autumn nelson was born on october 5th 1994 in nashville tennessee united states she is based in san diego california united states she is called colors of autumn 94 by her folks and close relatives autumn nelson is well known for her.

Colors of autumn 94 instagram account where she has attracted more than 1.2 million followers whom she updates with her modeling photos autumn nelson has founded a modeling agency known as autumn angels which she described as the number one agency for struggling creators autumn nelson has modeled for some.

Clothing brands like adam and eve fashion nova curve fitzeri yoga and several others she is the founder of autumn's angels agency and a modeling coach on instagram autumn nelson is married with her marriage dated back to 2015. autumn nelson started her modeling career when she started sharing her.

Pictures in different fashionable outfits on instagram in order to curb big body stigma and encourage body positive initiatives she ventured into modeling her main goal is to encourage women to feel comfortable no matter their size she has her own modeling agency for all body size which.

Give chances for beautiful plus body women to make impacts in their society she is the founder of autumn's angels agency where all type of size body models are encouraged to be themselves and help others do same she is also an instagram modeling coach who has devised.

Different techniques to help elevate the women's spirits and models autumn is making a name for herself in the fashion industry and has an edge with her fans who appreciate her for her initiatives she endorses different fashion brands and continues to expand her career.

Autumn nelson stands five feet two inches tall or 157 centimeters she weighs kilograms or 175 abs her bust size is 34 inches or 86 centimeters waist size 28 inches or 71 centimeters hip size 52 inches or centimeters bra size 34dd body type curvy she has a beautiful.

Brown hair and brown eyes color despite the fact that she curvy she acquires a decent hole from her vocation autumn nelson right now has an expected net worth estimated at 1 million dollars to 5 million dollars thanks for watching the video to the end don't forget to like comment and subscribe.