The saddest and at the same time the kindestactor in Hollywood. The inimitable devil's advocate and funnyTed. The breathtaking Keanu Reeves is the heroof today's video on the Biographer channel. Why did Al Pacino dislike the Actor? Why was Keanu so close to death several timesand what sacrifices did he have to make for the sake of taking part in The Matrix? You will find it out very soon! But before that, click on the subscribe buttonand on the bell to be the first to know about the release of new video-biographies of yourfavorite celebrities.

Have you pressed the button? Anyway, you're breathtaking! Enjoy the video. CHILDHOOD Keanu Charles Reeves was born on September2, 1964 in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. His mother, Patricia Bond, was a showgirland his father, Samuel Reeves, was a geologist. Keanu owes his spectacular appearance to Hawaiianand Portuguese roots of his father and English and Irish roots of his mother. Such an unusual name of the boy came fromthe Hawaiian language and translates “cool.

Breeze over the mountains”. Keanu Reeves' father wasn’t just a simpleman. He didn't even get higher education. Moreover, he received a high school diplomaduring his imprisonment in Hawaii on charges of selling heroin at the airport. Over time, he started not only to sell substances,but also to use them. Two years after Keanu's birth, a new memberof the family, baby Kim, was born. As soon as Keanu turned 3, Samuel abandonedthe family. After that, he was arrested more than oncefor possession and sale of drugs.

Patricia could not count on his participationin the children's lives, or even on alimony. At the age of 13, Reeves met his father onthe island of Kauai for the last time. After that, he stopped communicating withhim for many years. “I didn't have a father. Perhaps I would like to have him. You feel it especially acutely when you startto grow up and you need a man's advice. I can't say that I was very worried aboutthe inability to communicate with Sam, for me it was a complete stranger” After the breakup, Patricia moved to Sydneyin search of greener pastures, where she got.

A job as an assistant organizer of performances. She was paid little, and life in Australiawas much more expensive than in Lebanon. The woman changed men one by one. In the end, Patricia decided to try her luckin New York. The next move was not easy for the children. The brother and sister were just getting usedto Australia, and the next change of scenery was very stressful for them. But in New York, Keanu was for the first timebehind the scenes of the theater, where Patricia got a job for a while.

Little Keanu loved being part of the magicalprocess of creating the show. “In fact, children usually want to becomesomeone whose work they see every day. The theater was home for me, we had been hangingaround behind the scenes since childhood, so I simply did not have a special choice…” But they didn't stay in New York for long. Keanu was 6 years old when his mother marriedBroadway director Paul Aaron. The family moved to Toronto – from thattime Keanu has always considered hospitable Canada to be his homeland. Originally being qualified in design, Patriciadecided to start a career as a costume designer,.

And was very successful in this. She created images for Emmylou Harris, DollyParton and David Bowie. Keanu's love of cinema appeared in particularthanks to his stepfather. Paul Aaron took him to rehearsals, thanksto which the boy got acquainted with real filmmaking. Keanu was even an assistant on one of theproductions that Paul was directing. “I was bringing soda to Lillian Gish whenStar Wars was coming out. She’s like, ‘Cinema these days…’ … It was a great honor for me.

… I was going to theaters and rehearsalswith my stepfather when I was a kid. So I guess it’s probably my tradition. Unfortunately, the marriage broke up due toPaul's infidelity less than two years later. Despite the breakup, the man continued tocommunicate with Keanu and Kim, to whom he really attached. In the future, he would still play a rolein the formation of Keanu's career. A difficult period began in Patricia’s life. A single mother worked from morning to night,trying to provide her children with everything they needed.

The situation was complicated by the newsabout Keanu’s and Kim’s dyslexia, which affected their school performance. Because of the ridicule and biased attitudetowards Reeves, Keanu quickly became withdrawn and insecure, but as he grew up, he was ableto cope with his complexes. Despite dyslexia, Keanu Reeves has been playingchess at a decent level since childhood. He even challenged adult players, chargingthe opponent a dollar for each game. After a while, Keanu's mother remarried. Patricia's chosen one was a rock music promoterRobert Miller. In 1976, a daughter Karina was born in thefamily.

Keanu didn't really like studying. The future actor changed several schools,including the prestigious school of performing arts. He was flunking out of the last one for badbehavior and conflicts with teachers. In acting classes, the teachers were not particularlypleased with him, because of them Reeves doubted his abilities. Keanu admitted that he skipped the hated schoolfor the sake of going to the cinema. I remember there’s a beautiful, wonderfulcinema in Toronto called the Bloor Street Cinema … And I remember summer nights justlike riding my bike and just going, locking.

