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Job in UK Vs Job in UAE | Big 4 Accounting Firms (Deloitte, PwC, EY, KPMG)

Hello everyone uh so uh today well thank you very much for watching the other videos and i hope you enjoyed by these i try to make them very useful for everyone who is looking for a job and yeah working towards the career progression.

Uh so basically this video is about uh the work when you get an offer and like it's uae versus uk then what the factors that you need to kind of look after uh why i chose uk because of course i work here i live here so uh that was a good comparison for me and uae and the.

Work in the past have worked over there as well and know quite a lot from different friends etc their culture over there the benefits etc so uh that feels like a good good comparison uh because a lot of people are at different places in both of the countries.

Now i'll just yeah and again the uae is selected it's not like only dubai abu dhabi or these only few cities it's more of the countries or the cities the tax free basically from that perspective from like the countries which are near to home basically near to india near pakistan and then our tax city so.

Comparison for that now i guess quite a few factors to consider so i'll start by each like one by one number one think possibility of job uh it's very much possible to get a job in both countries like let's say uae and uk as well every country is really hiring a lot in these times to meet the demands so.

Not not like uh you can't apply to a specific country you there there are jobs uh i think you is pretty easier due to kind of a cultural integrations because there are a lot of uh let's say they see people over there and it's quite easy to get integrated and get hired you you know people over.

There a lot as compared to that's the uk and again the hiring is more or less the traditional rules at both the places unless you've got some specialist skills that's that's a different case uh but hiring is more or less the same and traditional roles coming on the configuration this is very.

Important because this is something i have come across from various brands like they they asked me about this uh so you know every every country every experience is invariable uh especially dubai abu dhabi or the uk all the offices are international offices.

And have a lot of diversity a lot of people from different places and provide very very invaluable experience i think progression is really good in uk if you are performing well you have a business case uh then you can kind of uh progress to the next specific contributions of course there are like.

Uh it's always competition you are not the only one who is the best who's pro who watch progress everybody's there so there can be some issues on that but again that's progression uh best contributions and i believe similar in uae as well there might be higher times like they might take a bit more time than uk or for similar type of.

Progression actually my case i have been here for two years and i'm already a manager at one of the big four so uh and that might be different over there and they might take more time basically to uh become a manager so against individual firm firm wise demands it.

Depends on the uh sector you work your business case and there are other factors on that uh the important point is the last one right if you're looking for a transition to uk after uae or probably more or less anywhere so what happens is uh upon transition.

Let's say you worked in pakistan basically as in uh as a supervisor as assistant manager over there when you go to uae you usually go on a similar level or much probably lower level that's the equivalent of or you went on assistant manager level the start.

So if you spend one or two years over there again as assistant manager or that's even if you become by chance a manager over there after two or three years when you come to uk it's very unlikely they will offer your manager so you'll again becoming an assistant manager and going through the same hierarchy.

Of let's say uh folkloric or kpmg yeah they have a kind of am grade 2 am grade 3 so you probably going on am grade 2 or maybe in grade 3 and then there's a progression again here so the time you spent in uae didn't.

Of course that that kind of gave you broad exposure and can definitely make some good case for you but it's not like you will be giving equivalent position most of the cases like that there can be cases where your experience is quite quite really good and you you present that very well in.

Your interview and yeah you can demand on that but more or less that experience is not that uh fruitful for you uh it's fruitful but let's compare it with the direct life moving in uk let's see if you're in pakistan you move uk at an level.

So basically kpmg deloitte like these pumps have the high key of ams and ei and pwc have senior associates as well so you will get on any of these levels right and if you come here directly you will progress through the system here like am true to m3 and then manager in two years uh so.

And again if you're coming from uae you again come on am levels and then progress so uh there's a bit of timeless mismatch where if you come directly over here uh that that counts that that works towards separate progression but again everybody might not get a job right at the desired place so definitely.

Worth looking at any any place you you think it's visible for you the career is good for you and you can start moving and of course keep keep looking out for jobs uh but ahead our culture of course is very important and especially in the recent times working from home uh and this is social issues coming in uh it has got really really high.

Importance i believe i have worked in uae uh first government for a couple of months and i i know people working over there i think comparison wise uh you guys are really good for culture and the work life balance is against you uh probably uh which can't don't really work kind of a long long hours unless kind of for very.

Very extreme circumstances so arts that's the way they think that their work-life balance is structured and our work-life balance is structured in a different way we are more workaholic uh so if you're coming coming here then obviously you get embedded in their way of life and which is which has a very good work life balance.

Uh other factors flexibility the pumps are really flexible here in terms of timings of work especially after covert if you're not sure are aware uh deloitte in uk basically said that you can work from home forever basically of course you need to come to office like when it's needed for uh from your team's.

Perspective but it's not like you are you are bound to come on one day or two day a week uh it depends on you how you structure your own day and of course offices are for more of the collaboration uh team socials etc the meetings uh events and similarly for other firms as well somebody some from us like you come can.

Come two days a week uh to be more like in the team and then work remaining so this is one of that and then of course dress codes uh they offer flexible dress boards like there are different ways of flexibility right the test code is just one of them uh you are allowed to get kind of acceptable.

Dressing as per the guide as a farm which is definitely not professional uh professional con you are definitely required to be a professional when when you are on the client side and uh the client expects you to but again it's the policies are more or less like just for the day basically where you're going what you're doing and you.

