Physics Lec 8 | Derived Vs Fundamental Quantity | Prof. Soborno Isaac Bari

Let's see the peak of what we can get what are fundamental quantities to begin with now i think all of you know what message but just to be sure let's ask our student here what is math oh my god i don't know.

You don't know max no mass is basically how heavy something is so mass is a fundamental quantity it's how heavy something is for example this book intend to check it out it's well not that heavy so it's only about one kilogram but then you have the heavier book like.

This one the holy bible and this one is a bit heavier than you know this one and so i'm guess who wrote this book and now the thing is math is just a measure of how heavy or light something is and we use kilograms for that at least the.

Scientists use it for that go to light what is left i don't have a ruler here um i think this is close to ovular so we have a comic box and the length is for here is pretty hefty about one foot and the scientists use meters time time is basically how long something takes.

Seconds all right now we get into this trickier stuff temperature um i don't think i have enough space for this but temperature is basically how fast or slow the particles move in something or using layman's terms or high school dropout storms for sure how hot or cold something is all right.

And that's a kelvin just like a celsius or for those of you who measure in freedom or square eagle fahrenheit all right we're speed running this damn table all right now we have a i mean a mute of substance this weird substance just an atom and so this is just an atomic substance.

And so well it's any element it's really anything any substance and the unit used for this is mo which is 6 times 10 to the 23 atoms which sounds like a lot of atoms but atoms are extremely small so yeah luminous in ten city which is basically just how bright light is and that's.

Measured by candela ah yes sorry the thing that's powering this board right now current flow of electrons and we use to measure that amp or for long amperes let's talk about plastic velocity is something you should know in a high school dropout terms it's.

Called speed and look what velocity is x d over t or in high school dropouts terms how much distance you cover in a set amount of time usually we use meters per second for this but walks out it looks like we're combining two.

Fundamental quantities to do this one so that means that this is a combining a direct a derived quantity so much for abusing my body so anyway now let's look at acceleration acceleration is how much your velocity increases over time.

So basically just the derivative of your velocity uh i mean your distance your time graph so i'm now here kind of in the one time here and acceleration is meters per second squared how could this be well it's the amount of meters per second you gain per second nice so it's meter per second.

Times second which is meter second squared and now that gets us acceleration but we can go further now let's combine more now um what was the statue i mean what was the equation that this little man invented all right i'm putting them away boys that would be.

Force is m a and now watch out a new challenger comes and it's a fundamental quantity mass and we combine that with our acceleration to get kilogram meter over second squared man that's hyped up energy now let's use it the jewel it can be.

Measured like work fd and now you may have heard of this man called einstein sadly we don't have the statue of him and he invented the i mean he discovered the equation equal m c squared well but we're going to use euclid for this one and now huh a new salad uh.

It's not a new challenger we already have length in the mix but anyway that gives us kilogram over second squared but not meter times meter and square meter wow how could it get any better than this you should know that this is also the jewel which.

Work uses and what his work also used it power power is work over time that's joules over seconds which gives us kilogram meter squared over second cubed oh my god it is truly a miracle fossil but wait maybe there's more in the electric sorry.

But anyways maybe there's more in the electric realm let's look at the vips they're very important people so now also known as voltage current and power all right so that means that p is vi but what if we change it up switcheroo.

Am i right oh my god let's look at this on the new challenger another one from our list and now we combine that with power to get kilogram meter squared over second cube oh my god this is truly.

Pink this is the peak but wait there's more let's look at oh it's triangle now i'm not talking about the lore oh god oh god get away from it i'm talking about ver also known as vir not very important people but it's certainly a very important ratio is this.

Okay no we're not thinking about that this this triangle is not perfectly divided okay so v i r i actually r is v over i so let's see the peak of what we can get.

Kilogram meter squared over a second cubed m squared now what have you learned from this lesson units are cool and derived the quantities are quantities that use more than one fundamental quantity subscribe to bari science lab to fall in love with math and science.

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