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Arlettis Cruz | Biography | Body | Lifestyle | Career | Plus size model | Curvy model | Instagrammer

welcome to the glamour models youtube channel we present you the hottest plus size curvy models please subscribe to our channel our lettuce cruise is a cuban emerging fashion model instagram star and social media influencer she rose to fame as a.

Curvy model on social media platforms especially on instagram for sharing her sizzling curvaceous attractive photos and videos arlatis grew up in havana cuba along with her parents and siblings being a fashion modeling and glamour enthusiast from a young age while studying in college she resolved to make a career in the same field she amassed.

Initial popularity as a model on instagram as her attractive photos and videos garnered thousands of followers as a fashion model and social media influencer our latest has been signed by numerous fashion and makeup brands including leidi's exotic perfumes and many others as their products social media face.

Presumably soon she will be seen on the cover of various digital and print magazines of cuba our lettuce cruise has not provided her exact date of birth as of now so it is not possible to comment on her age she is 5-5 inches tall and her weight is approximately 58 kilograms arletta's cruise hails from havana cuba she is an emerging fashion model.

Instagram star and social media influencer purple and green are her favorite colors arlodis enjoys shopping traveling fashion modeling acting and playing guitar france and italy are her favorite travel destinations she is an animal right advocate and pet lover arlatis cruz's net worth as of now in 2021 is estimated to be more than 400.

000 the sources of her income are modeling commercials brand advertisements and different business ventures so.




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