Watch Hot Debate Christian Vs Muslim how it End?

But i mean again he doesn't know who gabriel is right because he didn't come from an abrahamic faith the people of mecca were quran as mentioned if this book was from other than god that would have found in it many contradictions if a book is without contradictions that has no bearing on whether it comes from god or .

Not i've had phone books that are inerrant but i certainly don't think god gave them that we believe without understanding the brothers asked a very important question that most of the scholars say that listening to music watching movies .

And most of the television program they haram so how can we have fun let me tell you brother at the outset that having fun is permitted in islam as long as the fun is halal that the standard narrative has holes in the prophet tells us because satan or the devil sleeps over .

Our nostrils those who oversleep and not prefacing on time satan urinates in their ears i really do think jesus was crucified and that he really was dead and very he thought that he was a son of god in the sense that he was especially chosen by god i think jesus really did think he was going to be the messiah the future king of israel .

I mean that is after all why they crucified him hello everyone and peace of christ all of you please invite your friends and let us have some good time together today as you see we know we have a topic and we are going to speak about muhammad .

The time traveler you know always a person who is a fraud he claimed to be a prophet and he have no knowledge of anything which make it very easier or very easy for us to explore his fraud when we speak about time traveling we .

Are not talking about you know fiction story we are talking about a person who makes things up and we will start showing you series of muhammad that time a traveler so you don't judge by yourself uh i want people here you know who they are .

In the chat to focus with me in the topic otherwise i will block you because i consider any question come in to me i have nothing to do with the topic is just to disturb our topic and that's mean you are not smart and you are not mature and you don't .

Belong here so if you have a question when we are done with the topic and i say anyone have a question done with a topic then you can give me a question have nothing to do with the topic so for now maintain your mouth and your .

Brain and focus with us otherwise if you are bored just go leave if we go to the book of imam mura which is created by imam rabisphy upon him we will find in chapter 20 the verse speaking about moses and the people of uh .

The samartian according to the stupid muhammad the certified idiot the samaritan people they were exist in the time of moses and moses he spoke to them and those people they deceived that deceived the jews and they made them worship .

Now you do not need to be a jew or a christian or a hindu or a buddha or an atheist anything you know this is history this is a history this is plain history have nothing to do with anyone you know regardless of your religion doesn't matter what is your religion it doesn't matter how stupid you are or .

How smart you are because goku can help you if you are so stupid or if you are so ignorant which is very normal these days if we ask the muhammadan how in the world mu says he was exist in the time of the samartian .

What the muslim will say you see i'm going to switch translation one by one this is the muslim translation not ours you know if we ask the muhammadan how in the world this is happening it's like saying that trump he spoke to moses how trump he met moses .

Where is trump he met moses you know by the way everything is possible with the trump with his stories like he is the hero who can do everything yeah you know me yeah uh almost what is missing to say worship me uh but .

Trump is not a prophet trump he can lie by then he can lie everybody can lie but this guy is a god the one is talking here is god so he is a god but he is a stupid he is a god he does not know a very simple thing in history and then if you read articles of muslims trying to refute this you will see all .

Kind of funny answers do we have any muslim in the chat he is willing to join us and tell us how in the world muhammad he got this information perfectly matched with history so this guy muhammad imam .

You know never fight anyone you know he hide always behind his wife legs he missed he mixed everything up and just to show you how stupid this man is according to muhammad moses is the uncle of isa and isa is the son of maryam and maryam is the sister of .

Aaron if we go to different verses on the road and now the muslim the answer they say oh uh this is at the time at that time they used to call the person by his uh great uh from his nation you know so they say oh sister of aaron what do you mean no sister first of all mary she is not from the tribe of aaron .

Secondly who is the greater in islam aaron or moosa's who is the greater if you want to if you are saying we call them by their great prophet or who is the greater muslim in islam any muslim can answer me who is the one .

Allah he spoke to him supposedly so marishi is the sister of aaron and the muslim they tried to fix that but that will not work for long why because the stupid muhammad he made another mistake we will find that there is a whole chapter in the quran the yellow pages of imamura .

Saying that there is says and mary both of them they have the same father if you go here you will see it says this is not an arabic word actually it's an aramaic which means the family .

The family of imran so all of those who will appear here are from the family of amron everybody you see there in this chapter is from the family of amron who is the family of hamran amron is the same father of moses he is the same father of mary remember in arabic the quran used .

The word maryam maryam is exactly the correct name of maryam the sister of aaron true aaron he have a sister her name is marianne you know uh this guy he said with the jews .

He heard from them that everyone he have a sister her name is maria okay maryam she is the mother of isa by the way we will go back to isa just to laugh he said even the name even every name this guy he got wrong because his name is the father of moses his name is not the imran it is .

When you speak in the hebrew language so amram is not the imran so even the name he got wrong and if the muhammadan they will try to fix that any muslim can explain to us how the father of mary become his name is imran and this is the same father of moses what happened to the real name of the .

Father of miriam so moses was exist in the time of the samartian moses is the unkiller of jesus mary is the sister of aaron which means she is the sister of moses too and maryam she have a son his name is .

Isa now we go to isa i don't know if there is any muhammadan can help us how come we cannot find this name in any historian book about a person his name is isa he was the son of maryam and he .

Has jesus any muhammadan can help us where this name is coming from when the first time it appeared any muhammadan may they may they you see when the muslim they use the word jesus in the quran there is no .

Jesus in the quran there is asa as you see in arabic and always isa is mentioned as isa is the son of maryam why not a single christian and i am an arab christian we never heard of somebody his name is isa .

And he is supposed to eat jesus why our grand grand grand grand grandfather through history as you know like you know religion go through families through you know generation to generation et cetera that's why muslims even believe they believe that the quran is as a you know transmitted through uh .

Uh you know believers through history from one to one so why we cannot find one person coming with this name the reason is very simple muhammad the fool he followed some jewish tradition that maryam the sister .

Of aaron she had a son his name is eso which is not approved by the bible because according to the bible miriam she did not get married but the dumb muhammad the dumb muhammad the dumb the dump he always dump his dump as big as pupu it can be but his dump cannot be used as a fertilizer .

So he come to the conclusion that isa is the same person he is the son of maryam maryam is the sister of aaron and moses was exist in the time of the pharisees and maryam her father his name is omron as you see here uh .

You will see the uh the father of uh maryam supposedly who his name is imran and if we ask the muslims where muhammad he get this from what is what is the proof that there is a man his name is hemeron he gave his wife she gave birth to a lady or a girl her name is maryam where where are you where do you get .

This from you see if you want to say that the christian they changed the name we changed the name 600 years before muhammad to prove that muhammad is a fraud does that make sense so .

Imran is an old man his wife she is an old woman too and allah decided to give him a female a special female her name is maryam if you go a verse before or two verse before you will see that allah chose adam and noah .

And the family of abraham above all mankind above even the genie here you will see another problem for the stupid muhammad all of us we heard that muslims they claim that muhammad is descendant from ishmael and the quranic claim .

That abraham he is the one who rebuilt the kaaba not built the kaaba because according to muslims you know they have tons of stories about who built the caba first time one of them it was the angels and then adam who allah he sent him down to india and this is a different story we will laugh about .

It later in case you do not know adam what is missing is to say that adam used to speak urdu you know this is what muhammad did not say it so adam he landed in sri lanka you know actually i can maybe find you a video let me see .

Let us see here i'm typing arabic i hate it when i do that you know like you type etc and then you find yourself typing in arabic let's see this one he came down onto the earth he was sent to the earth there's a question where did he land .

He was he wasn't just thrown so that suddenly he landed meaning he dropped but allah placed him on the earth this we find in the narration of rasulullah sallam where he says that he came down in what is known as the indo pack subcontinent .

Precisely sri lanka so guys a prophet adam he landed with the parachute from the heaven remember the heaven of islam for adam is in the sky not like .

The biblical one the biblical one adam was given a guardian in the earth here not not in different place so allah he when he got upset from adam and his wife because his wife she taught him to eat the apple and adam usually he like banana so allah he decided to send him down and .

Where he is then down in sri lanka and then the traveler the time traveler muhammad maybe according to science it wasn't exist by the way at that time unbelievable by the way don't you muslims you're saying you believe in the big bang so .

You're going to deny those things now as long as you believe that the earth is billions of years etc and bing bang is fit with your quran then you cannot deny what those atheists they say so look what happened with this donkey muhammad adam was sent down to sri lanka i'm going to open sri lanka map for you .

Again we are typing in arabic i hate it okay according to the stupid muhammad adam he was the first one who did hajj to the kaaba but this is sri lanka and sri lanka is nothing but an island it is an island .

So how in the world this man adam he was able you see here there's sea here there is not connected this is not a land connected to india this is a huge distance so adam he was landed in sri lanka okay great adam now is going to go to mecca i'm not .

Going to ask you how he will find a direction i'm not going to ask you how many years it took him according to muslim adam he did 40 time 40 time he'd go backward forward to surrender i mean how he heard this have you ever heard of a stupid story like .

This as long you have to go to makkah to do hajj while you are going back to sri lanka did you lay eggs there so as you see sri lanka is an island and you cannot cross to the other part of the land which you have to in order to go all the way to mecca and not only .

That after you cross the land as you see here let us zoom out this is india you have to go through all of india and now what is pakistan and then you go to iran and then you go to iraq and then you go to syria and oh you can go from iraq actually and you can go back right away to saudi arabia but that is very .

Long journey and not only that allah he landed as we heard this guy he landed uh adam in sri lanka and eve was landed in jeddah this is where jedi is .

And this is where selenka is have you ever heard of a stupid story like this before the time traveler muhammad according to science 2 at that time say oh the arab wasn't exist it was under the ground it was an ocean actually i mean under the water .

This is why they have supposedly according to science a lot of fossil fuel for all dead animals from the ocean by time they become fuel and this is why saudi arabia supposedly is a pure desert why because this is the sand of the ocean deep ocean so .

At that time saudi arabia does not exist sri lanka does not exist but yet according to muhammad the time traveler allah he sent down muhammad to sri lanka sorry he said adam to sri lanka and he sent eve to jeddah now the question here by the way i mean how in the world and why .

Allah he sent eve to jeddah and he sent adam to sri lanka isn't it him who told them go and you like you you know you live together down in the earth what happened there was an error in the gbs and as long allah he send adam to sri lanka and eve to jeddah how they met again .

He sent her an instagram message adam he was able to find out where she from tiktok was eve making videos in youtube and she mentioned where she is now there's ocean between them there's countries between them and the funny the quran says that if somebody come to you with .

Something tell him bring your proofs that's what everyone says it's not me bring your proof all of those words saying all those verses sentence you know it says .

