Sunday, June 26, 2022

Guess All Logos Correct | How Good Is Your Memory?

Okay do you think you're an expert in the logos you see every day i'm going to check that with this ultimate logo test round one i'll go easy on you to start everyone knows this cola brand but does everyone know their logo the correct version of coke's curly swirly logo is this one.

But not everyone's a coke person if you're a pepsi lover here's your chance red on top blue on the bottom of course is pizza hut's swash accent green or yellow yellow like the crust of a pizza now don't run to your kitchen to peek at your own nutella jar that's cheating if you pick the left one you're.

Incorrect it's the one on the right do you know which way the domino's domino faces yup it's this one this one's hard since google changes its look on the search page all the time but which of these two is the official logo the right one did you know the brand.

Almost didn't include the color green in their palette but now it's iconic your teachers might have told you not to use wikipedia at school but if you secretly did you should know this one the answer is the one on the right the difference is the size of the a are you a true rocker then which one of.

These is the logo for ac dc you betcha is the left one round two you might have passed the first round but i'm cranking it up a notch this time guess the brand that the logo belongs to whitbrand's logo includes this smiley little guy here's a hint the smiley face also doubles as a g.

it's goodwill batter up whose logo is this swinging a miss yeah just kidding i'm sure you got it it's major league baseball do you recognize this brand without its name.

Of course you've recognized the king of burgers this geometric shape is actually the logo of levi's jeans what brand name is normally printed on this crest hmm.

It's harley davidson this gator belongs to yup this reptile represents the fashion brand lacoste this one's super easy if you were paying attention earlier you're sure to get it.

Pizza hut i knew you'd remember i wonder if this boy will ever actually catch a fish i guess we'll never know but i'm sure you know what company he represents you see him at the start of every dreamworks movie the company that uses this logo is bmw.

These circles are actually uh target okay this one's pretty self-explanatory the company is shell of course do you still think you're an expert well now it's time for the next round guess.

The brand from the logo except i've zoomed in on all the photos can you get this first one need a hint no of course you don't it's pop tarts yum this logo looks like a splat what could it be.

Nickelodeon hmm it looks geometric but what does the full logo say it's airbnb this one's a toughy oh it was a baby's face.

do you recognize that shade of orange i do right on it's fanta what logo includes these shapes and colors nesquik.

This logo is red that's for sure but what other clues can you pick up on it's eggo now i think it's time for round four one step harder.

Oh so is and the final round the hardest yet if.

You get these you're a certified logo expert guess the brand from their old logo which brand first used this as their logo it's a shell so shell.

Who used to have this logo firefox wait that's not a fox this riddle's fishy it's actually nokia's old logo up to it whose logo was this deliveroo this owl looks right into your soul do you recognize it it's the first duolingo owl before it.

Got a makeover and turned into duallipo yeah just kidding this one surprised me it's amazon's first logo it's super different from the one they have now last one i'm sure you'll get it this is what mcdonald's logo looked like all the way back in the 1950s so how many did you get if you got them.

All you're a mastermind true


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