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Welcome to biography extra youtube channel we present you the hottest the famous people singer models actor and actresses please subscribe to our channel litsy is a famous soap opera actress who was born on october 27 1982 in mexico actress and singer who became best known.

For portraying aricelli paniagua in the series senora asero she was previously featured in a number of other telenovelas according to astrologers litzy's zodiac sign is scorpio after making a martia c litzy studied acting in los angeles for the better part of a year.

Evidently with the desire to do acting in hollywood a desire not fulfilled after acting school she has been credited with roles in three obscure mexican movie titles before obtaining her role in pacodora vestidos eo trossanectivus a short movie entitled subversion total 2007 and borderline.

2009-2 litzy is known for having been in the mexican singing group jeans and for her formerly always protagonist roles in telenovelas televisa's dkda suenos de juventude telemundos daniela amardia c frijolito and unimate and manhattan venivision with univision's.

Pecadora and azteca mexico tv's kirimet tonto retitled simply carame probably her most successful recent song is la rosa she sang the entrata song opening theme song for both daniella sobre viveer and amartya c amardia c for unimaid and manhattan she sings the entrada as a duet with siller.

She also has recorded a theme song entitled pacodoro for pacodora however as recently aired the telenovela is not using that song for its entrata but in part as the closing theme amartya c has also been aired with a different title frijolito it is also notable that litsy won a sort of acting contest reality show run by.

Telemundo entitled protoganistas de la fama apparently her winning of that contest landed her the starring role in amartya c she also was the star of daniella and went on to star in pecadora carrie mae tonto 2010 and unimaid and manhattan 2012 a spin-off and expansion of the.

Jennifer lopez movie a made in manhattan litzy is one of the richest soap opera actress enlisted on most popular soap opera actress according to our analysis wikipedia forbes and business insider litzy net worth is approximately 5 million dollars.




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