Bring your proofs bring your proofs bring your proofs bring your proofs it's all over well as long as you asking them to bring their proof what did you prove huh anyone the proof of allah is the quran but as you see the quran is a stupid city book .

I'm going to stop here and i will give a chance to the muhammadan to answer me and refute me as usual you know but then they can refute anyone it's really easy shish kabob you know [ __ ] they follow the method of joe biden you know the thing in two words they can refute you you know the thing and the thing is known .

And that's it we answer you we want to see even if imam murad agree with this i think even imamura will not dare to agree with the sushi parity of muhammad so my skype i'm opening my scab right now is going to be there in a few seconds please if you're a muhammadan text me .

And tell me how in the world your prophet is so ignorant and how come your god is stupid and how come and by the way we did not mention the rest there is tons of historic mistakes you are just mentioning like you know just a snack .

Any muhammadan my skype is open and in muhammadan if you are a muhammadan and you are proud to be a muhammadan please feel free to contact me in the skype i will call you immediately in this scenario if i could not speak to you i will ask the samartian who was .

Exist in the time of moses to speak to you and that explains why we like indian movies because our grand grandfather mr adam he was from india all of us we like spicy food don't we .

Can you explain to me why it's clear because adam he was landed in india specifically sri lanka actually i'm thinking to move to sri lanka so i can live next to my grand grand grandfather mr adam but now i'm confused for how many years adam did not have sex and how he was making babies .

Do you think they were having sex online i mean the guy he did not see his wife for long as you see the trip is so so far i remember you know we are not talking about now you know you can fly .

From sri lanka to saudi arabia you know maybe 10 hours i'm not sure maybe 12 maybe 13. oh but at that time it's going to take him maybe six months journey especially this guy is just walking in his feet we have almost him saying to me you are a liar worshiping a man let us call him .

you are a liar worshiping a man amara be oman but trying to call him but look like his uh he is using a stolen internet so it's not connecting let's see if we can call him again .

Let's see with the ring hello mute youtube please mute youtube hello hello uh here we go my name is jeffery idiot okay ultimate fart so okay so so listen listen listen potato so listen so did adam land did adam land in sri lanka or not .

Uh what matters is uh are you gonna say that that i just got angry what matter so you are calling me to say to me what matter go and put a cork in your anus you don't have a mouth you have an anus so if it doesn't matter where you are calling me .

Ultimate forth doesn't matter yeah it matter for us it matter doesn't matter for you because you're a certified donkey and by the way your war is exactly the same as the wall of muhammad by mistake the guy in the other day he opened the camera for me and you guys you should .

See the wall behind him i mean a guy who live a donkey he'd have a better room i'm not talking about a poor person this guy he have a fancy car supposedly the most dirty wall ever remind me of muhammad when he was drawing his hands on the wall now we want a muhammadan he is mature adult .

His religion matter for him this guy he believed that the arab are stupid and donkeys and coward and corrupt but he's a prophet is an arab we have to agree then do we have any brave muhammadan it matter for him the stupidity of his a prophet anyone .

Any abdul do we have any abdul mayday mayday mayday do we have any abdul anyone we can take to abdul at the time including imamura if you are imam mura and you have knowledge .

Or if you are ibn humble the son of dumble or if you are a lady who practice breastfeeding for adult following the prophet i mean everything about this guy is is is normal everything about him is normal his stories is amazing .

And you know adam by the way in case you do not know you see we talk about history right and muslim they speak about science adam was very very tolerable without all the time traveler muhammad did they put adam in a microwave and they shrink him later .

According to muhammad adam was 60 span long or tall sorry 60 span do we have any history supporting this that a human being used to be 60 span tall by the way i'm so upset that my grandfather adam is so short because i am 61 span .

In the last time i took airplane they have to take all the chairs off because they could not i could not fit you know even my feet come out from the cabinet of the captain don't say it's a lie sahir bukhari support this evident the second we asked the muslims about the proof they say the prophet said okay .

The prophet stupid man don't you see this guy is mentally ill the prophet said okay who said that to the prophet allah said to the prophet but okay did you see allah speaking to muhammad no and actually even muhammad spoke to allah the quran says no .

You see the muslims they have names for prophets as an example mo says his name is kalimullah khalim allah what karim allah mean the one who spoke to allah muhammad is not kareem allah because he never spoke to allah so this guy muhammad he never spoke to his .

God his god he sent him quran when he is doing poo-poo and this is historically by the way proving to be right i mean come on you are a prophet of god and now you are going to receive the chapter of al-fatiha which is the most .

Important chapter for the muslim to pray five time a day and when allah decided to give it to him when muhammad he take off his panty and he decided to do pupu and then each time the angel he come to him and he said to him oh muhammad muhammad he run away .

Have you ever heard of a prophet doing pupu receive quran he run away and what what make it more funny this is written by them this is not our story this is not a fabrication of the jews and the christian and the hindus this is their this is the official government website of the kingdom of saudi arabia this is the book of the us .

This is the chapter one verse number one why you are not afraid of god you know a guy i will tell you why i'm not afraid of god but not not my god your god first of all my god you know i don't i'm not afraid of him because i know he is just and justice but let me tell you why i'm not .

Afraid of god which is your god your god he threaten the christians if they don't believe in muhammad he will erase our faces he will make our nose in the back and our eyes in the back and our ease upside down and nothing happened .

A god who promised and he don't do what he promised obviously he is a fraud this is your stupid god in chapter 4 verse number 47 it says to the christians and the jews believe in what we have revealed to muhammad confirming what is already what what with you not actually this is what but we .

With you not what came before before we face your faces do you see the threat of allah and he made a threat that this will happen immediately because he said the same as we did to those who break the sabbath and how now we go to another history .

Messed up history according to muhammad you see muhammad is a darwinism person but he is in the other direction so darwin who stole his information from different book i don't know if you're not if you if you heard the news that darwin is not the one behind the darwin theory it turned to be that he started from different guy .

What a fraud like muhammad so darwin he says that we used to be an ape and we became a human muhammad he says we used to be human we became ape and by the way this is historically proven to be true i have a friend his name is jack shalom he went to do fishing on saturday he come .

I look at him i could not recognize him he speak to me he's you know he said shalom christian you know i said what the heck who's monkey speaking a monkey and he's talking he says you did not notice mr bibi what the heck .

I said jack shalom what happened to you he said khabib i want to do fishing in saturday and allah he made me a monkey historically proven to be true scientifically proven to be true and muhammad is not a time traveler here we go he knew what darwin would say but in the opposite direction .

And not only that if you ask the muhammadan why the jews why why the jews they you know why allah he made the monkeys but they are because they're defeated in saturday look how dangerous the crime is so if you do fishing on saturday allah will make you a monkey but if you're .

Able women or you are a child molester sex molester sex offender sex rapist for children like muhammad allah will not make you a monkey or maybe allah did not make muhammad the monkey because already he is any muhammadan and i asked them and you're the funny the the quran of .

The quran the funny of the quran is when he say and ask them about the matter of people of the sabbath this is a very known story they witness it everybody witness it ask them ask them about what happened to them ask them who saw this story .

And not only that the story says that allah he made he made their will not their fish come to them only in saturday allah he forbid the fish from coming to the beach or to the to the to their location supposedly they are an island in the village and allah he made the fish only coming .

Saturday so he made them starve from hunger and now they have the fish inside they because they need to eat they have a family to feed and when they did fish in saturday allah he cursed them and he made them pigs and monkeys but look what happened in different .

Verses in the quran there's stupid muhammad saying if you are starving it's okay you can eat even pork do you see the stupidity of this man how come if the jews are starving allah will make them monkeys but muslims who they are forbidden from eating pork and by the way it's not true because the muslims in order to eat from the cooking .

Of the christians it says today i made loafer for you all the food of the christian the jews so if they eat whatever they eat you eat and this is under proof that muslims they are fabricators when they say we eat only halal food because halal food is the food of the christians but here you see in chapter 5 verse number 3 .

That allah who forbid for them eating pork he allowed them to eat pork if they are angry my friend you say had i know that you are live we posted that we will be here since two days ago and you can call the sheikh right now so he can join us there's nothing excuse call him .

You know let me join us so what we notice here that muhammad is not only a time a traveler moses is the uncle of jesus and the arun is the uncle of jesus and maryam is the sister of aaron and maryam her father is amran and he is the same father of moses which is what the hell of this history .

And then pharisees you know sorry the the cyberes or the samartian they met with moses and they all exist in the time of moses and not only that if we continue it's endless as an example haman was the minister of the pharaoh and the pharaoh is the one who built the babylon tower .

is the one who built the babylon tower oh man but haman was it this is the guy from iraq how a man the minister of a king in iraq he become the minister of the pharaoh when adam was created there was not sri lanka you cannot even think you have no knowledge cp look at the stupid of .

Muhammad and saying to me let us call this up maybe this is ultimate fault because ultimate fort is the only one who speaks like this just for fun hello i see your faith him out like your prophet son of muta get lost .

He right away say the f words son of what i like his mother she gave birth to him in the bar anyway nobody heard you by the way saying the effort i know it's you i know you are filthy i know you are certified idiot so the pharaoh he said oh man .

Build a tower for me because i want to see the god of mooses true story and then then we find in different verses in the quran the stupid muhammad he forgot himself we find that the tower of the babylon was built by allah .

How we find out that if you go and read the story of haroot and maroud which is harry put our story you will see that allah he sent two angels using the tower of the babylon to send down two angels and those two angels their job is to .

Open a holy portal school specifically to teach magic become the minister of the pharaoh and by the way even muhammad the strip at muhammad he think that pharaoh is the name of the person you don't think it's a title if you see there's a video made by this .

Guy i forgot his name what his name from england the pakistani guy the coward they are even to say hello to me i made a video about that you know before i don't know you i'm sure you have it guys when he speak about how how the quran knew .

That ramses ii is the pharaoh but what the heck quran knew that the quran keeps saying clearly that pharaoh is the name of the person that's why if we go and type in the quran we will find if we type the word al we mentioned actually already you know .

15 minutes ago is the word mean family so if we type the word in the quran we will find it all over so you will find ali faraon the family of the pharaoh alimu families of moses ibrahim the family of ibrahim .

Aliyah etc so the stupid muhammad you think for own is a name of a person and this is who he is however as long we are talking about history trying time traveling and the muslims they claim that this is the ramses ii .

And how the quran knew that you will find that muhammad he gave a name for the wife of the pharaoh what is the name of the pharaoh wife any muslim can tell us any muslim can help us you know muhammad is a person who cannot keep his mouth shut and the more and the more he talk .

The more he make pupu this guy is certified poopoo maker but his puppy is not good for fertilization it's good for comedy as you see we are laughing so according to muhammad allah will marry him not marry him he will make him have sex with her .

