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The Untold Story Of Volodymyr Zelensky | Full Biography Of Ukrainian President

This is the comedian and actor who becamepresident. He was called a clown and protege of the oligarchs. He was offered to evacuate from war-torn Ukraine,but he stayed. While world leaders are sticking their headsin the sand, he is at the head of a country that is not afraid to rebuff Putin himself,whom even NATO fears. Volodymyr Zelenskyy – who is he? Just an eloquent clown, or a strong leaderworthy of his people? Today on the Biographer channel we’ll talkabout how Volodymyr Zelenskyy became the face of Ukrainian resistance.

Ready? Let’s go! CHILDHOOD *44 years before the war with Russia* Volodymyr Zelenskiy was born on January 25,1978 in Kryvyi Rih, a large city in central Ukraine. Volodymyr's family was rather intelligentand had a high level of culture. His father was a professor and candidate oftechnical sciences, and his mother devoted all her time to raising her son.

Before entering elementary school, Zelenskyylived for four years in the Mongolian city of Erdenet, where his father worked. …These are the most important people inmy life. They gave me basic things: they gave me education,they gave me exactly this painful feeling… a painful perception of the world, a painfulfeeling of lies, untruths…And why do I always react so painfully to any lies on the Internet. Returning to Ukraine, the family settled ina quarter called by the inhabitants of Kryvyi Rih “Anthill” (ukr. Murashnyk, rus.

Muraveynik). Zelenskyy was a good student and class leader. In addition, he was involved in weightliftingand basketball, for some time he was fond of ballroom dancing, and also mastered thepiano and guitar, which he played in the school ensemble and theatrical productions. He was always in the center of attention andloved to perform on stage. Not a single school event was complete withoutthe charismatic and artistic boy. During his last school years, Zelenskiy thoughtabout his future more than once, and he saw it in diplomacy.

At the age of 16, he passed an English proficiencytest and received an educational grant to study in Israel, but his father didn’t allowhim to go. Then Volodymyr entered the Kryvyi Rih StateUniversity of Economics and Technology, where he received a law degree. However, he didn’t work a single day inhis specialty, except for a 2-month practice. Law turned out to be too boring for him. Quote: I remember walking into and out ofthe courtroom with the full adequate understanding that I must leave this stage in search ofmy own one. And the scene was found very quickly.

Already from the first year he had anotherstrong hobby, which forced out all the others. At the age of 17, Zelenskyy joined the localKVN team (From Russian this abbreviation means “Club of the Funny and Inventive”). In the CIS countries, this is a popular comedycompetition where teams from different countries take part. Players prepare several humorous performanceson given topics and show them to the jury. Zelenskiy was noticed and invited to the unitedUkrainian team Zaporizhzhia-Kryvyi Rih-Transit, which played in the Major League and won in1997. Initially, Zelenskiy was not in the main cast,but simply helped with the scenery and taught.

His comrades dancing. But gradually he won the place of the actor. Later, Volodymyr and several of his closecomrades decided to create their own team, which they called the “95th Quarter” (ukr. kvartal) in honor of one of the districtsin Kryvyi Rih. Volodymyr Zelenskiy became not only a captainand an actor, but also the author of most of their numbers. Upon realizing that his son wasn’t goingto work as a lawyer, and seeing how he was increasingly captured by the scene, Zelenskiy'sfather was shocked.

He wanted Volodymyr to have a serious profession,an academic degree and stability. Acting career, of course, didn’t imply anystability. But his father's discontent didn’t stopZelenskiy. From 1998 to 2003, the “95th Quarter” performedin the Higher League of KVN. The team members almost lived in Moscow andconstantly toured the CIS countries. But in 2003, the team's relationship withthe leadership of KVN began to deteriorate. At some point, Zelenskiy was offered to stayin KVN, but without his team – just as an author and editor. However, Volodymyr refused to leave his friendsand left KVN with his team.

Thus began the history of the creation ofa large studio. BUSINESS *19 years before the war with Russia* Having ended their career in KVN, most ofthe team members were confused and demoralized. The only thing they were sure of was thatthey couldn’t completely leave the stage and their favorite pastime. Therefore, Zelenskyy and his friends decidedon a bold and even insane step. They went to Kyiv in order to create a companywithin which they could implement original creative ideas, produce and promote theirown TV projects and entertainment shows.