My bike up and going into a movie. I didn’t even know what it was! But I would just go and they had salty goodpopcorn and I’d just chill out.” He got the opportunity to attend an InternationalFilm Festival while living in Toronto. Could he think that after many years he wouldcome there not as a spectator, but as an actor to present the films in which he starred? Reeves ​took part in his first productionof “Damn Yankees”, when he was nine years old. Critics gave the musical a negative review.

Not only adult actors who performed the mainroles got unflattering reviews, but even little Keanu. Thereby it greatly undermined his confidence. Soon the guy got another hobby. It was hockey. He excelled at the game, and felt confidenton the ice. Teammates even nicknamed him “the wall” forthe fact that Keanu was a first-class goalkeeper. But at the age of 14, he was seriously injuredand doctors made a diagnosis,which sounded like a sentence.

They stated that Keanu could no longer play. He was flunking out of another school anddecided not to return there anymore. Keanu never received his certificate of maturity. Keanu moved out from his parents and startedworking part-time in three places at once: sharpening skates on the local hockey field,cutting bushes in parks and cooking in an Italian restaurant. And that's when Paul Aaron stepped in. It was he who helped Keanu start his careerin cinema, inviting him to auditions and encouraging his passion for acting.

THE BEGINNING OF AN ACTING CAREER In 1983, Keanu got the main role in the musicalWolfboy. It told about two teenage boys who ended upin a psychiatric hospital and fell in love. Participation in the production gave Keanuthe first popularity among the locals. The people on the streets who recognized himwere not always tolerant, so he often heard insults. After that, he was offered to become a correspondentfor the Canadian youth TV program Going Great. In 1984, Keanu Reeves first appeared on television,starring in a Coca-Cola commercial, and also in an episode of the TV series Hangin' B.Now he is a great actor who is loved by millions,.

But the guy was happy with any small roleback then. And while young Keanu and I are waiting fornew offers from studios, write in the comments which films with this actor you like the most. We really want to know your opinion. With the help of Paul Aaron, Keanu got therole of Mercutio in the musical “Romeo and Juliet”. Critics noted his performance, and that encouragedthe guy. He understood that he was on the right track. After that, Keanu got small roles in the TVseries “Hangin’ In”, “Heat in the night”.

And “Comedy Factory”. Before that, he got another commercial, thattime it was Kellogg's corn flakes. Acting career started to gain momentum. Soon the aspiring actor managed to get hisfirst role in a feature film. Keanu played a hockey goalkeeper in PeterMarkle's sports drama “Young Blood”. And although the main star of the film wasPatrick Swayze, it was a good opportunity for Keanu to prove himself. In addition, his old sport skills came inhandy here. After that, Reeves decided to leave his hometownand go towards his dream.

With the help of his former stepfather, hereceived a green card and moved to Los Angeles. There, Paul persuaded a familiar agent, ErwinStoff, to take Keanu under his wing. He considered the name of the ward too exotic,so he tried for a long time to convince Keanu to come up with some kind of nickname. The actor began to offer various crazy options,for example, Chuck Spadina, and as a result, the manager abandoned the idea. The job was found pretty quickly. In 1986, as many as 8 projects were releasedwith the participation of Keanu.

However, we can’t call all of them successful. Keanu played a young version of the hero inthe Disney studio television movie “Young Again”. According to the plot, a businessman wantedto become a teenager again, and his wish came true. The short film “One Step Away” could notbe called successful. However, it gave the actor the opportunityto play the main role for the first time. In the same year, Reeves was offered to playPrivate Chris in Oliver Stone's film about the Vietnam War “Platoon”.

However, Keanu, being a devoted pacifist,refused the role. As a result, Charlie Sheen got the main role,and the film won an Oscar in several nominations. Did Keanu regret the refusal? Who knows. He continued to actively star in televisionfilms such as “Act of Vengeance” and “The Brotherhood of Justice” as well as in thelow-budget romantic drama “Flying”. Let's be fair: critics were not always delightedwith the game of a novice actor. But Reeves was not discouraged and continuedto move towards the dream. Together with Drew Barrymore, he played inthe musical “Babes in Toyland”.