With the wife of pharaoh and the wife of pharaoh her name is asiya bintu muzahim she's an arab brother her name is asea and then what happened in the claim that this is let us show you some hadith hold on they say that muhammad he knew that this .

Is ramses the second how the quran knew that huh where is the hadith of the sea i think the sweatside doesn't take okay let's see address trying to show you to find you some hadith .

Yeah this one will do let's see this one okay he left as a donkey he never came back as a horse that is the story of muhammad this is sahih bukhari which is very authentic and muslims cannot lie about it you see here it says the wife of pharaoh .

The wife of pharaoh pharaoh is a name like you say the wife of moses the wife of abraham the wife of pharaoh not the wife of the pharaoh and i'm not going by the english by the way i'm going by the arabic so the women of .

Pharaoh her name is asiya and as long the muslims they have article and they are confirming that the pharaoh at that time his name ramsay is the second if we search in two seconds .

In prophet google what was the name of ramses ii what the name of the wife of ramses ii you will see that the wife name have nothing to do with muhammad said her name is nafortari .

And she is a daughter of a king too not as muhammad he claimed and the funny this is an islam muslim website run by egypt and the one is making the article there is a muslim so queen the forte is the wife of drumses the second the muslim they come with big .

Fabrication saying but how the quran knew that this guy is the same pharaoh in the time of moon says he was ramses ii so muslims as you see your prophet is a fool and his history is messed up and what make it more stupid that the wife of the pharaoh her name is an .

Arabic name and she is the daughter of musa how is muslim doing by the way is he the same guy imam she is the daughter of muzahim her name is asiya and she is the daughter of muslim brother .

I'm really convinced do we have any muhammadan there beside this is stupid filthy mouth ultimate fart who said the effort is a prophet always there to call us and tell us why your profit is so stupid anyone any abdul .

So now did you learn if somebody says to you how the quran in you that the pharaoh in the time of moses is second you know you learn how to answer the strapity of this religion obviously muhammad is messed up and all the story is is a joke my friend there is no need for tomorrow today anytime you know i post when i'm .

Going to go live i put the time you can call him and he can join us there's no need for any time tomorrow all day after there's no need to surprise me my friend let him surprise me i'll push me and push me you know i like to be unbushed as you see my skype is open i don't care who's calling me as long as you don't have .

Faith in mouth even if he's a stupid like you know this guy ultimate fart i took him like a hundred times before but we had enough with this idiot you know he know you know nothing uh he don't know arabic yet he don't he claim that you do not need to know arabic to know the quran .

And in the same time he don't accept translations and when we show him translation he claimed that he accepted he refused it he's mental so are you with or against demand in the water depending imam yeah do ambush me you know that they do .

The same like you did to uh uh to his name upon prophet you know like don't tell me that me hijab is coming and surprise me i will make you all make purple and you can't anyway do we have any muhammadan he really want to say anything about what we said until now .

So why history says the wife of the pharaoh in the time of moses why the war nefertari and muhammad he gave her different name and he gave her different father name i mean everything is messed up mary she have different father name mary she have different brother mary suddenly she is the sister of aaron .

She is the mother of a son who is asa and adam he landed in sri lanka and that explained why i like spicy indian food you know why indian i don't know if you are an indian why indian don't make a movie about adam landing in sri lanka .

And you know like what is nice about india movies you do not need to explain anything like adam in sri lanka he is the first man and suddenly 10 000 people will be appear behind him dancing don't ask why don't ask who don't ask for how in the world they appear if adam is the first one it's an indian movie that is muhammad movie .

Every word every story of muhammad is an indian movie the guy he is going to meet his girlfriend in the middle of the desert nobody there the sun is coming down suddenly there's 20 000 people coming shaking their head in their ass how don't ask it's an indian movie and this is muhammad movie .

Ask no question even the quran in chapter 5 verse 101 says ask no questions verse 102 says why because former generation asked the same question and they lost their faith now can we have ten thousand muslims gonna call me like an indian movie anyone .

Do you know how many people live in islam watching my videos muhammad and i receive everyday emails you can't believe why because you muhammadan are not doing your part to defend show us the truth do you know how many muslim kid are becoming opposed apostate opposed state huh .

Do you know when they see the stupidity of your prophet and none of you can defend it 100 000 muslims leave islam every single year our youth are full of doubt and that is muslim youth leaving islam 24 of muslim youth are leaving islam .

Brother is 24 percent a brother i have a question for you brother it looks like you are a person who is in control of the word numbers and calculation how you know that it is a 24 percent of muslim youth .

Leaving islam do the muslim report for your brother who care who is going to calculate who is going to check the facts who is going to ask nobody this is those are muhammadan say whatever you want as long as you are shake everybody will say hey and by the way they will say .

Alhamdulillah even when you say to them everybody left islam because nobody is listening once i went to a muslim chat room in pal talk and you know those muhammad and they are crazy you know just say anything good news for them so i wasn't choosing a christian prince name i was using .

Different name like because i cannot even enter with that name i'm blocked or they will bounce me in the best scenario so i type in the chat today the wife of the pope and his mother .

The third wife of the pope and his mother who died three years ago something like that she converted to islam today the muslim who is holding the microphone on the sheik he says stop stop stop stop everybody stop the text stop the text but look look look look look amazing allahu akbar .

The third wife of the pope and his mother who died last year she converted to islam today allahu akbar allah went crazy praising allah for victory that the third wife of the pope and his mother-in-law who died last three years or three a year ago she converted to islam today .

It took them like five minutes six minutes everybody is going so happy and then one of the admins he took the microphone and said you guys stupid what's wrong with you this guy's making fun of you the pope don't have a wife and how he's saying that his mother she died last year and she converted to those time today .

Just say anything say anything praise islam they will take it they will spread it i'm sure like everybody start texting now do you know that the wife of the pope and his third wife and his mother-in-law who died last year she converted to islam today tech beer brother no brain .

I mean if we are talking about people who believe that when they pray to allah allah would increase the size of their penis to make it endless when you are talking about brain your child is about to become apostles okay and what you can do about that call me you're coward .

Did you say that cp did you say to the muslim women circle me yes i was quoting your faith a prophet he hanged up on me that kawasana what do you mean how a dead man women can convert islam everything is possible in islam except allah can have a son .

So do we have any muhammadan with us i would like to say anything to us my skype is open there's any muhammadan he have long beard short beard no beard i know that you might be trying to grow beard like some of it was zacharnayak you know and all the fertilization in the work is .

Not working his beard and he's trying to look like an arab you know you know look like a sheikh is not working the beard is not growing do we have any muhammad then explain to us we mentioned just few stupid things in your books it's just a few we did not even quote one percent .

Not even one two thousand percent and you know for me i like i like harry potter story but i never thought that the first one who opened school to teach magic it was allah look how nice allah is allah he decide to send two angels her .

Name their name is sent by allah to the earth to open school to teach magic but notice with me harood and marut who they are two anderson by allah to teach magic .

They teach a specific kind of magic what is that they teach you magic so you can make a man fight with his wife that's deep i mean do you see allah how he is a family supporter he loves families he decides to make everyone like do you .

Have a do you have a wife do you have a do you have a fight with your wife lately do you have a fight with your husband lately let me tell you the bad news it was harood and marrowed making magic against you and your husband .

If you are not happy with your husband somebody put magic on you learn it from haroot and my root root said to my root let us obey allah an open school to teach people how to make people divorce i mean look at the charity organization which allah you open in this earth the .

First school you open is not to teach you how to become a good citizen or a good husband or a good wife no the first school he open is to teach you how to make a man and wife kill each other and now we understand why women they have long nails you might think about it you might not .

But it's a fact can you deny that can you deny that women they have long nails see the christians the kuffar cannot deny that it's a fact people they fight because of haruta maroot for how long those christians .

They try to extinguish the light of allah do you think really you can extinguish the light of allah my friend first we need to find the light so we can extinguish it what light your prophet himself is illiterate ignorant you do not even know how to .

Write his name or to to read his name and suddenly he became a scholar in history unbelievable look one of the trick of haruta marrowed they make women under the influence of magic grow their nails .

And the right word and then like to fool you and also like love you love you get a closer get it closer you get the closer you get the closer she put your hand around your neck and you are gone and then she collect the insurance and you are telling me that haru marut are not true .

It is a certified fact who can deny those things holy illiterate even imam al-rahi approve it the only one is trying wanna call us is imamura what we can do no we have you know we have to we .

Have to admit my friend i mean people they can't deny things but it's a it's a fact women they grow their nails because they are under the influence of harut and maroud and women become victims of this magic and those christians they deny that when it's happening every day how many men get injured every day .

Every day because those women being aggressive against us huh oh you can deny that you cannot yes my friend you are a muslim yes i must speak it's a christian prince yes i am christian prince how how do we know that you are a muslim .

Can you confirm to us that you understand that's wonderful my friend so what do you think about what you are saying about all those history mistakes and errors in the quran uh well to be honest i i don't necessarily like to .

Um because you said as an example the wife of feron was asia and then this is true it is mentioned in our narration okay that this is the case so i'm not going to lie about that but the brother uh i don't know who you referring to who said that .

Pharaoh has been discovered to be ramsey the second um i i don't uh agree with this notion well you can see the videos uh people they can't remember all of them mimi hijab he said that all of them all those youtubers is the guy who the you know him the guy who take off his clothes in front of the .

Chinese embassy you know okay well he's he'd like to strip to british prostate but anyway so as long you are a muslim you don't want to make any comment about those errors in the quran well i only heard you think about this part at the moment .

I wanted to actually ask you something because i've seen a few of your videos you know can you keep your mouth closed from the microphone because for some reason i'm losing your voice uh give me one second sorry is it better now yeah it's better go ahead okay .

Um could you give me let's say either or and maybe you can use some authentic hadith on why you think the prophet was either you know a false .

Prophet or a liar okay let us first discuss what the word prophet mean what prophet mean i guess the better word of views is uh messenger of god but uh prophet means someone who prophesies all right something so is he a prophet or a messenger is he's a messenger of god he's not a .

Prophet you see then you're going to ask me what what prophecies has he made no no no you're saying so you are you are denying now he's a prophet because you're afraid i'm going to ask you what prophecies he made so now he is a prophet okay is he a prophet or not he is yes okay .

Tell me the prophecy he made okay um you mean that has come to pass or are going to come to pass my friend prophecy is a prophecy when you try to prove to me you know first of all by the way i welcome you you sound like a nice guy sorry i will come always we welcome muslims who they are really polite to .

Join us and we would treat you very nice the same as you treat us so you are welcome my friend help me when you say a prophecy that's mean he said something and it's confirmed so obviously something came to pass okay .