The company was named after the team – Kvartal95 Studio. The first step on their way was the organizationof their own humorous concert – “Vechirniy Kvartal” (Evening Quarter). The search for sponsors, premises and equipmentbegan. Actors, comedians and screenwriters temporarilybecame managers, producers and call center operators. They called concert venues and investors,and most importantly, looked for a TV channel that could record their concert. Quote: We initially destroyed the stereotypeabout creating a business.

Because I’ve always believed that more canbe achieved through trust. When people are passionate about one goal. They were predicted to fail. They said that show business is a closed world,into which one cannot break through without connections and big money. But the team had a powerful engine – Zelenskiy. He believed in success and supported his comrades. After all, they were more than just partners. They were all friends first and foremost,and that was their strength.

Finally, the team's hard work was rewarded. In December 2003, the company, together withthe Ukrainian TV channel “1+1 Studio”, began production of a cycle of 5 concerts dedicatedto the most significant holidays of 2004. The bold experiment was supported by othercomedians not related to their original team, as well as show business stars. The concert became a bright celebration ofhumor, from which the audience was completely delighted. After the success of the programs, VolodymyrZelenskyy and his team were invited to one of the largest Ukrainian TV channels – Inter.

But they had one condition: they must addmore political humor to their repertoire. Since then, the concerts of the “Evening Quarter”are not complete without satirical performances about political events in Ukraine and theworld. “Evening Quarter” is difficult to attributeto any one genre. Someone calls this show a political cabaret,someone calls it a theater of political satire. With each new concert, political jokes becametougher. The actors made the audience applaud, andmade their relatives get anxious. The Evening Quarter never spared politiciansand openly ridiculed their vices. Sometimes it seemed that after another sharpjoke, the program would simply be closed.

But, despite the fear of loved ones, the authorscontinued to play on the verge of a foul. Quote: It's great fun to come and tell jokes,knowing you're free to do it. You are not engaged and you are not fulfillinganyone's mission. The audience fell in love with the “EveningQuarter” and its actors. And Volodymyr Zelenskiy became not only itskey actor, but also an ideologist, author and director. The year 2003 for Zelenskyy was also notablefor another event. He married Olena Kiyashko, with whom he wentto school together and played in KVN. Olena has been one of the screenwriters ofthe “Kvartal 95 Studio” since its inception.

A year after the wedding, the couple had adaughter, Oleksandra. And in 2013, the son of Kyrylo was born tothe Zelenskiy family. The studio didn’t stop at concerts. Soon, other projects of Kvartal 95 began toappear on various television channels in Ukraine. For example, a morning show and humorous programs. (“Made in Ukraine” (ukr. Porobleno v Ukraini), “Ukraine, get up!” (ukr. Ukraino, Vstavai!).

) In 2006, Zelenskiy won the Ukrainian versionof the show “Dancing with the Stars”. After the success in this project, Zelenskiybecame one of the most popular people of Ukrainian television. He regularly starred in New Year's musicals,took part in various television shows, hosted concerts, wrote television and film scripts. Nevertheless, his main project has alwaysbeen the “Evening Quarter”. The following year, the company started toconquer cinema, and we must say, they became rather successful.

To date, the team has more than 16 films andseries, which have become very popular both in Ukraine and in Russia. And some even beyond. For example, the comedy series “Svaty”(from ukr. – In-laws) was shortlisted for the Monte CarloTelevision Festival in the International TV Audience Comedy category next to such seriesas “The Big Bang Theory”. It is interesting that in one of the filmsof the studio – “8 first dates” Zelenskiy's daughter played the role of the daughter ofhis hero. From 2010 to 2012, Zelenskiy was the GeneralProducer of the “Inter” TV channel.

In subsequent years, “Kvartal 95”, underthe leadership of Zelenskiy and his partners, released many original TV formats. He held festivals of humor, helping young,yet unknown comedians and actors to realize themselves in their favorite business. But in 2014, the lives of many Ukrainianschanged forever. The Revolution of Dignity, the annexationof Crimea, and then the military conflict in the Donbass were a heavy blow, but stilldidn’t unsettle the team of the Evening Quarter. Actors and authors decided that in this difficulttime for the country, they should do what.

