Welcome to the glamour models youtube channel we present you the hottest plus size curvy models please subscribe to our channel jacqueline petzick popular as miss petsick on social media platforms is a model fitness trainer instagram star and social media celebrity she is famous for her sizzling instagram posts and.

Modeling projects jacqueline petzick was born in the united states on january 28 1985. in high school petsick was a runner athlete who won various racing competitions in schools and colleges her love for fitness and workout began in elementary school petsick endorses various fitness protein and fashion brands on her social.

Media platforms and in commercials she is one of the most successful and desirable fitness models in the us who has achieved success within a short span of time as per her date of birth jacqueline petsix ages 35 years jacqueline petsick's height is five seven inches and her weight is approx 64 kilograms she is a hot and gorgeous.

Model with brown eyes and blonde hair pet sick ever since of her elementary school developed an affection for fitness and workout in high school she was a successful runner who won various inter school championships and competitions after completing graduation from california state university she chose to become a fitness model the.

Initial days of petsick were full of hard work and struggle to achieve a perfect physique after years of hard work she finally achieved a sizzling figured body which helped her to gain success in fitness modeling pets it came into the limelight in 2015 when she began to post her working out photos and videos on instagram her photos and.

Videos caught the attention of the people and then petsick was flooded with millions of fans with rising fame on social media platforms she appeared on various ads and commercials of fitness brands and products petsick was born in la us and raised in lv us in a well-to-do family further information regarding her family members.

And siblings is unavailable as of now petsix personal life she previously dated a mixed martial artist jay urine however they broke up due to personal reasons the current relationship status of petsick is unknown she has over 1.8 meters followers on instagram japan is her favorite holiday destination she is a dog lover.

That's a club seafood as of now in 2021 petsec's net worth is estimated to be 800 000 which she earned by modeling commercials and brand endorsements.