Are you familiar with sort of room okay let's go to search a room what about it if if i'm correct with my understanding and then i could be corrected here yeah this verse was no sorry i got a better example for you um let's go for this one first let's finish .

It okay if i'm if my understanding is correct and there are some hadiths that suggest this i don't know them by memory but it was revealed at the time of the battle of the trench where the muslims were surrounded by the .

Mushrikeens and it was there's a few hadees as well along the lines but while while the prophet you know was you know uh ditching you know to make a trench i'm i'm sure you're familiar with uh the battle of the trench he told them about the prophecy that you know .

At that period the persians already conquered parts of rome up to egypt um but the prophecy sort of the prophet said that you know the romans will be uh victorious in this battle and at that time it was very difficult to believe this just because of um and i am a historian here um .

It was quite difficult to believe just because of you know of course of the second um domination of the roman empire okay let me answer about this and you are the one who said you won't like to see an uh accurate hadith right uh yes according to your hadith this virus came after the room became victorious not before and this is the .

Hadith in front of your eyes go ahead and read it i can see that here yeah it's going to take maybe a second for you to come there okay sure let me just make sure youtube is live okay is it coming now .

Uh no i still see the okay yes i can see the hadith okay um i can't just see half of it sorry okay i think it's delay just give it a few seconds okay i will say narrated on the back okay on the day about the the romans had a victory of the persians so the .

Believers were pleased with that and the father being the romans had been defeated up to his saying the believers were rejoiced with the help of allah he said so the believers were happy with the victory okay .

So um so the claim is gone and as you see this is hadith it's authentic yeah okay yeah not only that even if this hasn't exist the numbers will beat your prophet why because the word buddha in arabic and i'm sure i don't know i think you speak arabic but i mean from three to nine correct .

If it's iron don't speak arabic but yes that's okay if it's ten then your profit is false if you go on read you will see that the data you are you are the one who mentioned the date of the ball so you will see that it took the roman long after that to be victorious because victory is only accomplished when the .

War is over right so as long as you are fighting maybe you take a city from me today tomorrow i might take it back it's not a victory yet so this is temporarily victory but you will notice that the roman they were not victorious and this is always you know you can go on google and you will find it took it took that .

At least 14 to 15 to 16 years until the roman they really were victorious over the persian secondly there's a mistake here in the verse you chose for me if you look with me you will see that the uh the roman .

When they are victorious who is the one will be uh happy the muslims why ah this is a good question um i i don't know the the the islamic uh i don't know the position for it but i .

Would assume it's because as you know with history after the prophet died um they were able to quickly conquer both roman no no no you see the believers will be happy because the roman are victorious not because the roman will be you know victoria .

Not because later the muslim will be victorious about the roman no no but it weakened both empires you see no no no this is not about you know that because if you go and read it of syria we'll see because supposedly the christians are believers and the muslims are believers so they are up they were making fun of muhammad saying to them look like your .

God is not helping so muhammad he made a response saying well he is going to help right so here you see the stupidity that secondly like suddenly can you show me this um up in chapter 30 verse number four .

Okay give me a second there's a delay as well so please don't worry about it this is i will let me open the seer chapter 30 verse number four and there's a book it's called azbab in new zealand too you can you know you can read it okay thank you .

Oh let us see this is ageless lane okay command before and first victory okay and there is a god command the other word okay let's see at the book of his bible maybe will make it better easier for us there's no experiment as well here let's save me a pass .

All right okay in a few years okay in a few years it usually means between three and nine years or ten years so two armies met again seven years after this encounter the persians to god belongs the command before and after that is before .

The defeat of the uh okay well you know actually here we go uh the one is complaining the one is making fun of this is the disbelievers when the roman uh would defeat the persian and also when he gave victory he was the one who gave victory allah okay .

So uh let us see i'm trying to find where like exactly the translation you know most of the time is not really a decent translation let's see my cathedral if god's got the advocate there may be a .

Brilliant would make it better even though ibm in arabic have nothing to do with implication in english but you know i don't speak arabic so we have to use it so this is abniquety in arabic okay so why you find that but what you're trying to say is that the reason why the .

Muslims were happy is because the romans were christians and they are believers yeah right because the pig the pagans supposedly making fun of the christian they lost the persian they destroyed them you know they killed them they took jerusalem you know uh .

Okay and allah will help you know allah will help or he will so allah he heard the roman okay and for what reason let us see uh on the day they were the revealed persian where proving over the roman the muslim wanted the wrong reveal over .

Read carefully this is here the muslim wanted the roman to prevail over them because they were people of the book so give it a second i i think it's still loading okay there it is the decision that .

Matters before helps on the day they were revealed the president were prevailing with the romans the muslim wanted the romans to prevail over the persians because they were both people follow their book concerning this allah said and then he says and the quraysh on .

Order and other hand wanted the persian to prevail because neither of them were people who followed the book correct yeah that's right there's a reaction okay let's let us here see how silly is that as long we are people of the book and allah will .

Give us victory because we are a people of the book how we are the same people who we attack a few years after but we are the same people who worship jesus how the muslim will be happy to see .

The people of the book victorious over the persian if all of us we are going to go to hell anyway does it make a difference anyway so here you see muhammad how he flipped apart muhammad when he tried to make himself look like a jew and the judah rejected him so muhammad he decided to kill all the jews and the .

Christians muhammad is like obama he when he go to egypt he's a muslim he sit with the christian church he is a christian he hold the bible he said to the atheist he make fun of the bible he said with the homosexual he is a gay that is muhammad he changed his skin he bent in the location .

And now we need to ask you as long this is the you know we are here when the quran says we are people of the book do we have a book as in christians yes you guys have what is our book the bible the gospel what the quran says about it what it says what is the name uh the name of the .

India but is it ingenious in a greek word injil is a yes it's it's a greek word correct okay so jesus according to muslims or isa he was sent to the jews correct um oh no i don't think so what do you mean .

Also you muslim you say the muslim you muslim you say the only messenger who sent for all mankind it was a prophet muhammad um i i know muslims say this i'm not going to deny this i don't think there's a quranic reference that that explicitly let's go to the quran then you see i .

Know you're quran better than your prophet himself so okay let's see it all right you're going to show me no this is nothing this is not going to do with our topic you know sure okay okay in chapter 2 verse number 87 allah he sent moses and after moses .

He sent isa he sent it to who to the jews no okay right so so there is if you go to such a soft example um you will see verses where prophet is speaking to the jews but if i'm correct there is a verse in surah yasin that talks about some messengers being .

Sent disciples of isa but this is a this is a contradiction this is not a proof this is a contradiction this one i'm trying to show you thank you for helping me so allah he sent a book it's called injeer which is a greek language to a person .

His name is isa and he was sent to the jews so i am sent to the jews but my book is written in greek it's like saying i am sent to the arab and my book is in german this is an advocate no no but but you have to remember the context of it right what is the context the context is when when jesus was there at his time there were .

Uh there were jews of course but there were also romans right there were occupiers no problem but the quran confessed no the quran confirmed that allah will never send the messenger except by the tongue of his people and the tongue of the jews is the hebrew it's not you know actually they fight .

They fight the aramaic the hebrew they fight etcetera but being forced to they've been forced to use it even it's written in their old or the scriptures because they've been forced to but the quran confirmed and this is your problem not my problem that we never send the messenger this is chapter 14 verse number four .

We never sent a messenger save with his language to his fork why okay so to make it clear for them okay so what is the fork of jesus who is the following of jesus sorry can i just say something though right right we we know that the romans occupied jerusalem right um and there were a lot of roman soldiers there .

Are you saying that god would abandon the the romans because they couldn't speak the language all god would i am saying what you're god's saying i'm not saying what my god's saying i'm showing you what your quran saying in the quran saying we have never sent to save with the language of his folk that he might make for them .

Um can we see the interpretation please for this sure here we go which we wanted which one you want um let's go to ibm cathedral please all right so chapter 14 verse number four and this is verse number four and here it says .

We now we sent not a messenger except to the language okay here it says allah kind and it's just loading give it a second all right i will give you time so you can you can create yourself for us not a problem tell me if the whole text is showing or not so because i'm from my side it's .

Showing fine yeah can you just zoom out a bit please all right let's see now uh a bit more okay um if you could just move it a bit more to the right then that'd be perfect okay okay every prophet will send .

The language of his people guidance misguidance follow is kind of compassionate with his creation sending messengers to them from among them and speaking their language so they are able to understand the message that the messengers were sent with other set and then the verse itself .

Okay sending them from among them okay so that means that he's going to be from them which jesus and speaking their language okay was jesus a jew his mother was yeah and now now let us confirm more stuff if we go .

In the quran we will find this the quran say in the following verse chapter 3 verse number 49 isa speaking to the jews saying to them i came to you from your lord to the jews specifically with israeli specifically yeah you're right the verse just say that okay so i came i was sent to the .

Jews i was sent to the israeli the israelis speak hebrew and then allah he decided to choose the greek version of the bible which is obviously this is the word is known at that time for the greek word what we want and muhammad did not have any idea what he is using he just used a word .

Which he do not know what it's mean and he claimed that he never sent the messenger except to speak the tongue of his people and he have to be from the people so in order for jesus to have a greek book according to the quran .

Then jesus have to be greek and his people have to be the greek yeah i guess you're right i guess you're right in the top of that look what happened now muhammad is no prophet no more why because the quran says that allah he send them correct to the mankind he was sent as a mercy to the mankind .

Yeah yeah he's a messenger for mankind too sirajan mudra and suraj so yeah so we send you as a light for mankind but then when the quran says in chapter 14 verse number four we never send the messenger to any except his own people why so he can deliver the message to .

Them in their language in order to do what to make it clear that makes sense so based on this muhammad if he was a sent as a person he was sent to the arab and the arab only i follow your logic this is not my logic this is logic of the quran i'm just reading your book my friend .

This is not my logic so muhammad is a fraud and the verse instructive says we never we never and he said that when muhammad was a prophet already correct this is not after muhammad he died muhammad now is the one who delivered this message saying to him we never send .

The messenger so muhammad is included now this is a very very strong argument actually um i i don't have an answer for this but let me take this one away with me um and now actually we are not done this will open more doors for more crazy .

Stuff because the quran says that allah he sent muhammad to makkah and what is around it is that correct it's it says yeah i read this you're right okay .

So uh uh in chapter 6 verse number 62 92 sorry it says we have a blessed book which is the quran revealed to confirm which was revealed before it actually this is false translation revealed what is between .

His hands if you know arabic it says here musa believing in what is between his hand and this is the book of the christian the jews and now you will see here so confirming the book which is sent before let's change the translator because this is false translation .