They do best – cheer up their people. Quote: After 2014, some people from Moscow,seeing my inner life position, stopped talking to me. And there were channel managers (it’s clearthat we, as producers, had some personal and business relationships), but they just alldisappeared. The studio didn’t stay away from what washappening. Zelenskyy, together with his colleagues, gavevolunteer concerts for Ukrainian soldiers, bought ambulances and donated funds to theneeds of participants in the Antiterrorist Operation (War in Donbas).

SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE 8 years before the war with Russia The introduction-series of Volodymyr Zelenskyy“Servant of the People”, where he starred as the President of Ukraine, first appearedon screens in 2015. In the series, Zelenskyy played a 30-year-oldhigh school history teacher who won the presidential election after his student posted a videoonline of the main character talking loudly about corruption in Ukraine. If they would just send me there for one week,if it was possible…I would get them all! Tuples – fuck off!.

Your damn benefits – fuck off! Chalets – fuck off! Fuck off everyone, so a simple teacher couldlive like a president, and the president would live like a teacher! Then the series was watched by about 20 millionUkrainians, and already in 2016 the full-length film “Servant of the People-2” was releasedwith a box office of $1 million. On it’s base, another season of the serieswas released in 2017. It was after this that semi-joking, semi-seriousconversations began among Ukrainians that Zelenskyy could become president in real life.

Quote: I always wanted to help the countryor people who are engaged in the organization of the state…but there was no such idea- to come to political life through the series. It came out by itself. It happens. In 2017, a lawyer at Kvartal 95 Studio registereda political party of the same name. The series and its protagonist have becomeso popular that in a September 2018 study by three research centers, Zelenskyy was rankedthird in a poll of “who would you vote for if the elections were held soon.” But I know the one thing: You must act insuch a way that later you would not be ashamed.

To look into the eyes of children. The actor himself was repeatedly asked aboutthe possibility of becoming president in various interviews, but he was always evasive. But soon Zelenskyy nevertheless showed hishands. THE PRESIDENT 3 years before the war with Russia On December 31, a few minutes before 2019,Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed to Ukrainians on the 1+1 TV channel, where he stated thathe intended to run for the 2019 presidential election.

At that time, Zelenskyy had long been notjust a comedian, but a producer of a large studio and a businessman. But for lots of Ukrainians, he remained thefunny guy from the Evening Quarter. At first, no one seriously believed that apopular comedian would become president. Zelenskyy's decision was seen as a joke andpart of the show. And many believed in the possibility of hisvictory in much the same way as in the existence of UFOs. One of the authors of the “Ukrayinska Pravda”(from ukr. – Ukrainian Truth) publication even wroteon Facebook a few days before the second round:.

“Zelenskyy will never become president. Remember this post.” In January 2019, Zelenskyy complimented andjoked a lot during meetings with journalists. He tried to dilute the serious atmospherewith humor and demonstrate that he is “a simple guy” On January 21, the Servant of the People partynominated him as a candidate for the presidency of Ukraine. On the same day, the Ukrayinska Pravda newspaperpublished an interview in which Zelenskyy stated that if he won the presidential election,he would negotiate a ceasefire in Donbas.

Quote “These agreements, I think, are notvery complicated. It seems to me that we can agree. The first thing is to stop killing. It is important to save our people” The publication critically assessed Volodymyr'selection campaign, noting that “Zelenskyy's team was conducting a non-standard presidentialcampaign, which resembled not a political process, but a nationwide show.” The main promises of the future presidentwere: settlement of the situation in the East ofUkraine.

In particular, return the temporarily occupiedterritories and force the aggressor to compensate for the damage causedcreating a professional army and providing the military with competitive UN-level salariesremoval of immunity from the President, people's deputies and judges At the end of January, Zelenskyy came outon top in the election polls for the first time. According to a survey of three sociologicalcompanies, Volodymyr Zelenskyy had 23% of the vote, and his two main opponents – 16.4%and 15.7%. By February, Zelenskyy's rating rose to 25-30%,and in mid-March he became the absolute leader.

Of the presidential race. Zelenskyy said that he would only serve oneterm in the presidency. Meanwhile, in March, the 3rd season of theseries “Servant of the People” was released. However, the show received three times fewerviewers than the first season, as well as numerous criticisms due to signs of politicalagitation. The election campaign of the future presidentwas carried out under the slogan “Let's do it together!”. For three months, Volodymyr Zelenskyy gaveseveral interviews, but didn’t hold a single press conference for the all-Ukrainian media.