Reeves got good reviews when he appeared inthe teen drama “River's Edge.” The guy played a schoolboy Matt, who had adilemma: to tell the authorities about the murder of his classmate by his friend, orto keep the crime a secret in the name of friendship. The film “Under the Influence” also receivedquite positive reviews. After getting a couple of cameo roles in theTV series “The Tracey Ullman Show” and “Trying Times”, Reeves appeared in thefilm “Dangerous Liaisons”. It was a chance for Keanu to show a new sideof himself. The cast of the film was very good.

John Malkovich, Michelle Pfeiffer and thenovice Uma Thurman took part in this project. But everyone thought that director StephenFrears was taking a big risk by inviting to a serious role an actor who mostly playedteenagers. The film “Dangerous Liaisons” won three Oscarsin 1989, but Keanu, unfortunately, received a lot of criticism. Nevertheless, hard work bore fruit and theactor began to earn more. Now he could afford more expensive housing,but instead of spending money on amenities, he bought a motorcycle. Riding in the California hills became hispassion.

Keanu loved night trips when there were almostno cars on the highway and it was possible to accelerate to breakneck speed. Such adventures did not always end well. One day he miraculously managed not to falloff a cliff. The actor spent a week in the hospital withbroken ribs and a ruptured spleen. After the accident, Keanu needed to recover. That's why he lost several contracts. His sister Kim helped him get back in shape. She came to Los Angeles specifically to takecare of her brother.

As for the bike, despite the fact that dueto his love of extreme sports, Keanu lost serious projects for almost a year, he returnedto the hobby as soon as his wounds healed. And in future, he would risk his life morethan once for the sake of thrills After returning to work, Keanu continued toplay in teen films. In 1988, the comedies with his participation”The Night Before” and “The Prince Of Pennsylvania” were released. The drama “Permanent Record” that followedthem was criticized, but at the same time many praised Keanu's acting. From time to time, Keanu played a teenageron the screen.

The actor even began to worry that he wouldnever get out of that role. Reeves was actively looking for a film thatwould help him change the direction of development. Still, the audience, who loved Keanu for histeenage roles, had another chance to see the actor in this role. In 1989, the cult film “Bill and Ted’sExcellent Adventure” was released. The story was made up by Ed Solomon and ChrisMatheson back in 1983 in a student improvisation class. Based on the staging, they wrote the scriptin just four days, meeting in local coffee shops.

It's hard to imagine anyone other than KeanuReeves and Alex Winter starring as Bill and Ted, but initially each actor auditioned forthe opposite role. However, after seeing the audition recordings,Solomon and Matheson decided to swap the actors. Initially, Bill and Ted's time machine wassupposed to be a Chevy van. But the producers were afraid of the similaritywith DeLorean from “Back to the Future” and replaced the machine with a phone booth. It's strange that those guys didn't rememberabout another time traveler with a phone booth. (FOR THE VOICE ACTOR: to say ironically) “Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure” becamea cult.

The film performed decently at the box office,received animation, game and comic book versions, and also a sequel – unfortunately, not assuccessful as we would like it to be. And, of course, Bill and Ted gave us an iconicmeme: But, more importantly, the film launched thecareer of Keanu Reeves, who even seriously was afraid that he would be remembered onlyfor the role of Ted. That character really strongly influencedhis image in the press and the reaction to his game at first. NO LONGER A SCHOOLBOY In 1989, the tragicomedy “Parenthood” wasreleased.

The actor played together with Dianne Wiestand Steve Martin. The film received rave reviews and severalOscar and Golden Globe nominations. Thanks to working with director Ron Howard,other filmmakers began to pay attention to Keanu“Life Under Water”, released in the same year, could not show the same success. However, as well as the next project, theblack comedy “I Love You To Death” did. However, participation in the second filmgave Keanu the opportunity to try himself in a non-standard role for him as a guy withnot very high moral principles and a craving for drugs.

In addition, thanks to the film, he met RiverPhoenix, who became his close friend. They bonded over a shared dream of a brightacting future and a difficult childhood. River's parents were hippies and lived verypoorly. The two guys spent a lot of time togetherand influenced each other in many ways. River became interested in motorcycles, andKeanu caught up with light drugs, which at that time were a common thing for Los Angeles. After a short break, Keanu Reeves got a rolein the comedy “Tune in Tomorrow”, where he was on the same set with the famous Columbo- Peter Falk. Although the film was not particularly successful,Keanu, in any case, gradually was getting.