Always the muslim they they deny and they try to fabricate the translation because when you say what was between his hands that destroyed the whole quran confirming not what was before it what is between his hands you will see all translation they took the word between his hands anyone can take this take it to gokul .

And you can see and by the way this is this is a very very bad arabic i never heard of somebody saying what is that what kind of arabic this one but anyway let it go so believing in what is between his hand and to warn what is around makkah the mother of towns .

Mecca is a small village at that time anyway and they're now actually small small you know the investment and the money etc but still is nothing so muhammad was sent only to mecca and what is around it and suddenly muhammad became a messenger for mankind and then the quran says we never sent a messenger .

Except to the people speaking the tongue of the people and now that will talk us to different person if you remember allah he sent moses and aaron to speak to the pharaoh that's right yeah okay is the pharaoh from the people of moses the fur wasn't jewish .

But like i was mentioning about the the jesus point because you know they lived in egypt uh they had to interact with the egyptians yeah uh so if they were to accept the belief they would be part of the people of moses doesn't matter the quran says we never send the messenger except to his people .

So moses will not be a messenger to anyone except his people so how he is a messenger to his people and then he go to pharaoh invite him to believe in allah and ask him his people to believe in allah too so that broke what allah is because the verse before it says we never sent correct we never send .

No no like i said it's a very strong point i i need to take this away with me i don't have the answer it's a very strong point okay so until now i'm showing you things i have to think after things all of them they are crazy and all of them prove that muhammad is a false prophet so if you remember when you called me i said .

Well he's a prophet can you give me a prophecy and turn to be everything he said this guy is is wrong right we we spoke about one prophecy and we spoke about this topic all of them by the way are prophecies all of them if you they leave because muhammad was not in the time of moses correct he was not now okay so when i say .

Something nobody knows this is a prophecy even if it's in the past if i say how god created the earth god he told me this is what prophecy is god told me prophecies can be about something happening in the future or will happen in the future or something would happen happy in the past but nobody knows .

Something secretly uncovered so god informed me and he told me how he created the earth as an example how he created the baby so by time people didn't discover how the baby is created so now you say oh muhammad he prophesy that the baby is created in certain way which is wrong like he said that the .

Sperm came in from the backbone of the man and the ribs of the woman which is a crazy so he prophesy how the baby is made and time come and if if science confirm what muhammad is saying that will be a prophecy but the baby is already made muhammad himself was a baby correct okay so so .

Let's talk about that one right there you just mentioned yeah um can can you pull up the verse please no problem background chapter 86 chapter 86 verse number let us go verse and 6 and 7. here we go this is the quran .

Um and as long as you mentioned before that you like a nica theater we can go to immigration you don't mind right yeah let's go to just give it a second it's loading all right so we go to amnica and let us see so he created i'll give it time because .

It's going to load now i'm opening it yeah there proceeding between the backbone and the ribs okay all right this is abner there i i put it for you on the screen uh let us read together just give it a second .

Okay okay all i can see says then allah misleads okay we can discuss this that's okay all right so read for me my friend i think you're still scrolling down so i think it's late okay .

So let me see what he's created uh this is alerting matt oh can i crawl down because we want to go about where the sperm is coming this is the important for us yeah yeah he is created from uh water gushing forth meaning the sexual flu that comes breath comes bursting forth from .

I can't see if you can do zoom out a bit sorry yeah just a little bit sorry yeah okay thus the child is produced from both them by the permission of allah due to this allah says proceeding from the backbone and the ribs meaning .

Uh the loins of the man and the bones ribs of the woman which is referring to her chest and by the way this is false translation in arabic it doesn't say all the lines it's the backbone sorry i'm just a bit confused sorry give me a second .

Um proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs backbone meaning the backbone or noise of the man okay so i told my two separate people and okay so it's talking about sexual fluid coming .

From the backbone of the man and the ribs of the woman which are front or chest yeah how in the world this is from god because we know sperm comes from the testicles right so no according to muhammad testicles or decoration like the one you put them in christmas tree you know they are hanged there for like .

You know like a christmas light yeah okay it's good to see everybody you know i like it so my friend is that from god is it really this is god this is prophecy what is it what does it mean ribs of the woman can we please the ribs you know if you go and read the interpretation it says in arabic it says .

Referring to her chest in fact in arabic it says the location where the necklace is you see like the the what they call it the uh there's that there's a little little uh hole yeah the bone yeah yeah little hole between the top of your wraps right away in the top this is where the location of .

The necklace when women should wear a necklace tight necklace that will be in that location so according to muhammad this is where sperm is coming from so can you can you just send me the link sorry just i apologize so send me this link my friend the problem with this website it doesn't show link it shows the uh i can i can give you the uh let .

Us say the the website and you can open it from there because there's no like unique link you know what i mean i will post it in the chat this is i'm using the website it's called you're talking yeah it doesn't matter you can open it any website anyone you want so let me .

Find it myself give me one second yeah i posted actually in the chat you can use the same website word of allah search for word of and then go to chapter 86 uh verse you know from one to ten in this website is showing you okay .

Chapter what sorry chapter 86 yeah okay how this can be from god is it obvious that muhammad is a fraud this is prophecy you see the baby is made you know since eve correct in the past .

Look look i'm not going to um i i don't lie okay um so i'm not gonna sit here and say that this is correct um because it's not it's not you know what i mean i respect that on you um so so i'm not going to sit around and .

Try to make up excuses it's it's it's very clear so my friend you're still a muslim then i mean isn't it isn't it obvious i mean this guy is claiming to be a prophet claiming that god told him this this is not hadith we can go over it we can run over it we can say you know what maybe somebody put it there this is the .

Quran okay how about the teachings don't you think at least they're good you know what i mean our friend i can be a person who speak about being good as much as you want doesn't make me from god because i can earn respect of people for being good you .

Know i can be a person i have my own agenda maybe i want to be a king a muhammad became a king and you know as long as you are talking about teaching when you say good teaching what good teaching mean um i i would say good teachings mean i'll give you an example actually .

Um charity charity well yeah how muhammad he did the charity he told them go and attack the romans so you can get the blonde diggers for yeah this is true i i've read this but in in in the greater context of things .

It was in a way to motivated men okay you know what so you motivate your men by telling them you can kidnap blondie women not by serving god no there are many ways to motivate people you know what i mean no my friend .

Actually if you go you see the verse you will see that the person who said to him don't tempt us by women muhammad he claimed that he is a hypocrite what reality is what do you mean what do you mean well uh you know when when the guy he said to .

Muhammad oh excuse me don't tempt me don't tempt me he was asking muhammad why in the world you are tempting us to go to war those people did not invade us did not attack us did not kill us they never come here why want to go there he does not say because we want to spread islam because .

We want to bring them to no he said attack the roman get the blonde diggers so the man who said to him why you are tempting me with this to go to jihad for no reason except to blow on the women muhammad accused him to be a kafir to be a hypocrite and to be a first person .

And this was before the battle of mutton or after sorry this just this is when muhammad he decided to send his messenger to attack to to warn the woman uh convert or else and when they refuse to convert you know actually after before even his end according to the minister not me i'm not the one who make this history yeah yeah .

I mean this is before taboo right yeah this is uh and then he decided to go to the book and he failed he failed in taboo he went there he could not make it so he was you know he is the victory he promised was a was a fraud and by the way you are the one who mentioned to me that muhammad he predicted that we will conquer the roma correct .

Yes but but you see before tabuk before he even went there it was to avenge the battle of mutter if i'm correct doesn't matter i don't i don't go by all the history of islam i believe all of it is but however muhammad the one who was happy for the roman to be victorious now he want to kill the roman because they are far .

Which is very funny and very crazy in the same time he is not asking the muslim to go and attack to to to to spread islam in fact in chapter 8 chapter 9 the same chapter we are reading you will see that when the muslims be forbidden to have any non-believers in mecca the muslims they fear they fear the .

Property you know read with me chapter 9 verse number 28 the same chapter or who you believe you know verily let us say you know this translation is very funny the adwords is not there uh let us go and see another idiot they make it so long for no reason .

Okay here we go oh who you believe it's rudy the pagan or unclean nudges this is a very fascist treasure sorry you you're you're jumping topics no no we are not i will show you why we are listening or who you believe truly the pagans are unclean so let them not after the seer of their approach to the uh .

Of the af after this year of theirs approach the sacred mosque and if you fear poverty soon allah will reach you or right away he says attack the roman attack the christians and the jews kill them so how allah will reach you so attacking the roman .

Was a solution for money not for god no no you see um from the islamic perspective the reason why the the muslims attacked the romans was because their client state murdered their emissary or the .

Missionary sent to uh converting trees let's go by that and see how funny is that so you send you send the messenger saying either you convert to islam or i will kill you and then you expect them to give you a hug he is the one who is announcing war convert or else haslam tesla is what he said to him islam tesla you want to be .

Successful i don't think this is what he said i'm not too sure there we go let me show you my friend don you know for me remember you are talking to christian prince i'm not a kid aslam islam tesla here we go and this is the hadith and you are the one who said you accept .

Sahih hadith that's correct yeah that's the screen load sorry bear with me a second and your prophet he keep mentioning that as them test them to many people always he said that but anyway let us go i mean if you if what you're saying is true okay then and then it's justified okay you're .

Right if it's not then no read it my friend here we go read it read it and you know this is the funny the muslims say that he killed him they killed they killed the messenger but the messenger is the hill kelby but according to many islamic books the hell killed me he did not die .

In that no no no the messenger was had it right now here we go in front of you it says dahil kirby my friend so muslim history is a fabrication so read with me so allah allah he sent to the governor of al-basra in that time harcouris whatever his name and he said to him in the name of allah .

The most merciful the compassion muhammad is a slave of allah blah blah blah blah to herculize the ruler of the bazantia blah blah blah blah i call you to islam if you become muslim you will be safe sorry it's just loading up okay messenger messenger i wish they had part to the .

Governor from boston which in turn passed here to here's okay that's the governor that's right he read it out saying in the name of all of the mercedes the compassionate from muhammad the slave of allah and his messenger to a reckless rule of the byzantine okay i guide you to islam if you become muslim you will be safe and on my wall what if .

You turn away then you could incur a wrong action of your subjects or people a book come to a proposition which is same for us and you a big one is that you are a messenger that you are muslims sorry become muslim become muslim you will be safe otherwise i will kill you this is a .

Threat this is not a message it doesn't is my first language aslam tesla that's what muslim they say become muslim you will be safe otherwise we will kill you that's it you know so this is what you're saying it says in arabic right it's in arabic in english too you see islam .

This is this is literally translation for the arabic uh becoming english sorry okay become a muslim become safe say from what the guy is the king and allah will tell you he's not a refugee you know like you're coming to your door .