Journalists heard and saw his statements fromYouTube videos, and also listened to comments of representatives of the election headquarters,which gave the experts reason to call Mr. Zelenskyy a “virtual candidate”, a “hologram”and a “wrapper”. This is my approach. This is my information policy. I bet on it from the very beginning. There are rare appearances that unite people,bring them together… Promises and non-standard personality of thecandidate worked. As a result of passing two rounds, VolodymyrZelenskyy won a decisive number of votes and.

Won the presidential election. On May 20, 2019, the inauguration ceremonytook place in the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, during which Volodymyr Zelenskyytook the oath as head of state. By the way, more than 50 foreign delegationswere invited to the inauguration and were present, but representatives of Russia werenot invited. Already this small moment indirectly markedthe attitude of the future president in the contact of world politics. In his first speech as president, VolodymyrZelenskyy declared: “there are no right or wrong” Ukrainians, and called on Ukrainians- “those who were born on Ukrainian land”.

– to return to their homeland. Quote: “I can assure that in order for ourheroes not to die anymore, I am ready for anything. And I'm definitely not afraid to make toughdecisions.” And soon Volodymyr Zelenskyy got the opportunityto prove his words in practice. But before that – more than two and a halfyears of presidency, the path of trial and error. The first year in the political life of thepresident was ambiguous. Still, the lack of experience and real skillswere the main reason.

It concerned a number of areas of the country'slife. The foreign policy course of the country correspondedto the initial statement and was aimed at establishing strong relations with the EUand NATO countries. Co-Director of Foreign Policy and InternationalSecurity Programs Mykhailo Pashkov marked: Quote: “The authorities have managed to maintain,to some extent, the support and solidarity of the world's leading countries and internationalorganizations.” Among the positive actions were held: theUkraine-EU summit, the commission meeting and the resumption of the negotiations ofthe Normandy Four at the highest level, Ukraine was visited by the NATO Euro-Atlantic Council,and also joined the NATO Enhanced Opportunities.

Program. But at the same time, Zelenskyy's main promiseto end the war in Donbas had not been fulfilled. Moreover, there were a number of concessionsin relations with Russia, which by itself was regarded by the aggressor country as indulgenceand passivity. In the field of legal policy, there were trendstowards strengthening presidential power and an attempt to make significant changes tothe Constitution of Ukraine in order to weaken representative institutions. Some believed that, despite the presence ofa considerable number of correctly set tasks, Zelenskyy's political platform didn’t showsigns of a holistic concept of economic reforms.

And economic modernization of the country. As a result, the entire economic policy insuch conditions turned into a set of weakly coordinated actions. Zelenskyy became much more serious this year. He learned to speak like a politician: avoidsharp questions, cut corners, shift accents, intrigue and understate. But humor remained his main defense and weapon. And the image of a “simple guy” is stillone of the main roles in the President’s “piggy bank” (/in his cap).

We stopped at a gas station … I really likethis. We stopped at a gas station, and there wasa small shop. They cut for us some t doctor's sausage, cutsome black bread and gave Coca Cola. That’s all. At the same time, reforms were being carriedout in the field of defense of the country, personnel were being replaced and weaponswere being reformed. A step was taken towards the possibility ofacquiring imported weapons, new commands were created, which reflected the trend towardsbringing the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) control system closer to NATO standards.

Along with foreign visits, for three monthsVolodymyr Zelenskyy also actively traveled around Ukraine and communicated with localofficials. And quite often he allowed himself not tochoose words, resorting to harsh expressions and demands to leave the post. The closer to the parliamentary elections,the more spectacular all showdowns became. I suggest you start working like normal people. Do not talk about small salaries, do not complain. There is a time when you can become really,without pathetic words of patriots, just become professionals and just work.

“Get out of here, robber”, “Sell theLand Cruiser…for the sake of the people”, “Write a statement (/application)” – werealready included in the “golden” collection of presidential quotes. Volodymyr Zelenskyyy, in personal communicationwith local heads, in principle, is not shy about ordinary speech and speaks as he is. Will you fix this? Or it will just hang by a single hair? In addition, the President was at the forefrontand tried to support the armed forces, negotiated with Putin and canceled one and a half hundreddecrees of his predecessors, arguing that.