Out of character as a schoolboy. In 1991, the Gus Van Sant's independent film”My Own Private Idaho” was released, where Keanu played the role of the rebel Scott,who engaged in street prostitution as a protest. Gus Van Sant was inspired to create the filmby Shakespeare's plays “Henry IV” and “Henry V”, as well as John Rechy's novel “The Cityof Night”. The director had problems with financing dueto the controversial and unusual theme of the film. He dreamed that Reeves and River Phoenix wouldplay the main roles. But he hardly believed that the actors' agentswould be interested in a project that did.

Not promise them high fees. And if Reeves got the script, then River'sagent didn't even tell him about the offer. Keanu agreed, unexpectedly for Van Sant. He was impressed by the story and believedthat Phoenix simply had to agree to star with him. At that moment, River was spending time withhis family in Florida. Without even thinking, Reeves, who was inToronto at the time, hopped on a bike and drove thousands of miles to deliver a scriptto a friend. River liked the script, and he agreed.

Some actors and crew members settled in VanSant's house, during the preparation for the film. They were all young, cheerful, open and creativepeople. Therefore, very soon that place turned intoan almost continuous house party with jam sessions every night. The music, of course, was accompanied by alcohol,as well as something heavier and more dangerous. The director did not prevent that at first. The team was shooting an independent movie,and such an atmosphere probably was getting everyone in the right mood.

But at some point everything got out of controland Van Sant had to move out of his own house for a while to get some sleep at least andedit the script. When the director returned, everything wasready for filming. The original script had only 70 pages, whichcorresponded to about a 70-minute film. Van Sant wanted the actors to complement thestory with improvisation and give them full creative freedom. The director gave copies of John Rechy's novel”City of Night” to River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves to help them get into the thinkingof street dealers. Being a bookworm, Reeves read not only thatnovel, but also 5 other Rechy's books.

As for Phoenix, he stopped reading after thefirst paragraph. They were different, but that was the strengthof their duet The actors really got into this project. River Phoenix even wrote his own version ofthe famous campfire scene and the director agreed to shoot it. The key words that expressed the idea of thedifference between love and sex, uttered in this scene, were invented by River. “My Own Private Idaho” received criticalacclaim and was nominated for several prestigious film awards.

Keanu was recognized in the world of big cinema,acting in that film, although he continued to be associated more with Ted than with Scott. ACTIONThe next film introduced Keanu to the world of stunts, fights and weapons. It was an action crime film “Point Break”,where Reeves was back in the company of Patrick Swayze. The actor played a FBI agent who infiltratesa gang of surf robbers. It was originally planned that Patrick Swayzewould play the role of Johnny Utah, but after reading the script, Patrick convinced theproducers his character was Bodhi and the.

Role went to Keanu. Neither Patrick Swayze, nor Keanu Reeves,nor Lori Petty had ever surfed before filming. Moreover, Laurie Petty had never even seenthe ocean. Two months before the start of work on thefilm, all three went to Hawaii, where they took a course in surfing. Reeves liked this kind of outdoor activityso much that it later became his hobby. In addition, to prepare for the role KeanuReeves watched the work of real FBI agents in Los Angeles and trained with a real footballteam. Interestingly, the “MythBusters” later checkedthe authenticity of some of the events of.

The film. They expressed doubts about the realism ofthe scenes with the character of Keanu jumping without a parachute and catching Swayze. It turned out that it was possible from aphysics aspect, but in that case, the guys would have been in the air for no more than90 seconds. In the movie, they still had time to talkand even argue. “Point Break” was criticized immediately afterits release, but had a good box office. The film really became popular a little later,and the role of Johnny Utah made Keanu a real young star.

In 1992, he was recognized as the most attractiveman by the MTV Movie Award. At some point, Keanu became interested inplaying the bass guitar. The actor acquired his first musical instrumentat the age of 23 and had one single music lesson. Further learning to play the guitar was individually,by daily fingering of the strings. In 1991, he met Robert Mailhouse and togetherthey created a rock band “dogstar”. Rumor has it they met at a grocery store. Their similar hobbies led to friendship, andsoon to joint creativity. Night after night they experimented with music- Keanu played bass guitar, and Rob was on.

Keyboards and drums. In 1994, vocalist and guitarist Bret Domrosejoined them and just a couple of months later they already went on tour in America. The band has existed for almost 10 years andhas released 3 albums. But back to Keanu's acting career. Thanks to the popularity that came to himafter the release of “Point Break”, he got the opportunity to work with one of the greatestdirectors of all time. NEW HEIGHTSThe idea to make another adaptation of “Dracula” came to the mind of actress Winona Ryder,who proposed this project to Francis Ford.

