think it's an awesome career field if you're interested in exercise and its relationship to the human body all right moving on to number four .

On the list obviously you guys know what this channel is all about it's physical therapy so that's what we're gonna get into physical therapy and occupational therapy actually so two rehab fields right two fields that require .

Good good substantial knowledge in the human body and human movement and how we can rehabilitate the human movement to achieve certain goals like walking better sitting and standing better or dressing better or utilizing our hands to brush our teeth .

Like all those things require human movement right so kinesiology majors have a really good chance at furthering their education into that doctorate level degree so physical therapy and occupational therapy both require a doctorate degree now occupational therapy .

Right now is just a master's but in the near future they're transitioning over to doctorate programs which is why you see now a doctorate in ot versus masters in ot a lot more frequently so a physical therapist the average salary is about 89 .

Dollars a year and occupational therapists are about eighty four thousand dollars a year so they're relatively pretty close right now and this this eighty four thousand dollars is at a master's level for occupational therapy so when they get into that doctorate level .

You will likely see a raise in salary now i have no idea what that's going to look like but physical therapy occupational therapy both have very very high percentage rates of growth in the near future so if you're a kinesiology major right now and you're .

Thinking about going into pt or ot now is a fantastic time to get into that now for a little shameless plug for myself if you're trying to get into physical therapy school and you have no idea how to get there and you want to know how to get there the fastest most efficient .

And learn the tips and tricks and strategies to maximize your time as a student i do have an online course available for that for only 29 and this course will teach you everything you need to know to get into doctor to physical therapy school .

And to be successful in the application process i remember when i was in there it was a it was like i have no idea what's going on so you can find all the information in the description below it's through the thinkific website so make sure you check that out and if you purchase that and you have any .

Questions make sure you email me so i can definitely answer your questions for you okay so the last one on the list number five is a chiropractor now for those of you who don't know chiropractors is a healthcare professional that requires .

Four years of school after a bachelor's so you need four years to become a doctor of chiropractic to get your doctorate degree in chiropractic chiropractor whatever and your average salary starting out is going to be 70 000 now i have nothing against chiropractors i .

Think they're phenomenal and knowing the human body i think they're really great with knowing how to utilize their hands and to feel what's out of place and to align things especially the spine with our human with uh with just posture right but they're also great at utilizing just your .

Posture not only in the spine but also in your neck your shoulders your elbows your hips your knees all that type of stuff so if you're interested in that they're great i mean how many times have you been to a chiropractor and you got a little adjustment you're like wow .

I feel amazing okay y'all so that was the top five careers that you can get into as a kinesiology major or an exercise science major now you're in school right now and you're trying to determine where should i go i totally understand that and this is why i made this video for you so that you can have some legitimate .

Career paths to think about now there's a lot there's a lot more careers that you can get into with a kinesiology major like education or more into different healthcare fields but these were the top five that i thought were the most interesting .

And the ones that actually i considered the most when i was a kinesiology major myself so i want to hear from you which one were you interested in out of the top five that we talked about drop it in the comments let's have some discussion let's freaking talk about it right and if you have like this video i .

Really appreciate if you give this a like and if you have any friends who are also in the kinesiology major or exercise major field as well please share this video with them so that they can also gain some insight as well so i hope this video helped inspire some .

Self change to get into these top five career paths that i mentioned or maybe it swayed you away to say maybe i should actually change my major because i'm not interested in these these fields at all and i don't know why the heck i chose kinesiology in the first place if this is you you should get out now .

Nah i'm just kidding all right guys thank you so much for watching this video i do have a lot more relevant videos especially in the field for physical therapy i have a huge playlist on that so make sure you watch all of them to gain some insight and some education so you can grow .

As well stay lifting stay aloha have a great one you guys


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