Hi curry usa here today i'm going to show you another beautiful curvy woman with hobography and her lifestyle don't forget to click subscribe to my channel if you like my video our kowi model today is when this year close and have profile on instagram.

Eventually i'm sorry if i pronounce her profile name wrong see a famous call immoral and see very popular on instagram one share cruise has over 610k followers 534 paws and 16 video on her profile she got at least 21k like for her every.

Single photo and at least 16k like for her every single video postponed on instagram on august 15 2013 and her first video on instagram on september 29 2013. curving moral and body positivity.

She live in united states she's single she's 21 years old the beautiful moral and full-time curry she loves shopping and makeup every day she loves super care and the bridge she like eating healthy food her favorite color is orange purple and white.

Her hair color is sparkling amber her smile is so cute that will make you never forget her when the sheer gurus love traveling with her family and best friend please follow wondershare growth to read 500k followers soon thank you for watching.

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