You just spent the entire morning running errands up and down the street and you finally stopped to treat yourself to a cup of coffee you enter the nearest coffee shop place your order and notice that actually you really need to use the bathroom it's a regular looking public one with multiple stalls as you pick yours the one in the middle.

You get inside and your mind starts to wander why on earth do bathroom doors have a half inch gap between the door and the lock and why on earth do they have a huge gap between the door and the floor can we have a drum roll for this moment please well my friend there is not only one.

Specific reason why public bathroom doors have so many gaps in them but rather several public toilets are designed to make people spend as little time there as possible you aren't supposed to feel comfortable or at home so the design would have to reflect this notion here come the gaps in some bathrooms gaps are so big that.

Users may even feel self-conscious about doing their business out of preoccupation that the rest of the people standing in line will see them then there's the matter of pricing making custom doors can be a heavy burden for the people building public toilets this would mean understanding exact measurements so that doors would.

Always fit the mold of the stalls it's supposed to be installed into now not all the gaps in public bathrooms are necessarily the same size they may vary even if this variation is small and often unnoticeable so these gaps actually help to reduce the margins of errors and to turn production more cost effective for the people financing.

Them in case a door comes wider or more narrow than it should the gap regulates the differences and allows for their installation anyway there is also the case of air circulation the last thing you want to do in a public bathroom is to trap odors so you need a little space under and.

Between the doors to allow the air to flow finally the gaps are a big safety measure it can always allow for people on the outside to see if someone inside a stall isn't feeling too okay and maybe need some help and what about that extra hole in the upper part of the sink it has a name and.

Everything the overflow hole and it's designed to keep the sink from flooding so in case someone forgets and keeps the faucet going for too long or the sink gets clogged and water can't drain down from the main drain hole the overflow hole comes in to save the day let's say it buys you a little time before you have the entire bathroom floor flooded.

Have you ever noticed how satisfying closing the door of a car can be car manufacturers devote a great deal of time to designing these sounds studies have shown that they create a perceived sense of quality in the buyer it all begins with the primary material while older cars used to be made with heavier materials car doors nowadays are.

Produced with lighter tin which can make a rather unpleasant metallic sound once you shut them closed so car companies employ sound engineers to ensure that there is the exact amount of foam mats and tin in a car's composition to make the most comforting sound possible and what about those tiny dots on the top of your car's front window the.

Pattern of these little black dots minimizes distractions for your eyes this black part also known as frit normally gets warmer than the clear parts which prevents the windshield from deforming and no the tab under your rear view mirror is not made only for the purpose of hanging fluffy dice or aromatic.

Pleasing air fresheners it's actually a switch that allows you to adjust the position of the mirror depending on the time of day flip it one way and it's the daytime driving mode flip the other and you're ready to drive safely during night time as it tones down the glare coming from headlights of the cars behind you.

Next time you head out to the supermarket make sure to keep this in mind in case you don't have a coin to unlock these shopping carts there is a well kept secret that can help you out if you have your house keys on you check for a rounded key head if you happen to find one try using it to unlock the card it should fit perfectly in there.

Replacing the need to carry coins around because if we're being honest who still has them elevators if you want to ride them on your terms and your terms only make sure to try something out most elevators have a secret button combination you can use to skip all the other selected floors and go directly to the one of your.

Choosing this might work out especially on those days when you press 13 but you wanted to press 33 on most elevators this works once you simultaneously press the closed door button together with your floor number this should help you get to your floor without stopping some elevators require you to double press the selected floor numbers as.

Double pressing will often cancel the previously made request while other elevators require you to hold the open door button and then double press the buttons of the floors you'd like to cancel now to stay out of trouble it's best not to cancel the floors of the other people in the elevator they won't take it.

Kindly also keep in mind that there are elevators that might not have this function now for honey lovers out there go ahead and raise your hand if your pot of golden honey is crystallized know that it is actually a good sign crystallized honey means that it hasn't.

Been pasteurized which means better product quality with a decrease in temperature the natural ingredient of honey also known as glucose will make it crystallize now try making the best of it to add some texture to your oatmeal or toast add a layer of crystallized honey and enjoy nature's sugar and if you don't like crystallized honey plop.

It in the microwave for a minute or two ah winter and fall you know what this means right sweater weather but there's nothing more annoying than wearing your beautiful wool sweater and itching yourself all the way through it actually i can be more annoying than that but let's talk about itchy sweaters to keep this from happening again here's.

The secret turn your sweater inside out and soak it in cold water add two or three tablespoons of vinegar and let it sit for a while then drain the water now while the sweater is still wet massage a generous amount of hair conditioner into the fibers of the wool after letting it soak in the hair conditioner for about 30 minutes gently.

Press the excess water out of the wool and leave it to dry flat on the towel there you go no more itchy sweater any fast food restaurant you go to will hand out small paper cups for customers to fill with their ketchup mustard or barbecue sauce but if you're eating some chicken nuggets or trying to dip your burger into the cup there's always that.

Bit of sauce that seems impossible to reach next time try unfolding the cup it'll turn into a small paper plate and this way you'll get all the ketchup you poured in the first place padlocks used in outdoor environments should be clean and lubricated every three months.

Regular lubrication will help prevent padlocks from freezing in cold weather conditions look for the tiny hole on the bottom of the lock then pour oil into it and there you go it opens again one thing we often neglect is a point in an ointment cap these pointy surfaces were designed to help us break the tin foil protection of the ointment tube.

You just turn the cap over and break the ointment seal with its own cap and there you go after a long day of work all you really need to do is a bubble bath you turn on t
he hot water and let it run for a few minutes you might even light a candle and pour some essential oils into the water then in comes the liquid soap you.

Stir the water until the entire surface of the tub water is crammed with bubbles and make your way in the bubbles in a bubble bath have a fundamental primary function their job is to preserve the water's temperature just so you can have warm water for longer do you have sweaty feet weird question i.

Know but if you're one of these people here's some good news all is not lost try putting a dry tea bag inside your shoes and storing it in a dry place for a while the tea bags will absorb the humidity and the smell off the soles of your shoes so here i am thinking shouldn't we have.

Learned these things in school well either way if you learned something new today make sure to tell us about it in the comments below you