Welcome to the glamour models youtube channel we present you the hottest plus size curvy models please subscribe to our channel demi rose is a world famous british model dj and social media star she is popular for her eye-catching curvy figure hot selfies and bikini pics.

That she posts on her instagram the star is currently one of highest ranking instagram famed models working with top modeling magazines such as fhm zoo uk and nuts magazine demi rose became an instant social media sensation early on and has made a huge impact as a lingerie model she has done photo shoots around the.

World and as a result appeared in several well-recognized magazines demi rose mauby is a british model born on march 27 1995. as of 2021 demi rose age is 25. she is the daughter of barry and christine mavi the star attended new oscar primary school and john wilmot school.

She is a graduate of walsall college degree in beauty therapy demi rose childhood dream was to become a model she started modeling for local brands in england she sparked the public's interest after she joined instagram at the age of 18 and started posting vibrant and bold.

Pictures of herself this resulted in an impressive social media following which attracted an american publicity group and modeling agency taz's angels this was a breakthrough in her modeling career as she toured the world working as a lingerie model her desire and eagerness to establish.

Herself in the big leagues saw her drop taz's angels she has made a name for herself in the modeling industry and 24 hours after she initially submitted her applications to different agencies she was contacted by numerous high-end magazines apart from modeling the star has appeared in numerous music videos with.

Famous artists like chris brown and dj khaled early on in her modeling career she explored becoming a dj and was labeled the world's sexiest dj she has amassed a net worth of four million dollars from her modeling career and appearance in music videos as of 2021 the hot lass is currently.

Single demi rose before dated dj chris martinez the two had been dating from 2017 and called it quits october 2019 rose hot body measures 37 24 37 inches demi rose height is 5 feet 2 inches demi rose has excelled in the modeling world and has a lot to offer her strong will and perseverance in.

Life's challenges have thrust her to being a role model to many.