Can't just for the day of course shots not allowed or any anything like that this is not allowed uh it needs to be looking good professional way otherwise uh cultural respect and i is before moving onwards i think it's not not really in uae i remember there was one day uh where we could perform non-farmers uae sometime back but again.

It's not that flexible uh respect and cultural respect is very important i asked myself witnessed that in uk it's just really important and it's really prevalent here and when i compare it to uae it's a bit different there's the kind of uh still in the growing phase over there.

And it will take some time to reach there uh focus on mental health uh it's very important for everyone and this is the thing which is being highlighted recent times like apart from physical health you have mental health matters as well.

And you know firms caught their mental health champions the whole setups uh on uh uh kind of for confidential counseling etc so huge focus here and uh this thing is appreciated if you're feeling feeling uh kind of uh issues with the mental health.

You can reach out to different people and farm is definitely supportive of that here again with missing on that side due to the way uh work is done or the uh international exposure i guess it's just in dubai as well it's uk as well a lot of people from different nationalities come over there here as.

Well but i guess here we work with the wide range of people from different countries working in the uk i work with different countries in the europe in the us uh et cetera identification very very high level of exposure but again this is just for both places uh diversity is very.

Important uh from ua side uh there's still the concentration of let's say they see people uh or arabs like obviously they are nationals and then uh from pakistan from india from bangladesh like all these countries from philippines and here it's more concentra diverse basically uh you have people from.

Everywhere including a lot of countries from europe americas uh asia china every place uh which kind of gives gives kind of a uh kind of yeah that focused on diversity selling aspect and this is very important uh i guess uh he provides.

On average higher salaries in uk and i guess from uh compared to every other country probably ua provides more salaries and they are tax free uh so yeah it's money uh always uh so this is really one of the biggest factor people move to uae because they they need to earn their families and.

Comparing to uk uh is giving much higher salary tax free so you can take that home which is absolutely amazing at some point of life some point of time in your life cost of living uk is expensive especially london quite.

Quite expensive you you are going to spend a lot on your uh accommodation traveling just a tough estimate i guess if you are regularly going in office uh it will probably cost you somewhere around at least 200 pounds uh if you're regular like let's say 150 to 200 pounds on average it's going to.

Cost you to travel for office and back and then you travel to places you travel friends you go somewhere so it's a quite funky cost and then the rent or accommodation is again costing around 800 pounds if you're living in a sharing uh with someone so again that's that one.

And then there are electricity all that stuff uh the bills uh that are costly and the food outside is really costly as well so again overall quite expensive if you compare it as a salary uh but again you know that the place is uk and it's it's one of the.

Considered as a place which has the best working practices that's why people come even though it's expensive uh comparing against uae you know it's compared against the way which is one of the most expensive places over there uh that's expensive as well but uh compared to sally it's not expensive uh you would be earning a good amount and.

Really spending uh the money no i i won't say experience leverage to style but even if you're spending a live style lifestyle then you can still save by kind of cosplaying shouldn't be that high as compared to salary just yeah the other thing which is very important.

Uh is and definitely considered as part of your decision making is the benefits different places uh uk got nhs which is basically their health care system like exists for the whole public which are basically the residents here not like permanent residents but again on the visas as well so uh this is free for everyone uh you can go.

It's a government system it takes quite some time to get an appointment sometimes months as well uh that that's a separate issue but uh there's a government set up over there of course we are private but they are very expensive so uh no uh no we we don't want to do that unless there's emergency.

Uh enjoy the health insurance is that there's no health care setup which is free for everyone i i know employment as part of employment you get health insurance after some level which you can exercise i i myself had my experience of the insurance which was pretty easy process but again there might be limitations so.

This is the way people consider the health care uh you can call free schools for for children which is not the same as weight there's a good cost of schooling of your children over there so that's definitely one of the aspects the capacitor move onwards on the same spec respect i.

I guess this is just compared with your salary and cost of living which i just said earlier uh here you spend a lot in packs and then your own consumption and then it just leaves small portion uh for savings and against ue and and uae there's a much higher portion.

Uh you can save as of travel this is again important and i i think very important for people who want to be in touch with the family basically through ways and very close to uh home countries you can spend time every other week uh you can fall back just a few hours and uk it takes like 12 hours the flight and then of course you.

Need to travel to the airport it takes a few hours and then from airport to the place so it's a big process uh too and it gets difficult and again from the cost wise uh of course the longer the distance uh the higher the price to work higher higher.

Price or for you critically so it's not that easy to travel again again residency very important respect that's why most of people come to uk uh you can apply for of course there are other reasons being the work-life balance etc but this is again very important you can apply for permanent residency in.

Uk after five years basically uh there are conditions not like tough conditions there's this conditions to satisfy in terms of the days and uh in the uk and like yeah some documentation on uh your experience or let's say uh you can earn what you didn't last five years except in uk but nothing nothing very very.

Technical and ua doesn't really have that that kind of uh flexibility uh they they do have some visa decisions offered i guess golden visa and others but you might not be eligible for that and again that's again not a permanent and after five years in uk you after after that you can apply for passport as well so that's the definitely one of the.

Big reasons people come here uh i guess that's all uh i guess that's all from me for this uh session uh i guess that has been helpful and yeah i will i'll keep uh posting uh other videos as well alright bye


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