Coppola. She thought that the director would refusedue to employment, but when he heard the word “Dracula”, his eyes lit up. It was one of his favorite stories. It was Winona's wishes that had a great influenceon the choice of the cast of the film. Keanu Reeves was also on the list of candidatesshe approved. The actor at that time starred in severalfilms in a row and was physically exhausted. He would even turn down the role, but he couldn'tmiss the opportunity to work with a great director.

Unfortunately, Coppola did not have mutualfeelings for him. At the casting, nothing foretold troubles. Keanu showed himself well, and Winona continuedto insist on his candidacy. The director agreed, but later he regrettedit more than once. Coppola gathered all the actors to preparefor the film and made them read out the original novel by Bram Stoker, instead of the usualscript. It took 2 days, during which Keanu was unsureof himself, was confused and read expressionless. Probably, fatigue affected the quality ofKeanu's work, since many who worked with him remembered him as detached and emotionless.

Later, Coppola said that he had incorrectlyselected an actor for the role of Harker. He wanted the girls to fall in love with thecharacter for his appearance, so he was looking for a young blockbuster hero. However, as a person, Coppola had no complaintsabout Keanu. …of all the young people I’ve met in thefilm industry he’s so endearing and sincere, and a good person, and a generous person,and I’m glad I came to know that. He’s the nicest person you’ll ever wantto meet. – Francis Ford CoppolaThe director carefully made sure that the film looked as authentic as possible.

For the wedding scene of the Reeves and Ryderheroes, Coppola invited a real Romanian priest. For many years there were talks about whetherthe actors were really married. Ryder regularly mentions this funny fact,jokingly saying that the couple has been married for almost 30 years. According to Reeves, he regularly receivesmessages from Ryder with the text “hello, husband.” The film was released exactly on the 95thanniversary of the original book about Dracula. It became a box office hit, and was repeatedlynominated for an Oscar, but received mixed reviews from critics.

Keanu got the worst of it. Critics and viewers didn’t like the actor'sperformance, and Reeves' attempt to do a London accent was called “the worst accent in cinema”. One particularly scathing review stated thatReeves had to “visibly restrain himself from ending every sentence with the word “dude.” Keanu said that the main reason for the failurewas physical exhaustion. Filming completely sucked the energy out ofthe actor, so he took a short vacation, part of which he spent with his friend River Phoenix. In 1993, Keanu starred as Prince Siddharthain Bernardo Bertolucci's film “Little Buddha”.

Reeves got the role due to his exotic appearanceand the success of his previous projects. Bernardo had seen My Own Private Idaho andhe saw me. I didn't know anything about Buddhism. When I was a kid, my mother had Chinese artifacts,so to me Buddha was this big fat smiling guy. Part of the filming took place in Kathmanduand Bhutan. Working on the film was a real extreme adventurefor Keanu. The process of shooting a film about spiritualsearch was not as pleasant as Keanu thought. The entire film crew suffered from constantpoisoning and, as a result, diarrhea. However, everything has its advantages.

Keanu needed to lose a lot of weight for oneof the scenes, so poisoning and an orange diet helped him in this. The film was quite good, although it did notreceive any major awards. Cinematography only was noted. But Keanu was hardly worried about criticsat that time. On October 31, 1993, River Phoenix died ofa drug overdose. Keanu Reeves was grieving the death of a friend. It was always difficult for him to get alongwith people, and River was a family and support for him.

He felt lonely and crushed. All I can say is that I have never felt athing like that before in my life…I was very sad, and something beyond sad. I don't know what it is, just that you sobfor hours. Meanwhile, Kenneth Branagh's film “Much AdoAbout Nothing” was released. Reeves became part of an excellent cast, includingEmma Thompson, Denzel Washington, Kate Beckinsale, and many others. It’s interesting that the filming of thatfilm was before the filming of “Little Buddha”, and actor Brian Blessed taught Keanu basicmeditation.

That helped him prepare for the role of Buddha. The film was warmly received by critics andranked 11th in the list of the greatest Shakespearean films on Rotten Tomatoes. In turn, Keanu added the film to the collectionof his acting failures. His performance did not impress critics, andhe was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award as the worst supporting actor. But this did not affect the number of offersof new roles at all. Soon Gus Van Sant invited the actor to starin his new film ”Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.” Keanu didn't fully understand the concept,but agreed – probably in order to reminisce.

