Hey guys how's it going matthew rodella here with another wednesday video for you every wednesday i go live to the facebook group here and answer one question that a member or user or student has asked at some point in the past i've got a whole list of them here and i .

Will go ahead and answer them live on facebook so the question uh i'm going to answer today is what's the difference between um turnkey website and awas and uh you know the the name of this group is turnkey websites blueprint um but then we talk about wass a lot uh .

Are those do those two mean the same thing what's the difference um and so i would like to address that so that is um that can be confusing and uh i'll explain the origins of it a little bit so when i first started when i first started talking about this concept .

I called it turnkey websites um that was you know i when i was running my own i didn't really have a name for it uh and when people asked me about it i'm like well it's like turnkey websites you know you you created one website over and over again and you sell it and and it's the same thing over and over again .

And the definition of turnkey is basically taking something that's ready to go and providing it to to a customer so selling something that's that's ready to go you don't have to set it up you don't have to do anything it's you know it's ready to go um it's .

It's a it's a term that i believe came from real estate where you would sell a house and you basically just turned the key to open the door and the house was all ready to go so you didn't have to set it up or do anything to get it ready it had furniture it was decorated it was painted .

Everything looked nice so that kind of applies to anything else and so i applied it to websites where you you know your platform you give your customer a site that's ready to go so so that's kind of what i mean by turnkey is is that's the technical way that we're delivering the websites .

In an automated fashion so that's very specific to how i like to do it and how i teach it in the course we use you know wp ultimo we use wordpress multi-site and we automate as much of the process as possible that to me is a turnkey website platform then throughout that process i .

Also described the business practice of of renting out a site kind of how how i describe it as a wass and i harken and i use that term to relate it to sas where you know you're providing software as a service um you're not you know um giving someone a software that they can install .

Themselves you're providing it on a monthly basis you're basically renting it out this is the same with a wasp you're renting out your website on a monthly basis and uh and you're providing that website as a service on a monthly on a monthly basis so it's .

Like they're signing up for netflix or you know their cable company or their phone provider they're paying a monthly bill to have access to your platform um so that describes more of the business model so it's recurring revenue it's um you're renting out the the website and .

Uh and you're providing it as a service a platform as a service basically the website platform as a service so so that's kind of how i like to distinguish those two things web turnkey websites is the technical um idea of cloning a site uh and and taking a finished site and just cloning it over and over again .

Using wordpress multi-site wp ultimo and uh and as much automation as possible and then wass is the business model of selling that on a recurring basis and uh and providing it in a sas like experience um and you know there's some dovetailing there right because the .

The the sas like experience requires that easy onboarding it requires that um automation um and and so and it requires you know like wp ultimo but with the wasp technically with the wasp you can do whatever you want with that you can offer it you know multi-tenancy .

You can you know just clone the same website over and over again um so you know that that's there are multiple ways to to create a wasp and with turnkey websites the way i teach them specifically is uh wordpress multi-site so i'm saying the same thing over and over .

Again but i'm just trying to reiterate kind of the the way i break those two up but really they they they're interchangeable terms so um i'll talk about turnkey websites uh especially because the term was being used a lot in the industry now there's companies built around the term wass .

So i like to differentiate what i do a little bit by calling it turnkey websites that way you know it's really the specific way that we teach it here at turnkey websites blueprint that makes it a turnkey website so um i'm curious to to see what you what to hear what you think of those .

Terms um uh which one do you like better which one do you think captures the idea of of of what we're talking about here um and uh and that's uh that'll do it for this week um so i'm trying to make these videos short sweet and to the point .

And uh next week i'll see you where i will answer another of your burning ass questions if you have any questions for me go ahead and put them in the comments of this video uh and then you know that'll be a great i have some listed here but i could always use ones for the future and if you ask one i'll be sure to .

Answer it the next week so if you have any questions let me know otherwise i'll see you next week for another blast wednesday