Saying please help me give me you know give me shelter this is a king this is safe from god save from god no my friend because the action after that he went to fight them what say from god is it the quran says fight those who don't believe in allah in the last day chapter 9 verse 29 we just agreed that .

My friend why those who don't believe in allah and the last day and what is forbidden by his messenger so what is the problem with those people they don't approve the messenger what we do with them we send them a book says convert to islam or we send them a book says islam .

Tesla which means convert or die and the only way to stay alive is to pay us jizya so if you reject that choice to pay jizya like a slave we enter our command then we will kill you choose one okay and as you see you are the one who mentioned to me that muhammad he .

Motivate his men by the blondie girls if i am a decent person speaking of god i will never mention hey guys they have a blonde girls there let's go and get them i will say let us bring the religion of truth to everybody .

What does what the girls have to do with this and you will see as long we are talking about women how how women and sex involve very much in islam you are the one who mentioned well don't muhammad have a good teaching this is a verse there's a verse about women she can offer herself to the prophet .

What does this have to do with god let's see this first please okay remember i am supposed to be a prophet of god and you are you know you want to believe in me and then i say to you if you have a wife or a daughter or anything .

You know she like to give herself to me so i can with my respect to your family i don't mean to insult uh you know if your wife she like to give herself to me that's good you know yeah what would this have to do with god how how that serve god you know this is nothing to do with god chapter .

33 verse number 50. muhammad suddenly he start counting how many women he can sleep with and as you see the whole town all the verses look how long look how long this verse your wives you are sending him a verse that he can sleep with his wives isn't it too late .

And then you will find that all of those things are privileged to muhammad and i believe in women she offered herself to the prophet to do nikah to her which mean to f her the translation says to marry her where is the word mary show me in arabic i want to see it .

It says thank you very much so and women she is offering herself and let me ask you now is it true that if your prophet his eyes fall into a woman her husband must divorce her i i think i've studied this yes i think .

I've heard i've come across this yes yeah you mentioned to me what about his good teaching is that a good teaching that i'm a prophet of god i go to your house when i respect your wife i see your wife i like her i say divorce her so i can have her what does have to do with god serving .

Isn't it this is against the teaching of god if you go and read the ten commandment what god he gave to moses it's clearly saying that adultery fornication wishing a woman she is not yours is forbidden this guy he claimed that this is a .

Privilege to him and all his privilege is about sex and money here you will see this is the book of alcor toby and i'm showing you the reference in front of you and i'm going to use a google translation and i will post short links for it this is shia library by the way but this book .

Is not a shia to be is a muslim sunni correct hello yeah can you hear me yeah now i hear you so i'm saying the website i'm using now is a shia library but the book is a sunni shia library page number two 12. .

It says here but which book sorry which book of his i apologize here okay okay volume 14 and that's the arabic version there's no english i think page number 212 it say here it count for you uh the privilege of muhammad he says .

And what is was lawful for the prophet as a privilege 16 the best of the booty second to take the fifth of the booty and then and and and then uh and increase more than four wives every muslim have only four wives mohammed you have unlimited there's no limit and then .

To if a woman beloved which means she say i offer yurusafi if her number six to f of women without her parents approving approval all of them is about sex number seven to f of women without the worry you do not need to pay for free number eight to if around the kerber or .

During the hedge number uh uh uh uh uh 10 and if his eyes fall into all women which mean he like her it is a must for husband to divorce her so he can if her and this is what happened with his son from adoption zaid .

Let us use a google translation read carefully this is a prophet of god you know this is a prophet of god let us go to number two you're right i i remember studying this now okay okay so what kind of a prophet he have a good teaching as you said if his eyes fall into your wife you have .

To divorce her so he can sleep with her why is he is he short of women i mean the guy he have tons of wives at how at home you see what i was told i remember having this discussion when we were studying and the imam said even though this was a .

A privilege uh he did not utilize it what do you mean you know he he did the practices he never he never did it no no no no he took sofia there's a verse about it in the quran in the chapter of allah you know when zaid he finished with her and the lord .

Of the donkey you see with her the situation was the prophet came into you know there's multiple narrations but the the more authentic as the scholars say is the one that he came in to the house zaid wasn't there uh the prophet said something .

Uh what he said what you said remind me uh i don't remember off top of them i said my heart my heart flipped for you he flirt with the woman correct yes okay so what do you mean he did not practice that he went to the house of a married woman she is married she is not separated she is not going through divorce she is in .

The house of the husband you go and he is there why because he is the father of their husband you see you're going to enter a house of a man when the when the man is not there correct uh this was his son at the time you know thank you so because he is the father he was allowed to enter so he was giving .

A trust trust he don't deserve when i trust you because you're my father to enter my house when i my wife is alone you are there for a reason because you are my father what this man he did he took advantage of being the father going to the house of the husband when .

The husband is not there and now he started flirting with the women and that's what the muslims say flirting i believe they are really sleeping together because my friend if a woman she is really a good woman and .

Let us say god forbid your wife she is home and your father come to visit you and then your father flirt with the women your wife how angry your wife she would be she would be very angry don't you agree yeah she would be but she is not angry she is proud you know .

And then that interpretation says that when zainab she told him for 49 says for 14 his 8 so he got it so right away he went to muhammad and he told him you know what i don't like her i want to divorce her so now he knew that they are sleeping together no i i don't think they were sleeping together .

My friend what is the difference between somebody flirt with a woman she is married is it this is a sign that he is willing to sleep with her because already he disobey the good ethic of god what is different is it your quran isn't it your prophet .

He says that adultery is adultery of the eye and the tongue correct correct yeah okay so he commit adultery i mean the guy who speak about you know speak about doing good stuff he is the last one to follow the good stuff so muhammad himself he says it is allah verily has fixed the very portion .

Of adultery which a man would indulge in which of necessity must commit which is very stupid to say because now he is making it making it a as a as a as a like destiny the adultery of the eye the lustful of the look and the adultery of the tongue .

So muhammad you know he said clearly that this is adultery of a tongue adultery of an eye because his eyes saw the woman correct and she was wearing sexy clothes and now he did adultery with his eye because he wish a woman she is not his he have a lost for look at the women .

And then the result of that he committed a daughter with his tongue but that's what the muslims say is me we don't know what happened for real that's what the news says and not only that if you go to al-qurtabi you will see that zainab she claimed that after that muhammad he .

Flirted with her each time her husband he tried to sleep with her allah he make his penis as well is that correct uh i have never heard of this one to be honest can you show me this okay let us see let me show you hold on give me a second .

You see the the christian they say that muhammad have no miracle here we go he have a miracle allah he made the penis of the husband israel you know uh let's see so who said who said the prophet no miracle .

We christian we say here the quran says that too the quran says you have no miracles but in the islamic traditions book they said he have but let us see let us see what the what the muslims say what what design up she said .

And and for miracles there is the um well why you search this one up sorry i'm not sure if you found it yet uh but yes the splitting of the moon we will go to that and you will die laughing just wait okay and also the feeding of many people yeah yeah .

Here we go this is the circle to be the same book i gave you the same pages you can read it says mentioned in a hadith coming from zainab that she said that that zainab his penises swell each time he tried to get close to her are you sharing your screen sorry yeah .

That's in the screen okay give it a few moments sorry let me pause the link i will post a link to in the chat and everybody can use google translation you know so uh uh here it says actually .

Yeah i can see it now okay it says here uh so zayd he came at night he went to his bed and then zainab she said and he could not do it to me which means he could not if her. .

And nothing may can make him not to be able except allah he forbid him he could not do it and then he says in the zeidan the war ramadan come in who so zaid his penis swell so imagine now we have god become a pimp this woman she is lawful for the husband .

Not lawful for muhammad she is married to the husband not to muhammad and the husband is the son of muhammad by adoption and now muhammad because he liked the women even he forbid adoption it was a turning point for muhammad suddenly adoption is forbidden .

Just because you want to have the women to sleep with her because the arabs start saying what the heck this guy when is going to sleep with his own son wife so this is why the quran says you are afraid what people will say and you are telling the husband to keep his wife which means the quran saying yo muhammad .

You are being hypocrite now you are telling them you are trained the guy keep your wife when allah he inform you that he want to give him when you know this is yours take her what is the ethic this is god oh this is this is a scam and let me pause the link for everybody so anyone can use google translation .

Including you when you speak arabic but you can feel free you can take it to any shake in the mosque and let him read for you okay you see in the in the in the old testament we have a story of a pro of of david .

Uh you know uh he uh took a wife of somebody else he sent him to war so he will die and he take but you will see that the bible condemned him god he punished him .

God even said to him don't build the temple for me your your your your money your hand is full of blood so god condemn you for that not only that god he punished him even the son he have from that women he died here we see the opposite muhammad he will take everyone women .

By blessing of allah encouragement of allah and you will see that ayasha she said muhammad allah i see she said i see that your god has to your temptation your sexual desire .

To your convenience so she noticed that muhammad is a fraud you see i i wanted to speak to you about two things here okay um it's actually three so so first of all i wanted because you because you're an .

Arab right i'm guessing you're born a christian as well right no we don't believe in as a christian that we are born we are believed that we are born again born again mean you can't be born of a christian family but does not make a christian you know you are going to be .

Christian if you understand who is a christ and you accept christ as your savior this is called born again go ahead but what i mean is that i'm guessing that you lived your whole life uh in yeah yeah i understand okay go ahead .

Yeah okay okay so now you've read the quran in arabic right yeah do you i've been told obviously i don't speak arabic that it's a lot better in arabic in english i i always said uh it's not very coherent book you know what i mean my friend what you just said what you just said .

What you just said to prove to me that the quran is stupid let me let me explain to you the quran is in arabic and in arabic is way better correct this is what i thought yes okay but isn't it your prophet he said that allah is sending the quran in seven ways or seven letters .

Okay what is the reason muhammad he claimed what is the reason behind saving the quran in seven ways or seventh day elect i don't know why because people can not comprehend the quran so imagine you just said something i find it very .

Funny i'm not making fun of you but i'm making fun of islam that the quran in arabic is better but as you see the quran arabic is worse because allah he need to write rewrite the quran seven time in order to make the first quran in order to make the first quranic clear but but but you know as an arab when you .

Read it is it our friend my friend listen this arab the seven quran are in arabic too right so allah he needed to write his book seven time in order to make it clear and now it's not a clear so what kind of an author he made a book and the muslim they say .

That the quran is amazing it's amazing to the point we need to rewrite the book seven times in order to explain the book and after writing the book seven times nobody understand the book you see you're referring to the transmitters right i am not .