The purpose of business deregulation and theirobsolescence. As a result, by the end of the first yearof his reign, Volodymyr Zelenskyy remained with a fairly high credibility of citizens. According to the director of political andlegal programs Viktor Zamyatin: Quote: None of the other current Ukrainianpoliticians even comes close to the level of trust that society demonstrates in thePresident. In one of the interviews, Volodymyr Zelenskyyadmitted that he didn’t regret that he changed his acting career to the Presidency. He indicated that it was important for himnot so much “during” as “after”: “and.

I still want to remain president, so thatthey say: we respect you, not everything was perfect, but nevertheless, everything wasnot bad.” Let’s be honest: is this really difficultwithout any experience ? – Very difficult. This is quite another world, you weren’ttaught that . – That’s right. Life taught me. The next year was complicated in many waysby the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. This greatly influenced the economic sphere:both around the world and in Ukraine. By the end of the second year of VolodymyrZelenskyy's term, more than 600 promises had accumulated behind him.

28% of them were fulfilled, and about 50%were in the process of being fulfilled. Parliamentary immunity was abolished, long-termcredit support programs for businesses and citizens were introduced, and the minimumwage was raised. The implementation of the “Great Construction”program was in the process, which included the repair of 6,500 km of roads and bridgesthroughout Ukraine. Foreign policy was largely shaped by the talkson Donbas, or lack thereof. Therefore, this topic influenced all otherareas of the country's foreign policy of this period. It had such tendencies as: an emphasis onthe importance of respect for Ukraine from.

International partners and on economic diplomacy. Or in simple terms – the search for moneyfor the development of the state. But in the presence of many strategies, specificways to achieve the goals weren’t clearly identified. Thus, Pavlo Klimkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs,for his part, noted that over the past 2.5 years, there had been more emotions and statementsin Ukraine's foreign policy. There became less trust. Quote: “Being under the frenzied pressureof the Russian regime, under the possibility of large-scale military provocations, we mustre-analyze the sphere of national security,.

Where there are many strategies and few realsteps, and the sphere of foreign policy, where our game is quite limited today” In general, the process of regulating thesituation in Donbas can be conditionally divided into several stages: from the period of flirtingwith Moscow, attempts to shift the dialogue along the lines of the classic Normandy formatto toughening the positions of both sides. Kyiv showed that Ukraine was not ready tomake concessions and surrender its own territories and didn’t recognize puppet local governments. Moscow began to move away from the formatof negotiations during 2021, increased pressure and also didn’t want to give in.

Gradually, the issue of Donbass became a stumblingblock, which reflected the real situation of forces in the international field. It also outlined a number of problems in relationsbetween Russia and the West. In part, the rigidity of the policy is alsoconnected with personal changes in the internal state of Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In an interview, he said that the experienceof the presidency made him tougher and “less naive.” He encountered different people of the countryevery day, and over time he had to be more critical in various situations.

I am very afraid that the people whom I advised… God forbid, a person turned out to be dishonorablewith someone or didn’t do something that depended on him, but as a result screwed thepooch… For me, this is a responsibility. At the end of 2021, Russia began to buildup its military force on the borders with Ukraine under the guise of military exercises. US intelligence began to sound the alarm,predicting the imminent start of a full-scale war. Although back in December 2021, Russia convincedthe whole world that it would not gather troops.

To the border with Ukraine. Meanwhile, Zelenskyy tried to get specificsfrom Western partners regarding possible joining NATO and the European Union. At the Munich Security Conference on February19, Zelenskyy delivered an emotional speech in which he once again called on the worldcommunity to remember the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, which implied Ukraine's renunciation of nuclearweapons. In return, the nuclear states must providesecurity guarantees to Ukraine. His speech broke the applause, although, unfortunately,this performance didn’t lead to any expected.

Results. On February 24, 2022 at 5 AM, Russia invadedthe territory of Ukraine. At that time, TV channels in Moscow beganbroadcasting Putin's appeal: he announced the invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine,the start of a military conflict with the Ukrainian army, and “carrying out a specialmilitary operation” behind which a traditional war was hidden. By the time our team started writing thismaterial, as a result of the shelling of peaceful cities and ordinary citizens of the countryby Russian troops, only 516 were officially killed, including 50 children.

