stephanie acevedo was born on october 11 1990 in miami florida has a puerto rican and cuban descent and the nationality of america her father was a notorious drug smuggler and had spent six years in prison with years on probation on the other hand her mother gloria has.

Struggled much to raise her family while his father did the thing despite suffering from the fact of his father's criminal record the family stand up and continues with their daily life further stephanie didn't step back and sit back whipping and dreaming of having a career in the entertainment industry.

As a result we can see she has made a successful career in singing as well as in modeling in 2015 she signed to young money as a singer followed by her work with lil wayne's song crystal ball in the same year she debuted with a solo video a circuit a before signing to young money.

She graduated from miami college's medical with the medical program instead of joining the medical program she landed on the glamour world as a model and also started her singing career she also appeared as a ring girl in the mma promotions her career also landed her to be on the.

Cover of mixed magazine and had worked on telemundo in addition she came to highlight for her appearance in the american reality television series that premiered on vh1 on january 7th 2019 the beautiful musical artist has a stunning and sexy body that measures 34 inches breast.

25 inches waist and 35 inches hips her slim and toned body stands to an average height 160 centimeters and weighs 55 kilograms she has dark brown eyes color with black hair color she is more focused on her career in modeling and singing stephanie has not revealed anything about her boyfriends.

Or relationships on social media and her current marital status is single stephanie acevedo has more than 1 million followers on instagram the estimated net worth of stephanie acevedo is approximately around 3.5 million us dollars thanks for watching the video to the end don't forget to like.

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