About the filming with River Phoenix. The film dedicated to the deceased actor,unfortunately, did not repeat the success of “My Own Private Idaho”. The movie failed at the box office and wasnegatively received by critics. A series of failures changed to great success. In 1994, a movie thanks to which Keanu gotto an unprecedented level, was released. A-list At first, Keanu refused to act in the film”Speed”. In his opinion, the script was too similarto the movie “Die Hard”.

However, the studio hired Joss Whedon forthe final version of the script. He totally changed the original concept ofthe main character. Now Jack was not a desperate rebel, but acourteous, kind-hearted policeman, striving to help people. In the end, Keanu agreed. Keanu immediately found a common languagewith a colleague in the film, Sandra Bullock. Now they looked perfect at the trial readings. At that time Bullock was a newcomer and Keanufelt some responsibility for his colleague. He supported her in everything, helped workon the role.

Moreover, relatively recently in an interviewwith Ellen DeGeneres, Sandra admitted that she was in love with Keanu. After a while, Ellen showed that video toKeanu and he said that he liked Sandra too. Who knows if he said it to be polite, or itreally was, but in any case, it's impossible to deny their chemistry on the screen. Another reason why Keanu Reeves still agreedto the role was that Jan de Bont offered him to perform some tricks on his own in the film. A fan of extreme sports, Reeves could notrefuse such an opportunity. As a result, Keanu got so excited that heperformed 90% of the stunts without the help.

Of stuntmen. For filming, Jan de Bont made Keanu get ashort haircut. When the 20th Century Fox film company knewabout it, the production of the movie was almost postponed. The producers were simply terrified, fearingthat the audience would not recognize Reeves. Unfortunately, the filming period of “Speed”was overshadowed for Keanu by grief for River Phoenix. It was then that the actor knew about thetragedy. To make filming easier for Reeves, De Bontchanged the shooting schedule so that the.

Actor could work on lighter scenes. Reeves was extremely quiet and spent all hisfree time alone in his trailer. The film became a real box office hit, andKeanu received a fee of $ 1.2 million for his work. The action movie was included in the listof the 100 most spectacular films of the XX century. Keanu finally got on the “A-list” – a listof actors with the highest fees. After the success of “Speed”, Fox studio wantedto shoot a sequel — but Reeves flatly refused to participate in it.

This act seemed to be utter madness.However,later Reeves' decision turned out to be correct. The sequel of 1997 failed miserably at thebox office, besides receiving the “Golden Raspberry” for the worst sequel. Meanwhile, Reeves starred in the cyberpunkmovie Johnny Mnemonic. Keanu was a fan of William Gibson – the authorof the story of the same name. The scropf of this film was written on thebasis of this story, so the actor gladly agreed to play the main role. The director of the project, Robert Longo,was actually a famous artist. Before the Mnemonic, he shot only a coupleof clips as a hobby.

But one day he had Gibson's story, and theartist suggested the author make a film based on his work. Gibson agreed, and even volunteered to writea script for a future movie on his own. Initially, the film was conceived as a psychologicaldrama, for which the authors could not find funding for a long time. In the end, they were able to negotiate withSony Pictures, but soon regretted it. The film was in development for a long time,during that time Keanu Reeves was able to become a Hollywood star. Sony Pictures decided to turn a cozy art-houseblack-and-white film into a summer blockbuster,.

Seeing the success of “Speed”. Later Robert Longo admitted that the finalversion turned out to be only 65% of what he wanted to do. Over the years, “Johnny Mnemonic” gained thestatus of a cult work. But when the film was released, it could noteven recoup the production costs. In addition, Reeves' acting work wasn't appreciatedby everyone : in 1996, he was even nominated for the Golden Raspberry for that role. But neither that nor the box office failureof the film had any effect on the actor's career.

Keanu 's next work was a Melodrama “A Walkin the Clouds”. Now it is loved by many viewers. Paradoxically, Reeves received another nominationfor the Golden Raspberry anti-award in the category “Worst Actor” for his role in thatfilm. At the same time, he was nominated for the“Most Desirable Man” at the MTV channel awards. Critics were not thrilled with the “ChainReaction”, released a year later. The film earned only 10 million more thanwas spent on its production. It was a very disappointing result, giventhe conditions in which the film had to be.

Shot. The actors and crew had a tough time due tothe record cold winter on the Great Lakes and filming in bad weather. And guess what anti-award Keanu was nominatedfor such suffering again? In the same year, the crime comedy “FeelingMinnesota” was released. The newcomer Cameron Diaz was Reeves' partner. According to Keanu, he smoked so often onthe set of the film that he eventually became addicted to cigarettes in real life. The film, like its predecessors, was not successful.

