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Western University – Political Science & Sociology | Debates, societal issues, party culture & more!

hi everybody my name is madison melanchok i'm an incoming third year student at the university of western ontario also known as western university and i am doing an honors double major in political science and sociology .

i've always known about western and i've always been interested in it i'm from toronto so western is located in london so it's about two hours away and when i was starting to apply for universities i saw that western had a good social science program which is the .

Faculty i'm in program really fits my interest because i can sort of bring in that kind of i guess debating sort of modern times political theory stuff that's sort of going on within the government et cetera into sort of the sociological aspect i'm really interested .

In race as a whole sociology social inequalities so i'm sort of able to see how the two sort of topics of political science and sociology sort of intersect a lot of people that i'm able to sort of have these like sort of conversations or in my tutorials about .

Sort of interests that um go hand in hand between the two the sort of culture at western is pretty good everyone's pretty helpful you'll you're able to find sort of your people that you sort of mesh with and people are quite friendly you're able to get notes if you miss a class .

You're able to get help so the sort of teaching style of my program is pretty much like lectures tutorials and then we have a good bit of essays and examinations it's kind of fast-paced you have to learn a lot of information but um you still you're able to go through these assignments and these .

Tutorials and these discussions and sort of really understand the content that you're learning grading again it's just assignments exams etc it's pretty fair grading throughout my program and i would say i haven't heard anyone complain about grading being unfair but those sort of 40 50 60 .

Exams are never too fun but there's always i feel like in my program time to sort of make it up whether it's participating a lot in tutorial having assignments to boost your grades and stuff like that i would say in political science you sort of learn communication critical thinking be able to form your own opinion .

Regards to sociology i would feel like you learn a lot about how sort of society works the sociological aspects of your everyday life how things affect you how things affect other people maybe within a different race a different class than you and i feel like both programs tie a lot .

Into what your sort of real like everyday topics but you sort of do a deep dive into them at like an intellectual level studying time in this program it isn't too bad i would say i would probably study i really can't put a finger on it because i'm .

Like a massive procrastinator but i do feel like i have time for like my everyday life but it is like something that you do like during the school year you do like study every day but you're like either working on assignment a tutorial you're reading a lot of reading there's a lot of reading but i would say .

The workload is pretty manageable political philosophy sort of real world topics like the um the un for sociology again class race i took a class called advertising society which is a sociology course which i found really really interesting within sociology there's a lot of stuff with .

Criminology like crime society which is basically criminology there's a class called wrongfully convicted that a lot of people like serial killers if you're sort of interested in that sort of stuff i would say like the content overall is really broad i would say i think the average needed .

To get into my program was like we also had some entrance scholarships that i think they might have recently changed but if you got like a 95 or over in high school you're able to get like 10 000 but i feel like western has a lot of scholarships that you can apply outside of the admissions cycle .

I'm kind of biased but i would really just say a lot of people talk about these sort of bird courses that are supposed to help your gpa and are like super easy to take i wouldn't listen to those people me for example i took this one earth science course my friend told me it was really easy .

A lot of people told me it was just easy in general like on facebook and all of that and it was honestly like pretty much one of my worst grades and it's because at least for me i can't put my all or even truly try if i don't find the content interesting that may not be you .

But remember when you're picking your courses basically to pick something that you're actually interested in because if i'm not interested in it my grade will truly reflect that and if i am interested in it i will get a really good grade i don't think there's any courses that i .

Would inherently tell someone not to take there's always going to be those boring classes like stats or research methods but that's something you really can't avoid really just take things you're interested in read the syllabus look at the professors look at my .

Professor and you should be good also just ask your friends and stuff but at the end of the day think about it and make your mind up yourself so a lot of people in my program political science sociology have an interest in law school to some degree that's sort .

Of my interest where they sort of lie right now i'm currently studying for the lsat but another thing that i've also looked into and i know a lot of people i've also looked into in sort of master's programs because i wouldn't stay straight out of university in this program that you could .

Truly get a job you sort of have to network you can't just like out of the blue be like a top candidate for a job i think you need either work experience internships networking master's degree law school i would say the university experience at western is really good i think a lot of .

People rave about how well western balances academics and a social life and that was honestly one of the big pros and um things that i really looked forward to when i was coming here and when i was applying to universities and i think it's true that people at western take academics really seriously but they .

Also take their social life really seriously i think a lot of people think of western you think of partying and you think of like just rowdy people but i think you can you can find that if you really want to um but you can also find people who are really again academically driven and .

Coming into first year looking into western i would very much recommend living on residence and if you're not i would recommend getting involved in clubs i'm really involved in clubs i think i kind of get too involved in clubs extracurriculars et cetera et cetera but .

It's a great way to meet people and i've met a lot a lot of like long lasting friends through getting involved on campus i would say i think western has a reputation at least from what i've heard of being like a really white school which yes it is a predominantly white institution .

But there are a lot of people of color a lot of people from different backgrounds at western which honestly was a big shock to me i thought that was the one thing i was kind of scared of as a black woman that i would sort of come here and it would be just a total culture shock but you can definitely find your people here at .

Western you can definitely find people of all different backgrounds i think in recent years there's been a lot more of an increase in the amount of racialized students here at western which is really great but you can definitely meet people from all different types of backgrounds ethnicities races .

Religions etc and you will always be able to find your people because there's definitely a club association or something for your sort of background there's a lot of support here at western but i feel like students often have a really hard time finding it so we have a mental health support we .

Have our academic counseling we have our peer support programs we have programming run by um the university students council there's a lot of support there's food banks i would just recommend sort of following some social media pages talking to some people .

Or even just taking a browse on western's page or on your programs page and you're able to find the sort of stuff that you need i don't i'm not necessarily someone who tries to regret anything and i don't think i regret anything but i think sort of coming into the program like less scared or coming into first year .

Less scared honestly i thought i am someone who always thinks the world's gonna end about like any little thing but everything obviously was fine i met my people i met my friends i met people in my program i would just say sort of come into first year .

Or come into western sort of with an open mind sort of know what you want in the back of your head but don't close off any options prematurely so sort of see what western has to offer what these people have to offer and then start pursuing the things that you want to pursue or the things that you like .

Don't get too caught up in partying academics is still really important you're here to learn at the end of the day but don't restrict yourself or go super ham on assignments and class you need to have a mix of a social life and academic life so yeah i think that's pretty much everything good luck to .

Everyone who's applying to western university i hope this was helpful and feel free to reach out if you have any questions and yeah i hope everyone has a good day thank you


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