alina astanova is a well-known russian model influencer blogger and instagram star she has a large and devoted fan base she is one of instagram's most inspiring young females she mostly uses instagram to show off her trendy ensembles and demonstrate.

Images she has maintained her prominence across a number of web-based media platforms her huge following may be attributed to her creativity and ingenuity which has attracted the attention of a few brands all around the world she rose to notoriety as a result of her captivating photographs and videos as.

Well as her amazing beauty adorable grin style and phenomenal demeanor her online media presence is growing at an alarming rate she is a russian native beginning in 2021 she will be around 33 years old leo is her zodiac sign her nationality is russian.

On march 31 1988 she was born her educational background isn't discussed anymore she made a name for herself as a model by posting beautiful design and lifestyle photographs on instagram she quickly became well known on.

Instagram as her images became a viral hit and she amassed a large following she is well known for posting audio and video recordings to instagram her instagram feed is full of selfies she's young talented and attractive her physique is slender she is extremely well known among.

Teenagers she has the appearance of a doll she stands about five four inches tall her eyes are a dollar three tone and her hair is a dull earthy color her family and her personal relationship received very little attention her instagram account has more than.

736 000 followers her tiktak account has more than 75.2 k followers she continues to share her stunning photographs on instagram she is a social media force to be reckoned with.

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