Keanu was much more lucky on the theater stageduring that period. In 1995, he played Prince Hamlet at the ManitobaTheatre Centre in Winnipeg. The reviews for his act were excellent. According to critics, Reeves was able to makethe image of the prince fresh, lively and even spontaneous. Nevertheless, it began to seem that KeanuReeves did everything out of himself in the field of cinema, and it was not worth expectingnew successful films from him. However, they hurriedly wrote him off. Working on the next project was not easy forKeanu, but the role he performed is considered.

One of the best in his career. Of course, we are talking about Kevin Lomaxin the cult “The Devil's Advocate” Initially, they were going to make a big epicblockbuster out of the film, with the devil, lightning from the eyes, explosions and soon. But all serious actors refused to participatein such a project, including Al Pacino. The script was rewrote several times, completelychanging the concept. In the beginning, the candidates for the mainrole were Brad Pitt, John Cusack and Edward Norton. But everyone refused in favor of other projects.

Then the producers drew their attention toKeanu. Reeves was incredibly pleased to have theopportunity to work on such an interesting project. And when he found out that Al Pacino couldbe his partner, he agreed to a lower fee so that the producers could pay the price requestedby the great actor. The new version of the script was really ableto please Al Pacino and, after five refusals, he still told the producers the cherished”yes”. When Al Pacino found out that Keanu had donatedpart of his fee to him, he gave the same amount to charity.

Malicious tongues said that Alfredo did notlike the level of Reeves' acting . Keanu said that Pacino from time to time seemed to testhis limits. He played each take in a different way asif he wanted to understand whether his partner would be able to improvise and give his charactersomething new. But, according to the director, the actorsdid not compete, but supported each other. Preparing for the role, the actor spent alot of time with various lawyers in New York. He also read many articles and excerpts aboutfamous lawsuits. The film, which is now considered a cult,at first did not receive rave reviews. Critics called it more interesting than brilliant,and the website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film.

An approval rating of 63%. And yet, “The Devil's Advocate” was awardedthe Saturn Award in the category “Best Horror Film”. After the release of the film, the media beganto talk about a possible romance between Keanu and Charlize Theron. The actors often appeared together, but infact they were just good friends. Keanu Reeves' personal life was always a well-keptsecret. For a long time, many considered him gay. They said that he had an affair with the famousmedia magnate David Geffen.

The rumors were not confirmed. Although the actor was earning millions, hecontinued to live in hotels. He didn't see any point in buying his ownhousing. Reeves spent most of his royalties on charity,as well as helping his sisters and mother. He spent a lot of money except on motorcycles. Keanu still loved speed and risk. And, of course, he got into accidents. Old injuries almost denied him the opportunityto participate in a new, very interesting and physically challenging project.

During the preparation, Keanu felt a painin his neck. The tests showed a displacement of cervicalvertebrae, which could soon turn into serious health problems. He had to have an urgent operation, but fortunately,Reeves managed to convince the producers of the project to understand his situation andnot fire him. A month after the spinal surgery, Reeves wentto prepare for filming in a fateful film. MATRIX In order to attract viewers to the film byalmost unknown directors Larry and Andy Wachowski at that time, the Warner Brothers studio wasgoing to take some bright star to the role.

Of the One. Brad Pitt, Ewan McGregor, Tom Cruise, LeonardoDiCaprio and many others were considered. But they all refused for various reasons. For example, DiCaprio was afraid that toomany special effects would kill his acting, and Nicolas Cage did not want to leave forfilming in Australia. For a long time, the main candidate was WillSmith. But he refused the project, because at thattime he did not consider himself a mature enough actor for such a serious role. Although Will was delighted with the script,and was sure that it would be a great project….

“That's the role Keanu was born to play. When I watch the movie and I see the choiceshe made, there are a hundred occasions when I think, 'I would have messed that up..” Then the choice was between Johnny Depp andKeanu Reeves. The latter expressed the strongest interestin the film after reading the script, and showed himself great at the auditions. “Why did I choose “Matrix”? First of all because of the script. Because of how the characters spoke, and whatthey said.

I liked both the dialogues and the idea asa whole. I was just amazed.” Keanu was interested in science fiction andphilosophy and, at the request of his brothers, read Kevin Kelly's book “Out of Control”,the work of scientist Dylan Evans on evolutionary psychology and Baudrillard's collection ofessays “Simulacra and Simulation” before filming. The Wachowskis realized that, at least inpart of the script, they and Reeves were on the same page. And when the actor agreed to months of training,the studio, along with Wachowski, realized that she had finally found her The One.