908 were wounded. The real number is impossible to count… Further events developed very rapidly. Russia carried out strikes on all major citiesof Ukraine. And despite the fact that Putin stated thatonly military infrastructure was being attacked, in reality, the missiles were targeted ontoresidential buildings, as a result of which the civilian population suffered. Dad will sell something, he will help ourheroes, our troops…He will help our troops, maybe he will even fight.

According to CNN, Russia has fired 710 missilesagainst Ukraine since the outbreak of hostilities. According to The Times and reports by theSecurity Service of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been assassinated several times. The United States offered Zelenskyy to evacuatehim, but he replied that “this is war, and he needs weapons, not transport.” Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head ofthe presidential office, said the following about Zelenskyy in an interview:Quote: “Zelenskyy will definitely not leave Kyiv. He is an insane person, in a good sense ofthis word.

He is not afraid. He believes that he should be inside, in theheart of the country.” According to Podolyak, Volodymyr Putin doesn’tunderstand the internal situation in Ukraine at all and has false ideas about the Presidentof Ukraine. I’m staying in the capital, staying withmy people While Putin is hiding in a bunker, Zelenskyyremains at his workplace, supports the Ukrainian people and is ready for constructive negotiations. Despite the difficult situation, Zelenskyydoesn’t lose his presence of mind and sense of humor.

For example, a video recently appeared onRussian channels of a meeting between Putin and representatives of Russian airlines, whichis most likely fake and filmed using computer graphics. The audience came to this idea when, at onepoint, Putin ran his hand through the microphone, as if it had just been drawn on the greenscreen. Shortly thereafter, at the end of his nextspeech to the Ukrainian people, Volodymyr Zelenskyy took the microphone and turned itto the side, as if proving that this was not a montage, and he remains in the president'soffice. The phrase of Mykhailo Khodorkovskyy, a Russianpolitician and oppositionist, reflected the.

Changes in the perception of the two antagonistleaders. And it became significant. Quote: “Politicians turn into clowns, clownsbecome heroes” During the first week of the war, even thoseUkrainians who were categorically against Zelenskyy and didn’t vote for him in theelections were pleasantly surprised by the statements and actions of the president, andbegan to respect him. According to opinion polls made in early March,93% of Ukrainians support Zelenskyy. For comparison, as of mid-February, Zelenskyywas trusted by 41% of respondents, although this was the best result among Ukrainian politicians.

On March 7, Zelenskyy received the RonaldReagan Freedom Medal. This high award recognizes the leadershipof the Ukrainian Head of State and the indomitable spirit of millions of Ukrainians who standup for their right to choose their own future and inspire the entire civilized world tofight for the values ​​of freedom and democracy to which Ronald Reagan dedicatedhis life. The President of Ukraine is pursuing an activeforeign policy, trying to awaken the whole world, draw its attention to the violationof all possible norms of ethics and morality by the Russian Federation and get the supportof European countries in the fight against Russian aggression.

Zelenskyy is confident that only the cohesionof the international community will make it possible to repel any aggression and savehumanity from new suffering. Every day, Volodymyr Zelenskyy does everythingpossible to get NATO to close the sky over Ukraine. He calls on the world community to act, asevents in Ukraine will affect the whole world, and not just one particular country. The President of Ukraine believes that allstates of the world should say “No!” to totalitarian ideologies, xenophobia, aggression, repression,any manifestations of hatred and intolerance. And if the world stands aside, it will loseitself.

Forever. Because there are unconditional values thatare the same for everyone. First of all, it is life, the right to lifefor everyone. Dear friends! This video is quite special for the Biographerchannel. Some members of our crew are from Ukraine. Part of this video was made in bomb shelters,under fire. We always try to please you only with high-qualitycontent and we hope to do this in future. If we survive.

In Ukraine, hundreds of peaceful, innocentpeople are now dying, as well as the military, who bravely defend their homeland from russianinvaders. Therefore, we cannot be silent. We do not agitate or force anyone. But in case you want to help the Ukrainianpeople in the struggle for their independence, we’ve left links to various charitable foundationsthat help both the Ukrainian army and the general population. You can find them in the description underthis video. Every cent from this video will go to a goodcause.

This was Biographer. We hope to meet you soon in a new video. Take care of yourself, bye!


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