two best friends emily and luna came to a popular and expensive hair salon at first the administrator told the girls they had just one available hairstylist but after making a phone call she happily announced she had found another hairdresser emily and luna could have.

Their hair done at the same time but in the process it dawned on the girls that one of the hair stylists was fake which one hair stylists are using regular scissors but instead of hairspray the one on the left is holding a can of bug spray yeah.

That's a big clue right there mary and her younger brother alex were mushroom hunting in the forest they started to quarrel so alex got angry and ran away after several minutes mary rushed after him she was still fuming but also worried soon the girl reached a small river.

A man was sitting on the shore did you see a teenager here mary asked yep he's just taken a boat and made it to the other side but mary didn't believe the man why the boat is indeed on the other side but the paddles are lying next to the man how could the boy cross the river without them.

Three prisoners are sitting at a table having dinner but one of them is wealthy can you guess who it is it's not the guy with the steak and shrimps the little tag on his shirt reveals he's a chef and he likes to prepare a special treat for himself the guy with the jewels shows that he's well off but in prison jewelry is basically.

Worthless it's the third guy wealthy people try to keep a low profile in prison not to be targeted by others that's why he doesn't flash any valuable possessions or his status it's friday and all the students have gathered in a big lecture hall to take the end of term exam the teacher has been informed that one.

Student is going to cheat can you tell which one pay attention to every detail it's student c it looks as if he's trying to remember what he's read but he has all the answers written on his hand marta was walking through the park near.

Her home in the evening it was dark and there was nobody around suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and they bolted away marta took off after them she was pretty sure this person was a woman but she couldn't make out her appearance or clothes when marta ran inside she saw three teachers the girl looked at them.

Attentively and soon figured out which one of them had taken her bag can you do the same the woman in the middle wouldn't be able to run away with a cast on her leg the one on the right doesn't have anything in her hands where would she hide marta's bag so quickly but the woman on.

The left has a big shopper bag on her shoulder a real teacher wouldn't need to carry it in the classroom so she was definitely the one who took the bag jonathan sneaked out of the house late in the evening to meet his girlfriend the teenager thought he was extremely careful and quiet but his whole family knew about his plan they were aware the.

Guy would return at midnight so they decided to make a bet the one who would see nathan first when the guy started climbing the fence would be the winner the prize would be no chores for them for one week so as to not fall asleep nathan's dad switched on the tv the teen's grandfather settled in the living room.

To read a book the grandmother went to the kitchen to make a pizza and nathan's mom went to her room sat down on the floor and started to meditate who's going to be the first to spot nathan when the time comes mom her eyes will be used to the darkness and she will see better than the others.

Look at this picture closely and try to figure out who's from the future well i'm pretty sure there was no flashlights in the stone age so it has to be this guy here down in the sea kingdom stacy met neptune he was sitting on his throne surrounded by three mermaids neptune asked stacy to return the pearl necklace.

To his wife who had recently lost it luke happened to have found the necklace on the shore can you guess which mermaid is neptune's wife so lou can give it back to her it's the third one she's the only one who's wearing an engagement ring lisa was a famous top model she was.

Found unconscious in her dressing room during a photo shoot and taken to a hospital doctors said she had a severe allergic reaction but when lisa came to her senses she insisted she hadn't eaten anything all day the model's manager was very concerned and interrogated everyone who'd been.

Around lisa's stylist said that she had applied lisa's makeup and indeed hadn't seen her eat anything the cleaning lady said she had cleaned the dressing room with organic non-allergenic products lisa's main rival nora said that she'd been watching the shooting all day long she hadn't noticed anything suspicious who's the culprit.

it was the stylist lipstick was the only thing lisa could have swallowed that day in the middle of the night dennis woke up because of a loud crash one of the kids must have been out but they know they aren't allowed to leave at night the man went to check on the children.

All three of them catherine ruth and larry seem to be sleeping peacefully look at the kids and try to figure out who sneaked out of the house it was ruth there's a dirty sneaker hidden behind the curtain and several pieces of french fries under her bed brenda was traveling by train it was scorching hot in the carriage the girl.

Took off her gold bracelet decorated with diamonds and put it on the table in front of her several minutes later the train entered a tunnel and it got pitch dark when the tunnel was left behind there was no bracelet on the table brenda was shocked someone's taken my bracelet there were just three other people in.

The compartment helen said she'd been sleeping rachel was reading a book on her phone and gregory had gone to the bathroom even before the train entered the tunnel who took the bracelet it was helen at first she had her sleeves rolled up but now they're.

Covering her arms down to the wrists hiding the bracelet sarah bought some ice cream on saturday but kept the flavors in secret when she woke up on sunday all the ice cream was gone she asked everyone in the house if they knew anything about it james answered he had gone to work early that morning and hadn't seen anything.

Mary said she wanted to have the new caramel ice cream in the afternoon she felt bad she was going to miss it john didn't even know there was ice cream in the house but he was looking forward to trying it can you figure out who knows something it's merry the ice cream flavors were a.

Secret she couldn't be sure there was a caramel taste among them can you tell who's a real mermaid here the second one is a guy so he definitely isn't a mermaid the girl on the right is chilling in the sun and she's out of the water mermaids wouldn't do that because they dry out in the sun.

So the real mermaid must be the one on the left there were some thefts at the supermarket there were three cases in total in january april and june the security camera recorded these videos the security officer tried to have a closer look and suddenly noticed one detail.

After that the identity of the thief became clear what did he notice it was the pregnant woman the attentive security officer noticed that in january she looked about six to seven months pregnant in june she looked the same seems like it's the mysterious case of.

The baby bump that was really a canned ham one day a thief decided to rob the local bank he came up with a brilliant plan to dress up as one of the bank tellers and try to sneak into the vault as he was approaching the vault he saw a security guard standing right in front of the door.

The robber hadn't anticipated this so he hid and watched the guard carefully when one of the actual bank tellers walked up to the door the security guard said 12. the worker answered six and got in then another teller came up to the vault when the security guard said six the person answered three and was granted access.

The thief nonchalantly walked up to the security guard when the guard said ten the robber confidently answered five he was arrested immediately so why was the thief's answer wrong and what could he have answered instead the response has to do with the number of letters in the word 12 has six.

Letters so the answer is six six in turn has three letters so the answer is three well you can see by now that the robber should have said three looks like he wasn't as brilliant as he thought