kim kardash is a social media star a model brand ambassador and a dancer she's well known for her tick tock videos the beautiful face social media model.

So she is very active and sassy kim kardash has an id of kim kardash 19 on instagram she has some.

66.8 000 followers on her instagram her instagram name is kimkardash19 the famous beauty has posted 563 posts on her instagram page and there are lots of lip sync videos of her as well the cute and beautiful model in tick toker kim was born in 1998.

She has attracted more than 67k followers to her eponymous instagram account where she is well known for her curve modeling business and he's gained huge popularity among fans who strongly support her and are inspired by her magnificent beauty and.

Body positive mood she's one of the most beautiful plus-sized model in the world she has worked with some famous fashion brands like forever 21 plus bass crush fashion nova curve and many more kim kardash stands five feet two inches taller 157 centimeters.

Her bust size is 41 inches or 104 centimeters waist size 32 inches or 81 centimeters hip size 51 inches or 129 centimeters body type voluptuous she has a beautiful brown hair and brown eyes color marital status single net worth the amazing woman has got a net worth of around 400 kus dollars.

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