No i'm not referring to any of this you know actually even muslims say those things that are different but you know but just to show you how stupid this religion is the muslim they say to us that the the the the seven ways it just uh they elect like you know like you say i say that or you know .

But these are true as an example no it's not true you're right yeah so if you go in the quran where the verse says the sun run into its own course chapter 36 verse number 38. here in arabic it says in english and the sun runs on what it is fixed course .

Is that the clear it runs right yeah this one runs on this looks good let's go to ibn and now you have the page from your site you can open it yep let me just open up myself to make it easier for you to not to wait so what was the verse again .

Chapter 36 verse number 38 36 13. thank you all right here it says and the sun runs into a fixed course of for a term right but in different but in different reading it says .

The opposite meaning totally and the sun runs with no fixed course of term so which one of them one end the sun run into effects course and once i end the sun run with no fixed scores so this is not different dialect this is way this is the opposite .

We are not talking about different direct no more meaning there has no destination it does not sits in one place rather keeps moving night and day never slowing down or stopping i say well this is the opposite of the verse the same verse in different recitation .

Is totally the opposite one says it runs the other one says to a station or that to rest and the other one says it doesn't run to us so how this can be different reading are you showing both readings on the screen sorry or not it's in front of you my friend it says here here we go read it i can see the one says and the sun .

Runs with no fixed course now read the first one you know here we go and its fixed course is beneath the throne of allah here is go down it says on its fixed course for term appointed between two bracket means it has appointed time and it will not go .

Beyond that then if you go down it says the opposite and the sun runs with no fixed scores for a term here the sun runs with fixed or course of a turn which one of them okay yeah it's a problem .

This is not a problem this is a joke there's no way god he says this both and the muslim they witness that muhammad he said both so muhammad he forgot what he said you just add here allah and that make it no here he forget allah so when the muhammadan they say well .

You know different there like does not mean they're from quran that's a lie because this is taught in the opposite okay i see what you're saying so my friend after all of this i showed you this is enough for you be honest with you you know it's a tough thing to say you know what i mean it doesn't matter how .

Tough it is isn't it more tough to be is to stay with my respect to you it will be more tough on you you are smart it's more it's more tough on me to be called to call myself a muslim when this time is for obviously for a stupid one which one is more tough to say today and decide to become smart this is madness this is stupid .

This is gonna be from god i'm out of here it is tough to say that or it's more tough to say i'm going to stay abdul following a madman a stupid man he says stupid things which one is more tough okay i agree i agree so did you do do you agree to leave us .

Down my friend yeah yeah i'm so happy for you i praise the lord that today you call me and you decide to leave islam and you are free from the garbage of muhammad now as long you decide to leave islam my .

Duty as a christian is to invite you to accept the messiah as your lord as your savior what do you think about christ i've read the bible before okay um in fact i've studied it for a while actually .

Um i i don't know i i i find it difficult to believe you know why it's difficult to believe they believe believe in what exactly what is difficult okay um okay .

Let's start with the concept of okay jesus was not prophesized in the old testament you see what i'm saying who said that the jews say that that's not true i've read the old testament i don't see jesus well you can go right now you can type in in google you do not need my help by prophecies about jesus .

In the old testament you will find at least 360 something prophecy about jesus and our testament and some of them they are extremely powerful and as long as you are saying the jews did not see that so how the jews they are the one who welcomed him in jerusalem they shout in his name and .

Why the believers the first believers who they are jews believe in him if there's no prophecy about him but they were minority right who said that who said so who said so you guys say sir i mean was he not crucified it doesn't matter it doesn't matter the rabbis they are the one in charge the .

Rabbi isn't the one in charge and they were able to make the crowd in that in that area follow them and the roman he did do it what the what the uh what what the rabbi want but you will notice in the same time that the bible tells us that thousands of people believe in jesus .

And thousands of people they listen to jesus and they love what jesus do actually they have something that's called the the the the the pawn day when jesus entered jerusalem of people they were welcoming him you know right it was like a victorious person coming .

Into the city so obviously there's a lot of people believe in him and now the majority of the jews are christians actually see after two thousand years after jesus the jews in this earth is not even 20 million they're all nations that go in war all nations get killed you know everybody but .

The the only faith is never increased but only decrees is that jews why because rishati took most of them and they become christians and as you know paul he was a jew right or a disciple of jesus they were jews even the quran come from that so when they say nobody believe in him that's a .

Lie secondly imagine you are a person who was exist in the time of jesus and you saw amazing miracles he can do which nobody can do why you would not believe a believer why somebody he can resurrect people from death nobody will .

Believe that he is someone special why somebody would you tell me this because you know the the jewish people as you claim they they saw this right so why did they not believe in him they did the rabbis they did not believe in it my friend who said that the rabbis did not believe there is many there are they believe but there is the one there is .

There is big names that i say they want to lose their authority you know there's always uh you know one day i was looking for a job and i apply even for a taxi driver imagine i'm a person i have degrees but because you know you need to pay for your food .

Right and nothing wrong with working doesn't matter what the or as long as it is it's not hurting people you know taxi driver is fine i will work as a driver so i applied the response is you are overqualified but i know why he refused me what are over qualified i mean i'm going to take to drive a taxi .

What a big deal but the manager there he said to himself this guy he have a degree but at the my degree today we will get him inside the company tomorrow he will become the manager so there's always somebody is afraid you will take his place so when the rabbi they notice how jesus be loved by .

The people they felt the risk they are losing their place people don't listen to them so they have to get rid of him as simple as that so when you say did not believe in him that is not really not true especially all the disciples are jews and the top of that jesus he did .

Miracles between the jews and even between non-jews like the aramaic people who they are around so uh belief is a matter of something personal the reason you gave me is not a reason as an example .

I will use your reasoning so how come the jews or the majority did not believe according to you well how come the jews today the majority believe in him so if the majority is the one who decide if you are right or wrong well the majority today are people believe in free sex .

Smoking drinking the majority correct no no you see the reason i asked this question wasn't because of this it's because um of two reasons um i've heard that christians um often and and i have to be honest i have to go back and you know read the bible again because .

Um you know when i read it i read it from a you know muslim perspective you know what i mean i understand um but you know when you guys talk about the old testament like when i read the old testament the new testament i would see the prophet in places he shouldn't have .

Been in you know what i mean okay so christians often you know you guys say that um isaiah 53 5 is referring to jesus correct right but i was watching a video where a rabbi was explaining that this isn't referring to .

Jesus but he's talking about the the nature of the israelites in general we got them busted you can watch the same rabbi i think you're talking about two evil singers this guy's an idiot you know you know i i made videos about him many videos and everybody knows that this guy is a is a liar you know as an example .

This guy they ask him if muhammad is a prophet or not because he's a hypocrite how come how come you jews i made a video just it's still in my channel actually i did not believe that you can watch it uh how come the how come the muslims say that jesus is the christ remember that .

As you said this guy he don't believe that jesus is the christ correct yeah so they asked him how can muhammad he think that he is the crisis he does not answer he did not dare and he starts saying the muslim the believe messiah he's the prophet for them and it doesn't matter it's not a question the .

Question is is it a messiah or not and then he claimed that the muslim do not believe that the messiah is from david but this is absolutely false and we show the difference so this guy is not a legitimate person even to listen to honesty is honesty you see when you talk to me i don't take a side i'm an american person .

By having american passport i serve in the usa army if you ask me about trump i voted for him i say his dump if you ask me about biden i say it's stupid i don't take aside i say as it is if somebody in my chat he's an admin he says something wrong i am all over the place over him so i don't take aside .

Except the truth so when those people they say something it's not even convincing to their own people in case you do not know you know we believe that israel and maybe in 15 20 years from now they will have a huge number you know big number which is going to change the format of israel from this nation of the .

Jews to be the nation of the christians the jews are coming to christ in a huge number and those who do you mean now or back in now and before now is even more you know if you go right now and see how many christian schools open all over jerusalem how many you will not believe it .

And who is the teacher he is an ex-jew who is the minister he is the next jew who is the doctor who is the professor ex-jew so they are afraid from a christianity but they are not afraid of islam because islam is not convincing to the jews islam obviously hate the jews christians they are the only ones who .

Say we love the jews we don't hate them so christianity is very attractive to the jews islam is not so the jews like this rabbi they made christianity number one enemy to them but they failed miserably to convince anyone and you can watch their videos and watch my video and you will see that .

This guy he come with stupid things which is not a true as an example when the when the old testament says that the virgin will give birth this guy he says the the translation of the christian is false it says a young woman will give birth but this is stupid because if if the sign is it's a sign .

If the sign is a young woman give birth will all young women they give birth there's millions of them every day so uh where is this prophecy where's the reference i made a video about it you can go watch it you know so okay i'll check that uh yeah so .

So when uh when when he say that the messiah uh or the christian they say that the a young woman she will give birth when in fact it is it says aversion because it's a miracle you know not every woman can do if everyone if women they can't do that that's mean all women can't do that this is this is not a sign .

This is not a miracle so he lie and they lie uh when they say it is not a virgin if it's a young woman that is actually even against the bible why because .

How god he claimed that i'm going to give you a sign which is a miracle and the sign is a young woman she will give birth i agree yeah so he'll lie about it because that will not be a miracle and that will not be a sign my mother she gave birth she .

Was young she must be married then you know and i must be i must be the messiah then so this is stupid so uh uh you know when those people they try to refute they are bankrupt the same as the muslim they try to refute us i don't see really any different you know if you if you want to go .

You try to try always to find how much legitimate is what they are saying you know just think about it don't listen to the christian don't listen to the muslim don't take aside don't listen to the jews just think carefully and you investigate you go search you .

Know the hebrew is there the dictionary is there the open dictionary you read it and then if the word if the word mean uh uh what they say that's mean they are right and the christians are lying if not then the question says right .

No that's fair okay i you see my friend everything i was with you i showed you reference one by one yeah right so when the jews on a jewish rabbi he says like in isaiah 7 that this is not about mary she is being a virgin we love because that will destroy even the verse meaning .

For god he will not make you promise that a young woman will give birth for that will goes to a million of women and then how we will know who is the messiah it have to be an amazing miracle something never happened before or there's only one messiah there's no two messiah there's no three messiah there's no for messiah .

So if it's not about not about a virgin it's about a young woman there's then there's no prophecy and there's nothing said there for all young women any woman she is young you know and the word young is very flexible you know what i mean no i mean i agree with the explanation .

But it makes sense um but okay i need to i can make a decision on this now as you can imagine no my friend that's okay well for me i i do my best to invite you feel free to communicate with me if you like to to go if go read the bible and uh you know you can call me anytime you wish i'm so happy for you now .

That you decide to leave islam and you are free from muhammad and his madness can you just clarify one thing sorry for me right um okay you know in islam we have the they have the five pillars right you have one muslims muslims have the five pillars right uh yeah .