The actors had to quickly learn how to fight,somersault and almost run on walls, so those who played the main roles, before startingwork on the set, trained daily for more than five months, honing their movements in martialarts. “We thought it would take a few weeks. We were wrong – in order to bring the movementsto automaticity and make them believable, you need to repeat them thousands of times… it was very difficult, but also very interesting.” After prolonged persuasion, the famous Chinesedirector of action films Yuen Wu-Ping commenced to teach the actors to fight. Under his guidance, the actors had to masternot only kung fu, but also the so-called wire.

Fu. It’s some kind of kung fu, but the actorswere suspended on special cables that facilitate the execution of intricate tricks. Each actor was assigned a personal Chinesecoach, and Keanu's mentor did not even speak English. The result exceeded all expectations: no understudies,no stuntmen, no nefarious techniques like simplifying the script were needed. Actors fight as if they know how to do itfor half their lives. In addition to the fact that the preparatorycourse itself was exhausting, it was even.

More difficult for Keanu than for the others,since the actor was just beginning to recover from an earlier injury. The film crew arrived in Sydney in March 1998. Everyone was in high spirits, but suddenlya new problem appeared: Reeves was informed that his spine had not fused. The actor couldn't fight for a while, andWachowski had to rearrange the shooting schedule in such a way that he could first shoot simplerscenes, and leave the fights and other action for later. One of the most difficult scenes was the onein which Morpheus and Neo arranged a training.

Duel. Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves rehearsedthe whole fight a month before the start of filming. And although the actors were already movingsynchronously and knew where and how to improvise, it was still very difficult to shoot the fight. Yuen Wu-Ping greatly praised Keanu Reeves'desire to bring everything to perfection. The actor also wanted to do everything flawlesslywhen shooting the previous scenes, but here his perseverance reached its peak. Because of the injury, he badly rehearseda triple kick and made mistakes in his movements,.

Take after take, but he did not want to stopshooting. As a result, it took 21 takes to film thistrick. “When I watched this self-torture, I gotgoosebumps. It was very painful to follow this.” On the set, everyone was amazed at how Reevesrushed into battle, forgetting about moral and physical fatigue. Even with a sore neck, he studied on weekends,when the actors were supposed to rest. But the most difficult part was the sceneof the duel between Neo and Agent Smith in the subway.

All its participants remember it as the mostdifficult scene they have ever had to shoot in their lives. It was necessary not only to fight, but alsoto actively use the support cables that helped to perform tricks. The choreography of the fights was honed asnever before, but the situation was complicated by the fact that there were no stuntmen here– Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving did all the work themselves. It took a huge number of takes before it turnedout exactly what was needed, and as a result, the entire episode was filmed ten days longerthan planned.

By the end of the work, everyone was completelyexhausted.. The sacrifices for the role did not end there. The last episode of Neo's release from theMatrix was filmed. It’s the episode in which he wakes up forthe first time in a capsule filled with a transparent liquid. For this episode, the actor completely shavedoff his hair and eyebrows and could safely grow them after filming without delaying theworkflow. Despite the difficult shooting, the workingon the film is remembered fondly by the actors. “This is the best film I've been involvedin in my entire career.

The atmosphere on the set was just amazing– we were a nice company of best friends who enjoyed every second spent together onthe set, every common good fortune, big and small, who believed from the very beginningthat this would be a wonderful film.” “The Matrix” was released on March 31, 1999in the USA. Neither the producers, nor the actors, norother members of the crew had any idea that the film could turn out so good. Even Reeves, who had been filming for a longtime and knew what fame was, had no idea that it was possible to be so imbued with the filmand its characters. He was surprised that people go to the Matrixthree or ten times, while his e-mail box was.

Overflowing with letters. “And then they tell you that people startdressing up like the characters in the movie. Honestly, I didn't expect this.” The creators began filming the sequel twoyears after the premiere. But we'll talk about this in the second partof Keanu's biography.It depends only on you how soon the second part will be released. As soon as we get 3 thousand likes under thisvideo, we will immediately release the second part. And if you want to learn even more interestingthings about the Matrix, click here.

What made this film a cult one, what referencesdid only 7 percent of the audience notice in it, and how were the cult scenes filmed? The answers to all these questions are here. Follow the link and watch. And that's it for today. It was Biographer, see you soon! Bye-bye.