Um and you know they pray five times a day do you guys as christians have an equivalent for these things you know first of all you cannot limit believing in god in one two three four .

That is a false teaching and i will tell you why because the bible you know like when when when they asked jesus about god about the you know he said to them to wish to others what you wish to yourself that is the book that is the book that's allah .

So it's not one two three four it is if you are really being as god he wanted you to be or not so one two three four does not make any difference for me if i follow all those steps like the jewish rabbis who they are so conservative they don't touch a food if touched by a human being other .

Than the jews they don't touch a food if it's touched by a woman she has menstruation they are very very very strict in many things but all of them they are silly and jesus he described them he says well you know what if the cup inside is so dirty you swallow it you drink it no problem but if little thing outside of the cup .

You complain about it so we don't want to be like the muslims who follow we follow the holy god and the bible says be holy like your father so when you are working in that direction you are following all the point not point two not point one not point three .

He is holy you are ordered to be holy which means you are not perfect you commit sin but you fight hard you know in you know in a direction to be holy like your father and that's what jesus is about whoever believe in me and i will live .

Believe in me mean anything jesus said anything jesus did anything jesus he wanted us to be not point one not pointy you know islam is a stupid religion you say shahada you are saved that's stupid that's why jesus he said the opposite he said not everyone says to me lord lord will .

Enter the kingdom of my father but the one who do his will so you can say shahada as much as you want you can repeat things as much as you want actually jesus he said to us clearly don't pray like those hypocrites who repeat words and they like to pray in .

The corners so we do not need to pray in the corner go and go to your closet and pray be in the closet so nobody will see you except your father in heaven so jesus he forbid us from being hypocrite jesus here for with us from being following shahadah .

He order us to walk his step not to say words but did jesus say what you just said at the end you know about don't don't pray like you know uh showing off did he say this because this is a very good teaching yeah .

You know don't pray in the corner don't play you know like let me let me pull the verse for you uh yes because this is what we what they do you know what i mean like you know a muslim once asked me why you don't see you you know uh like .

You know what you never said i'm going to go to pray you know and if you go right now you know you see my all my videos i never said i'm going to go to pray like but do a christian really pray or not no does that mean christian they don't pray we pray .

But we are forbidden from bragging about it because simply those who do that they are the hypocrite they want to show the people that they are praying to god i'm going to play for you matthew chapter six so you can learn from jesus who is jesus not from me i mean who can teach you .

Sorry it takes a long time so what is it from matthew no matthew chapter six matthew chapter 6 you know and i don't know if the sound will come to you now if i play it let me know if if the sound is coming to you matthew 6. do you hear the sound or take the e do not your arms before men okay do this my friend .

Uh uh a mute skype you described just for you know uh and watch the chat and when people they say to you and mute actually when when when the sound of the bible uh stop animate and you will be talking to me so i'll give you the skype and uh animate youtube so you can hear it .

And we will play matthew chapter six be seen of them otherwise you have no reward of your father which is in heaven therefore when thou doest thine alms do not sound a trumpet before thee as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets that they may have glory of men verily i say unto you they have their .

Reward but with thou doest alms that not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth that thine alms may be in secret and thy father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly and when thou prayest thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are .

For they love to pray standing in the synagogues in the corners of the streets that they may be seen of men verily i say unto you they have their reward but thou when thou prayest enter into thy closet and when thou has shut to thy door .

Pray to thy father which is in secret and thy father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly but when ye pray use not vain repetitions as the heathen do for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking be not ye therefore like unto them for your father knoweth what things you .

Have need of before ye ask him after this manner therefore pray ye our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread .

And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen amen for if ye forgive men their trespasses .

Your heavenly father will also forgive you or to stop here you will notice right away that this is the opposite of the teaching of muhammad 100 they love to pray in the corners they love to show themselves they even put a rag on the top of a car they go and they pray in the middle of .

The square i remember when i was a kid i visited a muslim child in my age when i go to his house in the cold winter his father he opened all the windows so the neighbors will see through the balcony that he is praying and i say to the kid why your father opened the .

Windows you know so cold and then i learned from this kid a lot of tricks the most than they do in the month of ramadan uh when we we go to his house we eat cookies you know we are kids we eat cookies .

Uh we drink tea you know yeah and then now we want to leave and then he said stop stop stop and he grabbed some salt and he put it in his and on his lips so why you do that he could not answer because if he move if you talk the the salt will fell down from his lips and then i asked him what he do he says .

Because now people will see that we have you know we were eating in our lips it's not dry so good salt so nobody will know that your lips will be dry and people will think you're fasting i said oh you know that he said my dad he'd do it my mom should do it the whole family do it you know .

once his father was sitting in the couch he was hitting his head with a rock little rock i was this is really crazy why he's hitting his head with this rock little tiny rock and that caused a dark spot in his head uh so it looks like he prays a lot .

So i ask him why he is doing that well i'm just a kid learning you know so he said so people will think that he is you know this is to leave a mark in his head so that you know like supposed to he pray a lot okay brother listen i i really appreciate the time um and thank you for for showing me what .

You showed me i think it's very clear now uh in fact to be honest i was told um not to call you specifically um because apparently um you are one of the digits you know so it was a pleasure to speak to you anyways so they they said to you i'm one of the .

Liars right yep one of the fitness and doesn't does it turn to be this way did i lie to you about anything or everything i said i showed reference and approve you did you did and and yeah they were the liars you know so .

Yeah it's very unfortunate but thank you very much free time my friend i'm happy to have you here and i hope you can if you know a sheik if you know anyone he would like to call me so you can watch and see what will happen you know feel free no words thank you very much thank you thank you bye thank you bye .

Well let us pray for this gentleman you know that he will accept the salvation of christ and he will turn to the truth and the truth will set him free he is now free from islam .

But still he needs salvation and for me i do my best people they have a choice before they can accept people they can reject this is their business but as you see everything we say we .

Show the proof we make the muslims read it we don't make speeches everything we mention is from their books i think i will i will stop for today my .

My throat hold on you know i was drinking coffee too much and that's what happened to me when i drink too much coffee i love coffee but sometime it's not good so i'm going to stop here today before i lose my voice .

And i'm very happy for our friend i did not really ask him his name but anyway whatever his name is we are happy for him that he left islam and let us see how many muslims will leave islam today after watching this video .

What do you think how many how many are how many person they are decent they will see the reference which we show in the screen they will examine the reference i encourage all the muslims to examine the reference whatever we show you whatever we give you it have to be an islamic website it .

Have to be islamic books it have to be islamic reference it have to be islamic interpretation not ours examine my friend and then you will see can i talk to you i'm understand my friend learn islam no problem but maybe not today you want to call me next time i go live on air .

I will take one more call let us see but my voice is gone honestly hello yes my friend you are live on here are you almost done uh sorry we already spoke sorry sorry i've already spoken to you oh you .

Spoke to me before sorry i don't remember okay so you're a muslim or not no no no no sorry we just spoke i've left the religion i literally just spoke to you right now oh you are that person who spoke to me right now sorry you see for me i don't i don't i don't look really about who is coding who is talking you know i mean that's why i .

Said i don't know his name because i i forgot to look at the name and describe all right what do you want to say my friend no no i just texted you to say please don't use my name okay all right no problem you see your name is your name is in preserve and this is your life my friend i respect that thank you for calling again and .

Remember i want you to go and read matthew chapter 6 again take your time and look at the wisdom of jesus amazing teaching and look at the garbage in the quran and then you decide which one is really a person he can he can make a better person of you you know .

It's up to you okay i won't look at that book anymore but i'll check out the bible all right take care my friend god bless you thank you all right and please pray for our friend here he asked me not to mention his name i respect that i thought this is a new muslim trying to call or something you know .

But he's the same person so anyway obviously he's using his real name do we have any mustang when i say anything all right so thank you all for being here may the lord bless you and i hope today we have a very good time sharing the truth .

Given education and remember we are not here you know we don't hate muslims and we would never hate them as you see if you hate them you will never win souls and you will not save them we save muslims because we love to save them we believe they .

Deserve to be in the kingdom of the lord we believe that the muslims don't deserve to go to hell and those who you want to save them is not the one you hate them the one you hate them is the last one to think about saving them so muslim they might think that christian friends he hated them well .

This is what they lie to you the quran says that the christian they hate the muslims the jews hate the muslims but in reality is the opposite for god he loved the world he sent his only begotten son god he loved the world everybody white black asian .

Whatever your ethnic whatever your language whoever you are you are a child of god and we are the only one who believe that god our father is our father and here you see how our lord how humble he is that he is god who created this massive .

Universe yet he is willing to give us a name we don't deserve you're a child of god you pray to god you say my father our father how beautiful it is .

While the muslim is a slave of allah christian every christian of us women or man is a child of god you are black african you are asian you're white it doesn't matter the bible says there's .

No greek there's no hebrew there's no free there is no slave for all is won by jesus i mean to that so we pray that more muslims will come to christ and more muslims will see the truth and the truth will set them afraid with this i say thank you .

And don't forget please just to to support those in ukraine we told you about the church there and we gave you the link before maybe i should post it here again to support them to help them they need your help do good as your good lord .

For he is good and only god is good and those who follow him they do good to follow him thank you support people of ukraine support those people who they are poor become homeless lost their houses for time will come and you yourself you need support .

Don't be selfish think of others think of muslims think of christians think of hindus think of everybody need help for god he use you to be a hand who give help to those who need it god he manifest himself through you .

Help them and remember i'm not asking you now to make a donation to me i'm asking you to make a donation to the ukrainian and the link we posted in the previous video you can watch it there's a church in ukraine they are helping the poor and they are collecting the nation for those who care to help .

Thank you very much may the lord bless you until we see you again christ is lord islam is false and we prove it every day but i mean again he doesn't know who gabriel is right because he didn't come from an abrahamic faith the people of mecca were pagan as mentioned if this book was from other than god they would .

Have found in it many contradictions if a book is without contradictions that has no bearing on whether it comes from god or not i've had phone books that are inerrant but i certainly don't think god gave them that we believe without understanding the .

Brothers asked a very important question that most of the scholars say that listening to music watching movies and most of the television program the haram so how can we have fun let me tell you brother at the outset that having fun is permitted in islam as long as the fun .

Is halal that the standard narrative has holes the prophet tells us because satan or the devil sleeps over our nostrils those who oversleep and not prefacing on time satan urinates in their ears i really do think jesus was crucified and that he really .

Was dead and very he thought that he was a son of god in the sense that he was especially chosen by god i think jesus really did think he was going to be the messiah the future king of israel i mean that is after all why they crucified him you